Sell Uin Sûl

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Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men comics, or any of the characters from it. I make no money from from the writing of this story.

Title: Sell Uin Sûl (Daughter of the Wind)

Author: Tiffany G.


Disclaimer: I am not the owner of “Lord of the Rings” or the X-men character Storm. Those rights belong to J.R.R. Tolkien and Marvel Comics. My original characters are Glinmathen (golden voice), Idhrenblaith (wise spirit), Gelirind (merry heart), and Gailnî f (bright face.)

Rating: Early chapters between G and PG-13. Possibility that will raise.

Pairing: Ororo/Legolas

Notes: I will be combining elements from the “Lord of the Rings” movie and books.

Distribution: Take it, just let me know you have it.

Note: I’ve decided to post this here because I feel my Ororo portrayal is more in keeping with the comics than the movie and I’m not sure how this fic would be received in the Tolkien’s book section.

The sun rose to the top of the sky, struggling to peak through to the floor of the dense forest known as Mirkwood. It was noon but the trees cast a foreboding darkness within that made it obvious how the ancient place got its name. The only wholesome life that would dare reside in the forest were the elves. At the northern end of this very wood, King Thranduil held court within his palace. The Sindarin elf rested upon his throne, surrounded by members of his domain. They were present to hear the day’s politics.

Ororo watched from the side of the room as business progressed. Frequently she shifted her gaze to rest upon Prince Legolas, who stood dutifully next to his father. She took a moment to admire his handsome form. She wasn’t entirely sure why she liked to look at him so much. None of the elves she lives with felt the need to stare at others they way she did. She looked away.

To someone unfamiliar with the Woodland Realm, Ororo would seem sorely out of place. Not for lack of grace or majesty. She stood amongst elven ladies, her beauty not dimmed by theirs‘. But where their skin was pale as starlight, hers was a rich honey brown. Long, golden hair cascaded down their backs while silver locks in a tight braid rested on hers. She wore the tunic of a male elf. It had long sleeves and a high collar, the bottom ending just above her knees. Far more functional apparel, in her opinion, than the long, exquisite dresses the others wore. The elves all stood motionless and attentive, while Ororo fidgeted, not being able to keep still. Her catlike crystalline blue eyes focused on nothing for long. These differences placed her in stark contrast to the others.

Ororo is not an elf. She was abandoned, presumably by the Easterlings. A group belonging to this division of men had been living near Mirkwood peacefully for some time. A baby had been found near the edge of the woods by a group of elves. She lay asleep in swaddling cloths inside a basket. A note written in the Easterling tongue explained that the child’s name was Ororo. The baby bore the characteristic dark skin of her mother‘s people, but the village would not accept a child having white corn silk hair and aquamarine eyes. The mother could not bear seeing her baby girl scorned or banished, so she left her by the wood, hoping someone kind would take her. No more information was given on the origins of the small infant. Those that found Ororo brought her to the king.

At first Thranduil thought it wise to entrust the babe to mortal care, but upon seeking out the counsel of Galadriel he was convinced to keep her in his kingdom. The Lady of the Golden Wood had inspected the child and could sense power in her not unlike that of the elves. She determined that somehow this child was immortal and would be best raised with immortals. A she-elf named Glinmathen asked to be the foster parent. She’d never born an elfling in her lifetime, and desired to mother Ororo .

Such is how the unique young woman of mysterious birth came to live as one of the elves in Mirkwood. She’d now been apart of the kingdom for more than 100 years. Galadriel had been correct, when Ororo grew to early adulthood, she stopped growing, and she also stopped aging. She began exhibiting a peculiar ability as the years went on. She could sense the weather. Ororo knew its patterns and its very energy spoke to her. The king was intrigued and invited her to be further educated by royal tutors. She learned medicine, swordsmanship, and the history of Arda.

A remarkable event happened during her martial training. Her sparring opponent for that day was Prince Legolas. He’d been one of her instructors in the art. That day he wanted to see first hand how she was coming along. It was easy for him to dodge all her attacks and to overtake her, his age and training obvious advantages. Ororo became so flustered by this, that one of her thrusts with the sword cause her to send electricity through her fingertips. The blast managed to hit the prince and sent him to the ground, stunned. She stood in shock as clouds gathered above their heads and rain poured down. The phenomenon hadn’t occurred again since that day, but the king knew now that Ororo had unforeseen powers that may need to be addressed in the future.

Thranduil decided she would have to meet with Elrond and then Galadriel to assess the implications of her abilities. Until then he allowed her to be apart of his court to learn diplomacy and the workings of government. Today he was speaking with his advisors and subjects about the rumors of Sauron’s resurgence. Elrond had promised to send word on the matter, and indeed, shortly before court ended that afternoon, a messenger from Rivendell arrived.

All present turned their attention to the doors of the throne room when they opened, allowing a tall, dark-haired elf to pass within. Thranduil and Legolas recognized him as Elladan, son of Elrond and twin brother to Elrohir. The news he brought with him was obviously important, as Elrond would not have ordered his own son to be a messenger for anything less.

“My father Lord Elrond has sent me to confirm the finding of the cursed ring of Sauron and to summon you to a meeting in Rivendell.”

“First I would hear news of the ring.” Thranduil replied.

“It seems it has fallen into the hands of a Periannath. Frodo, the nephew of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf bade them travel to Rivendell for the safety of it. They have recently arrived, aided by Aragorn of the Dú nedain. They met with trouble in the form of the Nazgû l at Amon Sû l. The ring-bearer was stabbed by a Wraith’s blade. He became immediately ill and would have been lost to us had it not been for my sister, Lady Arwen. She brought the young hobbit to our father, who has healed him. Frodo was still in a deep sleep when I left.”

“You have mentioned a summons. What of that?”

“Lord Elrond wished for you and your elder advisors to attend his counsel. The major races of Middle Earth shall be present to discuss the matter of the ring.”

Thranduil pondered in silence for a moment before deciding his course of action. “I choose not to attend. I would have my son Legolas take my place.”

Ororo openly stared at Legolas and witnessed his dark, cobalt eyes shimmer with excitement. She looked to her mother beside her. Glinmathen nodded in empathy. She knew her adopted child had some feelings for the Prince of Mirkwood. No doubt she was worried for him.

“Legolas, Idhrenblaith, Gailnî f, and Ororo shall journey to Rivendell. I view this as most urgent. Will you agree to return with them at nightfall Elladan?”

Legolas interrupted. “Ororo, father?”

Thranduil turned to his son. “Her various skills could prove useful, and I have a previous wish for her to meet with Elrond. This is the perfect opportunity for her to test her skills and to perhaps learn more about herself.”

“She is a female and a child.” Legolas argued. He was not certain that she was ready. Hurt passed briefly over the face of the woman in question.

“A female who can predict the weather, who can hunt, and has been trained in medicine and fighting.”

Legolas silently relented, giving in to his father. Ororo would accompany him on this trip.

The chocolate-skinned woman in question smiled in pure satisfaction. King Thranduil had complimented her. Best of all she would be going on a journey with Legolas, even if he did seem to doubt her ability.

“Well, tithen ninglor, it seems you shall finally be able to go out into the world. Though I will miss you, I am happy that our king trusts you.”

“I will miss you as well nana, but I am sure I will be back soon.” Mother and daughter left with leave of the king to gather Ororo’s necessities, so she would be ready by the evening.

Periannath = hobbit/halfling

tithen ninglor = little wild iris

nana = (term of endearment) mother

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