The Forbidden Desire

BY : MysticDancer
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the X-Men movies, or any of the characters from them. I make no money from from the writing of this story.

The Forbidden Desire

Disclaimers: The original characters of the X-Men are not at all mine. Iím just a simple fan intrigued with their personalities.
Authorís note: A story filled with betrayal and grief, but with the burning flames of a womanís forbidden desire. Could you love and be loved truly with more then one partner?
(Ororoís Fighting Thoughts w/ Her Lover)

Even the scent of his fragrance sent a quick chill of despair through her mind. Yet she yielded, then continued to let her yearning for him be known. She loved him, loved him as deeply; well almost as deeply as her husband. It was so different though. Her husband needed her; truly would lose his soul if they were apart. She felt the same for her husband, but just as she was in dyer need of her husband so was she of another man. Another man who was equally on her mind yet was not ever equally hers, or she his. It was not meant to be that way.
When she was with him even for those short moments she gave him all of her. All of her care, her only free senses, and total feeling to please him. He on the other hand, continued to be amusing and mystical toward her. She was left not to know what word to even describe his actions. Unfair, No, both were being unfair and unfaithful to the other lovers they had; even if he claimed not to love his other as she did.
Perhaps he was selfish; yet was she not also. Two lovers, two people that she shared her mind, heart, and body too?
Ororo finally concluded that he must be protecting himself. She just knew he had to feel something for her. She was enchanting, strong, but easy, and what beauty she did not have her caring was there to fill in those small areas and brighten them beyond anyone else. When she gave her heart away, it was pure and she knew only an ill-evil would deny her graceful, poisonous, infectious, and also yearn filled love.

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