Know What He's Missing

BY : OriginalCeenote
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Note: This was inspired by a hentai animated video emailed to a Yahoo group I subscribe to. This is a more detailed one-shot following the same theme, except a) there’s no cheesy seventies porno music, b) Logan’s not howling in response (which was pretty dang funny), and c) Ororo doesn’t look like she’s playing Rogue’s butt like a harmonica. Seriously, that’s what it looked like. Take my word for it.

“Ya didn’t come down ta dinner,” she murmured from the doorway.

“Ain’ hungry,” he shrugged, keeping his back to her. He lazed in the nook of the windowseat, dangling his leg over the sill. It was a placid, humid night.

“Ah just thought ya might head down, anyway. Yer favorite show’s on tonight, shoog.”


“So ya just plan on stayin’ up here?”


“And ya just plan on givin’ me the silent treatment and ignorin’ me whenever I darken yer doorstep? Is that it?”

His sigh was heavy and long-suffering. “Ain’ like ya can’t talk ta me when ya want.” He turned his face toward her but didn’t quite meet her eyes. “See enough of ol’ Remy lately, dontcha tink, petit?”

“I have, huh?” Her eyes narrowed and she didn’t stop her arms from crossing themselves. “How d’ya figure? Sulkin’? Broodin’? Actin’ like ya ain’t tryin’ ta charge things just ta see if can squeeze out a little more juice?”

His laugh was ugly. “Guess y’ave reached that point of enlightenment, neh? Don’ hafta worry ‘bout feelin’ like someone took sump’in from ya, Anna.”

“That ain’t true, Remy. Someone is tryin’ ta take somethin’ from me. I’m lookin’ at him, but he ain’t lookin’ at me.”

“Don’t start, chere; Remy ain’ in de mood.”

“You’re NEVER in the mood! Don’t start…that’s all we’ve had, was a runnin’ start at the gate, Remy. Now yer just standin’ stock-still. Whatsamatter, sugah? Huh?” She dragged her feet inside and hovered two feet from him when he sighed and turned away. She blanched. “Ya don’t want me anymore? Ah mean, are ya tired of me already?”

“Anna…” he tsked, finally looking her in the eye. Frustration burned in his, and his lips tightened as he leaned back into the nook. “Damn it, chere…what d’ya wan’ Remy t’say?”

“I don’t feel like ya need ta say what I want, Remy. Ya used ta know what ta say. Used ta be second nature. Back before we could even touch. Ya knew me.” His body relaxed, and he looked mournful.

“S’different now.”

“I know that. But I thought it was fer the better, Rem. No obstacles, ‘cept maybe the ones ya keep tossin’ up whenever I wanna just talk.”

“Is dat it, chere? Ya jus’ wanna ‘talk?’ Don’ seem like it.” His voice bore a hard edge that contradicted his lazy smile. “Remy might tink ya have a one-track mind.”

“Even when all I had was mah imagination at night, that wasn’t all Ah thought about, Remy. Ah felt more from ya when Ah couldn’t touch you, shoog. Ya just gave me more.” Her voice was rife with hurt. Even when he flinched, she closed him in, leaning against the adjacent wall. He could smell her shampoo and a mint she’d eaten on her way upstairs.

Her skin was golden, glowing from time spent outside in Ororo’s garden. She wore brief, fraying cutoff shorts and a black wifebeater tank that she’d also cropped. Her feet were bare. Anna savored the feel of fresh air against her skin from the moment she’d woke inside the infirmary.

Remy’s name was the first sound from her lips.

He didn’t reach out to her, even though those barriers were gone. He’d tasted her. Caressed her.

Her betrayal, no matter how unintentional, stung him.

“Shoulda left t’ings alone, chere.”

“Remy…” Hurt clogged her throat and kicked her in the gut.

“Why’d ya bring me back, Anna?”

“Remy, what’re ya sayin’?” She was incredulous. Her teeth ground themselves as she struggled for speech. “Ah love you so damned much, baby! Ah couldn’t…Ah couldn’t live without ya. Yer the air Ah breathe, shoog.”

“Been through a lot o’ tings in m’life, chere. I know what ya wuz t’inkin’, petit, and ya didn’ wanna be lonely. But dis. Dis wasn’t what Remy had in mind.”

“What? Bein’ with me?” She slowly backed away from him. She mastered her breaths to keep from choking up.

