X-Men: Birthday Bash

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"The Danger Room?" Scott asked.


"The Danger Room." Emma confirmed.


After a year of wondering what she might have planned for his birthday after the last mind-blowing celebration, Scott was somewhat underwhelmed to be standing outside the X-Men's hard-light training facility in his full 'Cyclops' uniform.


"I don't know if a training session is the first thing I'd think of as a birthday surprise..." He said, glancing over at her. "Last year's idea was a lot more fun."


"Come now, Scott darling," Emma replied, taking him by the hand and hitting the button to open the Danger Room's doors. "Do you really think training is what I have in mind?"


"Then why did you insist on us wearing our uniforms?" He asked, following her into the huge, stark silver chamber.


"Because it's so much more fun in costume." She said, flashing him her customary wicked smile. Her hand was firm around his wrist as she walked him into the centre of the immense room.


"And what would that be?" He said, quietly eager.

"All in due time, my darling," she said. "Now...kiss me."


Her body was warm against his, firmly toned but soft and supple where it needed to be -- the perfect fulfilment of womanhood. The same desire that overwhelmed him whenever he was near Emma took hold now and he grabbed her by the ass, squeezing it roughly as he pulled her into a deep, breathless kiss.


She moaned around his lips and tongue, thrilled by the ravenous beast that lurked inside her lover's heart and that presented itself to her with evermore readiness.

It delighted her to take the control that Cyclops of the X-Men was so renowned for and systematically break it down -- some would think that it was an act of stealing his strength from him, but she knew better. She knew she was setting him free.


When finally their lips parted and Cyclops's eyes fluttered open behind his crimson visor, it was to the sight of the Danger Room's holographic mode having been initiated.

Instead of standing in an empty chamber they were now in the middle of a palatial hall.


Grecian columns held aloft the vaulted ceilings. Light poured in from stained glass windows, and long white curtains wafted in the wind to the sound of distant waves.

Scattered around them were thousands of pillows of all different sizes, and overseeing all this was a four-poster bed at the top of a carpeted staircase.


"Interesting." Cyclops said with characteristic understatement, taking in their new surroundings.


"I hoped you would think so," Emma replied, kissing his cheek. "Though the room is only the opening act to tonight's festivities."


"Oh?" Cyclops said, resolvedly playing it cool.


"I think it's time I let you know that for the past few weeks I've been modifying a selection of the Danger Room's functions, synchronising them with my own abilities. My telepathy and the psionic connection you and I share is now a driving factor in a Danger Room setting I've called 'Aphrodite X'."


"And what does that mean?" Cyclops asked, noticing the way Emma's fingertips were tracing the contours of his spandex-clad muscles and trying not to shiver at her feather-light touch.


"It means that every desire you've ever had, every woman whom you've felt an attraction to, every dark little dream that's ever crossed your mind...all of it is now open to you, my darling. Open to us. Just think it and it happens. Just imagine her and she's there. And just as always, whatever pleasure you feel, I feel...and vice versa, of course. Now..."


She slipped in close to him again, planting another searing hot kiss on his lips, as Cyclops' mind reeled with the possibilities laid out before him.

He was so lost in thought, however, so overcome by the prospect of what Emma was offering to him, that it took him more than a few seconds to realise that there were now three sets of hands running across his torso.


Breaking from the soma of Emma's lips, Scott looked to the right to see Storm standing beside him, her hand skirting along the bulge of his biceps, her lips parted in barely restrained desire.


"Hello, Scott," Ororo said, her breath warming her words. "Happy birthday."


Shocked, Scott didn't know how to respond -- not that he had the time, registering another presence off to the left. He looked over to see Psylocke standing there in her strappy blue uniform, the top of it already hanging free to reveal those pert, perfect breasts he remembered so well...


"Yes," Betsy said, leaning in to nibble his lips. "Happy birthday."


All around the room, feminine forms were fluttering into his line of sight as if blinking into existence. He recognised Rogue, Sage, and Domino, all of them wearing their figure-hugging costumes but disrobed just enough to expose their exquisite breasts, their firm thighs, the curves of their hips and asses.




"Shh, my love," the White Queen said in all her regal glory. "Don't overthink it. Just go with it...and make sure to give me one hell of a show."


She offered him one last taste of her lips before, with predatory eyes and a firm hand on his chest, she pushed him back into the waiting arms of these Danger Room vixens, their moans of need warm in his ears.


