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The overwhelming scent in Ororo’s loft was the green of her plants, blooming and growing in abundance. The grounds outside were beautiful as well, but inside the open space of her room, the smell of green and growing things was concentrated. It smelt like life. Clean and wet. Undertone of her scent, just as clean, just as sweet and elemental as the plants. Ozone if she’d been flying.

One of the other best things about Ororo’s loft was that she showered naked in a rainstorm that she’d summoned to help water her plants

It was just this little oasis of calm in the usual hectic craziness that was the mansion. First Kurt had wandered up here with her, sat and talked about religion and things, and then he’d slowly trailed up after he got to know ‘Ro a bit better. Nice lady. Had a good head on her shoulders. The fact that she was fucking gorgeous and didn’t seem to realize it in the slightest helped as well.

They never talked about Jean. Or not much, anyway. Ororo’s calm didn’t let those sort of things in. She relaxed up here, when she couldn’t down below and it was just out of the loving kindness of her heart that he and Kurt had been invited up there as well. She was a healer, in a lot of ways. They didn’t talk about what happened up here to anybody else, because damn. It wasn’t what you talked about. It wasn’t as if they’d been invited to be up here, in the green and the living.

Late night mission and he was dead tired, sun just coming up over the curve of the trees that encircled the estate. Kept out some prying eyes, the walls kept out more and the technology on the outer rim was far higher then would be normal in a school. Even an international diplomatic school. More like an army base sheltering something so secret it didn’t even have a project name. They’d learned. Better to be safe then sorry. And they’d been left sorry and hurting before.


Red hair and easy smile, intelligent eyes snapping with brightness at just being alive. Nothing left of that now. Not even bones.

Raking his hand through wild hair, he paused at the corridor that led down to the room he usually slept in before turning his feet away and heading for the stairs. He felt bloody and tired, smoke trailing in his hair like ghosts. They’d won the day, sure, but it had been a bloody day and full of fire. Mobs. Didn’t have the brains God gave a flock of sheep. Except they were meaner then sheep, nastier and far more cruel. Scared kid fleeing in front of it like an animal before a forest fire, driven and terrified and...damn. He never wanted to have to go out into the boonies again on a rescue mission, not ever. It’d be nice if that was the case, but as more and more kids started popping up all over the place, puberty kicking them into a new shape even more bizarre then what their parents had gone through, he knew it was going to happen more and more often. As long as they were on time. When they could be on time. When they were told that at such and such, there was a kid who Xavier had picked up and needed saving. How many slipped through the net? How many did the old man decide he couldn’t help and didn’t bother telling them about? Fuck. If he started thinking like that, it’d never let up.

The stairs up to the attic loft had been polished recently, smooth smell of beeswax filling his nose as he walked up wearily. The mansion was still and quiet, even the echo of Cyclop’s footsteps heading towards his desolate room muted by distance. There needed to be more operatives. Maybe some of the kids could be kicked along...didn’t like the idea of kids fighting Magneto or something, when the bastard surfaced again, but...there just wasn’t enough adults to keep doing this alone. Besides, it wasn’t unlikely that Pyro was already working to earn his keep as a good little fanatic for Buckethead. Bobby was moody and an idiot, Rogue’s powers weren’t right for rescue, maybe that Russian kid. The really big, turning to steel guy. He seemed to be able to function in a crisis from what the other kids had said. Kitty as well, maybe. Girl was smart. There were a few he thought could handle it.

Anyway, wasn’t his decision to make, not even close to it. He just thought about this stuff a lot, ways to make his home – strange as that sounded to be saying – safer. Keep the kids safe. Keep everybody inside safe. Both the man and the beast were in agreement on that. For their own different reasons, and they had their own ways of suggesting how to go about, but the goal was the same.

The door to Ororo’s loft swung open easy, since he’d oiled it a few weeks back after she’d made a few soft noises about it sticking and squeaking. Neither of them had mentioned it after that. It was one of the least things he could do. The scent wave of green and growing things hit him full in the face as soon as he opened the door, smelling like peace and calm and good. Kurt was in there too, window open and blowing in dawn air that smelt like sunlight as he closed the door behind him and walked inside.

Big wooden-framed bed with sheets thrown every way, crumpled and clean white in the rising sun’s golden light. There wasn’t anybody on the mattress as he heard the heels of his boots hit quietly against the flooring as he made his way past it. Kurt and ‘Ro were sitting by the open windows, drinking tea and watching the sun rise. A goddess and a demon, sitting across from each other in almost perfect harmony.

“Logan. You’re back.”

