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"So how long are you going to be gone this time?" Jean asked her husband wryly as she watched him pack for his camping trip.

Scott grimaced as he struggled to close his backpack loaded with equitment to survive the wild.

"Three days at the most. After last weeks battle with Magneto, I think a couple of the guys just needs to unwind," he mumbled suceeding in getting the sack secured before putting it on his back.

Jean smiled and kissed her husband softly on the lips.

"Have fun and watch out for poison ivy. You always come back with a nasty rash on your," she was interrupted by him clearing his throat loudly obviously embarrassed.

"Ill try to be more careful sweetheart. Try to hold down the fort for me," he murmered kissing her tenderly on the lips before heading towards the door.

"Scott," Jean blurted causing him to halt abruptly.

He grinned at her boyishly.

"I wasn't going to forget honey. I love you," he said huskilly.

Jean blushed prettilly.

"I love you too," she whispered sadly watching him disappear into the hall.


"Hey, Logan. You goin campin with Scott and the cajun?" Alex asked the feral man louging on the pourch smoking a cigar.

He snorted indignatly.

"And why would I want to be trapped in the wilderness with gumbo and your stick up the ass brother?" he inquired sourly.

Alex grinned.

"Well the professor is looking for someone to watch the students while he's away on buisness for the next three days," he started.

"What does that have to do with me, Havok?" Logan asked growing impatient.

"Well, I'm heading to Hawaii to teach some of the fine arts of surfing to a group of the students, and Jean is heading home to visit her faimly," he informed.

Logan rolled his eyes obviously annoyed.

"What about Ro? She aint got much of a life besides sitting in her garden all flammin day. Ask her," he growled.

Alex smiled mysteriously.

"This was suppose to be confidential but her and Warren are going away for the weekend and Anna is still away which leaves you. If you left on the camping trip then Ororo will feel guilty and volunteer to stay behind," he said innocently.

Logan glanced at the blonde suspciously.

"Ro is finally gettin some action from wing boy nontheless and you are cock blocking? What's wrong? She done pissed you off?" he asked smirking as he put his cigar out.

Alex smiled evenly.

"Fine, stay here and babysit. I was only trying to do you a favor. Ill go let the professor know you're available," he said turning to leave.

Logan sighed defeated. He really didn't want to be stuck in the woods with Remy and one eye, but he realized he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

"If anybody asks," Logan started.

"If you leave now you might catch up with them by nightfall," Alex advised before heading back into the mansion with a smile.


"We are finally here Homme. Home away from home," Remy grinned walking into the small log cabin hidden in the deep woods.

Scott grunted dropping all the bags on the floor wincing with pain as he favored his lower back.

Remy frowned concerned.

"You ok, mon ami?" he asked worried.

Scott smiled thinly.

"I'm fine, Lebeau. Just a little sore," he said sheepishly.

Remy walked over and helped him down into the leather couch.

"You just chill, and I go catch us some dinner," he suggested moving to leave.

"You don't have to do that now, do you?" Scott asked hopefully.

Remy smiled as he faced the brunette.

"Remy can wait if dere is somethin ya need me to do for you now," he said kneeling in front of Scott and looking up at him with his red on black eyes.

Scott blushed as the cajun reached up and slowly undid his belt. He groaned softly as he felt Remy lips wrap around his hard cock. Closing his eyes he tangled his fingers in remys thick amburn hair thrusting deep into his lovers mouth.

"Fuck," he whispered gritting his teeth as he felt blood rush into his swollen penis.

Moments later he exploded into Remys mouth crying out loudly.

Remy licked his lips and began to undo his own pants while he stared at the hot and bothered man before him. Scott pulled the cajun down on top of him nibbling on his neck while using his two fingers to gently coax the other man open. After getting him moist scott slid inside of him.

"Damn," remy moaned hotly as he rode scotts dick.

They kissed as Scott spreaded remys cheeks open wider and buried deeper into him.

"Fuck," remy growled clentching on to the arm of the sofa for support.

"Oooh," scott hissed pounding harder.