“Livin’ like this. I’m lost, chere.”

“No, ya ain’t. Yer right where ya need ta be. Ya’ve got so much love, Remy.” He made a sound of disgust.

“An’ dat’s all, non? I ain’ got much reason t’stay here, petit. Only t’ing Remy can do wit’ his cards is beat Logan at five-card stud.” He dangled his hands between his knees and looked tired.

“Rem…ya don’t hafta worry ‘bout bein’ a mutant anymore. It’s a fresh start. Ya can do anything! Ain’t much ta sneeze at.”

“Non, petit. Seems ta Remy like yer de one who can do jus’ ‘bout anyt’ing now.”

“What’re ya sayin’, Remy?” She shivered against the chills running through her and knotting her stomach.

“Remy don’ hafta be de ‘patient’ no mo’ ‘bout not touchin’ ya, chere. No one else has ta be patient either, if y’wan’ de truth. Ya can have anybody, baby. Do what ya want.”

“And you can’t, huh? Not with me? That’s a problem now?” She turned from him and yanked her hair into a knot at her nape.

She didn’t want him to see her crying. His empathic charm had disappeared with his powers. She supposed it didn’t matter, if he would try to see eye to eye with her. To even understand how he was killing her.

She didn’t try to stop the words. “Yer gettin’ bored, aintcha, shoog? Ya don’t hafta work for it anymore. The thrill’s gone. Now that ya can have me, ya don’t want me, is that it?”

“Anna Marie…”

“Ah get it,” she hissed, refusing to face him, even as she heard the creak of the windowseat when he rose.

Before his fingertips could even graze her skin, she gave up.

“Anna, wait!”

“Fuck you. Don’t even try now, Rem. Ah’m tired.”

“Den come t’bed. Anna, t’ings might look better in de mo’nin’.”

“That’s the excuse folks give when they look like shit now.”

The tears didn’t fall until she reached the bend in the hallway. Without thinking, she darted upstairs to the attic.

She was panting by the time she reached the floor, and she paused several yards from the door. Anna slumped against the wall and let herself collapse. She heard a roaring in her ears and she wanted to vomit, even though her dinner was growing cold downstairs. Sweat broke out over her skin.

He hadn’t said it was over, not in so many words. It was just what he didn’t say that stabbed her.

She couldn’t give him enough of herself, or give back what he thought she took away.

He wished she’d just let him die.

She was raw. She was cold and empty. The reality of it swallowed her and bit at her with jagged teeth. She rocked back and forth. Her tears dripped onto her folded knees and cooled on her skin until she had no more left.

The sound of feet moving in Ororo’s loft stirred her from her misery.

She couldn’t go back downstairs. Not now.

Taking to the sky was no longer an option. Something Ororo knew something about.

She rose on shaky legs and approached the door. Her knuckles rapped lightly on the door. “Ororo? Sugah, can Ah come in? Ah need ta talk, if ya have a minute?”

She didn’t wait for Ororo to come to the door.

It hit her that waiting would have been wise.

“Oh, mah Gawd!”


“Aw, shit.”

There were times in life when the words just wouldn’t come, and when they wouldn’t help a damned bit.


“Er…yes, Anna Marie?”

“Can Ah open mah eyes now?” she murmured from behind her palms. She heard Logan’s sigh and the shifting across the room as he…rearranged himself.

“All things considered,” Ororo murmured, “I don’t see why not, dear.”

“Are ya decent yet?”


“Whew. Thank Gawd. Ah didn’t mean ta just bust in here – wait. Uh, ya haven’t exactly gotten dressed, girl.” Logan was sitting up on the bed with the sheets loosely draped over his lap.

It didn’t hide a thing. He was still aroused and showing the signs of strain, despite the amusement dancing in his eyes and curling his lip.

“There’s nothing indecent about a person’s own body, Anna. Jean taught me to love shopping, but I’ve always favored my birthday suit.”

“I ain’t complainin’ about it either,” Logan added dryly. “Ya look like somethin’s on yer mind, kid.”

“Naw. G’wan with what ya were doin’. No biggie.”

“Yer cryin’,” Logan pointed out.

“No Ah ain’t,” she argued, but she turned away for a moment and mopped her cheeks with her knuckles.

“Kay,” he offered, backing down.

“Anna…please. Don’t go.”

“We can talk about it later.”

