The New Girls

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She had escaped, finally. No more beatings, no more being forced to absorb other mutant's powers. She'd touched so many people she didn't even know what she could do any more. No more having to fight to save her own life, she didn't remember who the people where that held her but she knew they were bad news. She looked at her hands, she knew how to fight, and in the last two months of running she'd learned how to avoid the team that was trying to take her back. Now she was tired of being chased, it was time the started running from her. Her past was darkness that came to her in confusing flashes; she didn't know the meaning of what she saw. Her first clear memory was of wakening up to a large gray wolf sniffing her, she'd been scared at first but then the she realized that wolf was scared to. She'd stayed with him for a week developed a kind of friendship with him. Then the men came, they'd brutally killed the wolf for protecting her. The wolf did not die in vain though, she was able to get away, and she stayed in the forest unless she had to get near people. Even the cloths she wore to protect her body from the elements had been stolen in the middle of the night from people camping. She didn't know where she was going, she didn't know what she was looking for but she kept moving. If she stayed they'd find her before she could find whatever it was that was calling to her. Some part of her soul pushed her ever onward.

Suddenly a stick snapped and brought her back to the task at hand, she was sitting in a tree several feet above the ground waiting. Below her she could see six men that looked like they were part of a military unit motioning and sending hand signals to each other, they were looking for her. Connie watched them for a moment thinking how silly they looked, it didn't matter though they would be dead soon. They passed right under her and didn't even look up, she waited before she slipped off the tree branch without a sound and landed behind them. She snuck up behind the men and snapped the last one's neck with sickening crack. Connie could feel the tendons and pop as the bones cracked; she knew the spinal cord was severed as the five men left spun around at the sound. They only took a step before she was launching herself at them; she knew how to counter their attacks even if she didn't know how she knew. She'd given up on remembering the darkness and just accepted the knowledge as it came. The men tried to attack one even managed to pull his knife, but it didn't take long for her to disarm him. He met the same fate as the first man.

The four remaining men seemed to realize what was happening and turned to face her, she swallowed knowing what she'd have to do. It wasn't the killing that would bother her, it was using the claws that were in her hands, it hurt every time and it always took a full day to heal. It was like having your skin sliced open from the inside, but it was either that or let them take her back and she knew that she'd only go back one way: in a body bag. She clenched her fist and the blades slid out of her skin effortlessly, they gleamed silver in the setting sun and her blood ran down them in rivulets making her look all the more menacing. One of them actually took a step back and gasped, unfortunately he didn't run away as she'd hoped. The two closer to her suddenly charged at her, Connie dodged the first easily but slit his throat with her claws as he ran by. The second man seemed ready for this and brought a knife up to block her claws; she couldn't help but smirk as she drove the claws into his chest. Blood sprayed across her face as the man gasped for air, she used the back of her wrist to wipe it out of her eyes not knowing she now looked even more dangerous. Her enemy's blood across her face like some primitive war paint.

The last two men looked at each other before the closer one charged her, she side stepped again and as he passed she shoved the claws of her left hand into the back of his neck, severing his spinal cord. As she did this she could feel the other man coming up behind her as the fifth man slid off her blades.

Connie spun around swinging her left leg out in an arching kick, her foot solidly connected with the right side of the man's face. His neck made a sickening snap as it twisted too far, she watched with mild satisfaction as he joined the other five men on the ground around her. She was slightly panting; she had been running through the forest for as long as she could remember. She didn't even know why these she was being hunted or who trained her to fight but she did and she was glad for the training. She allowed her blades to retract as she stepped from the tree line into the clearing cross the clearing a woman stepped into view; the woman was muscular with dirty blond hair that hung loosely around her shoulder. Even from fifty yards away her cerulean blue eyes where eerily glowing in the dusk of the forest, Connie stepped over the men ready for a fight. The woman didn't look like the other men that had been chaseing her but she wasn't about to take the chance, Connie knew she had worked to hard to get out of that place to be taken back now. As Connie stalked carefully across the clearing she started feeling dizzy, then she felt herself fall to her knees. Connie hit her knees and wondered if this was the woman's power, she tightened her fists and seven inch adamantium claws extended from between her knuckles. The woman in the trees gasped and stepped back.

'Good' Connie thought, then her vision began to blur. She blinked to focus but when she did she felt herself hit the forest floor the smell was over whelming, she didn't know how she managed to roll over but she did. She knew the blades had retracted blinked and looked up at the sky was an inky blue with pink and purple puffs of clouds trimmed in gold.

'Red sky at night, sailor's delight.' She thought to herself, the call of a crow echoed from above and she looked up at the feathered animal. It looked like it was upside down and hanging towards the sky rather than sitting on the branch upright.

"If the birds are upside down, your drunk and on the ground." A voice echoed in her head clearly, it was followed by laughter then Connie's world went black.


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