Anniversary Erotica

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Anniversary Erotica
Chapter 1: Erotic Error

AN: This is AU, but for the sake of clarity in the timeline it takes place after the wedding of Scott and Jean and the wedding of Peter and Mary Jane in the 616 continuity.

‘These mean character thoughts or psychic communication.’

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It was a hot summer day at a picturesque hotel just outside of New York City. Scott Summers and Jean Grey-Summers were taking a mini-vacation from their lives as X-men and celebrating their wedding anniversary. They made reservations for a private suite dedicated solely to adults. It was a nice break from fighting in a world that hated and feared them, taking them away from the stresses of being X-men and giving them a chance to act like any other couple still madly in love.

Scott and Jean wasted no time in celebrating their solitude. Once situated in their room, they broke out the champagne and relaxed in their king sized bed. They kissed, hugged, and did all the other things normal couples did together. It had been so long since they had a chance to express their love like this and it felt good.

“This is nice,” said Jean as she lay comfortably in her husband’s arms.

“I’ll say,” smiled Scott, “A sunny afternoon, a cold drink, and my beautiful wife in my arms…is there a better way to spend an anniversary?”

“Oh I could think of a few,” she said seductively.

Jean gulped down the last of her drink and set the glass aside. Then with a sultry look in her eye she crawled atop her husband and captured his lips in a deep kiss. Scott moaned in contentment at the sweet gesture, nearly dropping his glass in the process. But he managed to set it aside so he could use his hands for something more important, like holding his wife in a warm embrace.

‘You don’t like to waste time, do you?’ said Scott through their psychic link.

‘You want to make small talk or do you want to make love?’

‘Do you even have to ask?’

The couple laughed, their lips still entwined as they rolled around on the bed and made out. It had been a while since they last had sex. Missions and training back at the Xavier Institute left them little time and little energy. But now they had none of that and they were going to savor every second.

Through the passionate kissing and touching, clothes started coming off. Jean rose up and slid her shirt over her head while Scott undid the buttons on his. With the help of a little telekinesis, both garments flew across the room and the couple eagerly explored each others’ newly exposed flesh. While Jean sensually rubbed Scott’s chest and kissed his neck, he reached behind and undid her black lace bra. Her large breasts tumbled out and Scott showed his want for her, grasping each orb and kissing down her cleavage.

“Ohhhhhhhh Scott,” purred Jean.

She loved this. Scott always knew how to touch her breasts in just the right way. He was so thorough and focused. It made her so hot and she showed her appreciation in kind.

While straddling his hips, she pinned him back onto the bed and trailed her lips down his upper body. All those Danger Room sessions left him so cut and muscular. His skin felt good and she yearned to taste more. Scott closed his eyes and moaned as Jean kissed around his chest and abs. She then undid his pants and gave them a firm tug, removing them along with his underwear to reveal his stiffening penis.

“Mmm…hard already?” said Jean playfully.

She smiled and teased his member with a few firm strokes. She then gave the tip a few licks before taking the whole thing in her mouth.

“Oh God!” gasped Scott.

His head fell back and sensations of bliss followed. Scott loved how she did this. Jean sensually sucked and slurped along his ridged shaft, flashing her sensual looks along the way. As her head bobbed up and down his shaft he sensed her arousal growing. The wetness between her legs was throbbing. They were so ready for each other and he was ready to take her.

Rising up, Scott pulled Jean into a passionate embrace and rolled her over so that now he was on top. With tender affection he kissed down her core and undid her tight fitting black pants. Her breathing was sharp with anticipation. She closed her eyes as Scott slid them down her legs, underwear and all.

Upon tossing them aside, he gazed affectionately at Jean’s naked body. She looked so perfect lying there with her long red hair splashed on the bed, her perfect breasts and sensual womanly features glowing in the sunlight. He truly was a lucky man. He had a beautiful wife and he looked forward to making love to her all weekend.

“Are you ready?” he asked as he tenderly caressed her face.

“Oh just take me, Mr. Summers!” said Jean playfully.

“You got it, Mrs. Summers!”

With the focus and determination worthy of the leader of the X-men, Scott lowered himself onto Jean’s voluptuous figure. He slid his hands down her back and onto her butt, enjoying the smooth feel of her skin. Jean then spread her legs, inviting him into her grasp.

