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BY : Jaenelle
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Title: Jet

Summary: Jubilee
returns home and promptly gets pissed off…but Logan has just the way to cheer
her up.

Warnings: Full

Ratings: R for
sexual content

Category: Romance


Characters: Logan/Jubilee, guest starring Hank, Bobby,
Remy, and Jean

Note to readers: This was shaping up to be an X-Rated
story, but the X-rated half won’t be posted here due to the rating restrictions
on this site. If you have an idea where I might post this in its entirety (and
the other X-rated stories I’ve written!) please Email me or give me an address
in your review. Thank you!—Jae

Jet Lag

took the plastic bag out of her suitcase and went over to the laundry hamper to
empty her dirty clothes into it. She opened the lid, paused, and reached in.
Jean watched as she drew out a pair of long black jeans. “These aren’t
Logan’s,” Jubilee said, looking at them. “Too long. Jean, any idea whose pants
these are?”

looked mystified. “Beats me. Who would be dumping laundry in your hamper?”

upended the basket and dumped its contents onto the floor. She kicked aside
some dirty socks and picked up a large black T-shirt. Again it wasn’t Logan’s.
She tossed them aside in a heap on the floor, and rummaged through the rest of
the laundry. Several pairs of dirty socks, a blue T-shirt, a green sweatshirt,
two more pairs of jeans, and a pair of navy-blue khakis and a white button-down
shirt were the last items tossed out of the basket. Jubilee stood, staring at
the clothes for a moment, then put hers and Logan’s clothes back in.

rooted around in the pile for a moment, then pulled out the black jeans. She
shoved her hand in the pocket. Out fell a quarter and two pennies. She checked
the rest of the pockets, but there was no clue as to the wearer of the pants.
Jubilee tossed them aside and picked up the blue dress pants. This pocket
yielded a one dollar bill and a sales receipt for a dozen roses from Mawry’s
Florist. Jubilee studied it intently.

is it?” Jean asked.

receipt from a florist shop,” she said.

snapped her fingers. “Remy said a few days ago that he was going to send Elise
flowers,” she said. “I bet the dress clothes are his.”

looked at Jean. “You’re kidding me. He and Rogue had a fight again and she
refused to do his laundry again?”

nodded. “Now that I think of it, he did ask me if I would stick his clothes in
the washer for him with some of Scott’s stuff. I told him no, because I always
get their things mixed up—they’re both almost the same height, you know—and
Scott ends up putting on a shirt that’s too small for him.”

picked up one of the jeans. This one was quite plainly marked ‘Robert’ across
the back of the waistband. Her lips flattened out in a thin line, and she
gathered the clothes in her arms, opened the bedroom door, and yelled, “BOBBY!!!
REMY!!! Get your blasted clothes out of my laundry hamper!!!
” She
dumped the clothes on the floor and slammed the door, holding a finger to her
lips to shush Jean as she listened. Sure enough, several minutes later, she
detected the sound of someone stealthily tiptoeing down the hall. The footsteps
stopped outside her door, and she heard the faint susurrus of cloth rubbing
against cloth.

flung open the door, and caught Bobby in the act of taking his jeans, the blue
T-shirt, and the green sweatshirt out of the pile. He looked up at her with the
face of a child getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Jean wanted to

wasn’t laughing. Didn’t even think about it. Her blue eyes snapped fire at
Bobby. “What were your clothes doing in my hamper? Hmm?”

thought maybe you wouldn’t mind maybe doing them? Just like, real quick?” He
smiled, trying to placate Jubilee.

wasn’t in the mood to be placated. “Couldn’t even ask first? Huh? Well, Bobby,
I’m not doing your dirty laundry for you. I do Logan’s, I do mine, that’s it.
Yeah, I know I used to do yours somes wes when I was younger, but I’m not a
free agent anymore. Think I don’t have clothes to do? Logan puts out plenty of
laundry. Go find someone else to do your dirty work.” She slammed the door in
his face, and heard him scuttle ignominiously away to his own room. She waited
for a long time by the door for Remy as she tried to ignore Jean’s hysterical
laughter as the redhead doubled over on the bed.

