Love Me

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Love Me

Jubilee lay on her bed as the cool gentle breeze lightly swayed against her body. She sighed at the thought of having to be alone on a Saturday night. Everyone was probably out having fun. Everyone except her! She was always stuck alone in bed. Even Hank, she thought to herself. Or at least he’s having fun, if you can actually call research on mutant cancer fun…!

Everyone was out having the time of their life; they were actually getting to enjoy their freedom as she was stuck there alone, again. It’d been a while since there had been any real action— Magneto was laying low after a talk he’d had with the professor, Creed was no where to be found, and Sinister had been captured. And with Magneto gone, the brotherhood had vanished as well. It was as if though they were the only mutants left in Bayville— not that there was anything wrong with that. It was way better having to fight off regular human thugs, then evil mutants who could create giant horses out of fire!

Jubilee was thankful for the peace they now had, their lives seemed to be surer to continue without all the violence around— the only problem now was that she was always BORED! And I don’t have any real friends, she thought sadly. If she did have real friends, they would at least want to hang out with her. That’s what friends do, after all. But no they always ditched her with the lamest excuses ever!

Scott and Jean were probably out somewhere catching a movie. Storm and Bobby were searching for a new mutant Ceribro had detected in Texas, and oh joy for them; she was too young to tag along. Gambit and Rouge… well, they were probably out killing each other somewhere, and she figured she was better off staying out of their way.

And then there was Logan. That was the tricky subject she had been trying not to think of all day, and apparently it would turn into all night as well. Stop thinking about him Jubes! He’s probably out getting laid somewhere… She frowned at the very thought. Stupid fuck! She cursed silently at him, turning in her bed to face the door. He loves me and I love him. Why is everything so complicated? My being fourteen is not THAT big of a deal! And he HAD to go and be even MORE of a stupid cunucklehead, that bastard!

Jubilee was angry. Logan had had no right to do what he had done to her. He had embarrassed her in front of everyone during one of his training sessions. Since then, she had been avoiding him and had been skipping most of the sessions that involved him being her teacher. She was almost sure that Logan wouldn’t go snitch on her with the professor either. He knew she wouldn’t ever speak to him again if he did such a thing.

And if he thinks he’s gonna get out of this easily, the prick’s got another thing coming! I’m NOT going to give into him first! Not THIS time!

Of all the nerve Logan had, she couldn’t believe he’d actually done that to her in front of EVERYONE! Jubilee had been defending herself against Magma in one of the sessions and she had lost her cool and had almost been cooked roast had Logan not pushed her out of the way in time. She had immediately jumped on him and hugged him, and apparently had called him ‘wolvie’ as well… which had obviously not been a good idea.

Logan had pushed her off of him, growling out: “Jubilation Lee, get your head in the game kid! And my name is not ‘wolvie,’ I’m The Wolverine. You know our code names, why don’t ya do us all a favor and use em?”

That little speech of his had resulted in the whole class laughing their heads off at her expense! They already hated her to begin with; he didn’t have to go and add wood into the fire for them! She turned into three different shades of red that evening and had walked out of his class.

I hate my life… why is everything so wrong?!

Deciding that she was not going to get anymore sleep without food in her stomach, Jubilee stood from her bed and decided to take a walk to the kitchen.

Jubilee knew that the little incident in Logan’s death session was not the only reason she was pissed off at the wolf man. I mean, EVERYONE knows! EVERYONE! It’s just him… stupid fuck doesn’t think I’m good enough. She ignored the hurt that she felt at the thought. Why was it that everyone but him could see it? Why was it that he was so intent on ignoring the obvious? Why did he hurt her, why did he push her away so much?

Everyone knew that she and Logan had a thing that wasn’t really anything at all. But it wasn’t anything yet because he kept it that way! She was tired of it always being her who did the pushing! She was tired of always taking control on the relationship when common sense told her it should be him going after her! He is after all the man, isn’t he? I mean, he prides himself on it or something… But oh no, I always invite him out to eat, I always invite him to the movies, I always go on rides with him!