Kurt turned as Ororo spoke, tail spade waving gently above his shoulder as he crouched on the windowsill, making the act of balancing there look natural as he smiled in welcome. Easy. Like he did everything that needed some sort of grace. Always so easy. Definitely part cat. Ororo stood up, white silk of her robe falling open as she left her cup on the small table, warm smile something he’d never understand. Or deserve.

A few quick strides and he was sliding his hands around Ororo’s waist, feeling the silk against his palms and burying his face in her hair. Smelt like the air. Her arms settled around his back, body moulding to his in soft curves and generous cocoa brown skin. So soft. A hand on his face, three-fingered and familiar, and he lifted his head, wolf bright eyes sparking with challenge for a moment before he remembered. Let Kurt kiss him, fangs sliding against sharp fangs easily, taste of brimstone and musk rolling down his throat as the smell of lightning surrounded him. Slim fingers were working on the fastenings of his uniform, and he raised a hand to help peel the leather down off his skin, still lost in Kurt’s mouth.

The whisper of Ororo’s robe hitting the floor was soft, even to his ear, muted rasping slide of silk over smooth skin more erotic then he could have imagined when he’d arrived here. Laughed, breathlessly, with Kurt as Ororo turned to go to the bed, and the uniform refused to relinquish its hold without some forceful removal. Her hair danced around her like a veil, white and brilliant as the sun continued to rise. The plants around them shivered, he could almost see them moving as she walked by them, homage to their goddess.

“Schön,” Kurt breathed beside his ear, teasing tickle of his tail running up Logan’s calf as he stepped out of the discarded uniform. At last. Fucking thing. “Sehr schön.” Turned his head and kissed the German hard to make him shut up for once, one hand grabbing him by the waist and pulling him in closer. Felt him sway, almost collapse in as Logan tried his damnedest to devour his mouth whole, tongue sweeping in as their fangs clashed against each other. Hard muscle under his hands, herbal taste of the tea covering the taste of Kurt. Bit at his lip for a moment as he dragged his head back, panting harshly and staring into ancient looking golden eyes as he tasted copper from Kurt’s lips on his tongue.

“Bed. Now.”

“He is demanding, is he not, Göttin?” Kurt chuckled, devilish glance sliding across Logan’s body to the bed where Storm was reclining. Watching them, and smiling in her faint way that said she was amused. The dizzy waft of pheromones surrounded all of them, filling the room with lust. Maybe they couldn’t smell it so that they noticed in any way other then the subconscious, but he could. Hear their heartbeats speeding along, smell the sweat rising on their skin. “Liebste, you’re so impatient...” Logan mock-growled at the sappy endearment that fell so easily from Kurt’s mouth, sharp teeth bared in a feral grin and kissed him again, walking him backwards to the bed where Ororo was waiting. Tumbled down onto it in an ungainly tangle of bodies, feeling Kurt’s erection slide across the bare skin of his stomach as he held the other man’s hands above his head and kissed him fiercely.

He wanted to wipe out the things he’d seen in the cold starry darkness of night. The things he’d done. He could still smell the blood on his hands. His blood. More then a little from other people, which he had spilled. He did what had to be done. Which didn’t mean he had to like it.

If he ever got to liking it, he didn’t want to think about what sort of monster he would be.

Yellow cat eyes stared at him across memory, dangerous mouth displaying sharp fangs. The cruel shape of a hooked claw against dark skin, the sharp scent of terror. The stink of dead animals, white of snow. Yeah, there were reasons why he didn’t want to admit that he liked making people bleed maybe a little too much.

Lifting his head with a gasp, he looked over to Ororo, who was tracing her slim hand across Kurt’s chest idly, nails scraping along the scarred skin lightly. Her smile was unknowable, but inviting as she leaned forward and so softly kissed him. The sunlight from the window turned her white hair into a halo. Her mouth was sweet with honey from the tea she’d been drinking with Kurt, lush and welcoming as she lay down with them. It was like a dance, the three of them together. Moving so that no one was left out or ignored, all of them careful not to let anyone slip from notice.

Whisper of Ororo’s hair against his skin as she leant across him to kiss Kurt, as he bit at the curve of her body where her neck met her shoulder. Tasting her skin, one hand cupping her breast as he licked a wet path down her shoulder blade. He left a dark mark against her skin, patterned with tooth marks, and he could hear her moan as he rubbed his fingers across her nipple.

“Goddess, yes...”

