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Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men, Marvel, Toad, Meltdown, Sabretooth or any of the characters contained herien. This is a purely a fan work and I do not make any money or profit of any kind with these writings.

A/N: Just a little smutty idea I had about the inter-workings of the Brotherhood. Inserting Meltdown into the Brotherhood, as I do with most of my stories.


“TABITHA!” Toad roared as the door slammed in his wake, stalking through the hallways to find his pupil. It'd been a long and stressful day and he wanted nothing more right now than to bust a nut, take a shower and have a sleep.

The Blonde poked her head out of her room, eyes wide and hair muddled with sleep. “What'd I do now?”

“My room, no panties, move it,” He ordered, strolling after her into his bedroom where she was hurrying to comply with his orders. The toned and curvy little figure shimmied out of her white cotton thong and hopped up onto his bed on her hands and knees.

Smirking with self importance, Toad kicked off his boots and unzipped his fly, as he climbed up behind her to run calloused fingers over her pert round ass. He gave himself the luxury of appreciating the view now that he was about to enjoy his delicacy. One finger ran down the cavern between cheeks, brushing over the first hole that made her jump and continuing to dip into her pussy, just testing.

“Gettin wet already, f'Daddy. What a good girl,” He commented as she pressed her hips back in the hope he'd fill her a little more fully.

His hands groped up to force her shirt off over her head then, deciding he might not just want to empty a load in her. There were so many luscious things he liked to do to his subordinate, and he was beginning to relax and enjoy the erection. Tabitha groaned and turned to look at him, obviously turned on despite her having no choice in this. He was responsible for her training, her welfare, looking after her in battle, and in return she followed all his orders to the letter, if it meant going in guns blaring or sucking him off under the breakfast table. This was the life of the Brotherhood.

Sparing a moment to rip off his shirt and kick off his boxers he looked down, devouring the curves with his eyes: the spattering of soft curls around her nethers, the parted folds of her labia glistening with heady arousal, the swell of ample breasts and the arch of her perfect back. She could be a centerfold if she wasn't training to be an assassin.

Hand over hand he approached her and leaned down to press his nose right in between the soft slippery folds of skin, “Fuck I love th'way you smell, Tabitha. I could eat you for days.”

The proclamation elicited a giggle and moan from Tabby who's knees were already quaking. Hands settled on her thighs and twisted her to the right, forcing her onto her side and then her back, before he was settled in fast as a snake to suckle at her pussy.

Whimpering with need she spread her thighs to give him better access, and choked on the pleasure of his tongue slithering up to penetrate her more fully than any cock could. It wasn't hard like a cock, but it was incredible.

Pussy was his favorite. Toad would fuck about anything and lick about anything, but pussy was his favorite thing. He wasn't lying about being willing to eat her out for days, there had been times when he'd made her lay in bed with him for hours upon hours while he fed from her, and it was still often enough that she woke to him settled between her legs for some sweet and tasty breakfast.

It was a purely selfish desire of his, but it did make him smirk to feel her come. The power he had over her was intoxicating. Of course, it wasn't ALL he liked to do. A few minutes later he came up for air and said, “Don't be selfish, suck me off, Princess.”

There was a mad scramble of limbs to get between his legs, but then she eagerly wolfed down the meat of him, balls slapping against her chin in her hurry. He settled his hand on her head to pet her and hold her still if he felt like thrusting. When she'd first signed on and hadn't been quite as complaint he'd forced her to live on nothing but spunk for an entire week. Morning, noon and night if she'd wanted to eat she'd lock her lips around his cock and try to milk him for sustenance. He remembered that week fondly; it really was the best way to train an unruly teenage girl. Now, look at her, bobbing her head and running her tongue forcefully under and around him. Chuckling at the sight, he started to thrust into her mouth, getting all tingly inside when he made her choke. Her eyes locked on his face as he abused her mouth for awhile and then pulled out, not willing to lose his load yet. The movement made her whine in disappointment, she'd developed quite the taste for his seed.

“I'll pull oucha and let you drink when I'm done if y'want it,” He promised his protégé.

She eagerly rolled back onto hands and knees, knowing he favored this position. He liked to look at her ass and watch each and every thrust into that tight pussy.

“Oh baby, you are just drippin, ain'cha?”

He didn't expect a response and she knew better than to give one that wasn't merited. He did all kinds of kinky things to the girl and expected her unquestioning submission in all of it.

He thought back fondly to their first time together. He'd tied her down and stimulated her body to distraction and then had her blow him and given her no release. Days of that and she'd been begging him to pork her. She'd been so slick that first time he'd seated himself before he'd even realized he'd thrusted. So nice and tight despite her questionable background.