Before she could turn to leave, the door to the loft blew shut with a low slam. Anna felt a crisp wind at her back.


“Think ‘Ro agrees with me, kiddo. Ya don’t hafta leave.” He nodded to the chair beside Ororo’s window. “Siddown.”

“Mind puttin’ some pants on?”

“Yep.” He complied, meeting her halfway by merely yanking up the thick blankets to obscure himself – slightly.

“This ain’t helpin’ me much, ya know,” she muttered.

“It’s Remy,” Ororo suggested.

“Course it’s Remy. Ain’t much else that makes me cry these days.” Ororo’s gaze was soft. She moved to her small loveseat in the corner and removed a thin throw blanket, draping herself in it like a sarong. She sat, patting the opposite end. Anna still felt flush with embarrassment; her cheeks were hot, and she knew she was red as a raspberry.

“We nearly lost you both.”

“Look who’s talkin’ shoog.”

“Ya think that didn’t put me through the wringer,” Logan piped up roughly. “You, ‘Ro and the Cajun, Anna. Not all in one day, not if ya expect me ta sleep another night in my life.”

“With that in mind, Anna, you’re precious to us. I know you’ve been having thoughts lately about leaving for a while. We’ll understand.” Ororo’s hand crept into hers, stroking her fingers. “Will Remy be going with you?”

“Ah dunno. Lately,” she murmured, but her throat closed up again. “Maybe he ain’t up ta bein’ with me here, let alone anywhere else. H-he won’t touch me. Ah think he’s sick of me.” She jerked her hand free and leaned her face into it, tenting her cheeks with her auburn hair. A hollow pause found Anna’s sob, raspy and heartrending, filling the loft.

“You know that’s not true.”

“No, Ah don’t know any such fucking thing, Ororo! How could Ah? Shit, Ah feel like Ah only feel what he wants me ta feel, after all this time! He used ta have that charm at his fingertips. Ah woulda been his puppet whether he had it or not. Ah loved him so much!” she cried.

“You don’t mean that, Anna Marie.”

“Ah don’t know what ta think anymore.”

“The Cajun loves ya stupid. He’s just a little off-balance right now, darlin’. Still tryin’ ta find himself and figure shit out. Ain’t like he had much of a career as anything but an X-Man or a thief before he came here.” Anna Marie didn’t notice that she was resting her hand in Ororo’s soft lap until she felt the light caress of her hand through her hair.

“Neither did Ah, but here Ah am, Logan. Ah feel like there ain’t any rules anymore. Like it’s our time ta start fresh an’ do things we couldn’t before. No more playin’ the hero twenty-four seven.”

“Whatsamatter, ya don’t like bein’ shot at anymore, Anna?”

“Logan, stop it,” Ororo scolded. He shrugged and grinned. “Anna, listen to me. I’m going to tell you the same thing I once told Kitten.” She urged Anna to sit up, but still embraced her. Anna felt safe with her face tucked into the nook between Ororo’s shoulder and neck. Her silky white hair tickled her cheek, and she wanted to stroke it like a security blanket. “People come into your life and leave. It’s not up to anyone else to make up your mind which path you’ll follow in this life. It’s often a decision you make alone. You love Remy. He’s making hard choices right now, and he might not know who he is anymore. He’s not just the man you love, Anna Marie. He’s a man whose way of life was taken from him, even though you only wanted to save it.”

“It’s mah fault.”

“Not in the least. He can’t focus on what you have right now when all he’s thinking about is what he lost. Give him time, and if necessary, space.”

“Ah’m tired of it. Ah’ve always wanted ta hold him. Ah never wanted ta hurt him. And now look what’s happened.”

“Remy ain’t the only fish in the sea, kid.”

“He’s been the only man in mah world for a long, long time, Logan.” Ororo’s fingers brushed away her tears; she felt the gentle press of her lips on her forehead. She felt like a safe haven, a role she’d fulfilled for a long time, to the whole team. Ororo’s lips were full and soft as rose petals. She still wasn’t wholly accustomed to that intimate contact.

She’d learned to crave it.

“You’re a special young woman whom we cherish very much, Anna.”

“Don’t think any different for a friggin’ second, kid.”

“Yer biased,” Anna claimed.

“No. We’re blessed.” Ororo’s arm tightened around her as she stroked her hair.