Once ready, he positioned himself at her entrance. His hard member rubbed against her moist folds, teasing her with anticipation of the pleasure to come. She held onto his neck while he held her by the hips, making sure he was at the perfect angle to enter her. Their lips wrestled the whole time, fueling their need. Jean got a little impatient until finally Scott thrust his pelvis and filled her tight depths with his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh Scott!” moaned Jean, “Yes-yes-oh I that’s what I want!”

Smiling at her reaction, Scott went to work. He held her hips firmly as he worked his pelvis in a rhythmic motion, pounding his dick into her tight pussy. He didn’t go too hard or slow. He loved to balance the pace, drawing it out while maximizing the pleasure.

Jean held onto his neck and moaned each time he thrust in. This was the kind of lovemaking she had come to enjoy so much. He knew every possible way of pleasing her. He knew how to touch her, kiss her, and fuck her in all the right ways. And he was going all out this time.

A layer of sweat formed on their naked skin as their bodies moved and grinded together in the heat of passion. Jean gripped Scott’s broad shoulders, kissing him deeply while lifting her hips each time he slammed into her. His hands slid down he legs and held her at her knees, allowing him free reign as he hammered away. She was so tight and wet it was pure heaven.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh Jean-uh-oh God you’re so beautiful!” he grunted as he pounded into her.

“Uh-uh-yes-uh-more-give me more!” cried Jean.

Never one to disappoint, Scott went the extra distance. He varied the rhythm so he could drag it out. Since it had been a while it was fitting they let out the pent up sexual energy between them. Taking it a step further, he adjusted his body so they could make love in different positions.

He rolled Jean on her side and lifted a leg so he could thrust into her from behind while kissing down her neck. Then he flipped her over completely so her perfect ass was elevated to waist level. From here he grasped her hips and pounded into her from behind, rocking her body back and forth and even rocking the bed as well. Then Jean rose up and kissed him while still facing away, bouncing up and down his cock while he fondled her beautiful breasts.

They hadn’t made love like this in quite a while. Here they didn’t have to worry about making too much noise or time constraints. It was just the two of them in a romantic tango. With every bodily motion the pleasure built. Soon it was impossible to hold back their climax.

Jean rolled on her back so that now Scott was on top again. She hooked her legs around his torso and squeezed hard as he put his whole body weight into his final thrusts.

“Uh-uh-uh-I’m cumming Scott-uh-I’m cumming!” panted Jean.

“Uh-uh-me too-uh-uh-oh God!” moaned Scott.

They could feel it coming through their link. The intense pleasure surged through their bodies. And with one last penetrating thrust, Scott and Jean cried out in ecstasy.



Waves of pleasure filled them to their core and filtered through their psychic link. Scott’s dick penetrated deep into her pussy, tensing as it blasted a load of cum into her womb. Her insides tightened, milking him for every drop. It was passionate and intoxicating. In a daze of euphoria Scott and Jean shared a warm smile and tenderly kiss.

Out of breath and swimming in bliss, Scott rolled off his naked wife and sighed in contentment. Jean purred softly, her pussy still throbbing as it dripped with a mix of Scott’s semen and her juices. She cuddled up close next to him, resting on the nook of his shoulder and tracing her hand down his sweaty chest. It was a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary.

“I love you, Jean,” said Scott in a daze.

“I love you too, Scott,” she purred, “It’s been too long since we’ve made love like this.”

“I know. And I’m sorry,” he said, “Being X-men gets in the way I guess.”

“It can,” she sighed, “But we have a chance to let loose a little now, don’t we?”

Scott smiled, gently stroking his wife’s face. He missed moments like this. There were times he just wanted to take his wife and make love to her on the spot, but so many things got in the way. That’s why he wanted to make this special. This was their anniversary. This was a time to celebrate their love.

“Hey what do you say we put on our bathing suits and check out the pool?” suggested Jean.

“This late in the afternoon?” said Scott.

“I brought my new bikini,” she said in a tempting tone.

Scott smiled and gently ran his fingers through her hair. The thought of his wife in a bikini was all the convincing he needed.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Great! Be a good boy and swimming and sunbathing won’t be the only activities we’ll be enjoying later on.”

Scott looked at her strangely, but when he saw that look of sensuality in her eyes he smiled. She was showing an adventurous side she rarely showed. He couldn’t help but get into the spirit as well. For the first time he could truly be close to his wife. There were so many things he wanted to do with her he didn’t know where to start. But having just made love they figured it would be best to take things one step at a time.


