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Jubilee stood and watched Wolverine as he demonstrated a maneuver to one of the other students. Her body ached in frustration from being horny and not being able to get any satisfaction. This in turn made her angry with him and she had become snappy with the other students and teachers. She was so miserable and sick of being so.

She watched as Wolverine showed the student how to throw a punch and, looking at the student to her immediate left and said, "Huh. Don't he think he's a bit too old to be doing this?"

Wolverine stopped what he was doing and just stood there. He was angry. She could tell simply by the way he was standing.

"Logan," Jubilee tentatively asked. His shoulders stiffened even more, if that was possible, before he turned around to face her. The other students’ smiles had faded from their faces. He stopped turning when he fully faced her, standing with his fists on his hips. She swallowed hard.

She wished she could fly like Storm right that very second. She'd fly away and wouldn't have to face him. Cowardly, she knew, but the only thing she could think of at that moment.

She took a couple of steps back. An expression passed over his face, then hardened again. Now she started backing up, shaking her head 'No'. She hadn't backed up ten steps when he reached out and grabbed her by the wrists, pulling her against him. Her body reacted to being so close to him; her sex swelling almost painfully. His nostrils flared and she heard him sniff. She knew that he could smell her desire. Surely he wouldn't use it against her. She turned her head to look at him and a wicked smile spread across his lips that didn't reach his eyes.

He was going to use it.

This made her angry. He released her wrist and she quickly moved a few feet away from him, turning to face him.

"Don't write checks your ass can't cash when you challenge me, Jubilation," he said menacingly. Usually, any of the X-Men using her full first name made her worry, but this time it only added fuel to the fire of her anger. She could hear some of the snickers of the other students when he spoke. He continued to look at her and ignored the other students. She had been so angry and frustrated for the last few weeks because of him that she just didn't care what she said to him. She didn't think that the little jab at his abilities would make him that pissed, but she had been wrong in the past.

The Professor started speaking to her in her mind, "Don't move, Jubilee. I am talking to him, trying to calm him down." The Professor sounded almost in a panic. "Don't move."

"Don't tell me what to do, Professor," she said out loud.

Everyone began filing out of the War Room; their laughter quieted. "I didn't dismiss class, Charles," Logan said. He and Jubilee continued to stare each other down.

"I know, Logan. I dismissed them. I want the both of you in my office now," the Professor told them.

Jubilee looked at Logan with a snide expression on her face. He had moved closer to her, but several feet still separated them. "You do what you want. I'm leaving," she told him. Logan began to growl. The Professor was yelling at them in their minds, but they just ignored him. She turned and took on step to leave and stopped.

Logan had grabbed her wrist again, and his body was pressed against the back of hers. She took a deep, shaky breath. This was the first time she had ever regretted having to wear her costume to class. The spandex of both their costumes was skin tight and, with their bodies pressed together like this, left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She could feel his body's reaction to hers and, boy, had it reacted.

She hadn't grown much in the years she had spent with the X-Men and other X-teams, so she was only an inch or so taller than him. This, in her eyes, made them the perfect height for each other.

"Don't do it, Logan," Charles begged.

Logan was breathing heavily into her ear and said, "Don't worry, Chuck. I won't hurt her," he paused to chuckle and finished, "Much." Jubilee swallowed hard and tried to pull her hand from his vise-like grip. He wasn't hurting her; he was just so much stronger than her. He shifted his feet to press his erection into the crease of her ass even more. "Don't bother sending the other X-Men, either. We'll be gone long before they ever get here."

"What are you going to do, Wolvie," she spat her nickname for him out as if it was a bad taste in her mouth. "You gonna kidnap me and then rape me?"

He thrust his pelvis against her and said, "Trust me, darlin', by the time I've finished with you it won't be rape you're cryin'." He started moving toward the door of the War Room, pushing her along in front of him. She began to struggle in earnest, but it was no use. She used her heel to stomp on the arch of his foot and by the sound of his grunt, it hurt. A lot.