some time later, Jubilee caught the telltale psychic signature of a certain
Cajun. She was surprised that she hadn’t heard Remy come down the hall…then realized
he was a former thief. He’d know how to sneak. Well, not in front of her. He
flung the door open, and caught Remy in the act of bundling up his clothes and
trying to sneak away.

and Rogue have an argument, and you think I’ll feel sorry for you and you try
to sucker me into doing your laundry, is that it?” she snapped. Remy stood
there, with much the same look on his face that Bobby had, and then tried to
smile. Jean wanted to laugh all over again. Jubilee made a face at him. “No,
don’t try that Cajun charm on me. It’s not going to work this time. I got
enough stuff to worry about without all of you asking me to do your laundry
too. You wore them, you clean them.” She slammed the door in Remy’s face, and
turned to Jean. “What’re you laughing at?”

stopped laughing and eyed the door, wondering how fast she could get to it.
“Uh…nothing, just…uh...remembering the times when I had five guys asking me to
do their laundry,” she said.

those days are gone.” Jubilee turned away from Jean and the door. Jean paused
for a moment, uncomfortable with the sudden silence, then ran out the door,
trying to get as far away from a jet-lagged Jubilee as possible.

went back to her unpacking and was just finishing when there came a knock at
her door. She turned and growled, “What?”

opened the door. “If I may ask you for a favor, young Jubilee?” he queried.

on what it is,” Jubilee said, crossing her arms.

held up a wrinkled white tuxedo shirt. “Charles wishes me to accompany him to a
formal affair tonight. The Governor’s Ball, I believe. Might I perhaps prevail
upon you to press the shirt for me this afternoon…” He stopped, because a minor
thunderstorm was building up in front of him, and it was named Jubilee.

exploded. “What is with you people! Think I don’t have anything better to do
than take care of everyone’s dirty jeans, wrinkled shirts, and smelly socks? Go
do your own stuff and leave me alone! I just got back from Tokyo, for
gosh sakes! I’m tired, and the last thing I want to do is laundry!” She threw
up her hands, flung her last folded shirt into the drawer, and brushed past
Hank, heading for the stairs.

didn’t stop until she was in her favorite spot by the lake. She sighed as she
sat down heavily on the flat rock and stared into the water. She hadn’t meant
to get mad at Hank, she really hadn’t. At least he’d asked. But it was hot, she
hated the crowds at the airport, and she was tired.

peace and quiet graduaseepseeped into her, and she sighed and slipped out of
her shirt. She’d worn her bikini under her clothes because she’d been intending
to join the others in the pool. So much tha that idea. She didn’t want to go
anywhere now. She just wanted to stay here, on the rock, in the warm sun…

closed her eyes and was soon asleep.

* * *

knew where Jubilee would be. She loved to stretch out on the flat rock by the
lake, and tan. He checked her drawer real quick where she usually kept her
bikini. Hoping he wasn’t going to get snapped at like Jean had told him Hank,
Bobby, and Remy had, he grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and headed outside.

was really hot. By the time he got to the lake he was sweating. Jubilee was, as
he had guessed, stretched out on the rock, asleep, in her bathing suit. He smiled
as he saw her, a gentle, tender smile that he saved just for her. No one else
could bring that smile to his face.

stripped off his shirt and jeans, and climbed onto the rock behind her.
Grinning, he squeezed some of the suntan lotion onto his hand and began to rub
it into her legs, starting with her tiny feet and working his way upwards with
long, slow, gentle strokes.

woke as she felt the hand on her ankle, but a quick telepathic probe told her
it was Logan. She relaxed, moaning in sensual pleasure as he smoothed the
lotion onto her skin, massaging her calf muscles as he went. She stretched
lazily, groaning as his large hands found the muscles in her upper legs, in her
thighs, and massaged them too. Then climbed onto the rock, letting his weight
settle onto her legs as he let his hands travel over her backside and up her
back, his thumbs making small circles on the skin on either side of her spine.
He rubbed the lotion into her back, and moved up to her shoulders. “Tense here,
Jubes,” he whispered into her ear. His fingers slowly rubbed the tension out of
her shoulder muscles, making her moan as he did so. Damn, she loved Logan. He
could make her moan just by touching her.

there,” she groaned, shifting her shoulders just a bit to nudge his hands into
the right position to ease the tension out of one particularly knotted muscle.
“Oh, God, Logan, I love you.”