They grunted in heat and remy shuddered as he felt scott explode inside of him.

"Lets do it in de kitchen?" he suggested saucilly.

Seconds later Scott was bent over the table with Remy fucking him hard in the ass. They both moaned in heat as their hips slammed together echoing the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Remy gripped scotts hips tightly as he slammed into him muttering broken french. Scott gasped in pain as remy grabbed his hair yanking him back for a kiss.

"Oh fuck," scott breathed as Remy took his hard member in his hands.

"Beg, mon ami. Beg me to fuck you," remy whispered harshly as he thrust harder.

"Remy, please," Scott whispered hotly grinding his ass against the other mans dick.

"Shit," the cjaaun hissed losing control

They both cried out and shuddered violently as they climaxed. The cabin was filled with their loud cries of satisfaction.


Logan smirked as he made his way up the mountain. He was in his natural niche once more and it made him feel wild and free. Approaching the cabin, he stopped suddenly as he heard muffled voices in the evening air. He sniffed and his eyes widned surprised when he caught the scents of Remy and Scott. Quietly he approached the window facing the lake and was shocked at the sight he saw. Scott was lying faced down in the bed and Remy was behind him pumping deep long hard strokes into his ass. Logan watched mystified as Remy rotated his slowly burying into Scott who was screaming in pleasure. They fucked hard for an hour before Remy came collapsing on top scott. Logan was horrified to find he had got a hard on watching the two men have sex. He walked into the cabin prepared to degrade both men when the words died on his lips. They were starring at him startled and guilty and Logan couldn't take his eyes away from the cajuns. They were drawing him in and before he knew he was naked and in bed with them.

Remy gasped as he watched Logan pounce on Scott roughly. The two men fough each other for control for a long intense moment. Logan won the struggle and pinned scott to the bed growling lustfully. He plundged into the other man deeply. Scott groaned softly as logan slowly pounded into his tight ass grunting quietly. Their flesh slapped together loudly as logan buried deep and hard strokes.

"Harder," scott hissed clentching the bed sheets tightly.

Logan snorted.

"As you wish, twink," he muttered stroking as deep as he could go.

"Oooooh fuck," scott whispered harshly feeling pain and intense pleasure as he was stretched.

Logan wrapped an arm around his waist as he sanked his teeth into his shoulder speeding up his stroking. Using his other hand he spread scotts ass cheeks apart feeling the moisture running down his fingers.

"Aaagh." Logan and scott roared as they both climaxed.

When it was over logan pulled out and slapped his dick playfully against Scotts reddned ass.

Logan laid on his back and spread his legs tensing as he felt scott ram into him violently. Scott gripped logans hips tightly as he thrusted into him hotly. Logan grabbed scotts head and pulled him down into a hot searing kiss. Scott felt his dick harden and he clentched his teeth trying not to explode.

"Fuck me, one eye," logan snarled panting heavilly.

Scott grabbed him by the throat.

"Shut the hell up and take this dick up ur ass," he retorted slamming even harder into him.

Suddenly logan rolled scott on his back and straddled him easing down on his dick at his own pace.

"Shit," logan groaned his eyes rollong to the back of his head.

Scott whimpered as he exploded inside of logan for several long seconds of intense pleasure.

Logan sat futher down on scotts dick and kissed him passionately.

"Fuck, man. You pounded the hell out of my ass," Logan whispered against the other mans lips.

Scott grinned rotating his dick slowly inside of logans ass. Logan growled playfully and grinded moaning softly. Scott grinned as logan snarled lustfully.

"You liked it," he taunted massaging logans dick that was pressed erect on his stomach.

Logan looked over at Remy who was starring at them fascinated. He could smell the desire rolling of the cajun.

"You're up, bub," he growled pouncing on him.

Scott watched amused as Logan tore into remy vilolently ignoring the other mans lloud protest.

"Careful logan, he's a virgin," scott warned.

Logan gave scott withering glare as his dick rested half way into remys pale cool ass.

"You want to make love to the kid or what summers? He just wants a cock," Logan jeered.

