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Author's note: This story is movieverse for one very important reason...I don't like a short Wolverine. So sue me. I also like movieverse because you don't have to worry about canon too much...you can just have fun with it, and I certainly did with this one. Those of you familiar with my other X-Men stories will find this version of Logan a little darker, but don't let that throw you. Enjoy!

Ororo padded quietly down the shadowed halls of the mansion, the long, pale silk of her dressing gown whispering around her ankles. The hardwood floors were cool beneath her bare feet, alternating with the delicious rough warmth of the professor's oriental rugs as she made her way unerringly to the night-dark kitchen. She had awakened thirsty, and after a bleary glance at the bedside clock to see that it was a little after two in the morning, she remembered the fresh pitcher of cold lemonade in the fridge, just waiting for her to take a sip.

As she neared the kitchen, the sound of the rain outside grew stronger, pleasantly loud against the double paned windows over the sink. There was just enough light from the security lamp outside to allow her to see her way as she walked carefully through the kitchen...the soft glow from without shining through the rivulets of rain as they poured down the window glass, casting undulating shadows across the floor and over the skin of her hands and face. She opened the refrigerator and took out the plastic pitcher of lemonade, then carried it to the counter and opened a cabinet, hunting around by feel for a glass.

"Up late?"

Ororo shrieked breathlessly, her hand knocking against the glasses and setting them to gossiping against each other. The husky question had come from a deep voice behind her, and she turned quickly and backed against councounter, searching the shadowed room for the voice's owner. "Who's there?" she asked, keeping her voice as calm and neutral as possible.

A deep laugh answered her. "It's me," the voice said again, and this time there was an accompanying sound...that of a lighter being struck. Flame flared briefly in the darkness, and she saw a familiar face in its flickering light for a ghostly moment, outlining a long, straight nose, stubbled chin...and a pair of dark, glittering eyes above a cynically smiling mouth.

"Logan?" she asked. She gave him a withering sigh and turned away again, this time locating a glass quickly despite her trembling hands. "Do you always make a habit of sneaking around in the middle of the night, trying to scare people to death?"

Logan regarded her for a moment, then lit his cigar and clicked the lighter shut with a casual flick of his wrist. "Only when I can't sleep."

Her hands under control, for the moment, Ororo poured a glass of lemonade and drank it quickly, tossing it back as if it were a shot of whiskey. And Goddess knows I could use a shot, she thought wryly. Especially with him around. "Is something bothering you?" she asked aloud, placing the half-empty glass on the table as she busied herself with returning the pitcher to the fridge. "I've noticed that you've seemed a little tense lately."

Logan laughed from the darkness, and it had a harsh sound that made Ororo shiver a little. Even after all they had been through together as team members...even after the long months after his return, something about the dark undertones of his laugh still gave her the chills. "I'm fine," Logan answered finally, and she heard him exhale, the scent of his tobacco wafting to her like the touch of an invisible hand.

She sat down at the table, cradling the cool glass between her palms and gazing out the window at the little rivers of rain cascading down its surface. She heard his step to her left, and she smiled ruefully to herself, thinking that he was going to leave on that note and return to his room or someplace more private...so she jumped a little in surprise when his hand brushed the back of her hair, his fingers trailing over the long braids she had over each ear and fingering one gently. "I didn't know you braided your hair at night," Logan said softly...and his voice rasped close to her ear, his warm breath stirring the hair at her neck gently.

"Only sometimes," Ororo replied, keeping perfectly still and ordering the traitor response of her body to shut up, and do it now. "I do it usually when it's a warm night," she said, trying to keep her voice light and conversational. "It's cooler for sleeping when its braided."

Logan removed his hand slowly, the tips of fingers just grazing the smooth flesh of her ear. "Like tonight," he murmured. "It is a warm night." Suddenly he moved, and then he was pulling out the chair beside her and sitting down, his face half-hidden by the shadows. "Isn't it?"

Ororo swallowed a little nervously, then nodded. "Yes," she said...and then a silence fell between them, heavy with something unspoken. Ororo looked down at her glass again and fiddled with it idly, while Logan watched her through the smoke from his cigar.

"Why are you avoiding me, 'Ro?" he asked suddenly.

Ororo's head snapped up, staring at him, but then she caught herself and tried smiling in the friendliest way she could manage. "I...I'm not avoiding you," she said, her smile feeling as fake as a Miss America runner-up. "I've just been busy lately..."

"Cut the crap, darlin'," Logan said dryly. A gust of autumn wind sighed against the house, rattling the bare branches of Jean's forsythia against the walls. "You've been avoiding me for a week now...in fact, ever since that stupid game last weekend."