“Yer indisposed,” Anna sighed. Logan chuckled and she felt Ororo’s chest shake with laughter. Ororo’s full breast was pressed against her, warming her even through the blanket. She grew slightly flushed. She smelled the light scent of Ororo’s sandalwood oil and her shampoo, permeated by the pheromones of her skin. Logan caused that, she knew.

“Ya didn’t interrupt anything we can’t pick back up, Anna Marie.”

“That feels good,” Anna sighed dreamily as Ororo stroked her into a stupor. The feel of her fingers sifting through her hair, massaging her neck was addictive. Tender.

“You’ve been denied too much.”

“Understatement of the fuckin’ century, darlin’. Tell her somethin’ she don’t know.” Logan leaned back against the pillows, letting the sheet slip lower over his torso. His muscles rippled and stretched. He looked comfortable in his skin. His eyes were contemplative, and Anna saw something burning there that she couldn’t yet name.

“Everything feels new to you, then,” Ororo prodded. Anna felt her smiling against her hair.

“It’s like a binge. All of it.” Unbidden, Ororo caressed her, making Anna lean into her touch like a cat. Fingertips trailed down her bare arm and back up again, thrilling her nerve endings. “Mmmmmmmmmm.”

“Greedy,” Logan muttered, but his smile was knowing.

The sight of Anna succumbing to Ororo’s touch stirred him. His erection, at half-mast since Anna’s entry, bobbed back to attention. A thrill of anticipation warmed his gut. Anna’s face was blissful. Beautiful. And Ororo looked content and serene, something he’d missed of late.

Ororo was a giving lover, something that didn’t surprise him when she invited him upstairs. He’d had too brief of a taste of her body’s treasures when Anna knocked. Her mouth captivated him.

Anna was greeted by the sight of Ororo bending between Logan’s thighs, leaning on all fours and engulfing him in her mouth. Her ass was turned toward the door; her plump, swollen lips were rosy and fully visible. Her ass was invitingly round and ripe, begging to be groped and stroked.

Logan’s face was contorted in pleasure as he bit back curses and clutched the sheets. She watched his abdomen and chest contract as his hips jerked themselves toward her kiss.

It would have made anyone speechless.

“Enjoy it,” Ororo whispered. “It’s all right.” Her fingertip feathered over Anna’s cheek while her lips barely grazed her brow. Her breath steamed Anna’s eyelids, making her shiver. Her stomach clenched. She traced her skin with her lips, faintly moist and hot. “Feel it, Anna. Just feel.”

“Aw, Gawd,” she cried, wanting to argue but caught up in the feel of her sweet body against hers. She gazed into Ororo’s face in confusion.

“Just feel, Anna.” She nuzzled the tip of her nose with hers before brushing her lips over the corners of Anna’s mouth.

The kiss, when it happened, was smoldering and unexpected. Ororo’s fingers clenched in her hair, tangling it around her fingers as she tipped Anna’s head back and plundered her mouth. She swallowed Anna’s gasp, and gradually, loud, anxious moans for more. Anna heard Logan’s sharp intake of breath across the room.

“Don’t know if I saw that comin’ or not.” Ororo twisted on the love seat to better cup Anna’s face, clasping her hot cheeks and swirling her tongue inside her mouth.

Anna…was ravenous. More. Please, more.

She clutched at Ororo, clawing at the blanket separating them and tugging at it until she felt it give way. It slid down, pooling in her lap as Anna’s hands roamed Ororo’s satiny skin. Both women struggled for dominance of the kiss, which was heady and didn’t – wouldn’t stop.

Ororo heard the creak of the mattress and Logan emit a brief grunt; the sheets shifted as he uncovered himself. His grasped his cock in the snug ring of his hand and slowly jerked it, coddling it as Ororo and Anna supplied the visual aid. Even when he wasn’t fully tumescent, Logan was well endowed, his length easily overflowing his large fist.

“Fuck,” he rasped. “Damn. That’s hot. Yer killin’ me.” Ororo broke the contact first, breathing hard. Desire shone in her cerulean eyes, and undisguised hunger.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about being indecent,” she said. “Take this off.”

“Quick,” Logan agreed, his voice strained. Ororo was already standing, letting the blanket slip to the floor. Her fingers gently scraped Anna’s belly as she buried them in the hem of her top and tugged it over her head. Her Anna’s auburn hair cascaded back to her shoulders, crackling with static and clinging to her face. Her lips were rosy from Ororo’s kiss. Ororo kissed her again before she could reach down to undo her button, circling her and letting her mouth trail across her cheek and neck, leaving fire in her wake.