Emma slunk her way up the stairs to the four-post bed, where she positioned herself to comfortably watch the women shed Cyclops of his pants, already eagerly stroking his thighs and cupping his tightening balls.


Storm parted her lips to slip Cyclops' bulging cockhead between them, keeping them tight as she slipped the dusky helmet in and out, painting it with her glossy saliva.


Rogue, unaffected by her powers in this simulation, contented herself with the texture of Cyclops' right nut in her mouth, breathing heavily through her nose as she lost herself to the sucking of his scrotum.


Beside her, with her dark hair piled up on top of her head, Sage was busily suckling at the left nut, her tongue lapping at it as she gently, teasingly nibbled at the wrinkled flesh.


Standing over them all was Psylocke, with Cyclops' hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her nibbles as she rolled her tongue around his mouth, flooding his memory with every single second of their last encounter with each other.

Cyclops was lost in an enveloping wave of pleasure, the sum totality of which was being telepathically broadcast straight to Emma, leaving her panting and writhing on the bed, rubbing her fingers against the moistening mound of her pussy.


"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as she slipped her middle finger into her white g-string to stroke and excite her clit, the spikey joy of it bouncing straight back into Scott's brain.


"Ahhfuck!" He muttered, as much from Emma's ministrations as from Storm's hot, wet mouth, which was now expertly deep-throating him, taking every inch he had to offer without a hint of gagging.


"Mmnnpphhh! Hmmnnn! Gghllmmm!" Storm gurgled and groaned, staring up at the X-Men's leader with her cheeks sucked tight.


"You have to share, Ororo." Sage said sternly, gripping Cyclops by the base of his cock and pulling him free of Storm's mouth, thick silver strands of saliva dangling between the tip of his dick and her full, dark lips.


His shaft, pulsing with need, was not left out in the open air for long.

Sage dove down on it with such enthusiasm she made it look like a competitive sport, the black ringlets of hair hanging by her ears swinging back and forth, her large breasts jiggling as they hung over the black PVC of her corset.


"Let me taste it!" Rogue murmured to Storm as she locked her in a kiss, her little pink tongue sliding against Ororo's rosy one, collecting as much of the flavour of Scott's cock as possible.


Cyclops himself was distracted by the vanilla smooth texture of Psylocke's breasts, his tongue coiling around the hard nub of her nipples when he wasn't burying his muzzle in the soft, plump valley of her cleavage.

Running a hand down her svelte body, her cupped her damp mound, making her shudder as he slipped a finger in her, diddling the entrance to her cunt.


Psylocke, her back arched and her eyes closed, parted her lips and moaned partly in contentment, mostly in aching need.


"Oh Gggodd!" She said. "Oh, Scott! Scott! I need you to fuck me! Please!"


"Go ahead, Scott," Emma called from her position atop the bed. "Give it to her."


With great effort Cyclops wrestled his dick away from Sage, who gave it one last parting kiss before he took Betsy in his arms to carry her over to a cluster of pillows and stake her out on them.


"Nnnmmmmyes!" Psylocke moaned as she was deposited on the cushiony hill, parting her legs to allow Scott in between them, his cock like a heat-seeking missile aimed straight at her scorching slit.


He sunk inside her to their mutual, moaning relief -- a year had been far too long to have gone without experiencing the divine pleasure of Psylocke's heavenly pussy.


"Unhh yeah! Yeh! Ysssss!" Psylocke panted her approval, thrilling to the build-up of speed in Cyclops' rhythm, their hips ramming together as if the world depended on it.


Any reservations Scott may have had disappeared as he concentrated solely on fucking Psylocke, the purple-haired ninja's legs spread as wide as they could reach, her fingers jamming on her swollen clit in a lewd display of carnal demand, her words hot on her fevered lips.


"Fuck me, Scott! Fuck me so good! Fuck me like the slut I am! Nnnhhhmmm! Yes!! Make me your whore!!" She cried, thrusting her pelvis back at him just as hard as he was pounding her with his.

All the other women in the room, save Emma, found themselves drawn to the sight and sounds of Cyclops' and Psylocke's copulation, perching around them and offering their breathy encouragement.


"That's it, sugah! That's it!" Rogue moaned, her gloved hands squelching in the sticky recess of her humming cunt.


"Never have I seen such a thing!" Storm said in wonder, licking her lips as she stroked her supple breasts.