Ororo looked back down at her glass, swirling it in random patterns against the fine grain of the kitchen table. He was still looking at her...she could feel his eyes, staring at her through the fine haze of his cigar smoke and the dancing shadows from the rain washed window, silently waiting for an answer.

The game. Logan was right...it had been a stupid game...and she would never have played it if she had not been drinking a little. Oh, bother...tell the truth and shame the devil, she had been drinking a lot, and that had been the problem.

It had been Saturday night...


Jean giggled like a schoolgirl and tried to sit down on the couch, but instead she missed her mark and tumbled to the floor between the sofa and the coffee table. Logan roared laughter, and Jean began to giggle harder, Ororo joining in as she tried to pull an extremely inebriated Dr. Jean Grey to her wobbly feet. Both women, happily feeling the effects of a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris and half a dozen whiskey shots, struggled with Jean's weight, shrieked with helpless laughter, then toppled over on the couch in a tangle of legs and arms.

"Jesus Christ," Logan chuckled, a look of mock-disgust on his face. "You gals are plastered."

"I am not!" Ororo protested. "Jean is!"

"Jean is what?" Jean asked, her voice muffled by the sofa pillows.

"A drunk," Ororo said quite seriously. Jean lifted her head, locked eyes with Ororo, then the two of them broke up into gales of laughter again, hugging each other and giggling like a couple of loons.

Logan watched them from where he leaned against the bar, a cognac glass of Xavier's best scotch perched at his elbow. Scott was behind the bar, studiously preparing another batch of daiquiris with the blender. Logan cast a glance behind him, noting with some amusement that ol' Scotty-boy was looking a little on the sloshed side himself, and he slid the nearly empty glass toward Scott with a grin. "Fill me up again, Cyke, if ya don't mind."

Scott straightened his shades with that annoyingly prissy way of his and regarded Logan blearily. "That's your six or seventh glass, isn't it?" he asked. "How come you're not falling over yet."

"Healing factor," Logan grumbled shortly. "Process the alcohol too fast...I couldn't get a decent buzz on if I tried."

"Sucks to be you," Scott replied, and this sent to girls into laughing hysterics again. Logan shook his head, taking his drink from Scott, then he crossed the room and took a seat in one of the big, overstuffed leather chairs that flanked the sofa, regarding Ororo and Jean with a bemused sort of good humor.

Jean wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, her chest still heaving with a few stray snickers. "Oh my God," she said, her eyes bright and her cheeks flushed prettily as she let her head sag against the back of the couch. "I haven't had this much fun since our slumber parties in high school."

"You haven't been this drunk since those slumber parties in high school," Ororo laughed. Logan raised an eyebrow and watched her over the rim of his glass...he didn't think he had ever heard Ororo really laugh before. It was a good sound.

"You guys were students here, right?" he asked.

Jean nodded and laughed, then rolled her eyes toward Scott. "Remember when we would wait until the professor was in bed, and we would get together with Hank and the others?"

"Not too much has changed, has it?" Scott said. "Look at us...Charles goes away with the students for a weekend, and we all start acting like a bunch of kids again." He stuck a bendy straw into the blender pitcher and took a deep sip. "Ahhh...perfect."

Jean suddenly sat up, clapping her hands together. "I have an idea! I have an idea!" she said excitedly. "Let's play a game, like we used to when we'd have these parties!"

Ororo groaned. "I don't know, Jean...those games we played back then were pretty silly."

Jean fell over into Ororo's lap, clasping her hands in a melodramatic gesture and poking out her bottom lip. "Puh-leeze, 'Ro?" she cajoled, making little whimpering noises like a puppy and batting her eyelashes. "Puh-leeze?"

"I don't know, Jean," Scott said, coming to sit on the floor across from them, a big fruity drink in one hand. "They were goofy."

"Oh, come on!" Jean said, rolling her head over to favor him with her delightfully drunken grin. "It'll be fun...and besides, Logan wasn't here back then. He's never had a chance to play with us."

"Unless it's strip poker or naked Twister, I doubt that I'll be interested," Logan remarked dryly.

"Even better...let's play Truth or Dare," Jean said, sitting up, her eyes shining with drink and excitement.

There was a moment of silence...then Ororo and Scott started to laugh. "I don't think that would be a good idea," Scott said.

"Oh, come on, Scott!" Jean said petulantly. One too many daiquiris had transformed her into a teenager again, at least in her thought processes. "It'll be fun!" She leaned over the arm of the couch toward Logan and grinned at him a bit lasciviously. "You'll play, won't you, Logan?"

