An Unexpected Visitor

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Disclaimer: I do not own Xmen, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: An Unexpected Visitor

Rating: NC-17 overall.

Fandom: This is a crossover. The fandoms that meet are “X-men movie-verse”, and “Hannibal”, mainly movie-verse, but with some elements from the book as well.

Pairing(s)/Romance: Hannibal Lecter/Storm, Charles/Erik, and Logan/Rogue.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. Marvel owns the X-men, and Thomas Harris owns the Good Doctor. I am making no money from this. The reason I wrote this was for pure entertainment.

Summary: Well-known fugitive doctor Hannibal Lecter ends up at the X-mansion, with unexpected results. Please read A/N for more specific story information.

A/N and warnings: This story is a crossover. That means two fandoms meet, in this case “X-men” and “Hannibal”. Hannibal Lecter is featured as one of the main characters in this story, so if you don’t like him, or if he bores you - hit the back button. Don’t flame me for the idea. Please.
Also, this is not a PG-rated story. There are scenes with violence and graphic sex, (m/m and m/f). If the thought of Lecter getting it on with Storm quicks you - LEAVE. And please don’t email me just to tell me that Hannibal belongs to Clarice, or anything. It is only annoying.
Also, here is slash! If you’re reading this on a slash list, be aware of the het-content.

*Independent sequel to my previous fic, “Reunion”, but it can stand alone as well.*