The attention fuelled Cyclops's enthusiasm. He pulled himself out of Psylocke long enough to flip her over and draw her up her hands and knees, fucking her from behind.


"Unhhh! Mm! Rrrrnhhh!" Psylocke grunted in tandem with the sloppy slapping sounds of her rear smacked by Cyclops' fucking groin.


Out of the blurred corners of his red-tinged vision, Cyclops made out two newcomers to the party, their arrival trumpeted by Emma's cry of surprised delight.


"Your brother's girlfriend! How delightful!" She said, two fingers in her pussy as she eyed a naked Polaris crawling her way toward the group, joined by Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. "And her sister! Scott, you really are a dark horse!"


The two daughters of Magneto wore only their respective headdresses, Polaris's green locks framing her beautiful face, Wanda's tight brown curls spilling over her scarlet crown.

As if to underscore the inherent perversity of their presence here, they had no sooner joined the writhing circle surrounding Cyclops and Psylocke before they started marking out, peppering sisterly kisses on one another's lips and faces even as they explored each other's bodies with softly stroking hands.


Mesmerized by the sight, Scott slowed slightly to Psylocke's grunting dismay.


"I'm---so fucking close!" She cried. "Don't stop! Don'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstop!"

Cyclops, readily obeying, hunched forward to fuck her with all the bestial energy he could muster, his hand rounding her hip to squeeze and cup her clithood.


"Unnphhuck!" Psylocke squealed, her cunt clamping down on his cock as she started to cum, her rigid clit pulsating, her thighs trembling.


"Jeeeezzussyesssssss!" She howled, her entire body quaking, drool collecting on her bottom lip.


When Cyclops pulled his veiny shaft from her twitching twat, Psylocke tumbled forward in exhaustion, her cunt folds gaping open and staining the pillows beneath it.

Storm, Sage and Rogue quickly rushed in to fill the void left by Scott's dick, lapping at Psylocke's quivering slit.

The sight of these beautiful women greedily gobbling up Betsy's cunt would be enough to drive any man to distraction, but Cyclops' attention had already been fully diverted by Polaris and the Scarlet Witch voraciously making out with one another, tongue on tongue and hands roaming over one another's body.


Wanda squeezed Lorna's full breasts and tweaked her nipples as her sister made her groan, stroking the Scarlet Witch's tender folds and rubbing a firm thumb over the clit.


Scott approached the pair like a hunter moving in on a deer, hoping to not startle or scare them off. He need not have worried, however, as they received his presence with warm smiles and hungry eyes.


"I've always wanted to do this..." Wanda said, breaking from her kiss with Lorna to turn and immediately take Scott's cock between her ruby lips.


"Annmhh!" Cyclops exclaimed, flexing his pelvis forward instinctively as the Scarlet Witch deep-throated him, gulping and slurping him down.


Running his hand through her long gypsy curls, Scott watched in awe as the Scarlet Witch sucked his cock clean of Psylocke's cunt juices while Polaris, squatting beside her sister, played with herself.

Looking up at him, the Scarlet Witch grinned playfully when she saw how intensely he was staring at her sister.


"Are you going to fuck Lorna?" Wanda asked between tongue-lashings, squeezing his balls. "Are you going to fuck my sister? Hmm? I'd like to see that..."


"So would I..." Polaris simpered, her fingers a blur on her matted green pubic hair.


"Maybe..." Scott replied, determined to seize this opportunity. "...If you do a good job in cleaning me off."


Wanda smirked in response, her tongue sliding from her mouth to lap at his balls, sucking off all the sweat and pussy fluid that had accumulated there, priming him for her sister's gushing cunt.


She bathed him with her mouth and, when there was no more musky wetness to lap up, she pulled him to his knees and positioned him before Polaris, who was stretched out and holding her hot pink pussy open with two rigid fingers, biting her lower lip with her two front teeth.


"Do it, Scott," Lorna murmured, her fingers quaking on her slippery cunt. "I've always dreamed of this moment. I want you. Please. I want you now!"


Only too eager to oblige, Cyclops advanced on Polaris, his cock rigid. But just at the moment of penetration, an overwhelming chill of pleasure ran through Scott's body.

He looked up to see Emma spread out on the bed with Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, her curtain of ebony hair buried between Emma's thighs, licking the platinum blonde out with the hunger of a cat at its milk bowl.

