Partners in Bondage

BY : Ariel
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Partners in Bondage  

Chapter 1: Hot Commodity          

 The extensive anti-intruder measures on the tiny apartment over a New Orleans jazz bar were no trouble at all for Mister Sinister to bypass.  Yet when he stepped into the cramped studio, its occupant didn’t seem at all surprised. A deck of cards riffled from one hand to the other, obscuring the unusual pair of eyes for a moment.  “Whatcha want dis time?” the boy asked.  At least, he was a man by the rest of the world’s reckoning, but with a lifespan like Sinister’s, he could hardly help but see everyone as boys and girls in comparison.          

 “Why, Remy, I’m hurt. You say that as if I never visit my greatest works for the sheer pleasure of it.”  At Gambit’s cynical sneer, he laughed and continued, placing a small screen on the table.  “I need you to make an acquisition.  You are so very talented at that, after all.”  The screen showed a young woman flying around and, every so often, picking up large trees and boulders to fling them about.          

 “Super-strength and flyin?  What’s so special ‘bout dat?”  He already saw something special, however.  He’d have been blind not to notice that this girl had what was, to his mind, the Holy Trinity: tits, ass, and legs.  She was moving too fast to get a good look at her face, but the body was sublime.          

 “What is special, my dear boy, is the fact that those are not her powers.  They belonged to one Carol Danvers, alias Ms. Marvel.  Danvers is now in a coma after their encounter.”        

   The cards were shuffled again.  “She stole de powers?  Permanently?”          

“That is how it appears.  She takes thoughts, memories, the very life force of her victims. And, from mutants, powers, seemingly dependent upon how long she touches them.  I have watched Mystique training her, and I believe she had a hand in the Ms. Marvel incident, perhaps even planned it entirely.”          

 Gambit’s glowing eyes were fixed on the image.  “So, dis femme fatale gotta name?”          

Sinister’s eyes narrowed.  “The only one I have been able to attach to her is ‘Rogue.’  Due to the seamless alteration of her records, I expect Mystique is behind that as well, for some purpose of her own.”          

  Remy sighed.  Unlike most of Sinister’s assignments for him, this one was not shaping up to be easy.  “Gimme what you got on her and Gambit see what he can do, non?”  He accepted the slim folder and disc his boss handed to him.  


Once he was alone again, Remy LeBeau began his research.  It seemed Mystique, posing as Rogue’s adoptive mother, was living with Rogue and another woman called Destiny out in the backwoods of Mississippi.  Of course, that didn’t mean it would be easy to sneak in and grab the girl.  Mystique had the place fully wired.  Hidden cameras, invisible fences with motion alarms, the works.  A smirk touched the Cajun’s lips.  This might actually be fun.          

  The folder contained a number of blueprints and maps of the layout, with cautions from Sinister that there were likely more security features he couldn’t find.  It must have galled him to write that, to admit that he couldn’t match Mystique’s hacking skills.            

 He inserted the disc into his laptop and clicked through the files.  There were more videos and images of his target.  He opened one at random to find footage of Rogue washing an absolutely filthy Jeep.  Growing up in the deep South, he knew at a glance that she had taken the vehicle “mudding” to get it that dirty.

         It was even easier to appreciate Rogue’s assets in her skimpy swimsuit top and tiny shorts than it had been in the skintight costume she had worn in the other video.  Since she was moving slower, he could also admire her masses of wavy auburn hair with its unusual witchlock streak of white and her striking green eyes.  The water splashing her as she worked didn’t hurt, either.  Damn, he thought.  Been far too long since I had a belle femme in bed. Or anywhere else.


   Her hair was a little lighter, a little redder than the video. The streak seemed almost blonde in the lighting of his apartment.  But no matter.  The curves were there, the porcelain skin revealed inch by inch as Remy peeled her clothing off.  “Mmm… très belle, cherie…”            

  She started to look hesitant, but he shook his head.  “You’re safe wit’ me… don’ worry.”  He began shucking off his own clothes and she sat down on the bed to watch, almost mesmerized.  His muscles were taut and hard from years of martial arts training and the acrobatics necessary for most of his thievery.  He made sure to turn when removing his pants so she got a good view of his perfect ass (Remy fully admitted he was a vain man).  “Oh, Remy,” she murmured in awe when he straightened and turned for her to see him in all his glory.           

He smirked.  “Oui, Marie.”  His skills with sleight-of-hand meant he had his ultra-thin protection in place by the time he joined his naked belle in bed.


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