My Friend, My Lover

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My Friend, My Lover
Chapter 1: Vivid Dreams


AN: Hey there folks! Slickboy444 here again with a new tale for all you fanfiction fans out there! After writing “Hanging by a Moment” I received so much wonderful feedback from so many wonderful people that I couldn’t help but feel inspired to pursue more tales of enticement. That story came out better than I ever could have imagined and I hope to make this one every bit as good and enjoyable as my first epic tale! While I don’t plan for this to be nearly as long, I hope to make it every bit as memorable. And like the last story, this fic will contain plenty of drama, romance, growth, and of course…Sex. But like my last fic, I hope to do it in a good way and I hope you all enjoy it as much as you did with “Hanging by a Moment!”

As with my previous NC-17 story, this fic is based on my favorite cartoon/comic, X-men. It is based in the X-men: Evolution world and unlike my last story, this one is closely tied to the plot of the show. In other words, in this story, the same guidelines from the show apply and it’s not so much an AU as it is a story based within the Evo universe. So if you were a fan of my last fic, which was a No Powers AU, this one will be a regular, mutant powers universe for the team. That means it has the Xavier Institute, the Brotherhood, Magneto, mutant powers, and what not. So it’s definitely a lot different than my last story, but I’ve really been working with this idea for a good long while now and I think it’ll be an interesting tale for all to enjoy!

And as I said in my last fic, this story is my way of balancing out the horrible lack of Scott/Jean on! They are the longest lasting, most enduring X-men couple in history folks! And I want to pay them a them a little homage with this and all my stories! Hopefully, I’ll inspire others as well, but with this, I plan to leave my mark as I did with “Hanging by a Moment!”

Plot Summary: This fic takes place after the episodes “Power Surge,” “Fun and Games,” and “The Beast of Bayville.” With a strained relationship with Duncan Matthews, managing her ever volatile powers, and the everyday stresses of being a mutant, Jean Grey’s world is wrought with complications. On top of that, her sex drive has been building lately and has had few ways of satisfying such desires. She doesn’t want to turn to Duncan, her friends are pressuring her, and her body is in need of fulfillment and relief…So she turns to the one person she knows she can trust to help tame her desires…Her long time best friend, Scott Summers. But…Not wanting to risk their friendship, she and Scott decide to begin a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship so as to feed their sexual needs…Only they quickly realize that they get more out of it than they ever could have imagined.

Pairings: Major Scott/Jean, Logan/Ororo.

Rating: NC-17. This means adult content with graphic depictions of adult language and situations along with EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT! So be warned! If this stuff offends you, don’t read it. Otherwise, enjoy!

AN: ‘these mean character thoughts or psychic communication.’

Disclaimer: I do not own X-men or any of the characters in any way, shape, or form, so please don’t sue. I have nothing.

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Well, I guess that wraps up the introduction! I sincerely hope you all enjoy this story and without further adieu, slickboy444 proudly presents “My Friend, My Lover!” Enjoy!


Jean Grey didn’t know where on Earth she was…She didn’t know what this place was, how she got there, or even whether or not it was real. It all felt so strange…So surreal. Yet for some reason…She didn’t feel scared, confused, or even dazed. Instead…She felt really good…As if she was truly at peace for the first time in recent memory. It was so calm…So serene…As if it were some enchanted little paradise where none of the problems that so often plagued her could do her any harm.

Feeling so taken by the strange warmth such surroundings offered her…Jean found herself looking around at this majestic world around her. It was like an enchanted forest of sorts. Everywhere she looked, she was surrounded by pine trees that looked as tall as skyscrapers. And while the area was bathed in light, there was no sun…Instead there was a bright and magnificent full moon that shined bathed the whole area in an eerie glow the likes of which she had never seen before. And all throughout the area were these strange little fireflies that were glowing in a bright, multicolored glow…Making this wondrous place seem all the more surreal as she found herself smiling at their strange, yet enchanting beauty.

There was also something else she quickly noticed…Something that made this whole experience even more unusual…She was completely naked. From head to toe…She wore absolutely nothing. Her entire naked body, from her large, softball sized breasts down to her most private regions, was covered by no clothing whatsoever. She was completely nude…Yet for some reason, this didn’t affect her. If anything…It felt good…It felt really good.

The air around her was cool, yet calm and it brought a wonderful soothing sensation to her naked skin…As if to caress all the areas of her body that so desperately needed to be relieved. She also found herself taking a few steps forward into the strange unknown…Letting the soft feeling of the grass beneath her guide her steps along the way. She went slowly as her eyes wondered about such beautiful surroundings and as she watched the glowing fireflies swirl around her, a smile formed across her face as she found herself so taken by this enchanting feeling of peace.