"Ahhhshhii-iittt!" Emma breathed, her hips flexing in the silk sheets, her eyes glued on Cyclops, who was still teetering on the edge of fucking his brother's on-again, off-again girlfriend.


"Please, Scott!" Polaris begged, the pause in action proving torturous for her. "Please...fuck me!"


The Scarlet Witch, proving to have a wicked appetite in the bedroom, had manoeuvred herself to her sister's side to finger the green-haired beauty's clitoris, teasing her into needful desperation.


"As you wish, Lorna." Cyclops replied, throwing away ceremony to plough his cock deep into Polaris's grateful cunt, nailing her into place with the heft of his hammering shaft.


"Ohh yess! Mmmmyeahh!" Polaris hummed and mumbled and slurred, her hands wrapped around Cyclops' neck, pulling him into a hearty kiss.

He worried when her face bumped his visor, concerned she would knock it loose and unleash the force of his optic blast, but then he remembered the nature of this situation as a virtual simulation, and he concentrated instead on the treacly heat of Polaris's tight little slit.


"Fuck my little sister, Cyclops!" The Scarlet Witch egged him on, kissing at Lorna's cheeks and her full, emerald lips. "Fuck her with all you have! Fill her cunt up with your cum and let me eat it out of her!"


His eyes closed as he shuddered to the sound of Wanda's words, Scott felt a pair of warm hands wrapping around his chest. Just the touch of them felt familiar.

Battling the heady pleasure of fucking Polaris's sodden, steaming cunt he managed to shift his gaze, only to be shocked by what he saw.


"What the fuck is this...?!" He demanded, looking from a naked Jean Grey smiling at him up at Emma. She looked just as surprised to see Jean as he was.


"A tasteless joke," Jean said in a teasing voice completely unlike her, her skin shivering and turning blue. Mystique, proudly naked, now stood in her place. "I'm bad that way."


"Raven!" Cyclops said, as if Mystique's real name was a curse word. "I should---!"


"What?" She asked, running a hand over her sizeable blue breasts, tweaking her navy nipples and rubbing at her gushing cunt. "Show me, Summers! Show me exactly what you'd like to do to me, you fucking boy scout!"


Cyclops reacted without hesitation. He pulled his cock from Polaris's sweltering slit to her moans of disappointment, took Mystique roughly in his arms and forced her onto all fours.


He entered her with the surging intensity of an animal, fucking his cock into her with every ounce of aggression he'd ever kept in check, losing all control as he pulverised her pussy.


Mystique, far from seeing this as any kind of punishment, yelped in satisfied delight.

"That's it, X-Man! That's it, fearless fucking leader! Fuck me! Fuck me, you uptight asshole!"


She cackled in ecstatic triumph, her taunts broken up only by her laboured breathing and moans of pleasure as Cyclops fucked her like a dog.


"I'll show you who's an uptight asshole, you blue bitch!" Scott growled, and in the back of his mind he wondered who said those words. It was as if he was acting on autopilot as he pulled his seething cock from Mystique's spongy cunt, leaning forward to spit on the blueberry bud of her sphincter.


"Oooooohhhh!!!" She moaned delightedly as Cyclops pushed forward, puncturing her asshole with his cock helmet and burying his shaft deep in her shapely rear. "UuunhhhhhhhfffffuukkkkkkK!"


He showed no tenderness or mercy. Instead, he pumped and pistoned his cock in Mystique's ass, and with every thrust Mystique began to shapeshift.

First she was Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman's blonde hair glowing in the light; then she was Siryn, her Irish brogue sounding especially sexy as she panted and cursed with need; then she was the Mossad agent Sabra, her headband sweaty, her face creased with intense pleasure.


"Unnnhshhit! Shit! Oh, fuck!" Mystique screamed, returning to her blue-skinned form between every pounding thrust. "Ohhhthatsit! Yyyess! Fuck me, you sonovabitch...mmnhh...you lapdog of Xavier! Fucking fuck me!"


Cyclops slammed her ass with such intensity that, if she weren't a holographic replica, he would swear she wouldn't walk right after it.

But she took his cock like a professional, thrusting back at him like a dog on heat, her crimson hair falling in her golden eyes, her fingers clawed tight in the rug beneath them.


"Uuuunhhh! Make me---! Make me----!" She was now panting, and Cyclops knew exactly what she needed.