The hotel pool was nothing extravagant, but it was still very nice and appropriate for a hotel that catered to adults. It had palm trees, hot tubs, and a juice bar that served alcohol. Since it was late in the day there weren’t too many others there. It gave Scott and Jean a chance to be playful and soak up the sun.

They started off with a quick swim to cool off. It also doubled as a way to wipe off the sweat they worked up while making love. They splashed and dunked each other playfully, feeling more care-free than they had in a long time.

Afterwards they grabbed some towels and lounged lazily in the warm sun. Jean wasted no time in lathering up. This was as good a time as any to work on her tan and her new bikini showed plenty of skin. It was pretty revealing it was, but then again certain members of the X-men wore similar attire on a daily basis. Betsy’s uniform easily came to mind. And Jean wasn’t shy about showing off her body.

“Hey lover, mind doing my back?” she said as she lay lazily on her chair.

“Your back? Sure,” said Scott with a grin.

Scott set aside his towel and knelt over Jean’s body. She was lying flat on her stomach, her skin still gleaming from lotion and pool water. Scott also noticed how revealing that bottom half to her bikini was. It wasn’t as extreme as thong underwear, but it was close. He didn’t mind, of course, but he did notice a few men stealing some glances. But he ignored it and focused on Jean.

With a bottle of SPF 30 in hand, Scott dabbed a little on his hand and started rubbing. He began at her shoulders and worked his way down, skillfully moving around the knot in her top before finishing just above her butt.

“Mmm…that feels good,” she said softly, “You’re good with your hands.”

Scott smiled and continued his rubbing. He was strong and thorough, not unlike the way he made love to her. Touching her like this definitely aroused him and he made sure she knew it through their link.

‘I want you,’ he sent her.

Jean purred softly at his sentiment. The more he touched her the more he wanted him back. She so wanted to make this trip memorable. She wanted to be playful with her husband and make it special. It was their anniversary. Maybe this was a chance to spice things up. So she decided to try something.

“Here, let me make things easier for you,” said Jean.

Then to Scott’s surprise, she undid the back of her bikini so her whole back and part of her breasts were exposed. It was a nice way to make sure he got all her back, but it was pretty bawdy for a public place.

“Whoa uh…” stammered Scott, surprised by her actions.

“What?” she said playfully, “We’re not at the mansion and this is an all adult hotel. Besides, I see other couples doing the same.”

Scott looked around and saw she was right. There were other couples showing a little more skin than usual. A few men were rubbing the backs of their topless women. But all of them were lying down, not showing too much of their upper bodies. While there wasn’t an official dress code, this was definitely a place where taboos were a little less restrained. So Scott went with it.

“Okay,” said Scott, now intrigued by the idea, “Lie down on your stomach.”

Jean smiled and did as he asked. She let her top fall to the side and laid down. Scott took a deep breath, holding himself back as best he could before his topless wife and focused on the task at hand. He dabbed more sunscreen in his hand and renewed his rubbing. With the bikini out of the way he could be more thorough and Jean was quick to react. He soon had her moaning and she beckoned him for more.

“Mmm…that’s it, Scott. Your hands feel so good,” she purred.

Scott smiled and rubbed a little harder, focusing on her upper back and neck where she was really stiff. All the stress from living as X-men really built up over time and she was need of relief. Even when she was nicely lathered up, he wanted to keep going. So in a show of his own adventurousness, he reached around and rubbed the last of the lotion on her breasts.

“Ooh Scott,” she grinned, “You’re a bad boy.”

“Only when it’s necessary,” he said in a husky tone.

Then Jean took it a step further and rose up, exposing her toplessness to the world. Scott barely had time to react, but didn’t resist. Jean was feeling frisky and hooked her leg around his waist, pulling him into a deep kiss. The feeling of her naked breasts pressing against his body was enough to get his blood flowing southward. All he could do now was kiss back while his hands kept roaming. This was so wrong, but it felt so good. It was just the adventure they needed for their anniversary.

However, despite the liberal policy on toplessness at this adults-only hotel, there were limits to the rules. And it just so happens a female pool attendant was passing by picking up unused towels when she caught the young couple in their heated state.

“Uh…excuse me,” said the attendant, “You can’t do that here.”

Scott and Jean were forced to part. They looked up at the pool attendant sheepishly, who seemed serious about the policy. Jean was especially embarrassed, quickly grabbing her top and covering her breasts.

“Sorry,” she said, “Just…got caught up in the moment, I guess.”