He never wants me.

Jubilee arrived at the empty kitchen, the lights were out and there was only a dim shining light coming from Hank’s Lab. She really couldn’t see a thing, but she liked it that way. Everyone always thought she was a weirdo for loving the dark as much as she did. She sighed in contempt, she felt oddly at peace.

Opening a cabinet, Jubilee found Bobby Drakes Captin Crunch Cereal. Getting the needed milk, a bowl and a napkin, she seated herself at the table. Wonder where Logan’s at right now… She thought to herself as she took in a spoonful of Captin Crunch. Ha, as if you ACTUALLY want to know that, Jubes. You’d probably cry yourself to sleep like always…

Before she knew it, more than thirty minutes had gone by and she was still thinking of ways to kill Logan, and ways to strengthen her hate for him. It wasn’t fair that nothing ever went her way. It wasn’t fair that Logan always had a new fuck toy. It wasn’t fair that he always introduced his new fuck toys to her! And hell, it wasn’t fair that she loved him as much as she did!

“Sup, kid?” Logan’s voice broke through her thoughts as he stepped out of the shadows. He’d been right next to the fridge— right in front of the table— right in front of her! Lighting a cigar, Logan sat on the opposite side of the table across from her as he looked her straight in the eyes. He aimed an artistic puff towards her, smirking at her frown.

“How long have you been there?” Jubilee demanded.

“Did you see me come in, kid?” Logan raised an eyebrow.


“Then why do you ask, if you already know the answer?”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She looked him in the eye as he inhaled the cancer stick.

Logan paused before he smirked at her once again, “You looked hungry.”

“And just what the hell is THAT supposed to mean?” She was getting angry, and she knew he was doing it on purpose. The Wolverine always knew what he was doing, he was no fool.

“I didn’t want to ruin your appetite, darling,” He smiled.

“Yeah, well you sure succeeded in that. Only now the problem is I want to throw up. Thanks a lot.” She was getting fed up with this. They both knew there was a problem and he was acting like nothing was wrong.

“You been avoiding me, kid?”

“Oh, and what makes you think that ‘Oh MIGHTY WOLVERINE!” She said sarcastically.

“Well, the fact that you’re usually all over me, and you haven’t spoken to me in three days gave me a clue…. And also, you’ve been skippin’ my classes. You know you have to run extra training sessions with me now, right?”

“Yeah, whatever,” It was insulting that he actually told her that she was usually all over him! How dare he say something like that to me at a time like this!

Jubilee stood and started to walk away, however she was not able to do so because a strong hand grabbed on to her arm. Hard. Not only that, but the arm had actually pushed her back into her chair.

“Well tell me ‘Wolverine,’ should I be avoiding you? I mean, you obviously feel guilty for some reason. Don’t tell me you actually have something you wish to apologize for?” She looked at him dead in the eye— and honestly, she didn’t even remember the incident during the training session. All she could think of was all the hurt he had caused her by not admitting his feelings for her. Why couldn’t he just wrap his arms around her and tell her the truth? Why couldn’t he just say that he loved her?

Logan studied her for a moment before placing the cigar on his lips once again. Blowing a puff in the direction of Jubilees face, he inwardly smirked. He knew she hated the smell, he knew she thought that it would one day kill him, and he knew that she was having a hell of a hard time trying to keep in the cough. It was fucking hilarious, to say the least. She was always trying to be tough, always trying to impress him.

“Listen kid, we both know I aint’ gonna say I’m sorry. So why don’t ya just quit your yappin’ already and make up with me, whatta’ ya say kid?” He smiled evilly at her, knowing that she hated to be called ‘kid.’ Though he soon regretted being such a jerk as the anger she was feeling reflected in her eyes— she started crying. And he felt like he could melt right then and there.

Oh shit… great, just great! He hated to see her cry, and now he felt like kicking himself over the head a million times. Putting out his cigar, Logan went over to Jubilee and picked her up; sitting her on his lap he tried to find the words to comfort her so that maybe she wouldn’t hate him as much.

