Lessons Learned

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A/N: Standard disclaimers apply. (All hail the mighty Marvel Corporation!) I wrote this one afternoon when I got stuck with the writing on my more ‘wholesome’ fics. You know how plot bunnies are; they come rushing over with an idea and then they don’t stop beating you into the ground until you give in. I tried to stand firm -- honestly I did -- but the bunnies were relentless. They’re a ruthless bunch…

If you’re looking for a deep, well-thought-out plot, you’re sniffing up the wrong fic. If you’re not mature enough to read ‘adult themes’ or are offended by such, why are you even on this site?


“Mr. Summers?”

Scott looked up from the papers he was grading at his desk. “What can I do for you, Marie?”

She gave him a quizzical look. “My tutoring session? For American History? You told me to come by after school.”

For a minute he stared blankly at her before recollection hit him. “Oh, right. Yes, I remember. Close the door please, Marie.”

She did as she was told, shutting the classroom door and blocking out the noise of the bustling students in the hallway. Turning, she made her way over to the teacher’s desk and watched as Scott cleared off the surface. Marie dropped her books and bag on one corner before striding up to him and boldly kissing him on the mouth.

Scott’s eyes widened in surprise. Gently but firmly, he gripped her hips and pushed her away from him.

“Marie,” he began, “I was actually serious when I suggested this tutoring session.”

“Ah know,” she purred, nipping at his lower lip. Her hands traveled up his chest, brushing suggestively over his nipples, and hooked around his neck.

Her movements were throwing his senses in overdrive. He could feel his body responding to her advances. “You really do need help in American History,” he protested, as she pushed him down onto the teacher’s chair.

“Uh-huh.” She stood before him, eyeing him coyly as she reached for the buttons on her blouse.

“Marie, stop. I can’t let you do this.”

“Why not?” Her blouse fell open to reveal the lacy black bra that contrasted so sharply with her pale, smooth skin. She leisurely ran her hand down her throat and across the tops of her breasts. “You let me do ‘this’ to you ev’ry night fo’ th’ past month an’ a half. An’ once or twice in th’ backseat o’ yoah car.”

“That’s different,” he argued, as she climbed onto his lap, pressing herself onto his growing erection.

She pouted prettily and leaned back. “How is it diff’rent?”

He groaned, as much a reaction to the beauty before him as to the pressure she was applying to his groin. “Well for one thing, we’re in a public place.”

“No, we’re not. We’re in yoah classroom. An’ Ah locked th’ door.” She leaned forward and brushed her lips against his ear, adding, “Sir.”

If he hadn’t been hard before, he certainly was then. Strange how such a small word could connote so much power and authority, throwing logic and reason out the window. To say that Scott was turned on by the ‘wrongness’ of his student/teacher relationship with Marie would haven aen a gross understatement.

He was addicted to her, like she was a drug that couldn’t have been left alone. She did things to him that Jean never could -- or would want to. He had been surprised at Marie’s vast knowledge of sexual play. After all, it had only been two years since she’d acquired control over her powers. And he doubted that at eighteen she could have had that many lovers. But there she was, having played on his sexual fantasies for the past six weeks.

“You’re gonna be the death of me,” he growled, pulling her to him and crushing her mouth against his. He groaned deeply when she thrust her tongue between his lips. The back of his head made contact with the blackboard behind them as she pushed herself further against him.

Marie whimpered in pleasure when she felt his fingers reach for the front clasp of her bra. Freeing her breasts, Scott gently kneaded them in his hands, slightly pinching her nipples and causing her to squirm against him.

“Scott,” she breathed as he moved one hand down her back to cup her behind. “Scott, don’t tease me... please.”

He looked into her eyes and saw they were already glazed with desire. “Tell me why,” he ordered.

“Ah need you. Ah’ve needed you since second period.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. His hand slid from her butt cheek to in between her legs. He was a little surprised when he discovered she was wearing nothing beneath her skirt. Drawing his hand back, he held it before her. It was soaking in her fluids.

“You’ve been walking around school this wet?”

She nodded. “An’ ev’ry time Ah tried ta stop thinkin’ ‘bout you, Ah kept rememberin’ that time in th’ movie theater when you were payin’ more attention ta me than th’ screen.”

“And your panties?”

“In mah bag. Soaked right through ‘cause Ah was imagin’ you in me. Scott, please... Ah want you so bad.” She guided his hand back to her buttocks.

Without warning, he thrust a finger into her, taking pleasure in her sudden gasp. “So tight. So very, very tight.” He withdrew his finger and slowly drew circles around her anus. “Do you trust me?”