“Well we have rooms for that. Do it on your own time.”

The attendant left to their relief, giving them only a stern warning. Scott and Jean let out a sigh of relief and turned to one another. They were still blushing, but they hadn’t done too much damage. Only a few other couples in the area noticed and they only laughed to themselves. It wasn’t their proudest moment, but it wasn’t a total loss. They got a unique thrill out of it even though it probably wasn’t the best place to do it.

“We should be more careful,” said Scott, “If we don’t contain ourselves we could get in real trouble.”

“I know. But I couldn’t help it,” said Jean, still catching her breath, “I guess my desires trumped my brain.”

“Tell me about it,” laughed Scott, still feeling the eyes of a few other couples on them, “Sure you can’t wipe everybody’s mind of stuff like this? That sure would have made things easier.”

“You try concentrating in that state of mind,” she teased, leaning in close to her husband once her top was secure, “It’s not easy focusing telepathy while trying to make love at the same time. Human brain power can only go so far.”

“I’ll remember that for future reference,” said Scott with a grin, “Now what do you say we forget about this and hit the juice bar?”

“Fine,” she sighed, “But you owe me a romp in the shower.”

“Deal!” said Scott with a smile.

It seemed like a fair deal. However, the couple was still disappointed. As embarrassing as it was, it would have been quite a moment if they could make love out here by the pool under the warm afternoon sun. Sex in beds and showers were nice and all, but this was their anniversary. This was a time to do something special. But there was still time to do it in a different way. They just had to find out how.


A period of calm followed the events of the pool and they carried on with a few drinks at the mini-bar. They soon lost themselves in conversation. They were avoided talking about anything serious. That meant nothing about the human/mutant struggle, Magneto, Apocalypse, or drama within the team. It was just like when they were dating. It was a time before adult responsibilities, mad scientists, and cosmic entities. It felt good to be mundane for once. With the kind of complications in their, they needed it.

There was still a desire to make up for their failed attempt at getting intimate with each other earlier. Maybe it was too great a step for them to take. They weren’t some wild couple that went out making love in public. They just wanted to have fun with each other. But they would have to wait for another opportunity.

When they were done talking they grabbed their towels and went back up to their rooms where a shower and another lovemaking session awaited them. In the elevator, Jean leaned in close to her husband and trailed her lips down his neck. Scott smiled and at the gesture and slipped his arm around her waist. Then Jean got a little more daring and traced her hand along the waistband of his swim trunks. Maybe this could be the very opportunity they had been waiting for.

‘I could stop the elevator, you know?’ she sent through their link with hint of seduction, ‘One little telekinetic tug and we can have the nice little space to ourselves.’

Scott’s heart rate jumped. He was falling under her spell again. This time he wasn’t sure he could restrain himself.

‘But…what if there’s a camera?’

‘I’ll short it out. Now stop making excuses and come here!’

They were just a few floors away and Jean was getting really risqué. She nibbled on Scott’s ear lobe and slipped her fingers into his trunks. She was so excited she could take him right then and there. And Scott shared her sentiment. He soon found himself slithering his hand up her lower back, tracing a path up her spine. He also nuzzled her neck, tasting her intoxicating flesh.

“God I want you, Jean,” he told her through muffled moans.

“Then just say the word, lover,” she told him, “Say it and I’ll give us some privacy to work off all this excess energy.”

It was getting really hard to resist. The more she touched him the more he wanted her. So much of this was wrong, but for once he didn’t care about the rules. He wanted to have fun with his wife for once. And here in a confined space they didn’t have an audience to worry about. They could be deviant without anybody knowing it.

Scott took her in his powerful arms and moved her towards the side of the elevator. Jean moaned as she felt herself pinned against the wall. The moment grew more intense as they started making out, fervently kissing one another and letting their hands roam. Scott teased her breasts while Jean sensually trailed her hand down his chest. Scott hadn’t given the word yet and Jean hadn’t acted with the camera. They were so caught up in each other they forgot that the elevator was still moving.

They only noticed when the elevator ringed and the door to their floor opened. And as their luck would have it a middle aged couple was right there to see them making out.

“Oh get a room you two! You’re already in a hotel for crying out loud!” said a cranky looking woman.

“Let’s go dear,” said the man, “Leave these yuppies to themselves.”