“Aw, Gawd. What’re ya doin’ ta me? Ororo,” Anna breathed. Ororo sucked Anna’s sensitive lobe into her mouth and laved it. She skimmed her palms over Anna’s curves, feathering over the faint curve of her abdomen and felt Anna squirm with need, undulating her body against hers. Wetness rushed to her core at the feel of Ororo’s teeth grazing her neck. Her hips jerked wantonly back against her soft mound, abrading it through her rough denim shorts. Ororo gasped, then lapped the column of her throat in approval.

“Something I think Logan and I have been curious about for a long time. You feel exquisite. Sexy.” She whispered the words into Anna’s ear before she speared the canal with the tip of her tongue. Logan jerked himself more quickly in response, failing to suppress a loud groan.

The sight of Ororo’s bare skin, dark and smooth as chocolate in contrast to Anna’s peaches and cream was erotic and luscious. Ororo’s hand eased up, cupping Anna’s breasts and massaging them through the green satin bra.

“Take it off, darlin’,” he urged. “All of it.” Anna nodded, then groaned as Ororo resumed devouring her ear. Her bra straps were pried from her arms until they dropped. Ororo nimbly undid the front clasp, exposing them to the cool air of the loft. “Aw, shit. They’re perfect, Anna Marie. Perfect.” He was in awe. “Ya’ve been hidin’ that all this time, darlin’. And I’m beginnin’ ta wanna kick myself that ya never treated us ta this before. Damn, yer sexy.”

“Mmmmmmm. They feel delicious. Smooth.” She cradled them in her palms and flicked her fingers over each salmon pink nipple. Her hands skimmed back down to her narrow waist and pried open the button of her shorts. “Off.”

“Yes,” Anna cried. ‘Aw, Gawd! Do it. Ah need it.”

The tiny shorts hit the floor with a smack, followed by the tiny thong. She was gloriously naked, standing flush against Ororo’s satin skin and feeling the brush of her mound tickling her ass.

“Show me what you need.” Anna silently took Ororo’s hand and guided it to her sex, encouraging her to cup her mound. “That’s good. Show me.” She probed her, pressing her breasts into Anna’s back, rubbing against her enticingly. “Come over here.” Her legs nudged Anna’s in the direction of the bed, waltzing them over awkwardly. Logan sat up and moved over, making room.

“C’mere, sweetheart,” Logan rumbled, pulling aside the covers. Ororo had other ideas. She gave Anna a light shove.

“Bend down. Stay right there, Anna.” She palmed the generous curve of Anna’s ass and knelt behind her. Her breath fanned over her skin, raising goosebumps and making her feel wet. “It’s perfect. You’re beautiful.” Slick, wet heat bathed her rosy pink lips, and Anna bucked back toward Ororo’s mouth. She sighed into Anna’s sweetness; the sound vibrated through her. Her green eyes became hazy and rolled shut. Logan watched her hands twist in the sheets, fascinated by the rapture on her face.

“Ro’s right, Anna Marie. Ain’t ever seen anything prettier in my life than the way ya look now. Like ya just wanna be eaten up. Like ya can’t get enough.” His voice was mere centimeters away from her mouth. “Can ya?”

“No,” she whispered. “Ah can’t.”

“Ah…can’t. Mmmmmmm.” Her hips thrust out with each stroke of Ororo’s tongue. She licked her. Short, darting strokes tunneled through the cleft of her lips, teasing it open for a more thorough drink. “Roro! Feels so damned good.”

His kiss was hard and insistent, nearly bruising her. His tongue swept inside and lapped up her flavors. He’d fantasized about kissing that mouth. His thumbs feathered her cheek and traced the line of her throat, finding her pulse. It thundered beneath his touch.

He captured a jiggling breast and cupped it, exploring its shape and testing its weight, molding its shape in his palm. “Logan,” she breathed, right before he tugged her hair to expose her throat. He nipped her, swirling his tongue against her skin, and she choked back a cry as he bit her. He soothed the wound again with his tongue and firm lips. His stubble rasped against her skin, creating friction.

Her skin. She was no longer at odds with it. No longer cursed. She could feel them.

She gave herself up to it. Everything.