With two wet fingers, he reached around to frig her clit and finger her pussy, pushing her that little bit further and sending her crashing headlong into the oncoming freight train of her orgasm.


"PPHHHHHHHUUUUUHHHHQQQQQ!!!!" She wailed, slamming her rippling blue ass with such finality against his crotch, freezing in place as pleasure rumbled through her like a thunderstorm, lighting her up, making her cycle through her transformations in blink-and-you'd-miss-it speed.

X-23, Spider-Woman, Dazzler -- even Madelyne in her Goblin Queen attire -- all of them flashed in front of Cyclops' reflective red visor as he fucked Mystique to ecstasy, his cock throbbing with need as the blue-skinned mutant collapsed like a poorly-made bridge beneath him.


He looked around to see all the women in the room staring intensely at him, their fingers either on their own pussies or someone else's, all of them mewling with agonizing desire.


"Fuck me, Scott!" Domino pleaded.


"No! Fuck me, dahlin'!" Rogue demanded, her hand clamped to the thick vibrator buzzing and burrowing into her cunt.


"Scott," Storm said softly, approaching the X-Men's leader naked but with her head held high, touching her lips to his and making the rest of the world drop away. "Take me."


He needed no more invitation than that. He slid his sheeny dick from a barely conscious Mystique, kissing Storm as he laid her down on one of the many giant pillows scattered around the room.


Her pelvis sat at just the right angle for him to press the bulging head of his shaft against her white-haired mound. The spicy aroma of sex thickly scented the air, the perfume of it proving intoxicating, as Scott plunged his slippery stick into Ororo's warm, wet, welcoming folds.


"Nnnnnnmmmmmm!" She moaned joyously, her eyelashes fluttering shut, her fingernails raking Scott's strong shoulders. She arched her back to accommodate the fat cock that was filling her up, the interior flesh of her cunt a sloppy pink, contrasting so exquisitely with the dark chocolate of her flushed skin.


Emma, always watching, now had Psylocke eating out her pussy and her ass as Selene squeezed her buoyant breasts and kissed at the side of her neck.

She was trembling with pent-up need -- all of it tingling at the back of Cyclops's brain -- but she was doing everything she could to hold off on her moment of release. This entire scenario would be nothing without a big finish, and with what was currently happening around the room, it promised to be a very big finish indeed...


All the women had partnered off with each other, busying themselves with their pussies as they waited for another chance to take Cyclops's cock.


To compensate for the orgasm her sister had missed out on thanks to Mystique's interference, the Scarlet Witch was now savagely scissoring her clit against Polaris's, screaming and squealing as they fucked each other to mind-numbing heights.

Rogue had her tongue deep in Sage's ass as the former Hellfire member guzzled down the Southern Belle's sticky twat, licking her out with the efficiency and precision of the machines Rogue had so long comforted herself with.


"Ahh, shhheee-iittt! Ohh mah Gahd!" Rogue cried. "I'm---fuh!---I'm fixin' to fuckin' cum"


"Do it, Anna Marie! Do it for me!" Sage encouraged her, offering her fingers to the mix and tipping Rogue over the edge, leaving her to scream out with the intensity of her pleasure.


Domino and Mystique were busying fucking each other with a double-sided dildo that Raven had discovered in amongst the pillows, slamming their bubbling cunts against each other with all the hot-blooded aggression that would be expected of two proud warrior women.


"Nnnrr! Rnnnhhh! Fffnnn!" Mystique grunted and breathed as she groped Domino's swinging breasts and scratched red marks into her creamy thighs.


Scott and Ororo, however, were lost to all of this, captivated as they were by the rhythm of their fucking, her hips and ass working in perfect unison with the thrusting of his shaft, their bodies rolling against each other as if to the beat of a tribal drum.


"Goddess yes!" Storm gasped, her breasts swirling in hypnotic circles as she edged closer and closer to a climax that was building like a bonfire in her belly.


Clamping her mouth to his in a sweaty kiss, Ororo pushed her way up into Cyclops's lap, both of them sitting together on the carpet as she used her new leverage to ride up and down on his crotch, her breasts bouncing in his face, her legs wrapped around his waist.


"OhhhhSccccottt!" She breathed, his name like a prayer on her lips as the fire grew brighter and stronger. "Goddess please me!! I'm arriving, Scott! I'm ah--ahh!-aaaaaannhh....!"