love you too, darlin’,” Logan said, kissing one shoulder. ‘Now turn over.” She
did, and he was treated to a sight of her perky breasts pushing against the
thin fabric of her skimpy bikini top. He rubbed the lotion into her chest,
applying it in smooth, languid strokes from her earlobe to the shadowed valley
between her breasts, then rubbed it into her upper arms, the inside of her
elbows, and down her forearms to her wrists. He finished off with a light,
feathery kiss to the inside of her wrist, then returned to her torso to apply
the lotion to her ribcage, her tiny waist, flat, pale tummy, and stopped just
under her navel. He skipped downward to her thighs, then down her shins to the
arches of her feet.

sat up, gave him a wicked grin he knew all too well. He didn’t even have time
to protest before her bikini top fell to the rock’s surface. She wiggled her
legs out from under him, stood up, and a moment later the bottom joined the top
on the ground. “Jubes,” he whispered, barely able to breathe.

placed a finger on his lips, pushed him down onto the rock, and took the lotion
from his nerveless fingers. He lay down and felt her hands slowly begin to
traverse his body in the same way he had just explored hers. It felt incredibly
sensual to his heightened sense of touch, and he almost shivered with the
intensity of the pleasure he was feeling from those small hands rubbing him all
over. She finished with his back, and he flipped over…but not before removing
his shorts. Jubilee pressed herself against him as she started to lotion his
front. “Jubes, he said, “I ain’t gonna get a sunburn. Fergit the lotion an’
jus’ do what ya really wanna do, okay?”

Wolvie.” It was a childish nickname, but the distinctly husky voice she said it
in was anything but innocent. Logan banished all other thought to the back of
his mind as he lost himself in the wave of sensations that washed over them


pressed her body close to his, melting liquidly over his front. Her hard
nipples pressed against his broad chest as she took his earlobe in her mouth.
Her warm breath filled his ear, sending shivers down his spine as she licked,
sucked, and nipped the flesh lightly. His cock got harder.

dropped the earlobe and moved down his neck, trailing her tongue lightly down
the side of his neck. Then she pulled her lips back from her teeth and nipped
lightly at his collarbones, tracing first one, then the other, with a line of
tiny love bites. She followed each bite with a lick, and Logan was going crazy.
He wanted to grab her hips and…

twitched her hips out of the way, giggling. “Uh-uh, no, Wolvie, you have to
wait till I’m done with you,” she grinned wickedly. He groaned, but obediently lay
back on the rock. She lay back down on top of him. “Let me in.” Her voice was a
sweet caress. He dropped his mental shields.

mind slid into his. Not deep enough to invade his privacy, but it was deeper
than the ordinary mental brush that she usually used when she wanto
communicate telepathically. It was odd, looking out of someone else’s eyes, and
his own at the same time, like a double image, one superimposed over the other.
He closed his eyes, felt the warm press of smooth bare skin against his, but he
also felt a rough, hairy thigh rub against his honey-gold skin. The second set
of impressions was Jubilee’s. It felt odd, to be both in his and her body at
the same time, but the sensations…

held still until the mental contact was firmly established, then began to move
again. She licked a hot, wet trail down his chest, between his well-developed,
defined pectorals, down between his ribs and down to his navel. Thee pae paused
for a moment. She eyed the massive erection rising from its nest of short, wiry
dark hair, thought for a moment, then deliberately skipped over it, going
instead to his feet. She nipped gently at his Achilles tendon, in his heel, and
followed it up the back of his leg to the soft, excessively sensitive skin at
the back of her knees. Opening her mouth wide enough to take in a good portion
of that area, she sucked and licked.

groaned. The feel of hot flesh wrapped around that portion of his anatomy plus
the feel of his own skin in her mouth were driving him over the edge. She
continued up his leg, licking, nibbling, and kissing his inner thigh, then
stopped just short of the part of him that ached for her touch and begged for
her attention. She knew it too. She gave him another one of her merry, wicked
smiles, and started with his other leg. She stopped just short of his hungry
erection and said, “How’s it been so far, Wolvie?”

stop, darlin’…please don’t stop,” he groaned. She grinned.