The head of his cock pressed between the slick pink folds and he teased her for a long moment, making little circles and coating himself with her juices. The round little bottom pressed back toward him greedily and he chuckled.

“Do you want my cock, precious?” He asked her, expecting an answer this time.

“Yes, Daddy,” Her voice panting and childish. It made him shiver. With a sudden jerk of his hips he seated himself inside her, gripped by the pulsing cunt. The moan he drew from her started his deep thrusting and for a moment there was nothing but the audible breathing and squelch of his body entering hers.

She was heaven. All smooth taut skin and luscious curves. He never imagined when he was younger then he'd own something so heavenly. Fingers bit into her hips hard enough to leave bruises. He loved to mark her skin and prove her his again and again. If he didn't think it'd end with her raped and mauled he'd have covered her in his spunk and paraded her around naked on a leash. That thought sped up his pounding. Maybe he'd do it anyway. It'd be worth fighting off Vic to see her humiliation as he fed her cock under the table while he ate his breakfast.

He entertained the idea of letting Vic have a little taste too. The man was an animal, but it wasn't about him, it was about what he'd do to his baby. His thrusts slowed suddenly and he released his hold on her.
“We're gonna play a new game.”

She shuddered. Sometimes the games were fun but more often they were painful or degrading or both. Not that she really minded. Being controlled was something that stoked her fire.

He pulled free of her body and and climbed off the bed. When he opened the door she gave him a concerned look that he silenced with one of his own.

“Oy, Vic, C'mere.”

The big dangerous man came to the door eyeing the naked green assassin with distaste until he got a look at what was still in position on the bed. He licked his lips and Tabitha quailed.

“Thought you might be up to helping me fill her up.”

Tabby shook her head before Mort gave her a sharp look to keep her compliant. Though she pressed her lips together and didn't make another gesture, he could see the unwillingness in her eyes. That made it all the better.

Vic moved into the room like a predator, sniffing the air eagerly, and eying her pussy. Toad was a man of varied tastes and he enjoyed a good deal of depravity, but he didn't share. Watching Tabby start to tremble was more than amusing, but he needed to set limits.

“Y'can have her mouth, but her pussy's mine, clear?”

Vic was barely listening, his pupils expanded so wide they clearly covered the irises. Tabby's eyes darted to Mort's to do something, imploring him, but he wasn't about to go easy on her.

“Y'heard me, Angel, gobble'im up.”

The girl moved to comply, her mouth opening wide to take in the man at least twice the length and girth of her current lover. Vic stared down at the wide blue eyes and the lips currently gorging on his thick hairy cock.

Toad just watched for awhile. His erection was rock hard and bouncing against his abs, but he was eating up the image in front of him. Tabby was getting wetter as she deep throated his friend, even though she was thoroughly miserable. He could see it in every movement. Her shoulders were tense, her back stiff and not rolling like she usually did when she was between Toad's legs. He chuckled as he moved forward, onto the bed, and sank into her. He was surprised how tight she was, and realized how tense and miserable she was, was keeping her hips at an incredible angle, squeezing him like a vice.

“Oh baby doesn't like the new game, does she?” He spanked her hip lightly, planning to punish her much more thoroughly as the night progressed.

Vic smirked as he thrust into her mouth and shook his head, “You're a selfish, shit, Toad. Been keeping this all to yourself. Bitch is swallowing right around me like a pro.”

“Yeah,” He agreed with a grin, “Tabby do that thing with y'tongue I like.”

A moment later Vic was growling with approval while Toad porked her from behind.

“Nice in'it? Cor, I love hurtin' you, Angel.”

Tabby started to shiver and Toad could feel the the walls of that sweet slick pussy starting to spasm as she approached her own climax. He shook his head and pulled out suddenly, laughing at her whine of disappointment around the still stifling cock.

“Let's up th'ante, mate. Think we need t'distract her a little better. Daddy didn't say she could come.”

There was an audible 'pop' as his glistening dick pulled free of her always hungry little mouth and then those perpetually innocent blue eyes turned to look in disbelief at Mort. Toad had taken her ass more than once. He'd fucked her everyplace his dick would fit, and several that were a little more forced. Toad's dick, however, was a good deal smaller than Vic's. The man wasn't under-endowed by any means, but Vic was a mammoth.

As Sabretooth stripped out of his remaining clothes and moved around behind her, Toad moved onto his back and pulled her over him, hands tight around her upper arms and kissing lips already swollen from blowing monster dick. Tabby whined into his mouth, her nose pressed to his as they parted for a moment.