She nodded shakily, clutching at his shoulders when he buried his finger into her ass. Another whimper escaped her lips as he began a rhythm, in and out, his finger well lubricated from being in her vagina.

“Marie,” he breathed harshly, aroused beyond belief by her writhing form above him. “Marie, undo my pants.” It seemed to take a while before the command registered in her mind. “Marie,” he urged again.

Her hands finally trailed down to his zipper. Locking eyes with her lover, while still rocking back and forth on his finger, Marie freed his penis. Cradling it in her hands, she began to stroke his length.

“No.” Scott’s free hand stilled her movements and she looked at him questioningly.

“What? You don’t like this?”

He smiled at her innocent expression. “I had something else in mind,” he explained, moving his hand to her hip and urging her up. He positioned himself under her and motioned for her to come down on him. He breathed in sharply when he felt her moist heat surround him completely.

“Damn, Marie,” he hissed. It took all his concentration to resume the rhythm he created in her anus. “Follow my movement,” he instructed her.

Marie obeyed, gasping at the sensations he was orchestrating in her body. Each time he thrust his finger in her, she felt an uncomfortable pain, only to be followed by a pleasurable relief as he withdrew. Coupled with the satisfying warmth of his penis filling her, she felt like she was going to split in two.

And she almost did when he took her breast into his mouth, sucking hungrily at her hardened nipple. She felt his hot tongue draw slow, lazy circles around the areola. Not yet sated by the delicious torture, he moved onto her other breast, repeating his lascivious attentions. With one hand thrusting in and out of her anus, and the other across her back, successfully pinning her to him, Marie had no hope of wiggling free. Not that she would have wanted to.

“Sc-Scott... sugah, Ah’m cummin’...”

He felt her inner muscles spasm against him as she moaned her orgasm. He couldn’t help but wonder at her self-control. There had been times when they’d been completely alone and he’d feared her screams would draw people from the next state. But during times like these, when there was a high risk of getting caught, especially by her fellow students passing just outside the door, she manifested the greatest self-restraint.

He, on the other hand, had yet to perfect his. As he felt his climax approaching, he bit down on her nipple, causing her to yelp.

“Dammit, Marie...” He grunted as he felt her contract her inner muscles. “Shit, Mari-- !” She cut him off by seizing his mouth in a sheering kiss. Hips bucking wildly, Scott felt himself empty within her. His release, had it not been muffled by Marie’s kiss, would have no doubt brought the entire mansion running. For what seemed like hours, neither moved from their position. Marie’s forehead still rested against Scott’s as they waited for their heartbeats to return to normal. And Scott’s... appendages remained embedded in Marie as their bodies slowly overcame their weakened state.

After some time, Scott moved his hands to caress Marie’s hips, idly running them down the creamy skin of her thighs. Nestling her head against his chest, she began to trace lazy patterns across the fabric of his shirt.

“What?” he asked when he caught the slight smile on her lips.

“Nothin’.” He frowned at her and she couldn’t help but smirk, which quickly turned into a wicked grin. “Ah made you curse,” she explained.

Confused, he questioned, “So?”

“So... Ah made you lose control’ en’ enough ta start cursin’.” She pressed down on him. “Ah think Ah like havin’ that kind o’ power over you.”

Scott felt the stirrings of another erection. He flashed a grin of his own as she realized he was semi-hard inside her. “Like that, do you?” he teased as he licked at her breast.

“Scott?” came a voice from outside the classroom, accompanied by a gentle knock. “Scott, are you in there?”

Panic spread across their faces, as Marie scrambled off Scott’s lap, gasping at the sensation of his withdrawing penis.

“Under the desk!” he hissed, zipping his pants as quickly and as carefully as possible. In one smooth movement, he reached over and swept Marie’s books and bag into the top drawer of the desk. He then turned to answer the door.

Halfway there, the doorknob easily turned, allowing Scott’s visitor access to the room.

“Ororo,” he greeted with surprise, more so at discovering that the door HADN’T been locked than at the former goddess’ presence. “Is there something I can do for you?”

“I was simply wondering if you had come to a decision with regards to the students’ possible field trip sites.”

“Oh yeah, the field trip.” Scott glanced over his shoulder to make sure that Marie was hidden from Ororo’s line of vision. “I passed the list on to the Professor. He should make his decision in a few days.”

“Wonderful.” Ororo smiled. “I’ll leave you to your work then.” As she exited the room, she pulled the door closed behind her.