Then suddenly…As she found herself walking through the soft bush and absorbing the magical world around her…A voice echoed through the trees…A voice that she recognized all too well.

“Jean…” it said, sounding as though it was coming from all directions.

Jean Grey struggled to ascertain where the voice was coming from, but she knew it belonged to one person and one person only…Scott Summers. He was her long time friend who had been there for her in more ways than anybody else in her life. He was the young man she felt closest too in so many ways. The sound of his voice was as familiar to her as the sound of the wind and in this strange, enchanted place it resonated in her mind with an almost hypnotic kind of echo…Drawing her in with it’s inexplicable power.

“Jean…” he said again, this time sounding as though it was closer, “Jean…Please come to me.”

Jean began looking around more intently, scanning the area under the brilliant lunar light and traversing through the soft grass. The glow of the fireflies began getting brighter with each step she took. She could feel him close by…Like a gentle warmth in the back of her head that brought such comfort and joy that she couldn’t help but smile at it’s presence. She used it as a guide…Slowly making her way closer and closer to him…Feeling the warmth course throughout her body all the more intently with each passing moment.

Then finally…She found him. Through the majestic brush of the trees and under the glowing radiance of the moon…She saw him standing right there in a clearing…Looking right back at her with a warm smile on his face.

Immediately, her eyes widened at the sight…But her smile did not wane. Like her…He was completely naked from head to toe. Every well chiseled muscle from his chest down to his sexy, toned core seemed ripped with manly flesh. And like her…Nothing was covering his most private areas. But that didn’t bother Jean in the slightest…If anything, the sight of Scott Summers naked was a very welcome sight…So majestic and arousing on so many levels. But aside from his beautiful naked body that brought a surge of new sensual sensations to Jean, there was still one other feature that seemed to override them all…His eyes. Because they were always obscured by his ruby quartz glasses, Jean had never had a chance to truly see Scott’s eyes in all their splendor. Now there was nothing covering them…No obstructions…No hindrances…Nothing.

His eyes were truly a sight to behold. As Jean’s eyes ran up and down Scott’s naked body…Her gaze quickly became locked on his eyes. They were a beautiful, enchanting shade of blue…So warm…So welcoming. They helped draw her in even more as she slowly began to approach him…The surrounding fireflies growing brighter and brighter with each step she took.

“Scott…” she found herself saying as she approached him, feeling a great sense of warmth consume her body as if it was bathed in raw joy.

His smile only grew wider and filled her with more warmth as she now stood so close to him that she could practically feel his aura mixing with hers. When she finally stopped, it was as if the universe itself stood still that very moment as she stood in his presence. Jean remained mesmerized by his gaze and felt more and more sensations course throughout her body…Sensations that grew so strongly within her to the point where she felt practically intoxicated by them.

“Jean…I’m glad I found you,” said Scott as he reached up and gently caressed her beautiful face.

The feeling of his touch set off a firestorm of nerves…Filling her mind and body with intense sensations that seemed to resonate with the mysterious fireflies as they continued to glow with increasing brilliance. Every nerve of her body was sent into a frenzy as his gentle hands began to traverse her naked skin…Slowly working down her beautiful, down her neck and shoulders, and onto her sexy breasts.

“Oh…Scott,” gasped Jean, feeling a fury of hot sensations course throughout her body.

The feeling of his hands upon her naked body caused her mind to spin in a wave of emotions and desires. She quickly found herself leaning into his touch, drawing her naked body closer to his as waves of joy and contentment soothed her mind. The warm smile on Scott’s face caused Jean to smile as well as she savored the sweet feeling of his hands upon her naked flesh.

Slowly, his hand worked their way around the sexy curves of her body, gently trailing down her well shaped hips and onto her sexy butt. This caused Jean to become extremely wet in her lower regions and she could feel streaks of her wet juices trailing down her inner thighs. Soon, she began to touch Scott as well with equal passion and care…Trailing her soft hands down the hard, rugged muscles of his sexy body. She quickly drew enticed by the feeling of his hard, manly flesh in her hands, causing her to become even wetter as the movement of his hands became more fervent and passionate.

“Jean…You are so beautiful,” said Scott as he more passionately ran his hands along her soft, naked skin, once again passing over her breasts and giving her nipples a slight pinch.

“And so are you, Scott…” said Jean in a deep, passionate tone, her hands traversing the majesty that was his body.