Flushed with embarrassment, Scott and Jean abruptly separated. They cursed themselves for getting too caught up in the moment to remember they had to stop the damn elevator if they were going to do it. Scott the back of his head awkwardly, not knowing what to say. Jean was equally embarrassed, turning away and not making eye contact. The older couple scorned them as they walked by, but Jean could have swore she sensed that woman sigh as if she wished her man would do that for her. It was nice knowing they weren’t alone.

“We’re not very good at this, are we?” said Scott as they stepped out.

“Either that or our luck is just lousy,” said Jean.

“Given our history I wouldn’t be surprised,” he sighed.

“Oh, don’t get bitter on me,” said Jean playfully, “Now are you going to help me wash off in the shower or what?”

“Of…of course,” said Scott, putting a smile back on his face, “A promise is a promise.”

The couple walked hand in hand back to their suite. As much as they would have liked to take it a step further in the elevator, it may have been for the best that they stopped. They didn’t want to get kicked out of this hotel before their anniversary weekend was over. But still, it was frustrating that they kept trying to be adventurous and failing at every turn.

As they entered their room, the suite was bathed in the beautiful twilight of the sunset. It filled every room with the perfect ambience for lovemaking. Jean couldn’t wait to get her man in the shower and he couldn’t wait to start washing her in his own special way. Since their earlier stunts had failed earlier they built up plenty of desire and were eager to work it off.

“I hope you’re thorough, Mr. Summers, because I need to get the chlorine out of my hair,” she said playfully.

“Oh don’t you worry my beautiful wife,” he said huskily, “I promise you’ll be squeaky clean when I’m done with you.”

Tossing his towel aside he snuck up behind her and slipped his hands onto her hips. He then started kissing down her neck, evoking a soft purr from Jean. She smiled at his gestures. This is what she wanted him to do earlier and while not as thrilling, it still felt damn good.

They started making their way to the bathroom. Along the way Jean turned around in his embrace and sensually ran her hands over his manly upper body. Their skin was still damp from the pool so it felt nice and smooth. It would feel even better once they got out of these swim suits and under a hot torrent of water.

Scott and Jean laughed playfully as they reached the entrance to the bathroom, excited by the growing passion between them. Then they noticed something. There was steam coming out of the bathroom and once they got close enough they heard the water running.

“Wait…” said Scott, abruptly stopping his passionate foreplay, “You hear that?”

“Oh what is it now?” groaned Jean.

But when she stopped she heard it too and soon grew curious as well. The shower was definitely running and at full steam from the looks of it. Sticking close to Scott, they carefully peered into the steamy bathroom not knowing what to find. It was a little hard to make out anything at first, but with the help of the ambient light they saw what was going on. And it was shocking.

“Oh my…” gasped Jean, covering her mouth.

“What the hell?” said Scott under his breath.

Standing in the shower were two figures. One was a tall man with brown hair the other was a voluptuous woman with red hair. Both were naked and standing under a hot torrent of water in a passionate embrace. The door to the stall was open to allow the steam to billow out. This not only gave Scott and Jean a full, unabated view of their naked bodies, but also allowed them to hear their blissful moans that echoed over the water.

The man hands moved friskily down the woman’s back and butt, holding her leg up so he could thrust his cock into her tight pussy. The woman fervently kissed the man, slipping her tongue into his mouth while she slid her hand down his manly chest. All the while their naked bodies moved in a vigorous sexual rhythm.

“Uh-uh-that’s it, tiger-uh-that’s it! Give it to me, Peter!” moaned the woman.

“Uh-uh-uh-yeah-uh-God you’re beautiful, Mary Jane!” grunted the man as he pounded into her.

It was quite a sight and now they knew their names. They were Peter and Mary Jane. But what they didn’t know is that they were Peter and Mary Jane Parker, a seemingly normal young couple on the outside, but with an amazing secret. Peter Parker was actually the costumed hero Spider-Man, but Scott and Jean didn’t know that. But that was the last thing on their minds.

“What the hell are they doing?” said Scott, still frozen in a state of shock.

“Having some very hot sex from the looks of it.”

Scott looked at Jean strangely. She had yet to take her eye off the couple. While Scott was more flabbergasted than anything else, Jean was intrigued. It wasn’t every day they caught another couple in such a provocative position. Scott, however, being the overly rational person he was managed to get control of himself.

“I…better call the front desk,” he said, reluctantly tearing himself away, “They had to have made a mistake.”

“Um…sure,” said Jean, “You do that.”