“Come on darlin’ you know I was just pulling your hair there. I’m sorry, alright? I’m sorry if I embarrassed you in class the other day too. I just don’t like you calling me ‘wolvie’ in front of everyone during a combat session! Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is for ‘The Wolverine’ to be called that? Besides, those little punks will loose respect for me— and you can’t call me that in real battle. What the hell are our enemies going to think of us?” He caressed her head gently, trying to make everything right again. He really did hate seeing her cry. Heck, he was ready to beat the hell out of anyone who ever made his Jubilee cry.

I’m sorry baby, please forgive me…

“I’m not mad at you Logan, I’m just upset. But see… it’s not really even that. I think that after all this time; you’d know what really bothers me.”

Logan paused, not know what to say. He knew exactly what she was talking about. He knew exactly how this was going to end up too. But how the hell was he going to explain to a fourteen year old that he loved with all of his might that he can’t love her… at least not like that.

Not yet, anyway.

“Jubes I just… We… We—”

“We wha, Logan? Do you know how hard it is to not be able to tell the person you love that you love them? You don’t think I see the way you look at me ALL the time? I know you Wolvie, and I know you feel the same way about me… I can’t take this anymore Logan.” She whispered to him, her eyes desperately begging him to agree with her.

Oh Christ… how the fuck did this happen to me? She’s just a kid.

“Jubes… I can’t allow anything between us, you know that.” He hugged her tightly against him. This had to be the hardest thing he’d ever done.

“I know Wolvie… I’m not completely stupid, you know! I know you wont take me as yours now… but when I grow older—”

“Shit Jubes, you’re so beautiful darling. You know I care for you, but I can never respond to those feelings you have for me. I don’t feel that way for you Jubilee… I’m sorry.” He couldn’t believe how much it actually hurt to say those things to her. He loved her more than anything else in the world and he doubted he could ever make it go away— god knew he’d already tried that. He’d tried so many damned times, with so many different women; he’d even showed them off to Jubilee and now he felt like a complete prick for it. None of them even compared to her gentleness though, to her beauty, her innocence.

She was the love of his life and he knew it. And he couldn’t believe he was actually having this conversation with her while she was in his lap— while he was thinking such things of her. He’d always known that this conversation would some day come up. He always knew that she’d had a crush on him… deep down he knew it was more than a crush though. He never believed she would bring it up now though! She had just turned fourteen! She was still his little girl in so many ways…

“Right Logan, of course you don’t. You can say that to me but you and I both know the truth. You and I both know you’ll never let me go. Ever.” She buried her face in his neck and they sat there for what felt like an eternity.

“So what happens now?” She whispered.

“Nothing happens darling, nothing at all. Everything goes back to normal.” He inhaled her scent, loving the way she felt on him.

“But Logan… I don’t want things to go back to normal! I want you to at least admit you have feelings for me!”

“Jubilee, I don’t have feelings for you in that way! What kind of sick man do you think I am? You’re fourteen for cryin’ out loud! The professor would have my head on a stick if I even thought of…of… Never mind kid!” He pushed her off of him. Standing, Logan started towards the door. “Try and get some sleep kid, I’ll forget this by morning, I promise.”

“I love you Wolvie,” Jubilee whispered to herself as she once more began to cry.

The words alone made him shiver. He closed his eyes as he started to walk towards his chambers. How the fuck am I gonna live this way? How am I gonna see her everyday and just act normal after tonight? It’s never going to be the same again! Logan had to admit that he was angry with her. He was angry that she wasn’t able to keep her love to herself. If she hadn’t said anything, they would have been okay. They would have been alright for many more years… but now… now he had to leave. Now he had to leave from here before he did something everyone would hate him for. How was he supposed to live in the same house with the one person he loved more, and not be able to even touch her?

Sure, he’d been doing just that for many years… But now it was different. Now he knew for a fact that she wanted him to touch her. And that just made her all the more tempting. That just made it more difficult for him to resist her.

--- End---

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