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Chapter 1

Erik Lehnsherr sat at the far end in one of the middle rows of chairs in the great lecture hall. Like all the others that were there - probably somewhere around 300 people - he was focusing his attention on the figure sitting in the front, giving the lecture.
The man they all listened to, was professor Stephen Hawking, a renowned theoretical physicist and astronomer.
Hawking was sitting in a distorted position in his wheelchair, and spoke with his computer generated voice while everyone’s eyes were fixed on him, or maybe on the big screen behind him, which showed a close up of him all the time while he spoke.
The handicapped man looked huge on the huge screen.
At times Erik was wondering what he was actually doing here. Surely he was a great fan of Hawking’s work, and had often considered attending one of his lectures, but once he was here, he was not as sure.
This was a public lecture, which Hawking gave several times per year, both in the USA and other places of the world. A “public” lecture meant that anyone was welcome to attend, and that you didn’t require a university degree level of physics in order to understand.
Erik was a trained physicist and engineer himself, and even though astrophysics weren’t his field, he had not minded if the level of the lecture had been a little more advanced.
Hawking was speaking in a microphone with his synthetic voice,
- “In this lecture, I would like to discuss whether time itself has a beginning, and whether it will have an end. All the evidence seems to indicate, that the universe has not existed forever, but that it had a beginning, about 15 billion years ago. This is probably the most remarkable discovery of modern cosmology.
Yet now it is taken for granted. We are not yet certain whether the universe will have an end. When I gave this lecture in Japan, I was asked not to mention the possible re-collapse of the universe, because it might affect the stock market.”
Several people smiled at the latest pronouncement. Erik Lehnsherr did not. He had never thought in the same tracks as Stephen Hawking about time. Time was simply something that was there, independent of everything else, floating in the same, even pace as always.
Erik didn’t know if anyone here knew who he was. He hoped not. If someone recognized him as Magneto, mutant, and anti-human terrorist, it would doubtlessly create anxiety, if not panic amongst the people.
He *was* here legally - he was out on parole from the plastic prison, and yet there was no law that said that mutants must keep away from public gatherings such as this.
But probably no one would believe him even if he said he was only here to listen to Stephen Hawking, not to make trouble.
Hawking, sitting at the podium, continued,
- “At this time, the Big Bang, all the matter in the universe would have been on top of itself. The density would have been infinite. It would have been what is called, a singularity. At a singularity, all the laws oh physics would have broken down. This means that the state of the universe, after the Big Bang, will not depend on anything that may have happened before, because the deterministic laws that govern the universe will break down in the Big Bang. The universe will evolve from the Big Bang, completely independent of what it was like before.”
Erik only half-listened to the rest. Rather he was waiting for the lecture to end. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible without being recognized as Magneto.
Charles will not be happy if he finds out that I have caused trouble again, he thought. But on the other hand, I am a free man and I have the right to move freely within the society. Regardless of my genetic heritage, religion and sexual orientation.
He tried to slump in his chair and look as relaxed and “ordinary” as possible.
In fact, he looked quite “ordinary”. There was nothing in him that screamed the word “mutant!”. He could walk among regular people without directly being pointed out as different.
Some other mutants, like Sabretooth, Toad and many more, did not have that possibility. They were doomed to live their life outside the society, not to risk being looked at and designated as freaks.
Stephen Hawking’s lecture, “The Beginning of Time”, lasted for about forty minutes.
Hawking finished by thanking everybody who had attended, and then left the lecture hall, accompanied by two personal assistants and a security guard.
The audience gave him enthusiastic applause, and Erik applauded as well, but all the time he wished that they would hurry so that he could get out.
When Hawking had left the hall, people started to rise from their chairs and pick up their possessions; coats, handbags, briefcases, etc.
The man sitting on Erik’s right side, closes to the aisle, was fat and slow, and for long fumbled with the buttons of his coat. Erik felt strongly inclined to hiss at him to hurry, but he waited patiently without opening his mouth.
When man was finished at last, and stopped blocking up Erik’s passage, Erik was so inclined to get to the exit fast, so he didn’t notice that someone stood in front of him, before he collided with the man in question and heard something drop to the floor.
Erik gasped and reflexively backed one step.
Now he saw the man he had run into.
It was a man who looked to be in his mid fifties. He was quite short - at least half a head shorter than Erik - and slender, with pale skin, dark hair, and maroon eyes. He was wearing a dark suit of excellent pattern.
The man’s briefcase had fallen to the floor.
- Oh, Jesus, I’m sorry! Erik said at once and bent down to pick up the briefcase. Some papers, a pencil, and a packed of cough drops, plus some other small things had fallen out of it when it hit the floor. Magneto hastily picked them up and put them back into the open briefcase. He did it quickly and quite carelessly, but nothing seemed to have broken.
Then he stood up and offered the man his briefcase.
- Here. I am so sorry, as mas my fault. I apologize, he said again.
A while passed before the man accepted his briefcase. Their eyes met for the first time. A red dot of light, centred exactly in the middle of his pupils, was reflected in the man’s maroon eyes. He reached out his hand and gripped his briefcase. Then he suddenly smiled.
- Thank you. It is alright, he said.
He had a very beautiful and strange voice; calm and melodic, and very cultured. Perhaps a little metallic and raspy. He sounded British.
- I am sorry, I didn’t see you, Erik said once last time.
- I said it was alright, the man said with a smile. His teeth were small and white. What brought you here? he then asked. Are you also a fan of Stephen Hawking?
Erik saw people leaving the hall. Really he should be doing the same. But this man was starting a conversation with him, and it would be extremely impolite just to ignore his question.
- Yes, I am, said Erik. I am a big fan of his work within the quantum physics.
- I am too, the man replied. But personally I am more interested in the astrophysics. Professor Hawking is truly a brilliant man. Many people think he is the greatest genius alive today.
- I am sure they’re right, Erik said.
- I have been following his work for years.
- Really? And you understand it? Erik asked, slightly doubtful.
The man chuckled. - I try. I am doctor Reuben Hudson, by the way. Hello.
He held out his hand and Erik shook hands with him.
- I am Erik Lehnsherr, he said. I am a nuclear physicist. And you have a doctorate in...?
- Medicine. I studied physics in my youth, but nowadays it istlystly just a hobby, said doctor Hudson. And then I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Stephen Hawking. Tell me, are you familiar with his theories?
- I have read some about his ideas about modern quantum mechanics, but not much more.
- Did you say you were a nuclear physicist?
- Yes, I am.
The man who called himself doctor Reuben Hudson smiled again.
- An interesting profession, he said. You must be a very busy man, doctor Lehnsherr. You do have a doctor’s degree, haven’t you?
- Yes...
- I thought you had. But now I have kept you long enough. You are surely in a hurry, and so am I. In fact I shouldn’t even be here. It was nice talking to you, doctor Lehnsherr.
- Yes, very nice. But I have to...
- Of course.
Magneto wanted to get away from this man. He wasn’t sure why himself. This man - doctor Hudson - had not seemed threatening; in fact he was very calm and correct; even nice. Nor did he seem to show any signs of linking Erik Lehnsherr with the terrorist Magneto.
But still... There was something about this man that seemed...spooky.
Suddenly Erik felt a strong need to visit a toilet. Should he try to find one, or just ignore it?
Yes. He could. There were no people here anymore that could bother him and maybe make trouble.
When Magneto left doctor Hudson, the man was left standing, looking after him for a while before he slowly turned around and started walking toward the exit.
He was humming something while he walked.