Scott was shaking his head, already certain that Logan would refuse...but Ororo studied the look on Logan's face as he met Jean's eyes and knew he would accept. His eyes had darkened, eyeing Jean with a small, devilish smile tugging at the corner of his mouth...of course he would play, Ororo realized with an inward groan. He would play because there was the slightest chance that he might get dared to do something...to Jean.

It was with no surprise that she heard Logan chuckle quietly. "Sure, Jeannie," he said. "I'll play."

"Yaaay!" Jean crowed, clapping her hands together happily. Scott sighed and shook his head again, Ororo watching him with merry amusement. Jean sat forward, reeling a little and still giggling quietly. "Okay, I'll go first," she said. "Logan, truth or dare?"

"Why me first?" Logan asked.

"Why not?"

He lifted an eyebrow. "All right, fine...truth, I guess."

"Truth?" Jean whined sweetly. "Oh, come on, Logan...don't be a chicken. You don't remember enough about your past to do truth anyway."

Ororo expected Logan to get angry at this, but instead he grinned with a wicked glint in his eye. "I remember enough, Red," he said to her. "Try me."

"Okay..." Jean thought for a moment, then lifted her head and smiled at him like a coquette. "Have you ever...been with a man?"

Logan's expression turned withering. "No," he said evenly.

Scott roared laughter, and Ororo burst out laughing and threw a sofa pillow at Jean's head. "Goddess, Jean...can't you do better than that? Logan is about as hetero as you can get."

Jean batted the pillow away and grinned. "Sorry...I was just wondering. Okay, your turn, Logan."

"I can ask anybody, huh?"

Ororo rolled her eyes, but Jean only smiled. "Sure!"

Here it comes, Ororo thought. He's going to ask Jean to do something to him...but instead Logan smiled a little wider and looked at Cyclops. "Truth or dare, Cyke?" he said.

"I really can't believe you're playing this, Logan," Scott said. "I thought for sure it would be beneath you."

Logan shrugged and grinned. "And pass up the chance to see you make an ass of yourself? Nope, not on your life. Truth or dare?"

Scott sighed. "Uh...dare."

Jean gasped in mock-surprise, cringing against Ororo. "You are so brave, darling."

Logan laughed at that. "Let's see...gotta think of something good..." he mused, staring at his glass as he turned it thoughtfully in his fingers.

"Make him to a strip tease!" Jean said.

Logan scowled. "Christ almighty...hell, no. I think I've got something better anyway." His dark eyes flicked up to Scott with a wicked grin. "You ever heard that kids' song, about the teapot?"

"Do you mean I'm a Little Teapot?" Jean asked.

"Yeah, that's the one."

Scott shrugged. "Sure, I know it."

"Sing it."

Scott's mouth went a little slack, and Ororo and Jean burst into a fit of giggling. "Come on, you're kidding, right?" Scott asked.

"Nope. Get up and do it over by the bar," Logan said, still grinning. "I want all the hand motions, too."

"Like hell..." Scott began to protest, but Jean just laughed harder, and he stared at her with an expression of mixed amusement and horror. "You can't expect me to do that," he said.

"Rules of the game!" Jean giggled. "If you don't, you're out!"

"Oh, man..." Scott looked helplessly at Ororo, but when she burst out laughing again he saw there was no help there. With a martyred groan he got up and staggered to the bar, the drink flushing his cheeks as well as the potential embarrassment of what he was about to do. "I can't believe I'm doing this," he muttered.

Logan kicked back in his chair, one long leg draped over the side as he watched with genuine amusement. "I can't believe you're doing it, either...I sure as hell wouldn't."

"Come on, darling...sing for us!" Jean called, and she and Ororo dissolved into laughter again.

Scott sighed and took a deep breath. "I'm going to get you for this," he told Logan.

"I'm sure," Logan replied wryly.

"Okay, here goes...I'm a little teapot, short and stout," Scott sang, in a surprisingly nice tenor. "Here is my handle..." Here he put his fist on his hip. "Here is my spout." The other hand came up to make the spout, his fingers dropping effeminately.

Logan roared laughter, throwing back his head at the ceiling. Jean and Ororo collapsed in each other's arms, laughing so hard tears began to roll down their cheeks. Scott's voice took on a shaky sound as he tried to keep from laughing himself, and that just made the effect that much more hilarious. "When I get all steamed up, here me shout," Scott continued, leaning to the side for the last line. "Tip me over and pour me out."

Logan was absolutely howling by this time, and Jean sat up and began to applaud madly. "Bravo! Bravo!" she cried, and Scott started laughing himself, coming to sit down with a high blush in his cheeks. Ororo held her arms across her stomach and groaned through her giggles...her stomach was starting to hurt from so much laughing.

