Logan, Duke of Westchester

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Title: Logan, Duke of Westchester

Author: Karen

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Disclaimer: Not mine and doubtfully ever will be. The characters belong to Fox and Marvel.

Archive Rights: Dolphin Haven and Postcards From The Edge

Rating: R

Summary: Set in the
late 1800’s, Logan is lord of the manor and Marie is his new chambermaid. The setting is reminiscent of “Kate and
Leopold”, but without Kate.

Author’s notes: I’d like to thank Gina for her encouragement
during the preview stage, Taryn for her ‘spot on’ beta service and Heather for
making the story look so pretty on my website.

Dedicated to Hugh Jackman whose amazing portrayal of both
Logan and Leopold was the inspiration for this story.


~ Logan, Duke of Westchester ~



The horse-drawn carriage drew to a halt in front of a grand
house and the trepidation that Marie had managed to tamp down during the
journey resurfaced sharply. The door of the carriage was opened and a large
hand was extended, ostensibly to help her out. Marie took the hand proffered
and stepped down onto the pebble-covered ground. Up close the house looked even
more imposing and she swallowed hard.


“I trust your journey was a pleasant one?” the man asked in
gentle voice.


“Yes, thank you, sir,” Marie replied, bowing her head


“There’s no need for such formalities with me, Miss
D’Ancanto, I am simply Otis,” the man informed her.


“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Otis.”


“Welcome to Balmore,” Otis continued, “Come, first I will
show you to your quarters and then you will be presented to his Grace.”


Marie obediently followed Otis inside, surprised that she
wasn’t being taken in through the traditional servant’s entrance on the side of
the house. The foyer of the house was bigger than the entire home she’d left
behind. It had two grand curved staircases on either side and a large round
mahogany table that dominated the center, atop which sat the largest flower
arrangement she’d ever seen. Directly above the table was an enormous crystal
chandelier that twinkled in the afternoon light and cast prisms of color upon
the walls where paintings of beautiful landscapes were displayed. The floor was
a highly polished dark green marble that she could see her reflection in. If
this was an example of the size of the rest of the house it was no wonder that
it required several maids assigned to different areas.


Marie had been employed to take care of the Duke’s private
quarters, an honor that was usually reserved for someone who’d been in service
to the family for many years. When the offer had been presented to her father
he hadn’t hesitated for a moment, accepting on Marie’s behalf without even
consulting her. She’d hoped to join her friends Jubilation and Katherine in
London, but a serious lack of funds had impeded that plan. The wages offered by
the Duke were more than generous, so maybe if she saved diligently she’d be
able to join her friends in a year or two. The proviso was that she would have
to send fifty percent of her wages back to her family, but she was free to do
as she wished with the rest. With her room and board provided, she’d decided to
simply forego everything but the barest of necessities and had even brought a
small painting of London’s Tower Bridge with her as a constant reminder of the


Otis led her up the stairs, down a long hallway and into a
large, airy bedroom.


“Here you go, Miss D’Ancanto, I trust you will be
comfortable,” Otis said.


Marie had expected a small closet-like room at attic level,
but this room was fit for a lady, not a mere servant.


“There must be some mistake, surely these are not servant’s
quarters,” Marie queried as she gazed around the beautifully appointed


“Most of the bedrooms in this old house sit vacant. His
Grace felt it would be a waste not to put them to use,” Otis explained.


“Oh,” was all Marie managed to say.


“I shall leave you to get settled and return for you at half
past three, then I shall take you to meet his Grace,” Otis informed her as he
walked out of the room and closed the door.

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