Doctor Hannibal Lecter - or as he called himself at the time; doctor Reuben Hudson - was left for a while after speaking with the man who collided with him and made him drop his briefcase. Erik Lehnsherr, a nuclear physicist.
Doctor Lecter slowly started gliding toward the exit. He knew he should hurry away, that he was not safe here. He was not safe anywhere, but especially not here.
FBI was after him like a pack of rabid wolves right now, and his picture had once again been put to the ten-most-wanted list. He was there together with the Al Qaida terrorist Usama bin Ladin, and some other known, wanted criminals.
Now, in year 2002, Hannibal Lecter had been at large for twelve years since his escape in Memphis, and he was more wanted than ever.
Although, Hannibal Lecter was extremely good at concealing his true identity. He had both excellent documents and a lot of money. He was good at disguises, if needed, even if he mostly preferred not to use them. For even though you knew him, it was not likely that anyone would identify him as Hannibal Lecter if you didn’t focus directlyhim.him.
Doctor Lecter had wanted to attend this lecture so badly. Not only because of Stephen Hawking, who actually was one of the few living people that doctor Lecter admired; but also because of the theme of the lecture; “The Beginning of Time”.
He knew it was ridiculous, but somehow he had hoped that Hawking would have changed his conception and gone back to his previous theory; that the universe one day would cease to expand and reverse the entropy, making time start going backwards.
Of course Hawking had admitted that he was wrong about his earlier theory, and he’d said the same now, in this lecture. Time would not start going backwards, no matter how badly doctor Lecter wanted it to.
The reasons for his absurd wish he did not want to talk about, but they were constantly there, concealed in his subconscious mind.
Before he had reached the exit, Hannibal stopped. He took out his briefcase, whose content had scattered all over the floor when he dropped it, to see if everything was still there.
Lehnsherr had picked up his things and put them back in, but had he gotten everything?
Some papers were a bit creased, but that was alright. His wallet was there, his pencil, his packet of cough drops...
The Harpy was missing. Damn. It must have fallen out of the briefcase, and Lehnsherr had missed it.
The Harpy was a small, retractable pocket knife with a serrated blade, which doctor Lecter always car wit with him, mostly in self-defence, but also since the knife felt so good in his hand, almost like a sixth finger.
He regretted that he’d put it in the briefcase. What if he couldn’t find it now?
Hannibal was convinced that it would be hard getting one just like it if he couldn’t retrieve the Harpy.
The doctor walked back to the place where he collided with Lehnsherr. When he couldn’t see the knife anywhere on the floor, he sank down on all fours and looked in under the rows of chairs to see if the knife had possibly slipped in between them.
He spotted it almost at once. Hannibal could almost not describe the feeling of relief that came over him when he found the Harpy. It was one of his most precious belongings. It had followed him from Italy back to the States, and had actually saved his life a number of times.
Soon it would do it again.
Doctor Lecter rose with the Harpy in his right hand and the briefcase under his left. He brought the knife close to his face and inhaled its scent. It was faintly metallic.
For a moment he stood there, in the centre of an empty lecture hall, with his eyes closed, obviously lost in thoughts.
What really went on in his mind was hard to tell, since his thoughts quickly passed through his memory ce ace and didn’t stop at anything more than a fraction of a second.
Hannibal Lecter was one of very few people who could store memories in his head without losing any details or getting confused by the huge amount of information which he possessed.
The doors that opened suddenly and roughly, interrupted Hannibal’s journey through his memory palace abruptly. As in slow motion he tilted his head to see what was going on.
Two men, both wearing black suits, crashed inside. Their pistols were pulled and as soon as they saw doctor Lecter they pointed their weapons at him.
- FBI! Freeze! they roared and gestured wildly while doctor Lecter stood there, dumbly with open mouth.
The Harpy quickly disappeared in between two of his fingers.
- Freeze! one of them called again. Hannibal Lecter! You are under arrest! Hold your hands where we can see them.
Slowly, with their weapons ready, the two FBI-agents began to approach the according to so many lethal psychopath.
Small wrinkles formed in torneorners of Hannibal’s eyes, but otherwise he showed no signs of fear, wrath, or anything else. Within him, he sighed.
He had to grant that the two agents had caught him by surprise, but certainly he knew he was constantly in danger, so he was never completely unprepared.
He held his hands up (there wasn’t any other choice) but he was convinced that neither of the policemen had seen what he had between the fingers of his right hand.
The agents approached him - one from the front and the other one from behind. The one who was behind him had taken out a pair of handcuffs.
- Hannibal Lecter, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can and will be used against you...-
While the other one read his rights, the one who was behind carefully started pulling down his arms which he held over his head - exactly like he had been told - to handcuff him.
- Don’t do anything stupid, Lecter, warned the agent was sas still aiming his gun at him. He had an ID card on his jacket with the name Simmons.
- Not at all, agent Simmons, doctor Lecter replied with a wink. And he was going to keep his promise. He wouldn’t afford anything “stupid” in a situation like this.
In a flash, before the agent had pulled his other arm behind his back, doctor Lecter extracted his Harpy. The blade was small, but it was bent like a claw, and razor-sharp.
The doctor spun around and the knife blade gleamed when he swung it. The man who was about to handcuff him cried out, and blood immediately spurted from the incision in his belly.
With the help of his superhuman reflexes Hannibal pulled the blade back out of the man’s body. The wound itself was not lethal, but the blood loss could become, if the man wasn’t given medical care shortly.
A shot was fired and whistled past doctor Lecter’s head.
Agent Simmons missed. Before he had a chance to fire a nd tnd time, the doctor lunged at him, and efficiently and expertly kicked the pistol out of his hand.
Simmons swung his fist at Lecter, but the doctor ducked and simultaneously hit the FBI-agent straight in the face with his left hand, where he wasn’t holding the Harpy.
Then he gave the significantly larger man a hard push which made him fall backwards onto the floor. It was impossible to imagine how strong Hannibal Lecter really was, before you had experienced it.
Doctor Lecter didn’t bother to stay and kill Simmons. He only wanted to get out. He had nothing personal against the two agents.
He kicked Simmons’ pistol against the many rows of chairs before he headed off for the exit.
While Simmons, with a broken nose and a knocked out tooth, dug for a revolver in his ankle holster, doctor Lecter ran toward the door and ripped it open before the agent could fire another shot.
His goal was to get out of there. How that would happen, he didn’t know yet. It was possible that there were more cops outside, watching his car. But he couldn’t stay in here either.
As he ran he tried every door he saw, hoping to find one that was unlocked.
Finally he found one that was. The last thing that doctor Lecter thought of, before he slipped in, was that the Harpy had save him again.