"All right, all right...my turn," Scott said mildly. He waited until the laughter died down a bit, then he looked at Logan with a decided smirk. "Truth or dare, Logan?"

"Me again?"

Scott nodded and crossed his arms over his chest. "Yep," he said...and Logan met his eyes with a smirk of his own. The gauntlet had been thrown, apparently.

"Truth," Logan said.

Scott's face fell a little. "Chicken!" Jean sang, and she tucked her hands under her arms and began to flap her elbows wildly, making clucking sounds. Logan started to laugh again, shaking his head as he watched Jean act like an idiot.

"My next one will be a dare, I promise," he told Jean.

"It better be," Jean laughed.

Something flickered across Scott's face, and when he spoke again his voice held a sardonic note. "Truth it is, then," he said. "Tell us, Logan...how many times a day do you think about screwing Jean?"

"Scott!" Jean shrieked, her face turning a bright red. Ororo gasped in shocked laughter, one hand over her mouth, but Logan only grinned and stared Scott down from over the rim of his glass.

"Well?" Scott challenged.

"Screwing her? Well, I only think about that every once in awhile," Logan replied casually, turning his glass and gazing absently into its amber colored liquid. "As for all the other things I'd like to do to her," he continued, lifting his eyes to look at Scott with a wicked humor. "I think about that all the time."

Scott's jaw grew tight as Ororo and Jean laughed...although Jean's laugh sounded a trifle forced. She threw one of the tumbled pillows at Scott, who caught it quickly. "Don't take everything so seriously, Scott," Jean said. "Logan's just trying to get your goat."

"Yeah, lighten up, Cyke," Logan chuckled, taking a sip of his drink. "Or don't ask questions that you don't want an answer to."

"Your turn, Logan," Jean said quickly, not liking the look on Scott's face.

"Truth or dare, Jean?"

"Ask 'Ro! No one's asked her yet."

Logan met Ororo's eyes and grinned. "She ain't complainin'. Truth or dare, Jean?"

"Oh bother," she giggled. "Dare, I suppose."

Logan arched an eyebrow and grinned rakishly. "Kiss me."

Jean's quick reply shocked all of them, even Logan. "Okay," she said promptly...and before anyone had a chance to react, she knelt up, grabbed Logan's face between her hands, and planted a big, resounding kiss square on his lips. "Mmmm-mmm!" she said...then just as quickly released him and sat back on her heels, Ororo and Scott bursting into laughter at the surprised look that came over Logan's face.

"How was that?" Jean asked innocently.

Logan scowled, even though his mouth was tugging into a grin. "You know that's not what I meant," he said with a friendly growl.

"You didn't specify," Jean said primly...and Ororo and Scott laughed that much harder. Ororo giggled, shaking her head at how effectively Jean had just put Logan in his place. "My turn," Jean said. "Ororo...truth or dare?"

Feeling relaxed and pleasantly warmed by the drink, Ororo smiled. "Dare," she said.

"Oh, goody," Jean said, rubbing her hands together. "'Ro, I want you to kiss Logan."

Ororo blinked and met Logan's eyes inadvertently, but he only shrugged and quirked a grin. "Now?" Ororo asked.

"Yes, now," Jean said, rolling her eyes. "I did it."

Well, that was true. "All right," Ororo said.

"But it can't be a kiss like I gave him, though," Jean added with a giggle. "It has to be the real thing."

Ororo's mouth dropped open a little, and she felt the hot blush flooding her cheeks. "What do you mean, a real kiss?"

"You know...give him a little tongue."

"Jean!" she scolded. Scott was laughing, and Jean was giggling into her hands...Ororo glanced at Logan again, hoping a little that she would see disinterest on his face so she might have a case to plead, but instead he regarded her over the rim of his glass with a coolly amused expression that made her heart pound a little. "I don't think..." she began.

"C'mon, 'Ro...I don't bite," Logan spoke up. His smile was dark and somehow knowing, and he carefully set his glass to the side then rested his hands on the arms of the chair. "Or do I need to come to you?" he asked, teasing her.

Ororo glanced at Jean and Scott, who were watching her with humorous expectancy, then she sighed and stood up, smoothing her blouse nervously. "Oh, all right," she said. She bravely walked to where Logan was sitting, looking up at her with that unreadable smile of his, then she steeled herself and leaned down toward his face.

Logan's arms suddenly shot up and wrapped themselves around her waist, pulling her into his lap. She gave a startled gasp, and Logan slid one hand down her thighs quickly and hooked her legs over the arm of the chair, his other arm around her shoulders as he tilted his head toward hers. Ororo's eyes were wide with shock...Logan lowered his face until it was right in front of hers, his teeth gleaming as his eyes flicked over her face...then his mouth descended on hers in a powerful kiss. His lips crushed against hers hard, forcing her mouth open, and then his tongue met hers and swirled roughly as he sucked hungrily at her lips.