He slid his hand around her slender waist and, turning her around, he threw her over his shoulder. Landing on her stomach knocked the wind out of her, effectively stopping any and all protests.

He took off at a run, stopping only long enough to ride the elevator to the ground floor. He ran towards the garage, anyone they came across stepping out of his way. He stopped at the key box and set her on her feet facing him and asked, "Jeep or motorcycle?" She looked at him like he was insane. He could see her mind working trying to figure out which would be easiest to escape from. He grabbed the keys to his jeep and walked her over to the vehicle. Stopping beside it, he turned to face her again. Pulling her against him, he locked an arm around her waist and the other around her neck, bending her backwards slightly. She grabbed his shoulders trying to balance herself.

"This is your last chance to apologize."

"Never," she said breathlessly.

"That's what I hoped you'd say." She opened her mouth to respond and he savagely captured her mouth with his, thoroughly ravishing her with his kiss. His tongue assaulted hers, smoothly and expertly darting in and out of her mouth. He released her from the kiss and loosened his grip on her. When her confusion wore off, she raised her hand and, as she brought her hand down to slap him, her powers kicked in and she shot fireworks into his face, burning the skin. He instantly dropped her and ducked to avoid the worst of her blast. She scrabbled backwards trying to get away from him. She had a hard time controlling her mutant abilities when she was this angry, but he had kissed her in anger.

She stared at him, watching for his next move. He had covered his face, but the exposed skin that she could see around his hands was red and covered with whelps. He removed his hands and she gasped in shock. This was the first time she had ever used her powers against a friend, but, damnit he wasn't acting like a friend. He dropped into a crouch and just watched her. She watched in fascination as the skin healed as if never having anything happen to it. She was truly afraid now.

She slowly stood up. She heard the door to the garage open and several pairs of feet walking in. She didn't take her eyes off of Wolverine.

"Jubilee, do not move," came Hank McCoy's voice.

"Stay outta this, furball," Wolverine told him.

"Wolverine . . . Logan, why don't we talk about,"

"Got nuthin' ta say to ya, Beast," he motioned towards Jubilee and said, "She wants to be my girlfriend; well, I'm just showin' her what that means."

Jubilee looked at him in shock. "Thought I didn't know? Thought I was just ignorin' the fact?" She shook her head not wanting to discuss this now. Neither one of them was able to discuss anything rationally at this moment. She sat down on the floor of the garage and bowed her head.

"Logan," Ororo started.

"Don't say a word, 'Ro, lessen you wanna to take her place," he interrupted her. Everyone was shocked at him. He looked to the group of his fellow team mates. He scanned the group till his eyes fell on the one person he hoped to never see him in this state. Jean Grey. Cyclops stood behind her. Her eyes were questioning 'Why'. She turned and left the garage, her husband following her. "Everyone leave," his eyes went to Jubilee, tears falling down her cheeks. "I'll bring her back in one piece."

His heart softened and some of his anger melted away. He heard the door to the garage open then close behind everyone as they left. He sat on the garage floor. His eyes scanned Jubilee to make sure he hadn't really hurt her. Her uniform had a few tears in it where they had struggled against each other, but other than that she was okay. He didn't see any blood, but he could sure smell it. "You're on your . . ." he let the question trail off.

She looked up at him through her tears. When she realized what he was talking about, she shook her head ‘No’. "Not for another week," she replied.

He rubbed his face with a hand and blew out a deep breath. "We are leavin' here, Jubes," she moaned at his use of her nickname, "I prefer you to be cooperative, but I will take you outta here by force if need be," he finished. She started at him for a few moments then nodded her head in agreement.

He stood and walked over to her, picking her up. He carried her to his jeep and placed her in the passenger seat. Pulling the seat belt across in front of her, he buckled her in. He stood and looked her in the eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but the words stopped at the tip of his tongue. He moved his hand away from the buckle of the seat belt and walked to the driver's side and got in the jeep, starting the engine. Hitting the button on the door opener, he hit the gas and squealed out of the garage, hitting the button again to close the door.

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