The Bet

BY : Loganlover4ever
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Title: The Bet
Characters: Logan, Victor Creed, Vanquish (OC)
Fandom: X-Men Comics

A yearly poker game between the two hottest male ferals, and one wages more than he should.

Chapter 1
What’s On the Table?

Somewhere in New York in a dark room…

Two men, only at vague times of their lives, join together for a civil game of poker. A man’s game, right?. Appearing in an unknown location to the X-Men and the Brotherhood or whomever Victor Creed, better known as Sabretooth, is running with; Logan and Victor put their differences aside for one night every year. A tradition they can’t recall when it started. The dealer is the only other person in the room, a random person off the street for better assurance of fair play. Sitting at a round felt table, Logan dressed in comfortable jeans, t-shirt and work boots, cigar in mouth and cowboy hat tilted to shade his baby blue eyes. Victor Creed, dressed in a designer suit, custom made blue and white pinstripe with a white blue striped silk tie, wingtip crocodile shoes, suede fedora and cigar in mouth also.

‘Who ya tryin’ t’ empress Creed, I seen ya at ya worst.’
‘ And now ya see me at my best….clothes wise anyway.’

Creed ran his hand across the lapel of his suit jacket and smiled, then reached across the table pulling at Logan’s simple blue-collar shirt and scoffed.

‘Don’t you know how much pussy you can get just wearing the right clothes runt? Not all women are into that construction worker shit, try a suit once in a while….and a brush.’
‘Whatever asshole, besides why spend money on shitty clothes that she only gonna rip and tear and cum all over, t shirt, jeans are easy to replace,’ Logan smiled.
‘C’mon runt ain’t got all night,’ Victor growled silently liking his point.

Logan sat looking at his hand, his senses trying to pick up on Creed’s bluff. Too experienced to falter the blonde beast, he kept his cool as he puffed his stogie. Logan had already won a hand, and also Victor, but this one was the charm for him. He decided to play with Victor a little.

‘How ‘bout we raise the ante?’

Victor bellowed a hail of thick gray smoke into the room as he leaned in running his clawed fingers over his white silk tie.

‘What’s on that pea brain o’ yers runt? Ya ain’t got nothin’ I can’t get fer myself.’

Logan knew it was true but he had something that he knew Creed would enjoy more than anything.

‘We bet somethin’ we’d never part with.’

In the shadow Logan saw Victor stroking his finely trimmed goatee contemplating the wager. The light above the table hid Victor’s sinister smile except the glint of pearly white fang etched in the shadow.

‘Like what? What yer small time ass got that I’d want?’

So sure of himself and the cards in his hand Logan reached for his pocket throwing the item on the table atop the pile of money. A black claw tapped the item dragging it to Victor for a better view. One of kind, sleek, curves perfect, the dark tones so perfect on that body, man how Logan loved stroking every inch of it. Logan couldn’t see himself parting with that beautiful specimen, but he couldn’t lose. Only the ears of the two men in the room could catch the low growl thumping in Victor’s chest. Moments later a silver key was tossed to the pile along with the item that was ogled over.

‘Safe deposit box #6287, yer whole history.’

Logan’s heart jumped in his throat as he realized the stakes were higher than he thought at that very moment. He bared his own fangs in acceptance of the wager. The dealer silent, signaled for the cards to be put on the table.

‘After you,’ Creed gestured.

With confidence and arrogance Logan splayed the cards out in a fan revealing three aces and two kings. Creed shook his head turning away muttering…

‘Lucky son of a bitch. Damn runt ya got me….’

Victor slammed his cards down shaking the winnings in the middle of the table. Logan saw the full house; all the red hearted royal figures staring back at him.

‘What the hell?! Shit!!!.

Logan pushed the chair back knocking it to the ground getting upset.

‘Now now Logan….a deal’s a deal.’
‘Can’t wait to claim what’s mine.’
‘Fuck you Creed.’

Leaving, running his fingers over the brim of his fedora Victor Creed left, cash, key, and the picture with the beauty he couldn’t wait to ride, pissing the runt off. Logan couldn’t believe how he lost something so precious to him. She was gonna be so upset that he lost something so precious to them both, especially to her.

Once a year they play a civil game of poker, and this year, the only year of years of playing, Victor Creed won, claiming even more of his mortal enemy’s life.

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