"Oh, wow..." Jean said softly...but Ororo barely heard her. She raised a shaking hand, pd wed weakly at Logan's shoulders as if in protest...but then her hand relaxed and buried itself in his hair, clutching at his head as he ravished her with his mouth. She could feel the rough stubble of his upper lip and cheeks scratching her skin, tasting the fine scotch he had been drinking as he invaded her mouth with his tongue. A delicious and utterly foreign shock of lust shivered through her stomach and between her legs, and she was dimly aware of Logan's hand tightening on her thigh, the other hand slipping down her back, running hard fingertips along the sensitive edge of her spine.

Someone cleared their throat, and Ororo pulled away from Logan's kiss with a gasp, staring into his eyes with a shocked expression. Logan's eyes looked thoughtful, though...and darkly laughing. His eyes flickered from hers, down to her mouth, and the tip of his tongue licked lightly across his lips as he watched her expression.

"Excuse me," Ororo said lamely, and she struggled to get up from Logan's lap. Logan released her without a word, and Ororo stood up, looking from Jean to Scotth dth deep embarrassment.

Jean looked a little stunned. "Oh...my...God..." was all she said.

"I..." Ororo began. "I think I'm a little tired," she announced, apropos nothing and not caring a bit...all she wanted to do was get out of here and bury her burning face in her pillow. "I'm going to bed. Good night."

And without another word, she left the rec room and hurried down the hall, vainly trying to wipe the wonderful taste of Logan off her lips with the back of one trembling hand.


Now, a week later, she sat across the table from Logan in the shadowed kitchen as the rain poured outside, breathing in the soft smoke of his cigar as he watched her from the darkness and waited. Waiting for what, exactly? she wondered...but she kept her silence and fiddled with the glass between her hands.

"You're scared of me," Logan said suddenly, and Ororo jumped.

"I am not," she replied defiantly. He didn't answer this, and she stood up, her veneer of icy pride slipping back into place almost without her realizing it. She walked past him, so close she could almost have touched him with the silk of her robe, but she continued to the sink and poured out the last of the lemonade, rinsing the glass cullyully and placing it to the side. "I'm going to bed now," she said firmly, moving to brush by him once more on her way to the door. "Good night, Logan."

His hand whipped out with lightning fast swiftness and grabbed her wrist, stopping her in her tracks as he pulled her toward him. She gasped a little in shock, and maybe a tiny bit of fear as he reeled her in, pulling her until her legs were touching his knee where he sat. "Let me go, Logan," she said evenly...bue fae faintest tremor crept into her voice. "I want to go to bed."

"We need to talk," he said.

"There's nothing to talk about, Logan...it was just a silly game..."

"Silly game or not, something happened and you know it," Logan replied. He hadn't let go of her hand yet, and she found her heart beating a little faster at the way his fingers traced over the smooth contours of her palm. "Something changed," he continued, his eyes dark and unreadable as he looked at her in the shadows. "I could smell the difference."

She gave him a patronizing smile. "You could smell it?"

"I could smell you wanting me," Logan growled low, unperturbed by her disbelief.

She recoiled, trying to pull her hand free of his grip, but he held it tightly. "It's nice to see that your ego is alive and well," she snapped. "But I'm afraid you're mistaken."

He laughed softly and lifted her hand to his mouth, Ororo's breath escaping in a trembling hiss as she felt his lips brushing the inside of her wrist. "I don't think so," Logan murmured, his breath a husky murmur against her skin. "Question is, what are we going to do about it?"

"Nothing," she whispered, but her voice didn't sound very convinced. "Let me go, Logan..."

"You're scared of me, 'Ro," he said again, his breath a husky murmur against her skin. "But I think you're more scared of yourself."

She tried to pull away, tried to feel angry but instead she felt a wave of desire sweep over her...his lips so very gentle on her soft skin, the stubble of his chin brushing over the fleshy part of her hand and making her feel faint. "I don't know what you're talking about," she whispered weakly...and then Logan pulled her harder, tugging her into his lap, her back pressed against his chest as he pressed a hot kiss to her neck.

"Don't play the ice princess with me," Logan purred, and Ororo whimpered as his teeth grazed her neck. He opened his mouth and bit her soft skin, just hard enough to elicit a gasp from her, then he closed his lips around the bite, kissing, sucking the warm, sleep-scented skin as his cock stirred against her backside. "I've been thinkin' about you ever since that damn game," he whispered against her ear, his breath hot and delicious. "How long have you wanted me to fuck you, 'Ro?"