hot mouth wrapped around his stiff cock, and he growled, low and deep, in the
back of his throat. The sensation of that hot, wet flesh wrapped around the
stiffness of his manhood was intoxicating. She took him in her mouth, simply
holding him there, not doing anything, until Logan groaned again, and she felt
him get incredibly hard in her mouth. She chuckled, and let her tongue flick at
the skin under his head. Just once.

hips surged upward, thrusting more of himself into her mouth, and she got her
throat open just in time to keep from choking. He was impressive; though he was
short, his penis was nearly eight inches long, not too long, but not short
either. It was impressively thick; and just thinking about it made her want to
sheathe it between her legs, right then and there. But she restrained herself,
determined she was going to tease him until he couldn’t control himself
anymore. He was usually the one in control of their lovemaking; this time she
wanted to be the one in control.

eased back, then settled down to some heavy duty licking. She licked up and
down, as if he were some huge sweet lollipop. She licked up the drop of salty,
hot precum that oozed from the swollen head in her mouth, then dropped her head
deeply down on him. Logan groaned as her lips closed around his base, and had
to fight the desire to thrust again; if he did he’d choke her. He didn’t want
to do that. He didn’t want to ruin the moment.

backed off, taking him out of her mouth, and he was almost ready to moan in
disappointment when he felt her tiny tongue lick at his balls. He nearly yelled
in surprise and lust. She’d never done that before, and he was shocked,
surprised, and completely aro. Sh. She opened her mouth wide, licked his balls
into her mouth, one after another, and he nearly exploded right there. Oh, the
little tease.

slid his fingers through the thick tangled black locks of her hair and pulled
her upwards until her mouth was fastened on his. As he kissed her, deeply and
passionately, he took her hips and settled them just over his erection, then
lowered her down on him. She was straining against his grip, trying to lower
herself down in him faster, but he refused to allow it. She’d teased him by
taking her time on him…so he’d tease her by taking his time.

almost lost it when he felt things happening from her point of view. The feel
of his hard cock entering her, filling her body, was incredible. So this is
what it felt like to her! He couldn’t blame her for waking him up in the middle
of the night, now. Hell, he was going to make sure she linked them with her
mind when they made love from now on.

pulled her down, slowly, until he was all the way in and his erect cock was
wrapped in a hot, pillowy softness. He waited a moment, holding her in place,
until he got used to the feel of both penetrating and being penetrated, then
started moving. Jubilee moaned as he started thrusting. Her hips wriggled
around on top of his, causing the most delicious sensations in her body and
his. Logan fehe ehe excitement rising in her body, and felt it rising in his. With
no one around, neither felt self-conscious about shouting out their release to
the warm sun and quiet water.

collapsed on top of his, her nude body slick with sweat. She panted for a
moment, caught her breath, and carefully disengaged the link. Logan felt an
abrupt, almost painful sense of loss as his mind suddenly felt alone again, and
he had to adjust to it. He guessed that was probably like Siamese twins being

propped herself up on her hands looklooked down to where their bodies were
still joined. “That was intense,” she said. A giggle escaped her. “I can’t
believe I never tried that before. I loved that. How was it on your end?”

opened one eye, raised his head and looked at her. “Do ya hear me complainin’?”

She grinned and got up. Logan raised himself up on one elbow as he watched her
wade into the lake. “Jubes…”

a quick rinse, Logan,” she said. “I’m all hot and sweaty.”

sat there for a moment, wondering what Charles would think of the lake being put
to this use, then decided he didn’t really care when Jubilee dove underwater
and came back up dripping water, rising up out of the tranquil waters of the
lake like some primal ancient water goddess. He got up off the rock and waded
into the water with her, rinsing the sweat from his body.

lake was cold, so they didn’t spend a lot of time in it. They got out and sat
back on the rock as the sun dried their bodes, sitting quietly, enjoying the
peace and quiet of the scene as the sun set. They were drowsing off when Jean’s
mental voice rang through their heads, calling everyone in for dinner.

dressed quickly. Jubilee turned to Logan as he fumbled with his belt, touched
his arm quickly, and said “Tag, you’re it.” Then she was off, running toward
the mansion as fast as she could. Logan spluttered for a moment, buckled his belt
quickly, and ran off after her.

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