Ororo was content where she was. Her tongue lovingly slipped within her walls as she held Anna’s cheeks apart. Anna felt vulnerable. Exposed. It was a rush. She filled her; her tongue probed more deeply, raspy as a cat’s, thrusting inside her as Logan’s thrust into her mouth.

Anna gasped as Ororo’s finger snaked into the crevice of her ass. She squeezed it reflexively, feeding the pressure in her cervix and arousing her even more.

Where she craved Remy, loved him, cherished his touch, being the object of two people’s passion surpassed her fantasies. She kissed him, nudging his cheek with hers to nip his chin. His body tempted her. His body was nothing like Remy’s with its generous layers of fine hair and solid ropes of muscle. His fingers tangled in her hair, telling her with his eyes that yes, it was all right. Do it.

She nipped and sucked a path down his chest, snaking the tip of her tongue around his flat nipple, swirling it in the hollow of his navel.

“Shit,” he hissed, causing Ororo to glance up over the slope of Anna’s ass to meet his eyes. She probed Anna more deeply, watching his face clench in agony and bliss as she engulfed the throbbing head in her mouth.

The moved in concert, building a rhythm. Her hand gripped Logan’s thickness. He felt slick, succulent sliding in and out of her mouth. She bobbed her head more aggressively with the nipping and sucking of Ororo’s mouth against her. Desire pooled in her belly and made her nipples tingle. They strained for more of her partners’ touch. Her cheek rubbed Logan’s hard abdomen as she worked him, wringing guttural sounds from his throat. He was the only one capable of speech, but words were unnecessary. Except one.

“Fuck!” He found heaven inside her mouth. She was eager, lacking Ororo’s assurance and confidence, but she moved him. She took him in a deeply as was comfortably possible, moaning and sighing around him. He stiffened and swelled almost painfully, jerking his hips. He pressed himself into the sweet recess; his stiff head bumped the slick interior of her cheeks. The urge to bury himself inside her drove him to fuck her mouth.

Her arms trembled with the effort to maintain her posture. Ororo sensed her struggle and released her, rising to join Logan on the bed.

“It’s all right, Anna. Relax.” Anna obediently knelt, kissing the tip of Logan’s cock as Ororo encouraged him to lie back. Anna climbed into bed beside him and stroked him, watching him bob and lean into her hand. He chuckled, even though he was painfully hard.

“Make room for me?” Ororo inquired, moving to join her between Logan’s thighs. She cupped his testicles, tightly drawn and covered in a dark thatch of coarse hair. She lapped the base of his penis; Anna took her silent cue and swallowed the tip. Logan’s back arched off the bed. He groaned and panted with need. The sight of them indulging in him undid him. It was perfect, Ororo’s knowing laps coupled with the quick sips Anna took from the tip.

Their faces bumped. They took those opportunities to kiss, long and deep. Logan was a visual, sensual man. His tactile sense was enhanced. Every touch, every caress enflamed him. He feasted on the sensations sweeping through him. Anna’s fingers curled in his hair, making him buck.

He closed his eyes, shuddering as he reached for the first slender arm that came into his grasp.

“Can’t take much more of this,” he grated out. He tugged, and Ororo slid up against him, curling around his body like a blanket. “Ride me, ‘Ro! Hard.”

“Goddess, yes,” she nodded, smiling. Anna no sooner released him than Ororo rolled on top of him. Full skin on skin contact gave him a buzz that only grew sweeter when she mounted him in one hard thrust.

She was magnificent. Anna watched her, face twisted in pleasure, her white hair disheveled and tumbling down her back. She couldn’t stop watching them as they moved so completely in sync.

She had to touch her. Anna stroked her silky skin. Ororo’s breath hissed out through clenched teeth as she rode Logan.

“Take what you need from me,” she cried out. They knew she meant them both.

Anna straddled Logan’s thigh and knelt behind her, sweeping her hair back from her neck. She laved it, returning the same favor as she tasted her sweat. Logan’s fingers bit into Ororo’s hips as he helped her to ram herself down upon him. Anna caught her bouncing breasts, squeezing them.

She shunted over him faster, harder, feeling pressure and friction build between them. Anna’s voice encouraged her.

“That’s it, sugah. Ride ‘im. Fuck ‘im hard. Yer so hot, Ororo. Show him ya want him.” Anna’s breath curled around the crest of her ear, hardening her mocha nipples. Anna rolled it expertly as Logan held her hips still and pounded into her.

