The Green Frost

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The Black Queen was furious.
Emma Frost had recently embarrassed her in front of the rest of the
Inner Circle by revealing a failed plan of Selene's to destroy the X-

Only the immortal witch's personal followers had been involved in the
failed plot, so Shaw and the rest of them would never have known if
the White Queen had not told them.

Selene was not a forgiving woman so she had devised a way to get back
at the arrogant young telepath.
Emma Frost's Hellions had recently captured the woman known as the
She-Hulk. Emma planned to present the green woman to the Inner
Circle as a new asset and servant of the Hellfire Club after she had
a chance to `change' the lawyer's mind about the institution.

But Selene had something different in mind.
After bribing the mutant guarding the room in the Hellfire Mansion
the unconscious heroine was being held in, the Black Queen replaced
the inhibitor collar (designed to suppress the use of the metahuman's
powers) on the She-Hulk with an identical looking collar that
protected the wearer's mind from psychic invasion.

Emma Frost confidently strode into her personal chambers.
The White Queen was attired in her usual white, lacy garb, which
provided an interesting contrast to the naked green woman on her bed.

Despite her size and muscles the She-Hulk remained attractive. With
a pretty face, a voluptuous ass, and large firm breasts.

Emma was glad that she had decided to `enjoy' her newest acquisition
before going through the complex and tedious process of reordering
her mind. She already knew the woman had a thing for blondes.

The woman on the bed stirred and Frost instinctively reached for her
mind. But something was blocking the telepath's power.
Emma suddenly realized how vulnerable she was alone with the jade
giantess, so she headed for the door.
But before she could make it, the She-Hulk jumped out of bed and
seized the voluptuous telepath in an iron grip.

Jennifer Walters glared down at the woman in her arms.
She didn't know where she was or how she got here.
The last thing she remembered was the Hellions attacking her without
warning and them pummeling her to unconsciousness with their fists,
various forms of energy, and even rocks, when she was only a few
blocks away from her NYC apartment.

After the abuse she had suffered from the Hellions, the drugs the
Club had given her to keep her passive, and wearing the inhibitor
collar for hours, the She-Hulk was not at her best, mentally or
But she recognized the blonde in her arms as the leader of the group
that had attacked her so mercilessly.

Emma Frost came to a shocking realization.
She could die here.
The green skinned giantess holding her in the air was strong enough
(and looked angry enough) to literally rip her limb from limb.

Moreover, the White Queen was currently denied the use of her usual
powers and servants. So she did the only thing she could think of to
deflect the larger woman's anger.

The She-Hulk groaned in surprise as Emma Frost brought her lips
against hers in a passionate kiss.
To Emma's relief the heroine melted under her attentions and clutched
the telepath to her large green bosom.
Frost allowed Jennifer's curious tongue to explore deep into her
mouth, acting uncharacteristically submissive in her effort to buy

Unfortunately when the White Queen attempted to call her Hellions for
help, something blocked her.
Someone must have activated the artificial psychic walls in her
quarters that prevented a telepath from psychically reaching anyone
outside the room, or visa versa (which Emma had had installed herself
so that she could interrogate other telepaths in privacy).
But Who?
However, the White Queen was preoccupied with other matters at the
moment. As the green lawyer ended the kiss and lowered her to the
ground, then clutched Emma to her bosom.

But as Frost took a dark green nipple in her mouth and began
dutifully suckling she vowed, "Someone will pay for this."

Jennifer Walters glanced down at the female tenderly nursing at her
With her blonde hair, pale skin, and voluptuous figure she reminded
her of another woman the She-Hulk knew.

Susan Richards.

Jennifer had always had a crush on her former teammate.
But not only was Susan married, she also had a kid and the Jade
Giantess was friends with her husband.
So the She-Hulk had never acted on her feelings.

The White Queen moved to Jennifer's other breast and suckled for a
few minutes, then she kissed her way down her green body.
Walters moaned at the pleasant sensation of Emma's sweet lips moving
over her flesh. It had been far too long since the adventurous
Avenger had a female lover.

Frost finally made it to the center of Jennifer's pleasure. The She-
Hulk spread her legs to give Emma better access to her womanhood.
The she gasped in pleasure as the White Queen stuck her tongue deep
between the lips of her sex.
The blonde continued to pleasure her wanton pussy with her tongue for
several minutes. But while the feeling of Emma Frost's lips and
tongue on her moist flesh was NICE, it wasn't enough to get Jennifer

So Emma moved her head back and gradually worked her fingers inside
the Jade Avenger's moist cunt. Jennifer finally climaxed when the
White Queen made a fist and stuck her whole hand inside the green
woman's sex.

The She-Hulk's inner muscles clenched down rather hard on Emma's
hand. Nevertheless the White Queen withdrew her arm as soon as she
saw that Jennifer was having an orgasm.

Then she ran to her desk where she kept a powerful energy pistol.
She managed to get it out of the drawer. However, the She-Hulk moved
across the room and grabbed it from her before she could use it.
Then she demonstrated her physical power by crushing the weapon with
her bare hand.

After that the She-Hulk carried a struggling Emma Frost to the bed
and ripped up some of the bed sheets to bind the White Queen's arms
and legs.

Once Jennifer was finished with that she decided to explore the desk
Emma had taken her gun out of.

"Don't look in the bottom drawer" Emma thought.