The fireflies around them were now glowing as brightly as miniature stars…Almost as if they were fueled by their intense desire for one another. Their hands were now moving around their naked skin in a fury of passion, causing Jean to become more and more wet and causing Scott to develop a fully erect hard on.

Then, as the fury of touching continued, Scott Summers and Jean Grey found themselves pulled into a tight embrace…Their faces now only a few inches apart. Jean could feel his hardened penis pressing up against her naked skin and the wetness in her vagina was now soaked with her arousal. She wanted him…So badly. Her heart pounded for this man…It throbbed for his warmth. She wanted to have him inside her…To be one with him…To make love to him.

Then, as the fireflies around them seemed to dance in a whirlwind around them, Scott’s hands once again found their way to her face…Gently cupping her chin as he smiled back at her with so much warmth and passion. Her arms soon found their way around his neck, pulling him closer to her as the warmth of their naked bodies mixed together into one beautiful mantra of unbridled happiness and passion.

“Scott…” said Jean, his face now drifting closer and closer to hers, “I…I want you. I want you so much.”

“Yes…I want you too, Jean,” said Scott as he looked back into her beautiful emerald green eyes.

“Please…Make love to me,” she gasped, her desires and passions taking hold, feeling so happy and full of joy to share a moment like this with this wonderful man, “Scott…I want you to make love to me.”

Scott simply kept smiling as his arms held her in a warm, passionate embrace.

“It’s okay…I will make love to you…Right here…Right now.”

Then finally…Their lips met in a soft, passionate kiss…One that sent Jean’s whole mind and body reeling in fury of emotions. The fireflies around them now swirled in a majestic tornado of brilliant light as their warm embrace grew more passionate. They felt as though they were in heaven…They felt as though this was paradise. There was nothing but joy, happiness, and contentment…It was all so perfect…So wonderful…So magical.

Then, while still in an embrace, Jean felt Scott’s hands trail down her leg, slightly lifting it up and allowing it to hitch around his waist…Leaving the path for him clear to begin their grandest act. The heat between them was so intense…Their passions and desire were immeasurable. The world around them seemed to spin. His hardened penis was right against the opening to her wet vagina. They were so close…They were almost one. Then…Just as their bodies were so close to uniting in the deepest, most intimate bonds of physical, emotional, and sexual union…Everything went black.


Suddenly, Jean Grey shot up in her bed with a loud gasp…Abruptly returning from the majesty of the dream world to the cold hard reality of the real world. She found herself breathing hard…Her body still so hot from what she had just experienced. It took her a moment to readjust to her surroundings, for she was still very groggy. The vivid memories of what she had just experienced were still fresh in her mind, causing a wave of confusion to take hold of her as she tried to make sense out of them.

“Ugh…What the hell was that all about?” she asked into the darkness, rubbing her head somewhat.

Gradually, she adjusted to the feeling of being back in her room, still feeling a bit dazed about what had just happened. She didn’t know how late it was, but it was still pitch black outside and all was quiet. Her room was still completely darkened and her surroundings were just as she had left them before going to sleep. But as she finally managed to shake off her groggy state…Something quickly dawned on her.

“Oh fuck…Not again,” she groaned as her body seemed to catch up with her mind.

Looking down at herself, she saw that she had climaxed in her panties…Again. Her wet juices now soaked the small garment, leaving a rather large visible wet spot that seemed to consume the whole fabric. Fluids were still seeping out of her pussy, for it had been quite a strong climax…One that, as annoying as it was in some ways, she really enjoyed.

Throwing her sheets back, Jean slipped out of her bed and made her way over towards her dresser. She walked somewhat awkwardly due to the lingering wet feeling in her panties, but this had been happening so much lately that she had grown somewhat used to it. As she slid the now soaked garment down her legs, more of her juices trailed down her inner thighs. And upon throwing her now tainted panties into her hamper, she grabbed a box of tissues and began to clean herself off a bit.

“This is getting out of hand…” she said to herself with a sigh as she wiped away some of her fluids from around the still moist folds her pussy and inner thighs, “First my powers…Now this? What’s going on with me?”