Ignoring Logan scott pushed the feral man away and smiled down at remy kindly.

"Tell me what you want," he said breathed nuzzling his face into remy's neck.

Remy shuddered beneath scotts touch.
Before he could respond scott kissed him sweetly. Their tongues tangled together hotly both wanting physical satisfaction. Scott tore his lips away and commanded softly for remy to get on all fours. After he obeyed scott spreads Remy ass cheeks apart and begans to hungrilly suck and nip at his entry. Logan watched turned on as remy cried out and bucked in heat. After several moments had passed, scott pulled up and after easing him on his lap he very gently eased his way into the other man. Remy whimpered quietly as scott eased in and out of him carefully. Remy legs wrapped around scotts waist as he kissed the man tenderly.

"Is it too much?" scott asked softly holding remy tightly.

"Non, its perfect," came remys strained reponse.

Scott thrusted deeper into him and groaned loudly as he felt how tight his lover was. Starring into each others eyes they realized that this was much more than sex. They were connecting on a deeper level.

Panting heavilly they made love untill remy came so hard that scott burst seconds later.

"Now that you two twinks made love, I'm gonna fuck his brains out," logan sneered.

Not waiting for Remys permission, logan pushed remy, who still was connected to scott down and gently made room for his dick to fit in the cajuns ass. Remy screamed sharply as scott and logan rammed into him.

"Shh, baby," scott cood kissing remy comfortly.

Remy mumbled in broken french as he felt his anus being ripped slightly.

"Fuck you're tight, gumbo," logan chuckled clentching his teeth as he gripped his hips tightly.

Remy groaned softly in scotts shoulder as the men breathing grew heavier. Scott cried out against remys lips as he spilled into him followed by Logan. When the pulled out logan winced as he surveyed remys damaged asshole. In a rare moment of compassion he lowered his face and began to lick the wound gently. Scott smiled up at remy tear streaked face and kissed him affectionately.

"My turn," logan grunted as they all move to change places. Remy was on his back, Logan was in the middle, and scott was in the back. They fucked long and hard into the night. Thr smell of sweat mingled with sex and musk filled the humid air.

"Shit I'm gonna cum," logan whispered staring down at remy.

"Homme," he moaned biting the feral mans lip roughly.

They all cried their release together before collapsing.

Scott sucked their dicks quietly cleaning them up. He was surprised when logn tangled his fingers in his hair and came hard into his mouth.

Scott grimanced.

"I wasn't fully healed from the last time we played rape tight ass," he mumbled too sore to move.

"Yeah, Logan. We don't have your heaing factor homme'," Remy grumbled snuggling up next to scott who wrapped his arms around him tenderly.

Logan stared at them in disgust.

"You two look like sissies," he said nastilly.

"This comming from a man who just got fucked in the ass," scott retorted.

Logan flushed angrilly.

"I enjoy sex. It dosent make me a faggot," he snapped.

"Den what does it make ya homme?" Remy asked evenly.

Logan kicked the wastebasket furious.

"I aint some flamin fairy," he snarled.

Scott released Remy and approachhed Logan cautiously.

"Don't touch me scooter," he warned with a dangerous gleam in his eye.

"Your body is saying diffrently," scott pointed out inching closer to the man who was slowly backing up against the wall.

"Don't," logan started.

Not breaking eye contact scott pressed logan against the wall and lifted him untill his dick slid inside of him.

"No," logan hissed flailing.

Scott held him firmly as he thrust in and out of him slowly.

"You want this," he said softly kissing him.

"No," logan groaned against his lips.

Scott hissed as he made love to the confused feral man. Their bodies were in perfect sync and they completed each other perfectly.

"Scott," logan murmered kissing him passionately.

Scott moaned carrying him to the empty bed where they made love slowly and tenderly. They touched and held each other and became one slow rhythum unit.

"Baby," scott whispered thickly staring down at Logan.

"Scott," Logan grunted in sheer pleasure.

