After The Case

BY : SisterWine
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The morning headline hit Remy's desk at a quarter to 10 in the morning. It was read with a sigh and a sip of overly hot coffee out of his "Save A Couch Potato" mug. "Didn' t'ink it'd be dat quick." He stared at the headline and then at the picture on the left column. Remy took in every dot of black and white that showed Keith Ramsie surrounded by his attorney and some escort officers, as they were on their way out of the courthouse.


Remy stood up and grabbed the paper as he left his office for his father's office, down the hall. Knocking but not waiting for the invite in, Remy opened the door and marched in to stand in front of Jean-Luc's desk. "Reckon I want my vacation now, poppa." Staring back at his father, who now looked up at him from his paperwork, Remy's expression was clearly flat. He knew this day would eventually come but, it was too soon. He needed more time to think of what to do to avoid Keith's grasp.

Jean-Luc looked confused for a moment. "What do you mean?"

Tossing the paper onto the desk, making sure the headline landed face up, Remy took a step back. "He's gonna be lookin' for me." He swallowed as he waited for his father's reaction to the bold print. Stuffing his hands into his pockets and shrugging off the anxiety, Remy breathed heavily.

"What makes you so sure he's comin' for you, mon fils?" Jean-Luc put down his pen and read the headline and skimmed the story attached to it. When he met Remy's eyes again, he could see the worry in them.

"Poppa, I was dere to help get him arrested. I think he's gonna want a 'catch up story'. He ain't forgotten Remy so fast." Remy leaned forward and placed his hands on the desk.

Jean-Luc sighed, "Remy, you was shot and on de ground when he was arrested."

Remy slammed his fist down on the desk. "He shot me. Dat means he's gonna come seein if everyt'ing still works." Standing up, Remy walked over to the window and stared out at the rising storm clouds.

"Thankfully, they do." Jean'Luc didn't say it so much to force a smile, or the dirty look Remy had just turned around and shot him. He said it to lighten the mood and remind Remy that he was still alive, and to be greatful he wasn't permanently scarred. "Remy, dis young man, you spend three years wit', he falls head over heels wit' you, oui, he's gonna be wonderin how you doin. He don't know where you are. Look, you told de courts what dey wanted to know, at de trial. The judge put him away for five years. You moved four times since den, and left no forwardin. What are you so worked up about?" He stared into Remy's eyes and could tell Remy was searching for the answer himself.

Remy turned away and stared at one fast moving dark cloud before mumbling under his breath, "and, he spent a year and a half sendin me love letters, and beggin memos to have me marry him. Poppa, dat ain't somethin I can live wit' again. Ain't slept in six months 'cause now he's sending me flowers!"

"If it makes you feel any better, you can go an' tell dat Detective you got hidden away."

Remy focused on a car across the street that was sitting at a red light. "Non. Logan ain't what he wants."

"You don't think Ramsey'll go after him, hey?" Jean-Luc took a breath and stared out the window as the rain now came down in sheets. After no answer, he decided to move on to the next subject; Remy's welfare. "Den, take as long as you need to deal with this but, you deal wit' it, Remy. Ramsie ain't gonna back down 'til you run right to him."

"Logan can take care of hisself, poppa." Remy turned away as the light turned green and his focus point was making its way through the intersection.

Jean-Luc turned and stood up to go and stand next to his son. "He deserves more consideration, mon fils. You seein him, anymore?" He was looking out at the clouds and the rain and didn't see Remy turn to look at him in surprise. "You don't think I am stupid, Remy. I knew about you since before you told me. Logan ain't no different. He needs to know about Ramsie, if he don't already."


Jean-Luc knew Remy was lying but he wasn't sure how Remy would take being decharacterised by his own father.

Remy looked down at the street below. He took a long breath as Jean-Luc excused himself to go and close his office door. Folding his arms in front of his chest, he admitted aloud, "Logan don't need Remy tellin him nonsense." Something in his voice hid the feeling of sadness as he had told Logan goodbye months ago. "Just gonna go to granpere's cabin, den sit for awhile."

Jean-Luc looked at his son in confusion. "Is dere something wrong, Remy?" For the past three weeks, Jean-Luc had noticed something odd in Remy's behaviour. "You don't take his calls, anymore. You toss him aside, too?" He normally stayed out of Remy's lovelife but, since he found Remy to be happy when Logan was around, Jean-Luc kept a close watch on him. It wasn't everyday that his son came out of his small shell for just anyone, other than immediate family.

"Non. Poppa, I just need some time to myself." Remy kept his eyes averted but could feel the heat of Jean-Luc's gaze burning into his very core.