Jean Grey had been having some luck lately. Aside from being a mutant in a house full of them and being a part of a secret peacekeeping team, she had been having quite a few problems lately. First, her so called ‘boyfriend,’ Duncan Matthews, had been getting on her nerves lately. Even though they hadn’t been dating that long, things were already starting to fall apart. It was getting to the point where she regretted going out with him to begin with since he was proving to be more of a jerk than she ever could have expected. Second, she had experienced a rather severe episode with her powers a while back…An episode that left the infirmary in ruins and nearly got a lot of her friends hurt. And if it hadn’t been for Scott helping her pull through, there was no telling how bad it could have gotten. She had been working with Professor Xavier regularly since then in order to help steady her powers. And while she had made a lot of progress and was officially out of danger according to him and the new institute doctor, Hank McCoy…It still didn’t sit well with her knowing her powers could potentially go so haywire.

And on top of all that…On top of dealing with a jerk off boyfriend, renegade powers, and the everyday life of an X-man, living under one roof with a bunch of ravenous mutant teens who often scoffed at her for being ‘little miss perfect’ when she was just trying to set an example and do the right thing…She had this…This tension to deal with. While as a regular, healthy, teenage girl, she had never denied the fact that she had a pretty good sex drive…Lately, it had been growing to a whole new level. She was still a virgin, but that didn’t mean she didn’t crave sex at times. She pleasured herself, touched herself, and had sexy dreams from time to time like anybody else and she had regularly experienced such things throughout her teen years. But lately…It was just growing so great that it drove her crazy at times. She had been getting so many…Urges lately that it was hard to satisfy such desires. She had been masturbating a lot more frequently lately, her dreams were becoming more and more vivid, and everything within her just felt so…So tense.

She didn’t know why this was happening to her. She had enough problems to deal with and she didn’t need a raging sex drive on top of it all. At first she thought it was just a passing thing…But it just kept getting worse and worse. The more she felt it, the more powerful it became. Now it was affecting her sleep, her stress levels, and her laundry habits. But this time, it had caused something else that she didn’t expect…Something she was making her all the more confused about what was going on with her.

As she continued to wipe herself clean, her thoughts drifted back to the dream. It was so strange…Yet so wonderful that it was as if she had dreamed of a paradise. But that’s not what was confusing her…What was confusing her was the presence of her long time friend, Scott Summers. When she closed her eyes, she could still see that image…That image of him standing naked before her…Touching her naked body with such warmth and care. Sure, she had entertained thoughts of Scott like that before…After all, he was a very attractive man…But he was her best friend. She had known him since they were only twelve years old. He was probably the most important person in her life. He had always been there for her and she couldn’t imagine her life without him. And friends weren’t supposed to think thoughts like that about each other…Were they?

Upon cleaning herself off, she reached into her dresser and pulled out a clean pair and slipped them on. Looking over at her clock radio, Jean saw that it was around four in the morning. Letting out a tired sigh, the beautiful redhead tried to shake her head clean of such images and thoughts.

“Ugh…Four AM on a school night,” she groaned, “Just my luck.”

Wanting to get what sleep she could, Jean slipped back under the covers and laid back on her soft pillows, trying to lull herself to sleep again. Yet as she tried to get what rest she could, her thoughts continued to linger on that dream. As annoying as it was that it had caused her to climax rather strongly and mess up another pair of panties…It was still very pleasant. The forest…The night…The fireflies…And, of course, Scott had made it so enchanting…So wonderful…So perfect. It was as if she had been inside her own personal heaven.

She didn’t know why Scott had been in that dream. Never before had she experienced something so…So vivid. It was as if she could still feel his touch upon her body…But she quickly dispensed that thought for the sake of not ruining another pair of panties. But nevertheless, her mind continued to wander. She just couldn’t stop thinking about Scott and how magical it had been. The happiness…The sensuality…The warmth…It was just so amazing that she couldn’t even put it into words.

With this dream in mind, she didn’t know how the hell she was going to face Scott again. Her feelings for him had always been a complicated matter and she had never been quite sure about just what it was they shared that seemed to go beyond friendship. And this dream definitely made her think about it more. As in the case of her power surge, this gave her a lot to think about…But for now, she just wanted to sleep.

And after a while, even as the memories of the vivid dream still lingered…She managed to slowly nod off…Pushing aside the issues of her sex drive, her dream, and Scott…For now.


The sound of a blaring alarm echoed through the room of Scott Summers, abruptly awakening him from a deep sleep…And from a rather interesting dream. The sound of his clock radio caused him to literally shoot up from under the covers and at first he had mistaken it for the institute alarm…A tendency that all too often came with the responsibilities of being the leader to the X-men. But shock aside, Scott quickly recovered as he returned to the realm of consciousness and turned off his alarm, signaling the beginning of a new day.

“Ugh…Morning already,” he groaned as he took a brief moment to shake off his lingering drowsiness.