She jerked away, the vulgarity coming from him finally shocking her back to her senses. Before she had time to think clearly, her hand pulled free of his and slapped him hard across the face. His head snapped to the side, then he growled, both hands catching hers around the wrists and wrestling them behind her back. The position thrust her breasts out in front of her, where they heaved with her angry breaths...Logan tightened his grip and pulled her closer so those firm breasts were pressed against him.

"How dare you!" she hissed, her eyes wild as she stared at him in the rain-flickered darkness. "I've never had thoughts like that...!"

"Your scent doesn't lie like you do," Logan said. He jerked her closer, his face not even an inch from hers as he inhaled deeply. "I can smell it on you, darlin'. You want me as bad as I want you." He grinned at her then, a feral smile in the shadows on his face, and then he yanked her close and covered her mouth with his. Ororo moaned against his lips, feeling his hands release her wrists and wrap themselves tightly around her waist, and she sagged limply in his arms, unable to do anything else as his ravaging kisses left her every muscle weak.

"No..." she whispered against his lips. He caught her bottom lip between his teeth and sucked hungrily, and she found her hands slipping into his hair against her will. "This is wrong...it's too fast..."

"It's makin' up for lost time, if you ask me," Logan growled. He buried his face in her neck, scratching the tender skin with the roughness of his stubble, and his mouth worked its way down to the soft line of her shoulder. "I've wanted you since I first laid eyes on you," he whispered against her neck, but there was nothing tender in that whisper...there was a humming, animalistic lust there, alternately terrifying and thrilling her at the same time.

"But...but Jean..."

"Fuck Jean," Logan hissed in her ear. His fingers went to her waist and undid the sash of her robe, pushing it open and sliding forceful hands over her thighs. "I wanted the snow queen, Ororo...I've always wanted her, and she was too damn cold to notice."

"The snow queen?" she asked, confused, giddy from his touch on her skin.

"Yeah..." he breathed against her skin. "I wanted you."

Ororo let her head sag back as his lips worked over her neck. His fingers crept up her back, hooking into the fine silk of her nightgown, and then with a shocking, rending tear he ripped the gown open all the way down the front. Ororo instinctively tried to pull the tear shut with her hands, but he pushed her hands aside and slid his hands in instead, the feel of his warm fingers taking her breasts into his hands making her gasp aloud. "Wanna taste you," he growled, and then his mouth descended on her right nipple, drawing it into his mouth and between his teeth with a low rumbling snarl. Ororo cried out, her voice breaking at the hard little streak of excruciating pleasure that shot through her breast...Logan's hands clenched convulsively around her waist, and Ororo looked down, her lips parted with passion as she watched the hard line of Logan's face at her breast, sucking her nipple hard, his wild black hair brushing against her skin.

Logan freed one hand from the torn front of her gown and slipped it along her thigh, stroking gently, then his hand disappeared under the hem where it had ridden up on her leg. She felt his hand move between her legs...his thumb pressed against her clitoris through her panties, and she cried out again, then Logan lifted his head and grabbed hers with his free hand, entangling his fingers in the heavy mass of her hair and pulling her face towards his. His lips fastened on hers once more, and when Ororo felt his hand slip under the elastic of her panties, the tips of his fingers brushing the moist heat of her vaginal lips, she moaned against the crush of his mouth and strained her hips against his hand. He adjusted slightly, sliding the fingers under the curve of her ass as his thumb probed gently, slipping inside, the hard ridge of his thumbnail brushing against her swollen clitoris and making her moan louder, writhing in his lap, and he groaned as her movements ground against the rock hard erection he was sporting through the tight denim of his jeans.

He pulled his hand out suddenly, grabbing her around the waist and struggling out of the chair. "Come on," he growled, pulling her close for another rough kiss. "Not here...let's go in the living room."

"We shouldn't...Logan..." Her words trailed off in a hiss of pleasure as he grabbed her breast again, kneading it and rubbing the painfully hard nipple with his thumb. "I'm not going to deny...oh, Goddess...but we shouldn't...it's too fast..."

His breath was coming faster as he licked hungrily at her lips. "Are you telling me that you honestly don't want this?"

Why is it so hard to think?! she wondered wildly, gasping as he dipped his head against her breasts, sucking hard at the sensitive tips and making her nearly cry aloud. "No...I'm not going to say that...but..."

"Then for chrissakes, shut up for once and go with it!" Logan growled. "You think too damn much."