"Fuck," scott sobbed convulsing as he spilled deep into logans ass. The juices poured out as scott buried deep into his ass. They kissed long and hard tangled in each other. Logan rolled scott on his back and entered him slowly hissing as Remy jammed into him.
Scott pulled logans lips onto his.

"You're fucking beautiful," he gasped as logan jacked him off while sucking on his bottom lip.

Logan grinned and buried deep into Scott causing him to whimper as he buried his nails in his ass.
After the final release all three men collapsed exhausted into a deep slumber.

The next morning scott woke up to the feeling of something hard pressed against the crack of his ass. He looked over to see logan grinning slyly.

"We can't wake him," scott mouthed pointing to sleeping cajun.

Logan grunted impatient and slid into scott with ease. Scott shivered as the other man held him close.

"You liked being fucked in the ass," he teased softly massaging his erected dick.

Scott moaned softly gripping the sheets.

Logan sucked gently on scotts neck while lifting his leg for better access.

"Shit," logan swore sweating heavilly. The bed shook from their weight and the room was filled with soft moans.

"Ride my cock," he whispered slowing the pace.

Scott mewed softly.

"Oooh, fuck," logan moaned gripping scotts ass tightly.

He hammered into him roughly feeling his whole body tense as he fucked the other man.
Somehow they ended up with scott on top riding him panting heavilly. Logan kissed him fiercly as waves of pleasure washed over him.
They grinded together both whispering the others name.

"Shit, your cock feels so good," scott moaned shivering as Logan ran his fingers lightly down his spine.

"I'm in balls deep, darlin. You can take a big cock," logan chuckled thrusting slower.

"Only yours," scott purred kissing him affectionately.

They stop fucking to tenderly hold and kiss each other.

"I love you," scott said quietly.

Logan rolled scott onto his back and smiled down at him.

"I love you too," he murmered resuming the pumping.

They panted silently connected and climaxing.
Soon it became too much and theier moans became louder. Logan kissed scott softly to drown out his whimpers.

"Oh," scott started but never finished as he convulsed.

Logan held him tightly whispering coyly in his ear.

"Fuck," logan groaned writhering violently8 before collapsing.

"You liked that you fuckin twink?" logan chuckled kissing him tenderly.

"Fuck you," scott retorted biting logans lip hard drawing blood.

Logan carried scott to the bathroom and locked the door. Stepping in the shower they bathed quickly. Logan dropped the soap and scott wasted no time siezing the opportunity to fuck the other man against the wall.

An hour later refreshed and relaxed they made their way into the room where there was no sign of Remy. They were startled to find a note from him saying he left early to go back to the mansion.

"We should probably head back as well," scott sighed reaching for his clothes.

Logan restrained him.

"We haven't given the place a proper farewell," he said slyly lowering scott to the bed and making love to him once more.

Remy walked through the doors of the mansion heavy hearted. Waking up and finding logan and scott together without him had hurt him deeply. He loved scott and logan was just in for the sexual kicks.

"Why the long face?" Alex asked walking over to him concerned.

Remy sighed softly.

"Its a long story," he said quietly.

"I got all the time in the world," alex smiled warmly.

They went up to his room and locked the door. After remy finished spilling his guts alex shook his head sadly.

"You deserve better Lebeau. My brother is only going to break your heart," alex said gently.

Tears rose in the cajuns eyes.

"I thought we were in love," he said thickly.

Alex shook his head.

"Remy, Scott only loves himself. Don't waste your time," he advised.

Remy stared at Alex with a half smile and impulsively he leaned over and kissed him. Alex eyes flew open in surprise but found himself enjoying the taste of the cajuns tongue inside of his mouth. They made out for several minutes before articles of clothing started comming off. Alex pulled away shyly.

"I'm not, I mean I've never," he stammered.

Remy smiled compassionately.

"Relax, mon ami and I will do de rest," he promised gently pushing alex on his back.

After a little foreplay remy slowly eased into the older man who hissed in pain.

"Want me to stop? Remy don't want to hurt," he started.

Alex smiled.

"Its ok," he assured.

After a few awkward thrust alex loosened up and began to groan.