“Come up here, Anna. Don’t be shy.”

“Whaddya want from me, honey?”

“I wanna taste ya like ‘Ro did. Climb up. Right over my face.” He nodded to Ororo’s efforts as she continued to moan and cry out. “Let Ororo see yer pretty face, darlin’.”

She straddled him and slowly, gently lowered herself to his mouth. It felt…strange.

Pleasure left her incoherent with the first teasing flicks of his tongue.

“Oh. Mah. Gawd. Logan. Shit. Shit. Shit. Don’t stop.” Her chanting sounded foreign to her own ears. He twirled her on his tongue, devouring her like a starving man. Her hips moved wantonly, dragging herself across his mouth. He felt like rough velvet against her flesh. “So good. Baby, that’s soooooooo goooooooooooooood…”

Ororo and Anna never broke their gaze, their eyes locking on each other’s naked bodies as they mounted him. Logan’s palms cradled her breasts as he lapped and suckled the reddened, swollen pearl between her folds. Her voice rose in pitch, making him work her harder

Ororo came gasping and sobbing, her entire body whipping back and forth as the tremors claimed her. Wave after wave rippled through her womb and light exploded behind her closed eyes.

“Bright Lady help me,” she rasped as she collapsed, letting Logan slip free.

He was still engorged. Contact with the cool air against his slicked flesh chafed him.

“Gawd, Logan, don’t stop! Can’t stand it, so good!” He mumbled something unintelligible, and the sound rippled through her. She filled Ororo’s vision as she bent her head down to take him once again, more leisurely now that she was sated.

He raised his head and raised her hips from him in one smooth motion, nipping her ass. He thrust his index finger inside. “Baby... Are ya ready now?” She was snug inside, milking him. He gave his finger a twist, making her shudder before she could join Ororo in her task.

“Please,” she moaned. Ororo tucked his cock into her fist as she leaned up to kiss Anna passionately.

“He’s waiting for you,” she told her. “Let him take care of you. This is for you.” Logan nipped Anna’s ass again in agreement. He slid his body free as Anna crawled down the mattress far enough to let him kneel behind her. Ororo watched them expectantly as Logan toyed with Anna’s mound. “You look hungry, Logan.”

“I’m in the mood for a sandwich.”

He spread her petals and thrust his fingers inside, priming her. She moaned and rocked against his hand, savoring the twist of his knuckles. He edged back toward the head of the bed, taking her with him to give Ororo more room. She slid beneath her as Anna knelt on all fours, and she watched her face change as Logan entered her.

He rode her, pounding into her and letting his balls slap against her. She made mewling sounds and took him to the hilt.

“Feel so fuckin’ good,” he grated out. “Feels so soft an’ wet, darlin’! Yer body was made fer this! AhGahd!”

Ororo’s fingertips traced Anna’s mouth; she suckled them, needing the oral pleasure just as much. The sight of her lips working was erotic. Ororo rolled her nipples in her now damp fingers and gave herself up to Anna’s urgent kisses.

He pressed her thumb into her puckered hole, tightening her grip around his cock and quickening her sliding thrusts.

Yes! Aw baby, feels so good!” Nimble fingers slicked her juices over her tingling clit and rubbed it in brisk spirals.

Pleasure assaulted her, overwhelming her. “Nnnnngggggggghh…yes. Aw, Gawd, yesyesyes…” Her chanting became guttural and loud, filling the loft.

“Take it, Anna! Take it all! Feel it!”

“Shit!” Logan panted, straining and pistoning even faster. His pace was jarring and forceful. He felt the cramp in his dick that he was about to break free. Anna felt the shift inside her. Tingles rushed over her flesh before her climax rose, building to its peak.

“Give it t’me! Oh, Gawd, baby, give it to me hard! Nnnnngh! Ah need it, Ah wanna come! Wanna come so bad!” Ororo’s fingers rubbed her sensuously, knowing just the right frequency and pitch.

Friction. Wicked, blessed friction coupled with the tight plunge of Logan’s cock was what pushed her over the edge.

She arched. She bucked and thrashed as she came. Her cries filled Ororo’s mouth as they kissed; she sucked Anna’s plump lip as Logan pistoned convulsively, wringing out the last of her orgasm.

His own climax followed seconds later. His lips peeled back from his teeth.