He caught her under the knees with one arm, holding her close with the other, and picked her up in his arms as he left the kitchen in a hurry. He didn't bother to watch where he was going, his innate instincts leading him down the hall and into the darkened living room as he turned his head and continued to kiss Ororo roughly. The curtains were open in here, the rain sheeting down the windows and casting reflected water lights on the carpet as Logan tried to lower her to the floor, but Ororo wouldn't let him go...she was dragging Logan down with her, the two of them collapsing on the floor of the living room with a mixture of low moans and panting breaths.

The carpet was rough beneath the bare skin of her legs, and then Logan knelt between her legs, grabbing the torn edges of her gown and shredding them in one hard pull that ripped them all the way to the bottom hem. Snikt! A solitary claw rang out for one terrifying, exciting second, and he slid it carefully between the side of her underwear and the soft curve of her hip and sheared them off her body with one quick slice. She shrugged out of the remains of her nightgown as he yanked his flannel shirt off so fast the buttons popped off, flying this way and that, and she stifled a giggle...then he was unbuckling his jeans and stripping them off, and her breath caught in her throat, her eyes widening.

His cock was huge...over nine inches, thick, the veins throbbing just under the skin. He slid between her thighs, grabbing her legs and wrapping them around his naked waist, and then his hot skin was on top of hers, the hard length of his cock pressing against the inside of her thigh. She could feel the rough texture of his chest hair as he stretched out on top of her, her legs wrapping around him tightly...Logan supported his weight on his elbows, taking her face in his hands and forcing open her mouth once more with his kiss...then he shifted slightly, the tip of his cock pressed against the spread opening of her vagina.

With a grunt he shoved forward, spearing her with his huge shaft. Ororo dug her nails into his back, crying out against the hard press of his mouth on hers. He felt like he was filling her up, every inch of her...he pulled out a little, then shoved it in again, and she sobbed, the pleasure so great she thought she might die from it. Logan began to pump in and out of her, the rough caress of his hard body against hers creating a sweaty friction, and she used her legs to press him inside her as deeply as possible. His face was cheek to cheek with hers, his breath hot and panting, ragged in her ear...then he raised up a little, unhooking one of her legs from behind him and swinging it in front of him. He kept his cock firmly planted inside her, but allowed her legs to come together as he rolled both of them over on their sides, ending with him behind her, one powerful arm wrapped around her waist as he began to fuck her again.

"You like that, don't you?" he whispered in her ear, and she moaned, bending a little at the waist as he began to ride her hard. He pushed her hair away from her neck and ear, then began to bite her neck again, testing the flesh there with his teeth, then nuzzling up her neck to take her earlobe between his lips and suck. His hand stole to her breasts, lifting their firm weight, squeezing them, testing them...and he pinched the nipples between his fingers, drawing them together and rolling their hardness under his palm.

Ororo grabbed his hand and slid it down her stomach, over the soft bush of her pubic hair as she guided his fingers to her clit. He growled against her ear, his tongue flicking across the sensitive skin there, then he slipped his first two fingers between her legs and began to rub the hot little nub of flesh he found there, simultaneously pounding his cock into her with hard, powerful strokes. She could hear his low grunts of pleasure, breath hot against the back of her neck. ressressed against her clit harder, and she buried her face in her outflung arm, biting back the tortured cry that threatened to escape her lips.

"Go ahead," he whispered in her ear, his voice husky and powerful. "Scream, darlin'."

She shook her head, whimpering with the intoxicating pressure of his hand between her legs, his shaft ramming into her from behind. He caught her clit between his fingers and rubbed harder, and she did cry out then, a deep, shuddering moan that crested with the orgasm that she could feel building inside her. "That's right, beautiful," he whispered, and just at the moment of climax he bit down hard on her neck, the double shock of his rough touch sending her into a paroxysm of agonizing, delicious release...she knew she was crying, and she didn't care, as Logan continued to ride out her orgasm with steady thrusts.

"Get on your knees," he suddenly growled, his voice low, and she felt him withdraw from her. The sudden emptiness in the wake of her climax was disorienting...Ororo raised her head, seeking out his form in the shadows, but she couldn't really see anything. She felt Logan's hands on her hips, though, hot and powerful, and he was gently nudging her into a kneeling position on all fours.

"No..." she murmured softly, shaking her head. Something about this position made her feel strange...like she was relinquishing power, or at least what was left of the power she still had in the face of this sudden abandoning of decorum...but she moved into the position anyway, powerless against the gentle, insistent guidance of Logan's hands. She could hear him kneeling behind her, his hands resting on the smooth curve of her bottom, and then he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her upright, her back pressed against his bare chest as he brought up his hands and cupped her breasts.

She was shivering, the enormity of what they had just done, anre sre still doing, sinking in at last. "Did you like that?" he purred against her neck.

She nodded weakly. "Yes..."

"Still trust me?"