"Deeper," he pleaded.

Remy grinned and kissed alex sweetly burying into him. Alex squirmed and bucked enjoying the sweet pain and pleasure being bestowed upon him.

"You're so tight mon ami," he whispered hotly in his ear pounding harder.

Alex gripped the headboard and moaned loudly as he felt remy swell inside of him. Remy rode him hard untill he felt an orgasm rising.

"Fuck, alex," he growled thrusting harder.

"Don't stop," he groaned hotly.

Remy exploded inside of him swearing loudly.

Alex rolled remy on all fours and eased into him slowly.

"Go as hard as you want, homme. Remy can take it," the cajun said huskily.

Alex obeyed and pounded into the other mans ass roughly. He spread the cajuns ass cheeks open to watch his dick go in and out.

"Shit," alex said trembling violently.

Remy clentched his teeth tightly. Alex was harder and bigger then anything he had ever tooken in his life and he was loving every inch of him.

"Remy," alex mewed passionately spurting inside the cajun trembling before collasping on his back.

They laid in each others arms breathing heavilly and cuddling.

"Do you regret doing this?" Alex asked softly resting his cheek against the other mans muscular sweaty chest.

"No, homme. I don't," remy murmered stroking alexs blonde hair tenderly.

Alex blushed deeply.

"I have to admit, even though this was my first time, I have always been attracted to you. I just didn't think you were like that seeing how you were always with anna," he admitted.

Remy chuckled softly as he kissed him softly on the forehead.

"Mon ami, anna was just a cover. I aint never been happy with her," he said quietly.

Alex looked up at him almost shyly.

"You think you could ever give me the chance to make you happy?" he asked huskilly.

Remy eyes widned in surprise.

"Are you sure. I tink maybe you feelin all emotional after what we shared together," he started.

Alex rolled over on top of him and grinned.

"That may be it. But isn't it worth finding out whether we are good together then besides in bed?" he murmered nipping at remys bottom lip.

Before Remy could form a coherent sentence Alex was kissing him tenderly. Feeling his tongue graze against his teeth, remy growled playfully wrestling the other man against the king sized matress. Their deep laughter could be heard all the way down the hall.

Scott and Logan returned back to the mansion later that night and ran into Ororo.

"So, how was your camping trip?" the weather witch asked warmly.

"It was rough, but we had a ok time. Have you seen Remy?" Scott asked curiously.

"Yes, he is with Alex. I have to finish preparing dinner. I am glad you guys had a great time," Ororo smiled before walking off.

"I'm gonna go find Remy. Are we still on for the danger room tonight?" he asked with a smirk.

Logan grunted yes before heading down the hall towards his room. Scott was heading to alex room when he passed Jubilee and Kitty who was hudled together whispering and giggling in secret.

"Ladies, don't you two have anything better then to hang around in the halls gossiping?" he asked with an arched eyebrow.

They exchanged a sly look before scurrying off down the hall.

Scott shook his head in amusement before walking up to Alexs door. His hand was resting on the knob about to open the door when he heard muffled sounds comming from the other side. He smiled as he realized that Alex had finally hooked up with Emma. He was preparing to walk away when he heard Remy laugh. Frowning Scott opened the door and stopped dead in his track as he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. Remy and Alex were tangeled in the bed sheets naked and Remys head was below Alexs waist.

"What the hell is going on here?" scott demanded slamming the door.

Remys head snapped up and he paled when he saw Scott.

"Maybe I should leave and let you two alone to talk this out," alex mumbled his face flushed.

Is this why you left the cabin early? To come back and screw my brother?" Scott demanded irate.

Remy started to exlain but was cut off by an angry Alex.

"He came back because he was hurt that you and Logan hooked up and left him out. If you cared about him you wouldn't," he started.

"And this alone justify you sleeping with him?!" Scott exclaimed angrilly.

Remy glared at Scott evenly.

"Would you keep your voice down? De kids dont need to hear you overreacting," he growled.

Scott laughed harshly.

"Trying to protect your perverse sexual prefrence?" he asked coldly.