Magneto came out of the toilet booth and went to the washstand to wash his hands. There were six booths in this restroom, and one washstand for each booth. Erik went to one in the middle.
There was no soap. He squeezed the container, but nothing came out.
He sighed.
This was a well-known and renowned university. Couldn’t they even make sure that the toilets had soap?
He moved to another washstand to see if there was any soap left in the other container. He never found out. Suddenly the door was opened and a man entered.
Erik looked at him and immediately recognized him as the man he collided with in the lecture hall. Doctor Reuben Hudson.
Their eyes met again. Erik could see that doctor Hudson had red stains in his face, that looked suspiciously similar to blood.
The man seemed completely calm. The light was reflected in his eyes again, and the red dots came back. He walked towards Erik and stopped about three feet from him. They were still looking into each other’s eyes.
- I am sorry, doctor Lehnsherr, he said with his correct, cultured and raspy voice.
Then he unexpectedly swung his fist and the blow hit Erik, who didn’t have a chance to avoid it, on the right side of his neck.
Magneto never really saw it coming. This man’s sudden, hard blow made him sink down on the floor onto his hands and knees, gasping for air.
For a short moment he was convinced that the punch had crushed his larynx, and that he would die within a few minutes. He was still semi-unconscious - and vetunntunned - when the man who claimed to be doctor Hudson tore him up from the floor with strength such a small man shouldn’t possess.
He pulled Erik’s head back and placed his other hand around his sore throat.
The strength in the grip appeared huge. Now Erik realized he was in trouble. Without knowing why “doctor Hudson” had attacked him, he was desperately beginning to look for something to magnetize.
- Stop! the man hissed in his ear. I can break your neck any time I wish. Don’t scream. Do you think you can stop yourself from screaming?
Erik didn’t answer, but doctor Hudson continued without expecting a reply.
- I am sorry. Believe me, I am. You seemed to be a charming and nice man, and I did not wish you this. But now I happen to be in trouble, and I need help. If you do as I say, and act like a good boy without making trouble, I will release you unharmed when I no longer need you. I promise I will release you. You actually can trust me, even though you might have some trouble realizing it after this.
But, if you on the other hand start to pester me, and try something that worsens my situation even more, the last sound which you’ll ever hear will be the sound of your own neck, breaking.
Do we understand each other? Wink twice for yes.
Erik was in shock, but did as the man suggested, and winked.
- Thank you. Fine. I knew you were a reasonable man. Now... Answer a few questions. Do you have a car? You can speak.
- Yes... outside... Magneto croaked.
- Excellent. Then we can start by getting out of here.
- You can have the car, just...-
- Schh. I will tell you what to do. Follow my instructions and you will get away without a scratch.
The terrible iron-grip of Erik’s neck did not ease. He was convinced that this strange man could break his neck if he wanted to. He’d better do as he said. At least until he loosened his grip.
A car, despite it was expensive, and relatively new, was a small price to pay when it came to one’s life.
- I will let go of your neck when we get out, Lecter said. Try to remember my words. I wasn’t joking.
No, Erik thought. I almost realized that...

A/N: *For those of you who doesn’t know - Professor Stephen Hawking DOES exist. He is not an invention of my imagination. His lecture, “The Beginning of Time” also exists.*

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