Break Me, Shake Me

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I never had a prayer.

I saw him, across the room, with an angel's smile with those demon eyes. He was flipping the cards over.

And then he lifted those eyes that I had been pretending I did not see, as is fitting to a lady. (We do not stare. We do not entice. I had this drilled into my head since I was old enough to wear my hair down loose and not in braids.)

And then he smiled. And I knew then that I had been captured. He crossed the room, he came to me. Came to me in a way that I could pretend was because he liked me, but I knew it was because I liked him.

The desire was thicker than the cheap cigarette smoke. The scent of lust flooded my nostrils, overtaking the scent of beer and the Cajun cooking in the kitchen.

"Cher... Ah don' b'leve Ah've had de pleasure of yer acquaintance."

In those words I knew...

Everything done.


"No." I smiled, a little flustered. No time to slip into Ice Queen mode. "I'm Nadya. And you are...?"

"Remy... But you can call me yours." he smiled at me, a smile that left me breathless and made me think of rumpled bedsheets and even messier hair. It made me think of the taste of sweat on skin, it made me think of sleepy fingers dragging down my stomach.

I was flooded by him. That thick men's cologne. The lingering scent of good bourbon on his breath. The traces of the heavy bayou air from outside. And something else intoxicating.

"Charmed." I breathed. I had no idea...

"P'rhaps, Nadya, Ah oughtta take ya someplace a little--quieter, non?" Now, I am not stupid. I did know better than to go strange places with a strange man.

But it was his smell and the heat between us that made me toss my hair. Made me smile in what I could only hope was a coy, sexy smile. I really can't be too sure though.

"I should say no."

"Of course," he nodded.

"I should say it's dangerous."

"Oui," he sounded serious.

"I should say I'm too smart for that."

"Ya sure are." he agreed, one finger running around the rim of my wine glass.

"...But I can't, and I won't, so I'm not."

"Is dat a yes?" he slipped the finger into his mouth. Sucked off the traces of wine. I could feel the alcohol burning my own tongue as he smirked around the digit. He released it with a wet pop.

"Yes... Remy." he took my hand. I gasped the feeling of electricity that traveled up my arm. I almost choked on the feeling of white hot lust that came rushing into my body.

Somehow I managed to keep it together until after we left the bar. I managed to keep myself from swooning, I managed to keep myself from falling to my knees and undoing the zipper on those very expensive looking trousers with my teeth. I manged to be calm on the outside, though my insides were quivering with anticipation.

We sat down in his car, a sleek, sweet black car with a rag top that was down. The leather interior felt cool beneath my thighs when I sat down. Remy shut my door for me and smiled. He climbed in the other side and started up the machine. It gave a loud purr that sent tingles down my spine.

“Well, cher. Where to?”

“Just drive.” I said, looking at him and feeling my skin go hot. “Drive,”

“As ya wish.” he murmured.

And so we started driving through the New Orleans streets. The heavy air blew through my hair, lifting it off my sweaty neck. Neither one of us spoke, but his hand did reach over to rest on my thigh. I tried to concentrate on the buildings we were passing. It was nearly impossible with that heavy heat on my body, making goosebumps rise on me, making me wet between the legs.

“I—I can't--,” I stammered.

“Can't what, cher?” he glanced at me with a knowing look. The bastard knew exactly what I was about to say.

“Can't wait for one second longer.” I managed to whisper over the sounds of traffic around us. The night was full of voices, of boisterous laughter, and the steady beat from the dance halls. I swallowed and he smiled.

“Non, ya couldn'.” he steered us towards an alley behind some buildings. My heart was pounding as he put the car in park. Everything around us seemed to dim. It was all background noise to the pounding of my blood in my ears.

Remy reached around me and pulled the lever that laid my seat back. Still hovering over me, he pressed his nose inches from mine.

“Ya nervous?” he purred.

“A little,” I rasped through a dry mouth. I spread my legs almost involuntarily and his hand traveled further up my thigh to my panty covered pussy. He ran his fingers over the panties a few time and grinned when he felt the wetness there.

“Don' be nervous. Remy not gonna let it hurt.”

“It doesn't hurt though.” I said, confused. “Not if I'm –wet, like I am now.”

“Right,” he said indulgently, as one would a child.

“Remy?” he was pushing my hair away from my throat. Any misgivings melted away as he pressed his lips to the skin there.

My eyes drifted shut as his tongue damped the flesh. He swirled around the skin, sucked and nipped ever so slightly. It was enough for my legs to spread even farther. I was aware that I must have looked wanton, but wasn't together enough to care. Just once in my life, I wanted to be bad.

His fingers pushed aside my panties and pressed into me. I moaned and arched upwards, pressing even harder against his mouth.

“Did ya know dat Nadya mean hope?” he said against my ear when he lifted his head. I whimpered and shook my head.
“Ah. You someone need lotta hope.”

I opened my eyes, to ask what that meant when I felt it. Felt the cold pin pricks going into my skin. I opened my mouth to scream and lifted my hands to shove him off. But then the sucking began, the pulling at my insides that made me moan, made me grab his shoulder so he couldn't go.

The insolent bastard had the audacity to chuckle, blood dripping down my neck.

His fingers were busy too, pushing in and out of me, rubbing up against a certain little spot inside of me. Coupled with the heavenly suction at my neck, I couldn't last long. I came hard, crying out, not caring who could possibly hear me.

When I sank down onto the seat, he was still drinking from me.

Before I could protest, the world went black around me.


When I woke up, the sun was bright on my face. I was still in the car. Dazed, I reached up to touch my neck. To my surprise, the wound had healed. There was a piece of paper on the car, which I reached out and snatched from the dash board.

You taste divine, it read. Come look me up again tonight. Same time, same place. Don't order the red wine again, this time try a nice clean white wine. I like the taste of that better. Leave the car, no one will hurt it.

I read the note twice before getting out of the car and walking to the bus stop.

I patted my hair and smiled to myself. I could have walked home from the coffee shop where he had parked the car, but I needed rest. It was clear I was going to have a busy night ahead of me.

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