Her pussy trembling around his pulsing cock, her blue eyes dissolving to pure white, Ororo convulsed as she was overcome by the spreading flame, erupting in a firestorm of release.


"Ohhhgoddess!Goddessssyessss!" She moaned, holding rigid as she came, before slumping back onto the pillow, her head lolling to the side, her chest heaving.


Having now fucked his way through a good portion of the X-Men's roster, Cyclops could feel his stamina giving way. He was absolutely throbbing with need but still he wanted more -- he wanted every woman in the room in every which way he could have them!


Sensing that he was reaching the limits of his endurance, the Aphrodite X program now kicked into top gear. Thought gave way to action, granting Cyclops the ability to move from one debauched scenario to the next with dream-like fluidity.

He found Domino suddenly on top of him, thrusting her alabaster pussy up and down his steadfast shaft, puffing and jiggling as she worked herself to writhing bliss.


And the next moment, with only the thought of it allowing it to be suddenly happening, he was standing behind the Scarlet Witch, balls deep inside her steaming cunt, her face pressed against the cool marble of the one of the room's many pillars.


He was only just getting used to this innovative feature of the Danger Room's programming when the following stray thought found him fucking Selene's tits, the Black Queen sticking her tongue out as far it could reach to slurp at his shaft's head as he plunged it in and out of her soft, generous cleavage.


The next stray thought took him to Rogue's eagerly awaiting mouth. Though she wasn't the real Rogue, her enthusiasm to be able to touch someone was genuine, and it offered Scott the most incredible blowjob he'd had since the first time Emma had gone down on him.


"Unnhhh!" He grunted as Rogue happily, hungrily bobbed her head up and down on his quivering dick. "I'm getting so---I'm getting so fucking close!"


He was just about to add a streak of white to Rogue's face to match the one in her hair when he heard Emma's voice in his head.


"Scott," she said telepathically, sitting up on the bed wearing nothing but her waist cinch and a wicked smile. "Come to me, my darling."


He stood as if under a spell, drawn to his beautiful White Queen and the magic promise of her perfect body -- pink nipples atop large, rounded breasts, leading to a tight stomach and an even tighter honeypot of womanhood, framed by firm thighs and supermodel-long legs. Every time he saw her naked, she took his breath away.


Mystique and Psylocke sat on either side of her, sizing him up with their lust-filled eyes as they slid dripping fingers in their respective slits, Psylocke even going so far as to pinch at her nipples and delve the occasional finger in her asshole.


"Let me taste you, lover." Emma said as Scott approached the bed, his lap coated in the sweat and spunk of all the women he had fucked this evening. He presented his gleaming shaft to his waiting lady, Emma peppering teasing kisses along its rigid length.

Opening her mouth wide she took him in one unflinching gulp, swallowing him as an illusionist would a sword.


"Mmmnnhhhh!!" She moaned around the fat shaft sizzling in her mouth, working her lips up and down it. After taking enough into her mouth to feel Scott's big, tight balls on her chin, Emma pulled away, gasping for air.


"It's time, Scott," she said, shifting back on the bed and parting her legs wide for him. "Be with me."


Leaning into kiss her, Cyclops remained standing as he pressed his burning shaft forward, searching out Emma's simmering slit. She cooed as the bulging head pressed up against the pink of her mound, wriggling her hips closer to the edge of the mattress.


"Aannhhh!" They both exclaimed in delight as he pushed into her, his now well-lubed cock slipping into her drenched cunt with ease.


All around them the other women once more gathered in a frenzied circle of moaning and masturbation, watching greedily as they fingered themselves and offered sympathetic kisses to each other.

Selene swallowed Storm's clit as Rogue plunged her toy into Polaris's gaping hole, while Psylocke and Mystique rose up to hold Emma's thighs wide apart for the fucking Cyclops was giving his all to.


"Hnnn! Rrrnnnn! Mmmmm!" Both Emma and Scott groaned, the slapping of their pelvis against one another the loudest sound of all.


"Cum for us, Scott...!" Psylocke murmured, staring up at Cyclops even as she pressed in close enough to Emma to feel her breath on her purple lips, sliding her tongue into the White Queen's mouth in a lustful kiss.


"You heard the woman, One-Eye," Mystique said, offering her middle finger to Emma's anus, slipping it in and out in time with Scott's thrusting cock while she frigged Emma's clitoris with her free hand. "I want that cum all over my fucking face!"


