Amazon Storm

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The exotically clad black woman was lying on her back in a damp grassy field. Then a tanned white woman approached her and felt her neck.

Wonder Woman checked her fallen enemy’s pulse.
She was alive.

For all the power that her command of the elements gave her, the woman’s body was still just as vulnerable as anyone else’s to physical trauma.

So the Amazon warrior had been able to take her down with one swift blow to the head. Fortunately, though Ororo Munroe was unconsciousness and developing a sizable bruise on the side of her head, she appeared to have suffered no permanent damage.

However, as Princess Diana surveyed the Black mutant she felt a stirring of desire. This was not that strange given the circumstances. The voluptuous white haired wind rider was quite attractive, and as a girl who had grown up on an island inhabited only by women, Diana was well acquainted with the mutual pleasures females could give each other.

Moreover, she always felt quite………..passionate after defeating an enemy in physical combat. She was not embarrassed by these feelings, for her mother Queen Hippolyta had taught her that a woman should never be ashamed of normal feelings and desires.

But this was the first time she had ever considered giving in to such desires regarding a defeated foe.

With the Lasso of Truth Wonder Woman had the power to make virtually any man or woman her plaything.
But her own convictions, not to mention the shame she knew it would bring to her mother and the other Amazons if she were to do such a thing, prevented her from ever seriously thinking about it.

However, with her very UNIVERSE and everyone in it facing possible extinction she realized that such concerns no longer had the power over her they once did.

Princess Diana looked across the grassy field where she and the wind goddess had done battle as her mind explored ideas which had been forbidden until now.

Then she went to the beautiful Black mutant and carefully stripped off her exotic costume.
The woman had large firm breasts with thick dark nipples, a toned shapely ass, and a cute patch of white hairs on her mound.

As Diana took in Storm’s beauteous form her remaining doubts faded. She hadn’t sampled a Nubian GODDESS like this since long before she left Paradise Island.

The passionate Amazon soon discarded her own clothing (leaving her magic bracelets and tiara on). Then she slipped her Lasso around Ororo’s waist and woke the woman up by kissing her (while maintaining her grip on the other end of the magic lasso).

The kiss was gentle at first, but Diana became increasingly aggressive. Forcing her tongue into the mutant’s mouth and exploring inside.

Once the X-Men opened her eyes, the nude Amazon drew back and commanded the woman to lie still. Compelled by the power of the goddess’s gift to the Amazons, Storm could do nothing to protect herself from Diana.

The Princess gently nipped and roughly kissed the mutant’s neck and shoulders. Then she fondled the mutant’s brown breasts with her surprisingly soft hands.

Storm gasped despite herself when Diana took one of her black nipples in her mouth and ardently suckled like a hungry babe.
But the Amazon didn’t spend long nursing at the wind rider’s magnificent bosom. Soon she began kissing her way down the dark skinned woman’s body. Showering feather light kisses on her stomach, hips, and thighs.

When she finally made it to Munroe’s womanhood and slipped her tongue inside, she was pleased to discover the woman was wet.

But she primarily was concerned with her own pleasure, not Storm’s. So after few exploratory licks of the woman’s moist folds, the Amazon withdrew and commanded Ororo to take a sitting position.

Then she presented her breast to the luscious mutant and commanded her to suckle. The enchanted weather witch had no choice but to obey, and closed her lovely lips around the Amazon’s pink nipple and caressed the soft flesh with her teeth and tongue.

The lusty princess had the beautiful mutant worship her proud bosom for a long time. Commanding her to nurse and nip both of the large, pale breasts.

This sent the Amazon to new heights of passion.
The mutant’s tongue and teeth felt wonderful on her tender flesh.
Surely this was a better use for the wicked tongues of enemies like Cheetah or Circe’s than spreading lies.

But soon even this sensation wasn’t enough for the ardent Wonder Woman. She wanted the woman to worship the nexus of her femininity.
She pushed Storm onto her back again and then kneeled over her head.

“Lick me” the princess imperiously commanded.

The humiliated wind rider had no choice but to comply, and she used her tongue to carress and penetrate the pale dark haired woman’s sex.

This activity soon sent Diana into the state the Amazon’s referred to as Aphrodite’s Blessing.
As Wonder Woman’s climaxed Ororo was compelled to lap up all her sexual fluid. However, when Diana got off Storm, she saw that the woman was silently weeping.

The europhia of the Amazon’s oragasm faded as soon as she realized that she had reduced this proud woman to tears.

“And for what….a few moments of pleasure” a critical part of her mind asked.

Diana’s mother had always told her that rape was the worst crime a man could commit against a woman, an unforgivable sin.
She was aghast at the thought that committing such an abomination was one of her last actions. And if Storm died, did she really want the last thing the good, honorable, woman experienced to be degradation.

Feeling ashamed not only of her actions, but also her perverse thoughts, Diana tried to make up for it the best way she knew how.

She began to make love to the blue eyed mutant again. But this time she was far more gentle and tender, concerned only with Storm’s pleasure, not her own.

Ororo didn’t want to respond to the carresses of the woman she had come to think of as vile, but her body betrayed her, and she moaned with erotic ecstasy as Wonder Woman lovingly feasted on her brown teats while fondling her womanhood.

Under the Amazon’s ministrations the wind rider soon reached her peak, and she cried out as Diana drank the evidence of her arousal from her sex.
Then the Princess took the Lasso off the beautiful mutant and got up.
She looked at the woman sorrowfully and said “what I did was unforgivable….do what you want to me, I won’t fight back” in a quiet voice.

Storm leapt to her feet and picked a small branch that had fallen off a tree during their battle. She began to strike the regretful Amazon along her back and thighs in flurry of rage.

Diana simply stood there and took it.
The truth was that the blows didn’t hurt that much. With her mundane strength and a normal piece of wood the weather witch couldn’t hurt a woman whose body was protected by a real goddess’s magic.

After about a half an hour the black beauty stopped. Physically and emotionally exhausted by the beating she had attempted to give the Amazon Princess.

Diana had made no move to protect herself during the entire ordeal. Not even when the mutant had struck her delicate breasts and thighs. She had been a little worried when it looked as though Ororo might shove the stick in her rectum or cunt, but fortunately the X-Men had refrained.

Nevertheless the Amazon was unbruised, and what little pain she had experienced had completely faded away.

She went over to the panting black woman and said softly “I am sorry Ororo….but please don’t leave….I don’t want to die alone and neither should you” as she held out her arms.

Storm just looked at her for moment.
She could feel a momentous energy building in the air. The battle between their universes was reaching its end.

“Do I really want to die alone and full of anger….or condemn her to similar fate?” the wind rider asked herself.
No, the X-Men decided.

She went and embraced the Amazon, and then surprised her by giving her a gentle kiss upon the lips.

Their lovemaking was different this time. Infinitely sensuous and caring. There was no question of dominance because neither seeked it.
The pair was so caught up in their gentle exploration of each other that they did not notice when the world around them began to ripple and disintregrate.

When their flesh began to merge and fuse together, the composite being who had been Princess Diana of the Amazons, and Ororo Munroe of the X-Men realized the last thing that the two women she sprang from had been experiencing.
It was forgiveness and Joy.


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