"No. I'm trying to protect your brother. He hasn't had the proper time to sort his feelings out," Remy said seething.

Alex blushed lightly.

"Remy, you don't have to protect me. I know my feelings and I want us to be together," he said firmly.

Seeing the tender exchange between alex and remy, scott grew jealous.

"He's just using you to get me back at me, Alex. He couldn't commit to Anna or anybody else. It only be a matter of time he comes back to me because he loves me," Scott said fuming.

"We will see," Alex said coolly.

Scott gave Remy one last withering look before he stormed out of the room.

Later that night Logan was heading back from the kitchen with his usual midnight snack of beer and cold pizza when he heard a loud bang comming from the Danger Room. Curious he walked into the observation room and saw Scott running through an intense simulation alone. After watching for a few moments Logan shut off the simulation and made his way into the danger room.

"'What the hell wolverine?" Scott snarled breathing heavilly as he glowered at the feral man.

"I guess we are no longer on first name basis, cyclops," he retorted mockingly leaning up against the wall.

Scott let out a frusterated growl.

"What do you want? I'm busy and I really don't have time to be annoyed by you," he grumbled wiping down with a towel.

Logan took a swig of his beer as he regarded the other man curiously.

"Are you really preparing for another attack by Apocolapse or has someone seriously pissed you off?" he asked gruffly.

"Its none of your buisness," Scott said through clentched teeth.

Logan threw his pizza and beer in the nearbye waste basket and approached Scott menicingly.

"Fine. If you don't want to talk then don't. Go find your little boyfriend and cry in his lap," he taunted turning to walk away.

He jerked violently and startled as a red beam seared his shoulders causing sharp pain to rip through his body forcing him to his knees. Gritting his teeth in pain Logan struggled to his feet holding his injured shoulder staring a piercing hole through Scott.

"You better have a good explanation for that shit, or I'm going to beat yer ass into a bloody pulp," he warned murderously.

Scott flushed angrilly.

"All this shit is your fault, Logan. If you and I never started sleeping together behind Remys back, he would never have left me for my own damn brother," he snapped near tears.

Logan eyes widned in shock and he momentarilly forgot about the gaping hole in his shoulder that was slowly mending. Everything was starting to get way out of hand. It had been hard at first but he finally admitted to himself that he love Scott. Logan cared about Scott enough to know he didn't like to see him in emotional pain. Although he knew he could never have Scotts heart he had tried to win it over but never suceeded and now he saw his chance.

"Scooter, listen to me. Remy falls in love easilly. You didn't expect him to commit to you forever did ya," he asked uncharacteristically tender.

"I don't know. I thought he was ready to be with me," scott mumbled.

Logan grunted as his shoulder fully healed as he walked over to Scott untill there were only inches between them.

"If gumbo was really in love with ya, no matter what you did to him, he wouldnt have turned Alex out," he said reasonably.

"I," Scott started softly but was cut off when Logan crushed his lips against his roughly.

"Scott," Logan moaned shoving him against the wall and exploring the other mans body with his rough hands.

They were so lost in their lust for each other they didn't here the Danger Room door open.


Both men broke away quickly and found Remy starring at them outraged. Immediately Scott began to regret allowing himself to be seduced by the feral man.

"Remy, let me explain," Scott tried but an familiar womans voice cut him off angrilly.

"Explain what?"

All three men looked up to see Jean and Ororo standing behind Remy and while Jean looked furious, Ororo looked highly confused.

"Jean, honey I can explain," Scott stammered turning pale.

"Yes, bro. Please do explain," Alex said with a smirk with his arms folded across his chest.

The room was quiet and full of tension. Logan stood protectively in front of Scott.

"Red, this might be better if you and one eye spoke about this in private," he said gently.

Jean's green eyes flashed in anger.

"Talk about what, Logan? The frequent camping trips between the three of you? How every time you come back Scott, you never want to touch me?" she hissed irate.

Ororo's aquatic blue eyes widned in realization.

"Oh dear goddesss," she gasped stunned.