While Scott slipped away, Jean watched on with increasing allure. She didn’t know this couple, but something about them seemed familiar. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she ignored it for the time being. She just watched on, amazed by their passion.

Peter and Mary Jane Parker were in ecstasy. The hot water pouring down their naked bodies made for such a sexual ambience. They kissed and touched each other with unabated vigor, letting out the raw passion of their love. Mary Jane enticed her husband with her voluptuous body, working her pussy up and down his cock while her large breasts rubbed against his chest. It drove Peter wild with passion. He kissed her hard yet lovingly and gave her firm ass a nice squeeze.

“Wow…” said Jean in astonishment as the scene grew hotter.

While Scott wouldn’t have approved, there was no getting around how nice Peter looked out of his uniform. Even though it was pretty tight, it didn’t do justice to his manly physique. He had great muscle tone. It wasn’t as big as Scott’s, but it was firm and defined. And MJ really seemed to enjoy touching it.

Peter also showed off some of his spider strength, lifting MJ off the floor and holding her by the butt while he bounced her up and down his ridged cock. While a lesser man would have been unbalanced or wobbly, he did it with such ease. It must be convenient when he could stick to the floor and had the extra strength to boot. Peter grinned huskily as he worked her harder, evoking blissful moans from his wife who hung onto his shoulders while kissing him passionately.

It was at this point Jean’s naughty side got the better of her. This was a very arousing sight. Combined with the two failed attempts to arouse Scott earlier, she was really wet. And with her eyes fixated on Peter and Mary Jane’s naked bodies, she slipped her hand into her bikini bottom and fondled her wet folds. The warm sensations brought a smile to her face and even a few moans. But they weren’t loud enough to draw attention away from the two lovers in the shower.

Further showing off his strength, Peter shifted their bodies into other positions. He lifted her off him and turned her around so she was facing the wall. From here he grabbed her by the ass and thrust his cock into her from behind. MJ rocked her body with great fervor as Peter’s pelvis collided with her ass. This position also had the added bonus of giving Jean a full view of Peter’s butt, causing her to fondle with greater vigor.

Then Peter and Mary Jane shifted again. Now they were back under the torrent of water with MJ still facing away while her lover worked his cock into her throbbing cunt. The wet slapping sound of their flesh grew more intense as they each neared their climax. Peter reached around and grasped her breasts while MJ closed her eyes and moaned at the coming ecstasy.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh Peter-I-I’m cumming!”

“Uh-uh-yeah-uh-I’m cumming too! Just a-uh-little-uh-bit-uh-more!” grunted Peter.

Then their thrusts slowed as Peter delivered a few more thorough thrusts, sending him and his wife over the edge. He squeezed her breasts firmly as his dick plowed into her depths and exploded into her. The warm feeling of his cum got Mary Jane to climax too. Her inner muscles tensed hard and squeezed Peter’s dick mercilessly in a wave of erotic bliss. And as these sensations overtook them, MJ turned around so she and Peter could share a tender kiss to cap it off.

These feelings were so strong and unhindered. Being a telepath Jean picked up on them and she almost got off on it as well. She too moaned from the feeling, nearly climaxing right in her bikini. It would have drawn Peter and Mary Jane’s attention as well, but they were too caught up in the feeling to notice.

Suddenly, the voice of her husband snapped her out of her daze.

“Uh…Jean?” said Scott in a bewildered tone.

“Scott!” exclaimed Jean, quickly pulling her hand out of her bikini and turning away from the sight, “I was just…”

Then a voice sounded from the bathroom. It turns out Scott was a little too loud in rousing Jean out of her dazed state.

“Hey? Is someone out there?” said Mary Jane.

“Oh boy,” groaned Scott.

The X-leader started pacing anxiously while Jean needed a moment to collect her thoughts. She couldn’t believe she almost got off watching another couple make love. And it was a couple she knew no less. It was naughty and mischievous, yet at the same time it was kind of thrilling. But that part of it didn’t last as Peter and MJ stepped out the shower.

Peter found a towel and wrapped it around his waist while Mary Jane put on a white robe to cover herself. Like Scott and Jean, they thought they had the room to themselves. But when they walked out to see two strangers standing there in bathing suits, they were understandably curious.

“Uh…hi?” said Peter innocently.

“Hi yourself, pal,” said Scott, sharing in the awkwardness, “I think there’s been a mix-up.”


Up next: Peter, Mary Jane, Scott, and Jean clear things up and make it a little interesting.

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