"So do I!" Domino gasped from the other side of the bed as the Scarlet Witch rimmed her with her keen tongue.


"I want to taste it!" Sage squealed and giggled with delight, pressing her breasts together as Storm stroked every inch of her pristine flesh.


"I want to bathe in it..." Selene purred, her fingers twisting in her clean-shaven cunt.

All the women sounded off in turn, their voices a choir of wanting, their pleas increasingly desperate. The only one who didn't speak was Emma, so lost was she in the heat of Scott's fucking, her body like a coiling trigger, waiting to fire.


When finally she came, it was wild and unfettered, her legs kicking, her breasts wobbling, her cries so loud as to drown out all the others.


"Ohhhhnnnhhfffffu-ccccckkkkkk!!! Scott!Scott,mylove,mydarling,ohffffuuuckkk!" She bounced and trembled and thrashed, and the sight of it, the feel of it, the power of it funnelling through their psychic link...it overpowered Cyclops, blew away the last of his stoic resolve, and left him unable to resist.


He pulled his pounding shaft from Emma's clasping cunt and roared as the moment finally arrived.


"He's cumming!" Psylocke cried out with delight to the others, who rushed to huddle in front of him, their bodies a rainbow of naked flesh, their mouths open and their tongues ready.

"Unh! Ua! Hn!" Scott grunted as he exploded, his cock erupting and showering the women assembled in front of him in a fountain of cum.


Semen splattered Emma Frost on the thighs and her aching, spent slit. It rained down on Mystique's ample tits and Psylocke's waiting face.

It splashed Storm on her lips and Sage in her hair, on Rogue's nose and the tongues of Polaris and the Scarlet Witch as they kissed.

Domino caught it on the black patch surrounding her eye and on her lashes as she giggled with joy, while it dripped off Selene's breasts and stiff nipples to her moaning approval.

Cyclops pumped his cock in one hand, soaking every pair of tits and coating every thirsty tongue as he unleashed load after sticky white load on the collective of world-class beauties before him to their mewling, moaning delight.


When finally the moment passed, Scott stood panting, his cock pulsating and red raw.


"Ggggodd...!" He slurred, his brain drunk on endorphins, his body weak with effort.


His exclamation was met with a chorus of giggles from the women huddled in front of him, but none of them looked more amused than Emma. She had a glimmer in her eye and a sharp smile on her face as she languidly played with the jizz splattered on her crotch.


"Happy birthday, my darling." She said.


"Yeah, happy birthday, sugah!" Rogue agreed, starting off a cavalcade of well-wishes from each of the cum-soaked women, even as they disappeared in a blaze of holographic light, the simulation coming to an end.


Though he was admittedly drained of fluids and a great deal of energy, Scott knew he wasn't so overcome that he would be hallucinating, so it was with no small amount of surprise that he reacted when he saw that, with all the holographic replicas having now vanished, Psylocke still remained.


She was splayed out beside Emma, rubbing her fingers through the spunk that had splattered around her nipples and offering the milky liquid to her lips, smearing it there to then lick it up with her tongue.


"Betsy?" He asked. "Is that...is that really you?"


"Of course," Betsy said with a lascivious grin. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."


Scott looked at Emma with shock written all over his face.


"I invited her along," Emma said coyly. "I thought it'd be unfair to exclude her, especially after we had such fun together last year."


"Though I'm not the only surprise guest of the evening..." Psylocke said, glancing to the side. Scott followed her line of vision and was startled by what he saw.


"Emma told me that bygones could be bygones," Mystique said, slinking over from the side of the bed to stand naked in front of Scott, his semen still glinting on her swaying breasts. "If only for one night..."


"I...I..." Scott said, unsure of what to say or even what to think.


"Remember, my dear, that rules need not apply on your birthday. Not if we don't let them..." Emma said, taking Psylocke in her arms and planting kisses along the length of her ravishing body. "Now tell Raven exactly what you want to do..."


Cyclops stood resolutely still, his mind churning with so many conflicting thoughts and feelings it was hard to separate them all, impossible to know what to do.

Acting purely on instinct, without regard for what it meant or what the fallout may be, he turned to Mystique and told her in a firm voice,


"Get on your knees."


Mystique grinned with dark satisfication, surrendering herself to impulse and sinking down in front of the X-Men's leader.


It seemed the celebrations were only just beginning...


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