Remy flushed in shame under his best friends shocked gaze.

"Stormy, maybe you shouldn't be here," he started.

"Yes she should. You've lied to her Remy. Just like Scott lied to me," Jean said curtly.

Remy took a step towards Ororo who looked at him disappointed.

"It is not my place to disapprove of your lifestyle, Remy. I want you to be happy. But I cannot say I am thrilled to find out you have been having an affair with Scott who is a married man," she said softly.

"This is getting out of control!" Scott groaned slumping up against the wall.

"Tell her the truth, Scott. She deserves to hear it," Logan sighed defeated.

Scott looked Jean in her eyes and inhaled sharply.

"Jean, I think I'm gay," he said quietly.

Jean snorted harshly.

"You fuck other men and you think you might be gay? Well guess what, Scott? I've known the first time when you slept with Remy. I am a telepath. I've always known," she said hotly.

Scott looked confused.

"How come you never," he started.

"Because I thought it was a mistake the first time. The second time I waited for you to come clean. It wasn't till the third fucking time that I realized my husband had a sick perversion for men over me that I was shattered," she snapped.

Scott hung his head in shame.

"Jean, I'm sorry," he whispered thickly.

"I did not come here looking for an apology. Alex insisted that I tell you about us or he would," she said evenly.

Scott and Remy's head shot up in horror and dismay.

"Don't seem so surprised, darling. We've been romantically involved for several months now. And after I divorce you we will get married," she announced gleefully.

Ororo looked as if she would faint and she leaned against the wall for support.

Logan unable to bare the deeply hurt look on his lovers face turned to Jean fuming.

"You may think you've had the last word sweetheart, but Scotts so called sick perversion runs in the faimly," Logan sneered.

Everyone was surprised when the red head telepath burst out laughing.

"And by this you are speaking of Alex sexual encounter with Remy this afternoon?" she asked amused.

Remy began to get a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Alex was furious about finding about Scotts inability to be faithful to me. I was surprised to learn that he had always been in love with me and after our first night together it was clear we had amazing chemistry. Anyways I was wanting to confront you Scott and move on with my life without distrubuting retrubution, but Alex had other plans of his own. He convinced me to stay quiet about the scandalous affair and he cunningly shoved Logan into the mix. By nature Logan you are a sexual dominant creature so waving a new conquest in front of you was childs play. I knew Remy was emotionally attatched to Scott so with Logan in the picture it was sure to drive a wedge in between the two. Like a puppet Remy came pouting back to the mansion and Alex was all too happy to pick up the piecies," she explained smugly.

Their was a shock silence in the air.

Ororo was nearly swooning from all the scandal.

"You did all this to get back at me?" Scott asked when he had finally found his voice.

Jean smiled modestly.

"I give Alex all the credit. He was the master mind behind all this. However we didn't expect Logan to fall in love. That in itself was a bonus," she purred.

"And why is that, red?" Logan snarled seething.

"Because now my brother has to chose who he wants to be with. Logan or Remy?" Alex said grinning malaciously as he stood beside Jean.

"What makes you think he will not just choose the both of them?" Ororo asked softly.

"Because, that aint an option petite," Remy mumbled turning to face Scott.

"Gumbos right, Summers. Who's it going to be?" Logan asked sternly.

Scott inhaled deeply before making his choice.


Two months later.....

Ororo sipped her peppermint tea as she stared out the window thinking back over the explosive events that had tooken place on that fateful night in the danger room. Scotts decision had bought joy to one man and sent the other fleeing the mansion never to return.
Jean and Alex had found out two days later that's she was pregnant with Alexs child and the couple couldn't be happier. Scott grew more depressed with each passing day for everyone knew he was grieving for his lost lovers. Remy, who had been Scotts choice broke up with him a month ago and had found love and comfort where he had left it in the beginning. In Anna's arms. Logan, who had been rejected had silently left the mansion and no one had heard from him since. Things appeared to be turning back to normal, but judging from the hatred formed between the two Summers and Annas secret love affair with Bobby Drake, things weren't going to be normal for a very long time.

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