“Please don't let him, please Daddy?”

“Relax, honey,” He murmured, his hold softened on her and his arms wrapped around her back, fingers massaging. “Trust me, I won't let him hurt y'too bad.”

She shut her eyes and whimpered again and Toad realized he'd have to calm her down or she'd be too tense to accommodate Vic. He didn't want her to get torn and seriously hurt. They only did the actually dangerous stuff when he was completely in control and knew he could protect her if something went wrong. In their line of work tearing internally and infections could really hurt the team.

“Alright, alright,” He met Vic's eyes over her shoulder as he massaged her lower back and held her to him. Vic looked put out, but he sat back and waited. Mort kissed her again, his tongue massaging hers, his hands delving lower as he pulled her nimble body up higher on his so he could thumb her clit and press two fingers into her tight wet cunt. She started to ease up, enjoying the gentle passionate kissing and not making a noise of protest when his first wet digit pressed into her back entrance and started to stretch her.

It took ten minutes of preparation and coaxing that little rosebud to open up, but eventually Vic pressed the engorged mushroom head of his cock into her, slathered with vaseline, and started to move in. She winced and started to wiggle, but it was too late, Toad held her arms and Vic was already too far in to push out. Toad's legs were pressing her calves down to keep them parted and he was laughing at her obvious discomfort. He'd gotten a good look at what hung between Vic's legs and it was nothing to sneeze at, he knew it had to hurt.

“Ohmigod, Ohmigod! Stop!”

“No fuckin' backtalk, little girl or Daddy'll spank you with the big paddle.”

“Christ, she's tight,” Vic chuckled, “C'mon, get in on this, it'll be even tighter.”

Mort laughed hysterically as he pulled her legs forward by the knees to tilt her pelvis, so he could get at her pussy. When he pressed in, he shut his eyes at the sensation of feeling the rock hard cock separated by an all too thin barrier of muscle and tissue, buried in her ass. It felt fucking amazing. He'd never shared a woman before and now he knew this wouldn't be a one-time thing. Once Tabby got over the initial pain and humiliation, she started to get into it. She was sprawled out over his chest, barely able to move as the men used both holes relentlessly. Vic's cock sheathed in her ass made her pussy incredibly tight and he was lost in the sensation.

His hands were gripping her hips so tight they were already bruised black and he was thrusting with reckless abandon. Vic was leaned over her back and growling as he gave it to her as hard as he could, both men heedless to her cries of pain. Mort moved his hands up into her hair and turned her head to swallow her cries with his mouth. She was nearly a ragdoll, but he could feel her frantic breathing as she approached climax. Both men felt it when she did, her muscles clamping down on them. It was sharper on Vic and he came with it, Mort picking up the pace for a frantic few thrusts before exploding within her. Neither of them stopped as they rode out their orgasms, making her aftershocks especially uncomfortable, before Vic yanked out with a roar of appreciation and slapped her spunk filled ass.

Mort combed a hand through her hair and looked up into her eyes as he felt Vic get up off the bed, “Get out.” Her eyes were full of tears, so he stayed seated deep within her, letting his seed settle into her womb without release. Sabretooth didn't argue, and did him one better, slamming the door in his wake.

“Y'such a brave lit'l darlin'.”He cooed, not that he was sated, all the days hardships were forgotten and he was feeling grateful and patient.

“Why'd you let him?” She whined childishly.

“I like t'watch you squirm,” He answered her easily, “And I like th'idea of you getting' all filled up. B'sides...I know y'like when I'm a prat t'you. Y'always come twice as hard as otherwise.”

She sighed and nuzzled in under his chin, finding it difficult to argue the point since he was right. It didn't mean she liked being so abused, however. It certainly wasn't her decision that her body liked her humiliation so much. It if was up to her she'd do nothing but make love. Of course, she didn't have any choice in the matter anyway, Toad was the boss. If he wanted her to sit in the tub while he pissed on her, she'd have to do it. Even if he wanted to knock her around a little after and then stroke off onto her face. It hadn't been fun, but she'd done it. He was not a fan of pretties, she knew that, and there were days of killing then when he came home, hating the sight of her and wanting to punish her for possessing her good looks.

“You want a beer or something?” She was an (mostly) obedient subordinate, and she wanted to stay in his good graces lest he remember he owed her a few swats with the paddle.

He shook his head and settled in, leaving his rapidly softening cock within her.

“Maybe next time I'll let th'Aussie in on it.”

He reached to switch the lamp off with one hand as she started to whine again. His cock was already starting to get hard at the sound.

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