Jean-Luc had thought long and hard about what to say to his son about certain personal things, and he still had yet to perfect the gentleness in his approach. "Remy, what you do in your free time is your business. However, I know dis young man feels somethin for you. Give him a chance, hehn?"

Remy finally looked at his father in a questionable tone. "What do you mean, poppa? You know somethin' about this?"

"He called here one day, and you were out of de office. So, I picked up and talked to him." Jean-Luc sighed and went over to close the office door before continuing. "Do you remember when you was 12, and you were sittin' on dat log by de creek, fishin with your friend? He was catchin himself a big fish, and you leaned over and kissed his cheek. He knocked you into de water an' stormed off. Logan don't give me dat thought about him. He seems like de kind dat would want dat with you." Coming back to sit in his chair and fish around for a paper in his desk drawers, he didn't see how Remy looked at him.

Remy's expression hardened. "Childhood was meant to be forgotten."

The neglected point was starting to give Jean-Luc a headache. "Den don't tell him. But, don't come runnin to me when you get caught in de middle of Ramsie an' Logan." He was getting frustrated that his son was sometimes hard headed with his feelings but, it wasn't his place to tell him different. "All right, look, you go to lunch wit' me and we talk dis out. Cocabello's sound good?"

Remy nodded but was more concerned about getting out of town than eating lunch at a high-class restaurant.


Remy and Jean-Luc sat in a booth, off from the rest of the mediocre lunch crowd. Cocabello's was a fancy, high-end Italian restaurant that needed reservations at least three weeks in advance. They had ordered their lunch and sat sipping their drinks while letting the other start the conversation.

The cell-phone is Remy's jacket pocket went off and he excused himself from the table to answer it. He headed for the restroom area before flipping it open and saying, "LeBeau". When no answer came Remy closed the phone and shook his head as he stepped into the men's room to wash up and cool off the feeling of being watched.

As Remy stepped into the last stall, he just shut the door and turned to unzip his pants and relieve himself. When he was finished, he froze and swallowed from nerves, as the door opened to the men's room and footsteps came towards him. The footsteps stopped at the sink and the water began to run. Remy sighed in relief and went back to zipping himself up. He paused again when his stall door opened and a hand reached around to help him. He knew he forgot to check the lock on the door but hadn't figured he needed to in a public place. "You're early, Keith." Remy smiled out of habit.

Laughing a bit, Keith wrapped his arms around Remy and hugged him. "I missed you, Remy. I've had so many offers, in that place, but my heart belongs to you. I've waited for you and I to be alone. Let me help you, with that." As Remy turned to look at him, Keith sank to his knees and instead of helping Remy zip up, he unziped the pants and exposed the now erect manhood to give it a lick.

"No, Keith, stop. Dis....." Remy gasped as he watched Keith's mouth devour his erection. Leaning forward to brace his left hand on the wall in front of him as the right held the back of Keith's head. Moaning in short pants of approval, Remy froze as he was quick to release into the waiting mouth.

Keith sat back and only smiled up at the young man as he had accomplished his task to silencing Remy. "Since we're alone, why not you return the favour." He began stroking Remy's slowly recovering erection and lightly kissed Remy's lips.

"Non. Here wit' my father, Keith. If he catch you, you goin right back to jail." Fixing his pants, Remy zipped himself up and tried to leave before anything else happened, or someone- namely Jean-Luc, walked in.

Placing both hands to either side of Remy, Keith halted him as his expression grew serious. "I have been waiting for you, and you alone, Remy. It killed me when I shot you." He paused to stare into Remy's startled eyes. "That was a dirty trick to have your Detective friend tell me I killed you, and then you show up at the trial, in living colour. Did you really think that Thomas and I would forget your true calling? You remember Thomas, don't you? I saw him at yard time, and we made a few comparisons. I suggest you slip out with me, and let's settle the 'unfinished business,' shall we?"

Remy moved the arm blocking his way and stepped out of the stall. "Don't threaten me, Keith. I put you away once, I won't hesitate to do it again. Stay away from me, mon brave. You was just an assignment. Dere is no 'you and me.' Don't let poppa see you, here." Walking over to the sink to wash his hands, Remy glanced up and stared at the reflection of Keith, in the mirror. "Stay away from me." Drying his hands with a cotton towel, he laid the towel back down on the countre and turned to leave.

When the door opened and Remy stepped out, he was surprised to see Jean-Luc standing in the walkway with his arms folded.

"Somethin' wrong, mon fils?" The tone was firm but worried. Jean-Luc tilted his head and observed Remy's distressed state.

Remy shook his head and stepped forward, dismissing the recent events. "Let's just go eat lunch, hehn?"

Jean-Luc nodded and let Remy lead the way back to the table.


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