She leaned back against him as Kurt’s mouth lowered to the junction of her thighs, hands spreading her legs to make room for him as his busy tongue lapped at her sex almost daintily. As Ororo turned her head, Logan kissed her again, nipping at her lip gently as her fingers stroked through the close curls on Kurt’s head. Her breathing was getting faster, the occasional moan escaping from her mouth into his. Arching her spine and pressing back against his hard cock, which made him groan as his hips bucked forward. His hands tightened their hold almost reflexively; before her gasp made him let go almost as if he’d been burnt.

His mouth was already trying to form the shape necessary for an apology before her hand curled into his hair and pulled him back to their kiss. The sting of her teeth drew blood before his skin healed, eyes fading to white as he watched. The window banged against the wall as a sudden wind caught it, the leaves around them rustling as the goddess cried out. He could hear every leaf that fell, torn from its anchorage as she arched underneath his hands, Kurt’s mouth, writhing against the hold they had on her as she came.

Kurt’s mouth tasted of musk and salt as they swapped lazy kisses back and forth between the three of them, hands moving and touching and not stopping. Quiet heat, building up between them as the sun rose slowly. Endless dance of the days and the nights and the seasons as the world kept turning. People kept living underneath the sky. And it all went on.

Some things just made sense.

Ororo’s smile was wicked as she straddled him, pushing his shoulders down onto the bed as his hands slid up over the curve of her hips. The fashion mags could keep their starved and plastic women – he preferred his partners to have a little more weight so he wasn’t so afraid he was going to break them. Women should look like women. Not half starved little boys with implants stuffed under their shirts. Androgyny didn’t do anything for him, in either gender. Her full breasts hung before his mouth as she leaned over him and he stretched his head up, drawing one nipple between his teeth and biting gently, flicking the hard nub with the tip of his tongue. White surrounded his vision as her hair spilled down over her shoulders, murmuring softly in some language he didn’t understand, dark voice husky with pleasure.

Bit again at the curve of her breast, leaving marks on her skin. Hard enough to hurt, not hard enough to draw blood. Sometimes it was a chancy thing, with his control. When what he wanted was to sink his fangs in properly. Sex was too close to food, with her body breathing of blood and meat, Kurt smelling the same but with the extra aggravating lash of strange male.

Still had no idea how they’d managed to end up here together. Seemed like it had been orchestrated by the two of them, but it was never enough in his face to make him feel like he’d been tricked. Never clear enough that he had a reason to object, to blow up and make this a charred and bitter nothing. Because he was good at ruining things. Putting his foot in it, or his fist through it. Somehow they managed to balance, and he always felt like one wrong sway and it would all fall down. But that hadn’t happened yet.

Kurt’s hand swept back the fall of Ororo’s hair from one shoulder, baring her neck as he laved kisses along her skin. Shot him a heavy lidded look over the curve of her shoulder, debauched incubus. Eyes burning with lust. Golden, glowing. Beautiful. In a strange way that had nothing to do with the world.

“Here, Logan.”

He closed his fingers around the foil wrapper that Kurt placed in his hand after disappearing for a moment, before raising his hand to his mouth. Tore the edge of the packet open carefully with his teeth before Ororo plucked it out of his hand with slim fingers. Slow sensuous smile, warm as the sun that was coming up over the horizon. Shifted his hips a little on the mattress as she rolled the condom down over his erection, teasing touches driving him further into insanity. He smoothed his hands over the curve of her hips, thumbs trailing over her flat stomach as she slowly slid down, wet heat closing around his cock as she leaned her head back against Kurt’s shoulder. Mouth open a little, Kurt’s hands cradling her breasts as he kissed her neck.

“Oh, Goddess, yes...Logan...” Her head turned to claim Kurt’s mouth, hips moving ever so slowly as the feral mutant watched them both from his prone position. Eyes hooded, and burning underneath his lowered lashes. Sliding one hand along the smoothness of her thigh, he rubbed one thumb across her clitoris and listened to her sigh. “Mmmm, oh, yes, again...”

“Ich will dich, Göttin. Wir wollen dich...” Kurt’s voice rasped in German like he was speaking sins aloud, crouched behind Ororo as the spade of his tail traced patterns across her skin. The pink of his tongue showed as he licked a long path up her neck, obviously tasting the salt sweat that was starting to show on her coffee coloured skin. “Prachtweib...”

