The Hunt

BY : Elizabeth Robbins
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The Hunt

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A/N: This is a chapter 12 of a story of mine that is posted on For background information, Jubilee was badly injured and nearly died. Hank had spliced Logan's healing factor into Jubilee's DNA and cured her. Jubilee is 24. Logan and Jubilee are lovers and want to have children. If you are curious, the story is at under my name. It is titled 'Second Chances' and is rated M.

A month after the procedure, Hank gave them the okay to get pregnant and Logan's behavior suddenly changed for the weirder. Her period came and went and Logan took to sniffing her several times a day. It was creeping her out.

The first month, nothing happened except Logan's strange sniffing behavior. Sex became very, very satisfying. She found that she was able to go most of the night. For the better part of their relationship, Logan wasn't able to completely satisfy himself. Jubilee didn't have the stamina to go on as long as he could so he frequently fell asleep hard or semi hard. The night Jubilee was able to defeat him and make him go completely limp, she celebrated. He was too exhausted at the time but he congratulated her the next morning.

His strange behavior continued for five weeks. When he started to seek her out and sniff her more often, she couldn't take it any more.

“What are you doing?” she asked, exasperated, when he had sniffed her for the fifth time in less than six hours.

“Yer gonna ovulate soon,” he told her, happily inhaling her scent. “I got somethin' special fer ya when ya do.”

That night at dinner, he leaned over and sniffed her neck. His eyes widened with a gleam of satisfaction and lust. He grabbed her hand and yanked her out of her chair, dragging her to the door.

“Excuse us,” she yelled to her bewildered teammates, and followed him out the front door. She stumbled after him until they got to the tree line where he stopped.

“Run.” he ordered, his eyes red with feral passion.

“What?” she demanded, confused.

A low growl rumbled in his throat. “Run.” he told her again.

She knew better than to disobey him when the animal was in control. She turned and dashed into the trees. He held himself back. It wouldn't do for the hunt to end too soon. For the first time, the beast was holding back the man. The man wanted to find Jubilee and fuck her senseless. The beast insisted that this was the most important hunt in his life. From this hunt, they would get the pup they both craved. They needed her to get far away so the hunt would be a challenge for all of them. A challenging hunt would produce a very strong pup. So he waited, crouched at the edge of the trees, more animal than man.

Jubilee ran through the trees making sure she didn't leave a clear trail. She knew what he was doing. He had explained the mating hunt to her several months ago. She just never had thought she would get the chance to do it. It was exciting. It was like hide and seek with a more exciting outcome at the end. She knew she couldn't make it easy for him. She would need to fight back when he found her. She could make it easier for herself. The long skirt and floppy blouse would hamper her movements so she stripped to her panties and camisole top, leaving the clothes where they lay and heading in a different direction.

A stream ran through the woods to the west of the mansion. She hoped she could hide her scent in the water though she doubted it. He always became more amorous in the middle of her cycle. He told her that she gave off the most delicious pheromones during those three days that he couldn't help himself. Sex pheromones were very strong. Even normal men react to them and Logan was hardly a normal man.

She splashed through the stream for about a half a mile before leaving it and making her way to the small escarpment near the edge of the property. She had climbed the twenty foot wall many times and knew there was a copse of hardwood trees at the top she could climb. The branches of several of them would support her weight but not his.

She was just pulling herself over the top of the wall when she heard the low growl telling her she had been found. She quickly moved away from the sheer drop. This was about sex, not death. It wouldn't do to fall off the cliff at a time like this.

This was where Emma's training came in handy. She opened her mind and followed the shimmering link back to her mate. There he was, hiding in the trees. She sent a small paff at him and waited until it expanded into a blinding white light. When the flash died, she was already running for the trees, searching for the smaller ones that he couldn't climb. She was almost there when her legs were knocked out from under her by nearly four hundred pounds of Wolverine. She was lucky he didn't break anything.