It had been a rather interesting night for the young man who had lived under the roof of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters for the better part of a decade. Sure, he fell asleep like he always did after staying up late yet again to do homework, but this time…He experienced something rather…Unexpected.

Usually, his sleep was often plagued with nightmares about such things as the traumatic loss of his parents in a plane crash from when he was only seven, the unending fear that his powers would one day really hurt someone, or the constant anxiety that someone would attack him and his friends…But this time, it had been different. This time…He had experienced a very different dream…One that was worlds away from his usual nightmares.

He wasn’t sure what it meant or how it came into being, but it was definitely something. And unlike regular dreams, he remembered it with the utmost clarity. In it…He and his long time best friend whom he had known and grown up with for years, Jean Grey, were standing naked in what felt like an enchanted forest. And between them…There was so much joy, happiness, and bliss that it was almost as if they were in heaven together. Then…There was the touching…The sweet, sensual touching that brought so much magic between them. It was almost as if he could still feel her warm, naked skin in his hands and see clearly her beautiful naked body…But alas, it had only been a dream.

Nevertheless, it had been one hell of a dream…A dream that was a welcomed change for Scott. Because of it, he had slept more peacefully than he had in weeks. Even though it was because of a very powerful dream about him and his best friend…It was still a big step up from what he was used to. It was definitely something to remember…Even if he didn’t quite know what it meant or why he had it. But at the moment…He had to contend not only with waking himself up, but also fighting a rather serious erection that had formed as a result of such a hot dream.

“Man…What a night,” he muttered to himself, waiting a few minutes for the bulge in his boxers to wane before getting up and going through his regular morning routine.

Yet even as he went about the usual rituals that he was so used to, the dream did not wane in his mind…If anything, it grew stronger. And while thoughts like that about Jean were not unusual to him…They had never been this vivid before.

For some time now, he had been quite smitten with Jean…Starting from their blossoming friendship and growing quite strong over the years. Yet he never voiced his feelings to her, that didn’t stop him from feeling the way he did about her. But she had a boyfriend now…And he had a girlfriend. Granted, her boyfriend was not somebody he liked all that much since he just seemed to make Jean so miserable all the time. But if that’s who she wanted to be with, he had no right to stop her. As for his girlfriend, Taryn…Well, they had their problems as well and it was somewhat of a challenge just to keep things going.

As Scott continued to reflect on this and lay out his clothes for the day, his eyes drifted to a picture he kept on his desk. It was one of him and Jean taken not long ago when they began their senior year. It was a time when neither of them had any other romances to deal with or renegade new recruits to handle…A time when there were so many possibilities and so many chances that he just never seemed to take advantage of.

“Jean…” he found himself saying, “Even in my dreams…You still have such an impact on me.”

Letting out a deep sigh, Scott tore his gaze away from the picture he so deeply treasured and tried to focus on facing the new day. It would be weird having to contend with this dream now, but issues aside…It definitely gave him something to think about.


Morning at the Xavier Institute went like any other for the many residents. It was Monday and a new school week was upon them and as always, many were still groggy. For the elders of the institute, they tended to their usual duties as the students slowly began to wake. Ororo Munroe, one of the institute teachers who went by the codename Storm because of her ability to control the weather, rose a bit earlier to make breakfast. And usually alongside her, her friend and fellow teacher, Logan, also known as Wolverine, woke up as well to do his morning rounds. Their newest teacher, Hank McCoy was up next, followed by the Professor as they went through their morning routine and prepared for yet another day.

“Like, come on Rogue! What’s taking you so long?” groaned young Kitty Pryde as she and a few other of the girls including Jubilee, Rahne, and Amara were waiting in line at the girls bathroom.

“Yeah, did you fall in or something?” made Jubilee, also growing impatient.

“Will ya just take it easy, y’all!” she shouted from the bathroom as she put on her makeup for the day, “Ah’ll be done when Ah’m done! Ya hear?”

“Well could ye at least make it before the next ice age?” said Rahne with a yawn, still trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes, “Some of us have to get ready too ye know.”

As the four girls waited for their friend to exit the bathroom, a few of the guys passed by, namely Kurt and Evan. And upon seeing the little traffic jam that had formed outside the bathroom, they couldn’t help but laugh.

“Man am I glad I’m not a girl…” commented Evan.

“Amen to that dude!” said Kurt, “I don’t think I could handle the morning traffic.”

“Hey!” said Amara as she and the other girls shot the boys a few dirty looks.