“Damn it, Wagner,” Logan hissed between his teeth, since Kurt seemed bent on just teasing Ororo to another orgasm while ignoring both of them altogether. Fun as that could be, having ‘Ro gasp and shudder and cry out like she was dying between both of their pairs of hands, he was feeling too wound up to play along. He could still smell blood and smoke on his skin, even over the musk and sweat of the people in the bed. Dangerous dirty smile, before Kurt’s tail slithered off the edge of the bed and opened the drawer of the bedside table. Broken gasp from Ororo, teeth biting at her lip and head falling back before he tangled his hand in her long white hair and drew her back down for another devouring kiss as Kurt bit at her shoulder and left lube sticky fingerprints on her skin and the sheets.

Swallowed a deep moan from her mouth into his as Kurt started to press in, her hands tightening around his shoulders and nails digging into his skin. Stung just enough to feel good as they cut him, jump of her muscles under his hands as they all paused for a moment, waiting for her to adjust, breathe and start to move.

Which she does.

Slow twist of her hips, which made him growl and Kurt groan something in German, harsh fricatives almost lost against the veil of her hair. Hot, wet and tight, trying to find a rhythm that fit all three of them. Weight of Ororo’s hands against his chest, long nails scraping through dark curled hair, the pressure of Kurt’s knee against the outside of his leg. The almost lost look of contemplation in the eyes of the woman above him, the raw musky scent of Kurt overlaid with brimstone. Slid his hands along the smooth curve of her hips, fingertips brushing the tops of the German’s thighs every now and again. Moving slowly in tandem with Kurt, had to be careful not to hurt. Or at least, he amended to himself as one of Kurt’s nails scored a shallow gash along his hip, not her. Not too much.

Everybody liked a little bit of pain here. It made things just feel more.

“Gott, bitte,” Kurt gasped into the side of Ororo’s neck, slender acrobat’s body pressed against her back. The spade of his tail drifted along Logan’s leg, rough rasp grazing his skin as the curl of heat in his stomach grew. Slid his fingers past the white curls at the juncture of Ororo’s thighs, teasing the wet slick of her folds and the nub of flesh there. Relentless surge and roll of her hips made him groan, Kurt yelp, as she cried out, eyes whiting out again. The deep rumble of unseasonal thunder rolled in the sky outside, wind lifting her hair around her face. A lightning bolt arrowed down past the window as she came again, body shuddering between the two men in her bed. The rain came down, as Logan thrust up into her welcoming heat, two different pairs of hands supporting her as she swayed.

Strung out and on edge as he was, it didn’t take long for him to find his completion after that, fingers tightening on Ororo’s hips as he came with a low snarl. It wiped out his thoughts for a moment, drowning regret and weariness behind a blaze of white electricity. Like the lightning that had struck outside. Kurt’s breath came in gasping pants as he orgasmed, guttural German syllables of adoration spilling into the curve of Ororo’s neck. It almost sounded like a prayer. Knowing the German, he wouldn’t have been surprised. They separated after that, cleaned up, he and Kurt changed the sheets, making a quick job of it.

Ororo watched them both with drowsy eyes, almost feline in her languorous contentment as she reclined on the bed. The storm outside was already clearing as Kurt slid onto the bed next to her, not looking back to watch and see if Logan was following. The African woman stretched, letting one hand trace from the wing of Kurt’s collarbone and follow a looping spiral of raised scar down his chest as Logan knelt on one knee on the bed near to him.

“Lie down, Logan. We’ll have a few hours yet before we’re needed,” she said softly, as Kurt’s hand closed around his wrist and pulled him down. The bed creaked underneath his weight as he sank willingly to the mattress, smiling mouth closing on his and slick tongue stroking its way inside. Faint curls of interest rippled through his gut, and he sucked on the curve of Kurt’s bottom lip, sitting up and pushing on the German’s shoulder with one hand to force him onto the bed underneath him. He’d had enough of letting either one of them call the shots for the morning. Mapping out the interesting dental terrain of Kurt’s mouth with his tongue once again, he tilted his head to the side slightly and watched ‘Ro watching him.

Smiling that enigmatic goddess smile as she watched him maul Kurt’s mouth with his own, hard hands holding onto his limber body possessively. One knee wedged between Kurt’s thighs, making his legs spread and hips tilt up. As willing a surrender as it was, Logan still pinned the German’s wrists above his head with one hand as he pinched a dark blue nipple with the fingers of the other.

That smile made him wonder what she was thinking. Besides the obvious heat he could smell radiating off her chocolate skin. How the hell did he get mixed up with such complicated people? Hell if he knew. But at least they were good in bed. He returned his full attention to the writhing man underneath him, whispering dark dirty words into his pointed ear and fixated on making him yell his name. ‘Ro seemed content to watch this time around.

And the goddess smiled.

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