Some Enchanted Evening

BY : NataliaV
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Title: Some Enchanted Evening
Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
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Parts: 1/?
Category: Storm/Sabretooth Alt. Universe
Rating: NC-17 as a warning for chapters three and four
Summary: AU where Ororo Monroe is a hooker on the streets of New York City... Victor Creed is an officer against prostitution... and this is what happens when they meet.
Disclaimer: Ororo Monroe and Victor Creed belong to Marvel Characters Inc. Not me! Don't sue me... I have no money... no job... no car (that's sad)... nothing of great monetary value. Okay?
Also... the hookers are mine, however brief their appearances are. Okay?
Author's Notes: I've never been a big Storm fan... but... after watching the movie for the 100th time (and reading many Storm/Sabretooth fic's).. I kinda got inspired... so forgive me if my Ororo isn't like the one so many know and love. :) It's AU anyway.
I know nothing about New York... I live in CA... and have never been to New York... so if there is no 5th and Broadway in real New York... too damn bad... 'cause it's in my New York.
Thanks: to Cassie for being the worlds bestest beta's. :) Daisy sucks for being out of town... and not being here at my whim 24 hours a day. :)
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"Geeze, Monroe, do you always have to get all decked out when you come here? You make us look bad." Tracy, a leggy brunette as Ororo Monroe walked up.

She was clad in a tight blue top that barely did it's job of covering her breasts, and a short vinyl skirt, fishnet stockings covering her legs, vinyl stiletto heeled boots finished off the outfit.

Ororo's white hair was up neatly... the mop of white giving many the impression that she was far older than her twenty-nine years.

Sky blue eyes sparkled out from her make-up free, mocha colored face.

Ororo was by far the most beautiful hooker that worked on 5th and Broadway.

She simply smiled at Tracy's comment, pulling a cigarette from the jacket she held in her hand.

Another girl, Jessica, who had been under Ororo's wing when she'd first arrived, lit Ororo's cigarette.

"Thank you." Ororo said, voice slightly accented... after all, she had grown up in Cairo.

"Officer 'Dickhead' was by earlier." Yet another girl, Mina spat out.

Ororo shrugged.

The terror of hookers in New York, Officer Victor Creed, (less than affectionately called "Officer Dickhead").

Ororo had never had the fortune of being on the streets when he rounded up many hookers, jailing them.

She was generally the first of the women picked up each evening she worked.

Tonight, however would be different.

There was a mass of young girls, probably right off the buses from No-where's-ville.

They'd get picked up first... then the others would get picked.

It was long after two O'clock after the last of the girls got picked up.

They'd either return soon, or never be heard from again.

Ororo sighed.

A number of young girls she'd tailored had disappeared... regardless of the fact that she'd instructed them to take self-defense and carry mace or small pocket knives.

The women soon started to scatter, seeing a black and white headed their way from a few blocks down.

Ororo remained, not afraid... she had no record.

The squad car pulled up right in front of her.

A large blonde man stepped out.

The dark blue uniform stretched tightly over his massive and muscular frame.

Hiss wis widened, then narrowed when he took a good look at Ororo.

She noted with some satisfaction that the crotch area of his uniform had stretched considerably.

She licked her pink lips.

"Work slow tonight?" He asked, pulling out handcuffs.

sualsually do not get into that until after the third or fourth time." Ororo stated.

Officer Creed laughed. "Real cute." He said approaching her. "Turn around."

"Sure thing... if that's how you want it." She turned around, putting her hands behind her as well.

As soon as the cuffs were on she felt his large hand grab her ass.

"You do know what they say about a man with large hands, don't you?" She asked, innocent look on her face.

"Shut up, whore."

"I am not a whore." Ororo said, angry now.

Officer Creed laughed, then informed her of her Miranda Rights.

End of part one

Think this is just wrong? I kinda do... but it's definitely different from what I usually write... so... yeah. Be kind rewind... I mean Review!

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