“Sorry, but it’s true,” said Kurt with a laugh as he and Evan made their way down the stairs, “Come on Spyke! Last one downstairs gets no bacon!”

“You’re on man!” said Evan as they both quickly followed their noses to the alluring smells of breakfast.

The mention of food didn’t help the girls much other than annoy them. But thankfully, just as they left, Rogue made her exit from the bathroom, leaving it vacant for the others to do their business.

“Finally…” said Kitty as she stepped in to wash up a bit before school.

Rogue just rolled her eyes at the looks the others gave her, going about her morning like always and making her way downstairs as well, hoping to wrestle some of the bacon away from Kurt before it was all gone.

“Okay…Next time she makes us wait this long, I’m going to set her homework on fire,” said Amara.

“I don’t know if that would do much anyways,” said Jubilee, letting out a deep sigh at the beginning of yet another day as a mutant in a world where they weren’t supposed to exist.

As the rest of the girls continued to wait, still trying to shake off their grogginess, Jean exited her room all dressed and ready with her backpack in hand. Thankfully, she had woken up a little earlier to get ready before the morning rush. And from the looks of it, she had made a smart move.

“Morning Jean,” said Rahne as the older redhead passed them by.

“Morning ladies,” she said with a yawn, still plenty groggy even though she had been up for a while now.

“Don’t you look tired…” commented Jubilee with a grin, “What’s the matter? Stay up all night studying or something?”

Jean merely rolled her eyes in annoyance, for she was just so sick and tired of everybody assuming that she was just some goody two shoes simply for trying to be responsible. But after what happened last night, she was just too drowsy to care.

“Yeah…Something like that,” she muttered in response, knowing it probably wouldn’t go over well with the ever curious girls if she told them the truth.

As she passed by them, she could smell the alluring scents of breakfast coming from below. It helped to wake her up a bit as she made her way to the stairs, but as luck would have it…At the very same time she was about to head down, she ran into the one person that had been the source of her rather ‘unusual’ night…Scott Summers. And she remained so dazed that she didn’t actually see him until she bumped right into him.

“Oh…Uh…Sorry Scott,” said Jean as her eyes fell upon her friend.

“It’s okay, Jean…” he assured her, “Are you alright? You look really tired?”

Even though it was a seemingly simple question, Jean hesitated in answering it, for the sudden contact with his body had brought back some of those steamy memories of the vivid dream that still hung so fresh in her mind. And as she looked back at him, she couldn’t help but remember that image of him standing completely naked before her, all exposed in his full manly glory. Such an image was not welcome at a time like this…Especially in his presence. It was hard enough looking at him again with such sexy thoughts about him, but she didn’t need to let affect her this much.

“Yeah…I tossed a lot last night,” she told him while simultaneously thinking, ‘Don’t picture him naked…Don’t picture him naked…Even if he did look so good with those muscles, that smile, and that big strong dick of his…Damn it, Jean! Stop it!’

“Really?” he said, sounding more concerned, “Was it your powers again?”

Jean had to keep telling herself not think any sexual thoughts about him…But damn it, it was just so hard especially after how much she enjoyed them in her dream.

“No…It wasn’t that, it was just…Restlessness,” she told him, saying the first thing that came to her head.

Scott didn’t think she sounded too convincing. He knew this woman through and through and right now, his instincts were telling him that there was wrong. But from the looks of it…Jean didn’t really want to talk about it.

“Are you sure?” he said, placing a hand on her shoulder, showing that he was concerned.

The feeling of his hands upon her once again set off a firestorm of images in her mind. The memories of how it felt when he touched her naked skin were still so vivid and she actually felt herself grow a little weak in the knees upon feeling his touch once again. But still, she shook it off…Feeling it wasn’t right thinking such thoughts about her best friend.

“Yeah, I’m okay…Really Scott,” she said, managing a smile.

Upon seeing that, Scott was satisfied…Although he still couldn’t help but be a little curious. But part of his mind didn’t well on that…Part of his mind was still too taken by the images that continued to float around in his head of a beautiful, sexy, naked Jean Grey standing before him in an enchanted realm. But like Jean…He fiercely suppressed such thoughts.

“Okay…But if something is wrong, you know I’m here for you, right?” he told her while part of his mind also kept going, ‘Jean…Forest…Naked…Breasts…Damn it! Stop! Don’t think that way about her!’

“I know…” she said, maintaining her smile despite her thoughts, “And don’t worry, I’ll never forget it…”

That got Scott to smile as well as the two long time friends managed to push some of those overtly sexual thoughts off to the side for now. And as hard as they were to forget, they didn’t want it to affect things between them. After all…They were just dreams…At least, that’s what they kept telling themselves.