Scott waited a minute or two before striding over and depressing the lock. He wanted to ensure that Ororo wouldn’t hear its unmistakable click. He didn’t need her speculating on the possible reasons for his locking his classroom in broad daylight.

“Do you think she knows?” Marie called from her hiding spot. A second later, she emerged from beneath his desk.

“I don’t think so.”

She stood fully and opened the top drawer. “That was a close call, sugah,” she commented as she began extracting her things.

Coming up behind her, he parted her still-open blouse and cupped her breasts firmly.

“Uh... Scott?”

Instead of answering her, he began kneading her flesh, squeezing her nipples between his fingers and growing excited by her sensual moaning.


This time he did answer her, baring one of her shoulders and nipping at her skin. “You were a naughty little girl, Marie,” he whispered huskily in her ear. “Telling me the door was locked when it wasn’t. What if someone walked in while I was... having... you?”

A shiver ran down Marie’s spine. Scott would ‘punish’ her, she knew. But his punishments always left her incredibly satisfied.

“I’m going to have to punish you now,” he told her, reaching down and bringing her right knee to rest against the desk. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she breathed.

He released her breast and pushed her upper body against the cool wood surface. With knowing hands, he raised her skirt and lightly probed her from behind.

“Oh!” Her breath grew ragged as he brushed over her clitoris. She moaned his name.

“I’m right here, baby.” His tongue touched her outer lips and he had to keep her from squirming too much. “Easy... easy.” He separated her lips and found her clit once again. Shamelessly teasing her with his tongue, he sucked and lapped at her sensitive core, bringing her to near orgasm before abruptly stopping.

“Sugah?” Her mind was so clouded with the near bliss that she could barely form the word.

He leaned over her, pressing his chest against her back. “This is punishment, remember?” he whispered hotly in her ear. “How will you learn if I let you have what you want?”

She closed her eyes and pleaded. “Please?” Her voice was small and weak with desire. “Ah can feel you... Yoah hard... so hard against me...”

“Do you want it?”

“... yes.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Ah want you.” She felt him position himself behind her. “Ah want you inside me.”

And with a grunt, he was, buried to the hilt, thrusting into her at a speed that took her breath away. She gasped as she felt his fingers grip her hips tightly, bringing her to meet him with every deep thrust.

“... yes... yes... Scott...”

Her whimpering pleas only drove him faster, pounding his flesh against her with blind desire.

Marie’s bared breasts were pressed uncomfortably against the hard wood but she barely took notice. The cold surface rubbing against her skin only seemed to arouse her more. She drew one hto hto her mouth and moistened the tips of her fingers. Reaching down, she began to pinch her own nipple. She let out another moan of pleasure.

The sight of Marie playing with herself was too much for Scott, and he felt a delicious wave of completion wash over him. He leaned down against her once again and buried his cries of satisfaction into her hair. He felt M tig tighten around him and knew that his orgasm had triggered her own.

Marie took comfort in the feeling of Scott’s weight behind her. She felt sheltered. Safe. Protected. His body was warm against her, and the cum he was still shooting into her, even warmer still.

Finally, when she felt his hips stilled and his heartbeat stabilized, she turned her head and said, “Ah’m startin’ ta think Ah should be naughty all th’ time.”

He looked at her seriously. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she replied, following his movements as he straightened, their bodies still intimately joined. “You fucked me, sugah.”

He frowned at her. “Marie...”


“I don’t like that word.”

She threw him a wicked grin over her shoulder. “But you like what it means.”

Cupping her chin, he gently forced her lips to his. He favored her with a sweet, chaste kiss before stating firmly, “I don’t ‘fuck’ you. I love you. I MAKE love with you.”

She stared at him for a moment, unsure of what to say. They had never discussed the emotional aspect of their relationship before. And Marie was uncertain of how to broach the topic.

Fortunately, Scott broke the tension. “I think we better go about the rest of our day before people start wondering why your tutoring session is taking more than three hours.” He gripped her hips once more. “Ready?”

She braced her hands on the desk and then nodded, whimpering as he slid himself from within her.

“You okay?” he asked as he turned her around.

Her expression was slightly dazed. “Uh-huh. Jus’ feel... empty without you.”

His smile was somewhat arrogant as he re-zipped his pants. “Well, I can remedy that later tonight. C’mon, let’s get you dressed.”

But instead of refastening her bra, he cupped her breasts again, fondling her nipples with his thumbs. She lifted her gaze to his and saw an all too familiar glaze of passion wash over his eyes.

“Why, Mr. Summers... up fo’ Round Three already?” She grinned as she reached for his slacks.

* The End *

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