Aaaaaaaaaaanghhhhhh! Jesus! So…good!” He jostled her as the sensations rocketed through him, draining him dry. Each time he thought he was finished, she clenched around him, drawing it out long and hard.

He withdrew himself reluctantly as she let herself tumble into Ororo’s embrace.

He joined them, spooning against Anna’s back. The sweet scent of her hair tickled his nostrils. He idly stroked the length of Ororo’s arm that was wrapped tightly around Anna’s waist.

“Stay,” Ororo murmured, brushing a soft kiss against her lips. Her voice was full of affection, and she glowed with contentment.

“Ya don’t hafta sleep downstairs tonight. Not if ya don’t want to, darlin’. Yer welcome ta spend the night with me an’ ‘Ro.”

“This don’t change the way I feel about Remy.”

“That’s not what this was about, sweetie,” Ororo murmured on a yawn, snuggling her. “I wanted to be here for you. To talk, or for something more involved.” Logan smothered a laugh in Anna’s hair and nibbled her shoulder, making her fidget.

“The Cajun doesn’t know what he’s missing right now.”

“Puts a different spin on it when he doesn’t hafta work for it anymore.”

“You’re wrong. He does. Make him work. He doesn’t have the benefit of his charm, anymore, Anna, except for whatever appeal he holds for you. He has to start from scratch now. Each touch, each word.”

“The old-fashioned way. Granted, ya had nothin’ but time ta get ta know each other on a platonic level before ya were able ta get close like this.” Anna wriggled her butt against him and let their ankles tangle together. “Don’t let him give you any shit.”

“I have to agree with Logan, Anna. Love him completely, but don’t let him make excuses or make excuses for him.” She caressed her breast out of simple pleasure, without lust. “Things are different now. There are no limits to your happiness, with or without Remy. It’s up to you.”

“Why this?” Anna demanded. Logan grunted in surprise behind her.

“Why not?” Ororo replied simply. “It’s been so long since you’ve been able to even hold someone’s hand. Anna, I trust you. When you took my hand by the river that day, and saw things through my eyes, you left a part of yourself behind. I can still feel it. You’ve been hurt. Scared of getting close. You craved it like air and rain.”

“Ya’ve got a pure heart, darlin’. ‘Ro’s right. I still feel ya inside of me, too. Just traces of ya that feel real warm. That’s somethin’ I need pretty bad, too. This wouldn’t have happened if ya didn’t need it. If we didn’t need it,” he corrected himself. “If we didn’t trust ya and care for ya, Anna.”

“Remy feels that part of you, too. He can’t help but love you, so deeply it hurts. It’s written all over his face.”

“He’s drivin’ me crazy. Ah can still feel him in mah head. Scared and confused. Afraid ta let everything that happened ta him burn us both.” She sighed as Logan nuzzled her again.

“It’s different now, Anna Marie.”

“It can be even better than it was before. Don’t be afraid ta reach out an’ grab it, darlin’. Lovin’ him’s worth it if he doesn’t push ya away. Ya’ve lived our kinda life long enough ta know that it’s too fuckin’ short for bullshit.”

Anna was silent for a while. Ororo’s smile was gentle and contemplative as she studied her. Logan’s lips warmed her neck.

“Ah wasn’t expectin’ ya ta be up here when Ah came t’talk with Ororo,” she admitted. He shrugged.

“Thing about ‘Ro an’ me is that we started from scratch. We had plenty of chances ta do this, but it took a long time to just let things develop and grow.” Ororo reached for him, and he kissed her fingertips affectionately. “Ya could say that about anyone worth fightin’ for.”

“We fought it for a long time,” Ororo retorted slyly.


Anna tensed. Logan leaned up on his elbow and peered down at her. “What’s wrong, punkin’?”

“Ah just…Ah don’t regret this, but…Ah didn’t wanna make problems fer the two of ya.”

“Our relationship doesn’t have room in it for three, but my bed does, Anna Marie. No regrets.”

“No harm, no foul,” Logan yawned. “Ain’t like we had up a Do Not Disturb sign. When ya walk out that door, kid, nothin’ changes. But ‘Ro an’ I are here for ya. We ain’t leavin’.”

“Okay.” Ororo’s palm framed her face. She felt Logan’s manhood stirring back to life against her rump. “Probably still shoulda knocked, though.”

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