She rolled and came up paffing. Two mid level paffs caught him in the chest, driving him into a large oak He recovered quickly and came at her again. She back flipped away from his diving grab and clipped him on the chin with her booted foot. She knew she couldn't let him grab her. He outweighed her by over two hundred pounds. She needed to stay out of his reach as long as possible. They circled each other, warily.

“You want me, don't you, Wolvie,” she taunted. “You want to fuck me so bad that it's killing you.” He started to growl, softly at first, gradually increasing in volume. “I won't be easy.” she continue, her voice husky with need. “You're gonna have to beat me first. I'm stronger now and I won't mate with a weak man. Are you prepared to hurt me, Wolverine? I'm prepared to hurt you to stop you. You have to win the right to fuck me. Show me what you've got. Show me what you are.”

His eyes flashed in fierce approval. She knew. She knew exactly what he needed. He quickly stripped out his clothes. He needed the freedom of movement if he was going to catch the female.

Jubilee's eyes were drawn to his crotch. His cock was harder than she had ever seen it before. It was pointed upward at an angle and throbbing with every beat of his heart, a drop of pre cum glistening at the angry red tip. God, she wanted him so much that her own juices were beginning to seep down her thighs. She debated giving in and taking what she wanted now but discarded it immediately. She wanted this to be good for him.

She saw the muscles of his thighs quiver as he readied himself to leap at her. When he did, she was already moving. She ducked under him as he leapt and drove one fist into his exposed belly and using the other hand to stroke him. He landed, hard, but was up and after her quickly. She rained paffs down on him as fast as she could, burning him in several places. He ignored the burns and jumped at her again. She twisted out of the way and brought her hand up and punched him in the throat. She knew she was getting tired but he wasn't ready yet. She flipped over him and kicked him in the back of the head. She rained blow after blow on him and he still wasn't ready.

Finally, he was able to take her to the ground, pop his outside claws and pin her to the ground by the neck. Now, he was ready.

They laid there, gasping for breath. He released her neck and reached down to cut off her thong and pull it away from the treasure he had won. He slowly, retraced his claws and reached down to grasp his cock and position it at her dripping opening. With one mighty thrust, he slammed into her. She screamed at the sudden fullness but quickly adjusted as he set a powerful rhythm. He grabbed her thighs and lifted them over his shoulders and his thrusts went deeper. She mewled in protest over the loss of friction but he brought his thumb down and began to massage her clit. He bent down and fastened his mouth on her neck, sucking and nipping. He lifted his head and watched as the wound healed over and vanished, never once stopping the powerful rhythm he had set. Fire was coiling in her, radiating out from her sex in waves. Sensation built in her until she sunk her teeth into the meat of his shoulder and came, screaming and sobbing. Her teeth in his shoulder and her muscles clamping down on his cock sent him howling over the edge. His powerful orgasm sent wave after wave of boiling seed into her hot depths. He continued to rock with her, milking it all, until there was nothing left and he was finally, completely limp.

He collapsed on her, out of breath and trembling. The man rose to the surface and looked down on the mate. She had passed out. He rolled over, taking her with him, and settled her on his chest. God, he loved her. No other woman would have let him do what he just did to her. No other woman would have been able to hold him off as long as she did. No one understood him like she did, and no one ever would.

She stirred in his arms and looked up at him.

“Wow!” she breathed.

“No kidding!” he said.

“Why don't we do this all the time?”

“I'm only motivated ta do this when yer fertile.”

“So we can do this once a month?” she asked eagerly.

“Till ya get pregnant if ya want ta.”

“How come we didn't last month,” she asked, frowning.

“Ya didn't ovulate last month,” he told her.

“Oh,” she said. “What time is it?”

“After ten. We should be going in.”

She pulled herself up and straddled his waist, a sultry grin on her face. Crossing her arms in front of her, she pulled her camisole off and unhooked her bra. Dropping her clothes beside them,she smiled.

“I'm not finished with you yet,” she told him as she brought her mouth to his and kissed him.

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