The Jade Giantess looked in the bottom drawer.
It was full of sex toys. Including one in particular that intrigued
A white thick rubber two-sided dildo, with straps so that it could be
worn like an artificial cock.

Frost watched with apprehension as the Avenger slipped it inside her
own moist depths. After that Jennifer struggled with the straps for
a few minutes, until she figured how to put the damn thing on.

Then she untied Emma Frost and told her to get undressed.

"Why should I?" Emma responded defiantly.

"Because if you don't I'm going to remove that stick in your ass and
replace it with THIS" the She-Hulk said as she grasped her pseudo
cock with one hand.

Frost grudgingly complied.
Jennifer Walters studied the women once she had removed her costume.
To her surprise she discovered that Emma Frost was a natural blonde,
and had a nest of thick pale curls between her thighs. The pale pink
nipples on Emma's large firm breasts also intrigued Jennifer, and she
reached out and touched one gently with a green finger.
It may have been the drugs, the mind probe she had been subjected to,
or even the psychic shield collar, but for some reason the She-Hulk
was in strangely playful mood.

She looked down at the much smaller woman and said huskily "little
girls shouldn't play with guns…and do you know what happens to bad
little girls."

Then she grasped the White Queen around the waist and carried her to
the bed.
Emma struggled in the green woman's grip. Especially when Jennifer
sat down on the edge of the bed and put the blonde face down over her

It took Frost a moment to realize her position. But when she did she
thought "No surely she wouldn't the Avengers don't do that sort of

But the feeling of the She-Hulk's open palm hitting her bare bottom
cut off her midthought.
Jennifer held her down with one hand while she used the other to
spank the White Queen. She used only a tiny fraction of her great
strength, knowing that despite the fact that Emma Frost had one of
the most powerful minds on the planet, her body was almost as fragile
and vulnerable as it looked.

Still that was more than enough to deal with the blonde telepath.
At first Emma Frost cursed and struggled against the Jade Giantess.
Then she tried bribing the gamma-powered titan with promises of
wealth, power, and carnal delights if only she would stop. After
that she simply pleaded with the green beauty for mercy.

But the She-Hulk ignored all her efforts and simply continued the
rough spanking.

Finally, after Emma Frost had gone silent and tears had appeared in
her eyes, Jennifer Walters stopped. Then she examined the quiet

Emma's ass was a deep red in color, but when Jennifer gently probed
between her love lips with a finger she discovered that she was wet,
and Frost moaned in pleasure.
But when the She-Hulk removed that finger and used it to explore the
woman's anus, Emma emitted a surprisingly girlish squeal.
"DO YOU MIND" the White Queen said indignantly as she glared up at
Jennifer Walters. She was no anal virgin, but she still didn't enjoy
that sort of thing.

The She-Hulk smiled down at Frost and withdrew her finger. It was
nice to see that Emma hadn't lost all her fire.

Jennifer pushed the blonde onto the bed. Emma Frost groaned as her
sore ass hit the soft blankets. But her pain was forgotten when the
Jade Avenger lowered her head to gently suckle at one of Emma's pink

Jennifer Walter's spent a long time worshipping the White Queen's
bosom. Licking and suckling the orbs until the telepath began
gasping in pleasure.

Then she moved down Frost's body to claim her womanhood with her lips
and tongue. Once she began Emma instinctively tried to close her
legs around the She-Hulk's head so that she wouldn't stop this
delightful activity.
But Jennifer pushed the legs away and in the same movement picked the
blonde up and positioned her on her hands and knees on the bed.

"tell me Frosty….how many other girls have seen you like this…did the
female Hellions ever put on dildos and gangbang their teach?" She-
Hulk asked in a husky mocking voice.

Emma Frost didn't dignify the question with a response.

Then without warning Jennifer thrust her rubber dildo deep into
Emma's moist depths from behind.
The White Queen gasped as the inner walls of her cunt were
deliciously stretched. The Jade Giantess grasped her breasts almost
roughly as she rapidly thrust in and out of the blonde.

"How does it feel to be fucked like a bitch with your own toy?"
Jennifer Walters whispered to the smaller woman.

For some reason that was enough to send her over the edge, and Emma
Frost cried out as she climaxed.
After she collapsed the She-Hulk continued to thrust inside her, and
about a minute later the Jade Avenger orgasmed from the friction of
the dildo inside her own pussy.
Then she withdrew from Frost and embraced the exhausted woman.

Huggably soft is not a term usually associated with Emma Frost. But
as the two tired women fell asleep in each other's arms, Jennifer
Walters realized it was an accurate description regardless.

Sebastion Shaw received the news when he was taking calls in his
section of the Hellfire Mansion.
"Sire the She-Hulk has escaped….apparently she just tore a hole in
the wall of Emma Frost's chambers and left" the worried servant said.

"What does the White Queen have to say about this?" the annoyed Black
King asked.
"Well sire that's the thing….nobody can find her," the little man

"Reed could I borrow a couple of those inhibitor collars you made for
the Vault…and that shemale kit you created for that lesbian couple….I
need it for a case……….thanks big guy I knew I could count on you" the
She-Hulk said to the man on the other end of the line.

Then she looked at the bound blonde on the bed.
Emma Frost was naked, with her hands tied to the headboard and her
legs tied to the other end of the bed frame.

As she saw what the She-Hulk was holding she thought "no not THAT
And the White Queen's cries of fear and ecstasy lasted long into the


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