She nodded again, nearly fainting with the delicious feel of his rough hands on her skin.

"Good." Logan's breath was warm on her cheek, and he pinched her nipples again lightly, pressing against her, his erection nudging between the cheeks of her ass and making her ever wetter. "Relax," he whispered in her ear. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"I...I can't..." she murmured...but even as she uttered the words, her body betrayed her, her head lolling back against Logan's shoulder as he tasted the salt sweat on her skin.

"You can," Logan whispered. One hand left her breast and disappeared behind her...Logan took his cock in his hand and pressed it between her legs, spreading apart the flesh there as he bent her over just the slightest, still held securely in the circle of his powerful arm about her waist. The head of his cock pressed against her anus just a little, and she jumped, suddenly aware of what he wanted to do...but the exquisite feel of his cock stroking her in that most sensitive of places only brought her excitement to a fever pitch. She arched her back against him, hissing in mingled ecstasy and expectation, and then he allowed her to sink back to all fours, rubbing slowly, lubricating the tighter opening with their own juices as he slowly forced his way inside.

"Let me know if I hurt you," he whispered. His cock slid in some more, and she bit back a cry, feeling her muscles tighten around his shaft and making him groan.

"Don't stop...oh, Goddess..." She arched her back again, and he pushed in deeper, making her moan with ecstasy. She had a dim flash of only a little while before, sitting in the kitchen drinking a glass of lemonade, for goodness' sake...and then he thrust forward hard, slamming himself inside her to the hilt and making her shriek in breathless abandon.

Ororo flung back her head, trying to hold steady under his fast, rocking thrusts...this sensation was totally different, and she clutched at the deep pile of the carpet and spread her knees wide, allowing Logan to fill her completely. Logan spread her firm cheeks, riding her hard...his cock felt huge, hot, and as Logan's hard fingers gripped her ass she bucked against him, feeling his balls smack against her quivering pussy as he rode her harder and faster with every stroke.

"Oh...God..." She buried her face in the carpet, feeling its rough nap burn on her cheeks as Logan groaned aloud, the steady slap of his hard, muscled body against the sweet curve of her ass mixing with her soft moans. Ororo bit her lips, eyes tightly shut, and Logan groaned, throwing back his head, the cords of muscle on his neck and shoulders standing out in relief as he slammed into her again and again.

"Oh, God...'Ro..." he groaned.

"Yes! Harder!" Ororo clenched her teeth, all inhibition thrown aside as she felt her climax coming again. Logan reached forward, grabbing her hair in one hand and pulling her head up...she cried out, her orgasm beginning, and then Logan snarled, shuddering violently as he came suddenly inside her...the warm, wet pulsing of his cock as it pumped inside her bringing her own orgasm to a earth-shattering climax. She screamed then, frantically hoping in the back of her mind that no one would hear, feeling him tremble, hearing his rumbling growl as he ejaculated inside her.

Silence fell, broken only by Logan's deep, shuddering moans and Ororo's soft whimpers of pleasure. Logan's hands caught her under her arms, and he lifted her, crushing her back against his chest as he wrapped muscular arms around her torso, his voice a warm, hoarse whisper against her neck.

"Good God..." was all he said. She sagged limply in his arms, and he withdrew from her gently before turning her around in his embrace, pulling her close until her breasts were pressed firmly against his chest and kissing her long and deep. A languid relaxation came over her...she brought up trembling hands to touch the wild, black hair hanging in his eyes, and he chuckled and pressed gentle kisses to the tips of her fingers.

"Any regrets?" he asked softly. She studied him warily, trying to see if he was making fun of her, but when she saw only honest curiosity in his eyes she shook her head slowly and offered him a sexy half-smile. "See what happens when you follow your instincts?" he added, chuckling with a warm, dark amusement.

Her eyes were half-lidded, regarding him with a sultry, hooded gleam that made him smile. "So, how was it?" he asked, teasing her a little.

"Not what I expected."

He lifted an eyebrow. "I didn't know you were expecting anything."

"I wasn't," she murmured with a slow smile. "I only came down for some lemonade."

Logan started to laugh, and its sound was nice, without mockery. "And I came down for a smoke. Looks like we both got a surprise."

"So, now what happens?" Ororo asked, her voice soft and husky with contentment.

"We get our clothes and go upstairs before someone comes down," Logan replied. He bent his head to hers and kissed her, those wicked teeth nipping lightly at her lips as he smiled against her mouth. "After that, well...we'll just have to play it by ear, I guess."

"Sounds like a plan."

Logan chuckled, his arms wrapping around her tightly, and he kissed her again as the rain ran quietly in sparkling rivulets down the darkened windowpanes.

The End ;)

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