Just then, Bobby and Ray appeared near the top of the stairs where Scott and Jean had been standing and made kissing faces towards the two of them as a show of poking fun at their incessant ‘flirting’ as they called it.

“Flirting already…Man, and I thought I was a morning person,” commented Bobby with a laugh.

“Yeah, guess they don’t like to waste time,” said Ray, finding such a scene equally humorous.

Both Scott and Jean simply cast them an annoyed look and Scott gave them the finger, which only served to make them laugh more as the descended down towards the kitchen and dining room, where breakfast awaited.

“Ignore them…” said Jean, rolling her eyes in annoyance, “They’re just being jerks.”

“I know…” said Scott with a sigh, “But do they always have to be that way towards us?”

“Probably…” responded Jean, “After all, who better to pick on then the students who actually try to be responsible?”

“Good point…” said Scott with a half grin, “Oh well, I guess that’s the price of being the resident elders.”

“Yeah…” admitted Jean, “But that doesn’t make it suck any less.”

“Tell me about it…” muttered Scott, wishing the younger students would just lay off them at times, “Well…I guess we should get down there before Kurt and Bobby scarf down everything.”

“Yeah…You’re probably right,” said Jean as they both began making their way down the stairs, “With any luck, they’ll puke it up later.”

And with that, the two friends made their way to the dining room where much of the food was already set up. Ororo was still cooking and greeted them both with a smile as they entered. And as they had suspected, Kurt and Bobby were already going to work with the bacon. Rogue was there too, keeping to herself like always, along with Ray, Roberto, and Rahne. The Professor and Beast were also there, already discussing their plans for the day over a little morning tea and so was Logan, who was just reading the paper and drinking coffee as was often his custom in the morning.

As always, Scott and Jean sat next to each other for breakfast and went about their regular morning routine. Although this time, they avoided eye contact more than usual. After the dream they both had last night, they figured it was probably best to keep themselves from anything that would remind them of the hot, sensual scene they had shared. And hopefully…It wouldn’t affect things between them or their daily lives all that much. However, that remained to be seen.


In the chaotic halls of Bayville High, the mutants of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters once again settled into the habit of living amongst regular humans, secretly concealing their mutant powers. As always, everybody seemed groggy. Mondays always had that effect on people and much of the institute residents were no exception. But for Scott and Jean, it was made even more difficult with dream still lingering in their minds.

While they had managed to push it aside for the most part, that didn’t keep them from seeing those sexy naked images of each other whenever they made eye contact. And for the most part, they managed to keep this to themselves and not drop any hints to each other that they were thinking such things. Scott was careful not to project his thoughts for her telepathy to pick up on and Jean was careful not to let it show, given Scott had an uncanny knack for perception. But in a sense…Both youths were too busy trying to keep themselves from remembering such thoughts to even take note of any abnormalities. And in the back of their minds, they hoped that a nice, hard week of school would make them forget as such.

“Vell, I’ll see you two later!” said Kurt as he waved goodbye to his friend and made his way off to class with Evan.

“Later Kurt,” said Scott as he and Jean waved back, “See you at lunch!”

This left Scott and Jean alone together once again at their lockers as the swarm of people continued to pass by them. It was usually customary that they hung out together before classes whenever Scott wasn’t preoccupied with Taryn or whenever Jean wasn’t being pestered by Duncan. And usually, it was a time of easiness and peace for the both of them…But this time, with the dream still so vivid for the both of them, it was quite different.

“So what have you got going on this week?” Scott asked, hoping to get his mind off things with a little conversation.

“Oh you know…The usual,” said Jean, keeping it casual, “Three tests and an English paper due Friday.”

“Yeah, I’ve got that paper too,” he said as he gathered his things, “And I’m not even half way through.”

Then, as he bent down to get a few of his text books, Jean’s eyes suddenly fell on his ass and immediately the images and feelings flared up once again. But this time, she was quick to tell her brain otherwise.

‘Don’t look at his ass…Don’t look at his tight, sexy ass…’ she thought to herself, although she wasn’t doing a very good job of listening to herself, ‘Damn it! Why can’t I stop staring at it?’

Thankfully, as soon as Scott got back up, she wasn’t able to look at his ass anymore…Instead, her eyes began drifting down to his crotch.

“Well, hopefully I’ll finish it tonight,” said Scott, not noticing her shifting eyes, mainly because his eyes were wandering as well and he kept having to inwardly yell, ‘Eyes on face…Eyes on face, Scott! Not on her breasts! Not on her legs either, just…Damn it, why is this so hard?’

“Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to get it out of the way sooner rather than later, given how our teacher loves to throw new assignments at us right before due dates,” said Jean, still trying to keep it casual, but her eyes just wouldn’t stop wandering, ‘Oh fuck, I just looked at his crotch! Come on, Jean…Come on! You can do it! This is your best friend for crying out loud! You’re not supposed to think of him in THAT way! Oh fuck, I just looked at it again!’

“Tell me about it…But then again, that’s high school for you,” said Scott, still trying to keep his eyes from drifting all over her body, thinking, ‘Ugh, I’ll never get that dream out of my head. Why did she have to look so good? Why did it have to feel so good?’

That helped Jean laugh a bit, which aided in her effort to stop ogling her best friend’s body. Because dream or no dream…She didn’t want it to affect her friendship with Scott. It was too important to her to have something like her sex drive affect it. And it was times like this when she was reminded of just how much it meant to her, for it helped make the unending challenge that was high school that much easier.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you in Calc, Scott,” said Jean as she looked at her watch briefly to check the time and also to give her a way to stop looking at his body, “And hopefully we’ll get a chance to go over that test so we can…”

However, before Jean could finish, a loud, familiar voice broke her out of her thoughts and out of her daze. And as her luck would have it…It just happened to be quite possibly the last person she wanted to deal with at the moment.

“Jean! Baby! There you are!” said Duncan Mathews, the star QB of the school football team, “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Immediately, Jean’s mood soured as did Scott’s. She definitely didn’t need this. Things between her and Duncan were lousy enough as they were and she didn’t want to face him with this ‘issue’ still lingering in her head. But nevertheless, Jean put on a neutral face as if nothing was amiss.

“Oh…Hey Duncan,” she said, forcing herself to smile.

“Hey yourself Jean!” he said in response, “Where were you all weekend? I though you were going to call?”

“I told you earlier, Duncan…I had to work on a couple of papers,” she said, sounding exasperated.

“Oh please…That doesn’t mean you couldn’t have at least TRIED to make some time!” said Duncan in his defense.

Jean just rubbed her temples in response, feeling a headache starting to form…Which she so did not need right now. It was only Monday morning…And already she was off to a pretty lousy start.

“Look, I’m sorry, Duncan…” she told him, not wanting to argue this early in the morning, “Let’s not argue about this now, okay? I have to get to class.”

“Fine…I’ll walk you then!” said Duncan, sounding as though he wasn’t going to let it go that easily.

“Whatever…” she said, shaking her head in defeat as she turned back towards Scott, “I’ll see you later, Scott.”

“Yeah…I’ll see you,” he said, casting Duncan a distasteful look…Not trusting him for an instant when it came to Jean.

Duncan, however, ignored Scott’s glance. If anything, he remained smug knowing that Scott couldn’t do anything about it. Jean was his girlfriend…Not his…End of story. And no matter how much Scott hated it, he could do nothing to change it. And with that thought in mind, he let out deep sigh as he made his way to class, once again letting his thoughts to drift to more pleasant things…Like his dream.

For Jean, however, her morning didn’t look as though it was going to get much better as Duncan once again began to talk and talk as he so often tended to do. In her mind, it should have been a disease for someone to love the sound of his own voice as much as Duncan Mathews because he always had to the dominate one in charge. She didn’t know if it was because he was something that stemmed from his QB mentality or if it was just because he was a jerk. Either way, life didn’t look as though it was going to get any easier in the already overly complicated life of Jean Grey.

“So this weekend, you see, my folks were gone all day and all night Saturday at my Aunt’s, and we could have spent the whole day together!” he ranted as he stuck by Jean like an annoying bug, not really noticing that Jean wasn’t paying much attention to him, “It was the perfect opportunity to get a little ‘us’ time and you’re always saying how I’m never ‘romantic’ enough and since I’m going away this weekend we’ll have to wait until next Monday to do anything, so don’t start blaming me again when…”

After that, Jean pretty much shut him out, inwardly groaning to herself as Duncan’s voice only added to her growing headache. She didn’t know what she ever did to invite such bad luck into her life. Her powers were unstable…Her boyfriend was a total asshole…Her friends wouldn’t stop teasing her…And on top of it all, her sex drive was driving her crazy. And as she listened to Duncan rant on and on, only one thought went through her head.

‘Oh boy…’ she groaned to herself, ‘It’s going to be a LONG week.’


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