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Title: It’s All You (1/1)

Author: Tiffany

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Pairing: Scott/Rogue

Rating: NC-17

Content: MF, Underage, Adultery, Mast.

Summary: Freedom to go, freedom to stay/Freedom to give, to take it away/Freedom to speak, freedom to observe/Freedom to cross and to return.

Timeline: Takes place after the first movie.

Notes: Plot bunnies are evil, evil things. Well, I love the pairing of Scott/Rogue and this came into my mind after reading the wonderful “Lessons Learned” by AngeNoir (Located at and is rated NC-17.) I suck at titles and so I usually turn to song titles. I couldn’t find the perfect one, though. I found a lot of singular lyrics from different songs that could fit, but not just right…kind of like two similarly shaped jigsaw puzzle pieces that look like they go together but just don’t fit perfectly so I went with the one that fit the best. And I think that this PWP may have actually ended up with a little bit of plot. I mean…it ended up getting a life of its own and, like various other fics of mine, ended up longer than I had intended or even expected. It ended up with a back-story and a bit more…involved…than I had anticipated. If you’d like to see a little splash image that I created for it (I hit a little roadblock and needed to do something to get back into the groove) you can visit it at until I can get around to updating my website.

Final Warning: This fic is rated NC-17 and contains underage sex, adultery, and masturbation. If you’re not old enough or don’t like to read this type of fiction then, quite simply, don’t read it.


It's all you, you want it, you can have it.

It's all you, take your flight and get it.

It's all you, live it up, enjoy it while you can.

Freedom to go, freedom to stay,

Freedom to give, to take it away,

Freedom to speak, freedom to observe,

Freedom to cross and to return, to return…

~“It’s All You” - Rachel Farris


“We really shouldn’t be doin’ this,” the slim teenager panted as Scott pressed her against the storage room wall, his mouth moving over the sleek column of her throat.

“I know,” he agreed, halting his actions. “This just isn’t right.”

It had all started one dark night when the mutant teacher couldn’t sleep. He hadn’t wanted to bother his fiancée and so he left Jean to sleep in their shared room while he tried to find a cure for his random insomnia.

He had paused in the dark hallway when he heard faint moaning coming from one of the dorm rooms. It was coming from Rogue’s room. She had been at the institute for a couple of months and had requested to have her own room, afraid of any accidental contact that could potentially happen with her mutation.

Thinking that she might be sick or in pain, he opened the door and saw the dark haired girl lying on her bed completely nude, her right hand playing over her breasts and her left hand nestled in the patch of soft curls between her legs.

He stood in the doorway for a few moments, his eyes transfixed on the curvaceous girl who was lost in her own fantasy world. He became aware of his growing erection and shook himself from his daze, turning to leave the room and give the girl her privacy back when he heard her honeyed accent, thick with desire.

“Don’t tease, Scott…please…fuck me harder…”

Never in a million years would Scott have thought that the teenaged mutant would ever fantasize about him. For one, Jean had told him that the young girl was enamored of the Wolverine. And most of the other students viewed him as-per Jubilee’s description, which he had once overheard-“a strict, uptight, stick in the mud that was oblivious to anything non-school or non-X-Men related.” But now that he knew that the Southern Belle was fantasizing about him, he couldn’t stop watching her.

He took in the sight of her panting chest as she toyed with her hard nipples, pinching and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger, each tug and squeeze causing her lean hips to lift off the bed.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she moaned as she pushed a second finger into her wet depths and moved her thumb more quickly over her distended clit.

He couldn’t help but rub himself through his pajama pants as he watched the girl. He matched the motion of his rubbing to the movement of the teen’s thrusting fingers.

He came at the same moment as she released a soft keening noise, her body shuddering on the bed. He barely had enough wits about him to quickly close the door as her eyes began to open. He rested his back against the doorjamb for a few moments to catch his breath before he went back to his and Jean’s room to clean up and change his clothes.

From that night on, visions of the shy yet strong-willed girl plagued his waking-and often sleeping-thoughts. He became more aware of her in his classes, the way she watched him, the subtle way seemed to flirt with him whenever they spoke and he found himself flirting back. He noticed that she could often be found looking at him when they were in the same room together, and his hopes that he was just overanalyzing everything were dashed on nights when he’d walk the hallways and pause before her door, hearing her soft moaning coming from her. He’d lean against the doorjamb and listen to the erotic sounds, picturing what she’d look like, trying to imagine what she was fantasizing about. He could always hear her lilting voice calling out his name when she climaxed, the sound causing his heart to beat painfully in his chest, wanting to be in there giving her the pleasure she imagined him giving her, to feel her clench around him as they reached the heights of passion. And each thought made him feel guiltier for what he was feeling.

It got to where he dreaded seeing her in his classes even though he relished the time spent in her presence. The whole situation made him feel like a dirty old man, though he wasn’t that many years older than the southerner. He was constantly fearful that she’d discover his thoughts-regardless of her own feelings for him-and he would destroy the genuine friendship the two had forged since her coming to live on the vast estate.

A few months after the night he had watched her, Rogue learned to control her mutation. She had run straight to him upon the discovery to tell him about it. She had been extremely ecstatic, a grin lighting up her face, making her eyes sparkle as she bounced up to him and threw her arms around his neck. She’d described everything in great detail the way someone would as if relating the achievement of a lifelong dream-which in this case it seemed that were true. She’d often said that she’d just about given up hope of being able to touch another person ever again. She’d told him that she had him to thank, for being her best friend and for loving her. His thoughts had gone into a panic, fearful that she had discovered the underlying nature of his emotions, but she then revealed-though she didn’t come right out and say it-that she meant he loved her as a friend and she hadn’t picked up on his overly-hormonal emotions. Then she said that she loved him as well. She covered her tracks and said that it was as a friend, though one look in her eyes belied that statement. That revelation had caused his own internal fantasies-as well as the guilt he felt-to escalate.

He still didn’t know how no one had picked up on his feelings, especially Jean and the Professor who could easily look into his mind. He considered himself to be extremely lucky that no one had picked up on the impurities of his thoughts, seeing only the friendship that the teacher and student had, and he thought himself doubly lucky that he’d been able to resist the impulses and urges that were in him, trying to get him to do something he’d more than likely regret, something that could end up hurting the girl who he had really come to care for.

Then his luck ran out.

One day after final period Rogue had stayed after to ask him some questions about what they had covered in class that day when he had pulled her to him, attacking her mouth with his in long-denied desire. He hadn’t entirely been unsurprised when she did everything but resist him. He could feel his desire mirrored in her as their tongues waged battle with each other. When they had parted, he felt guilty, for kissing someone else behind Jean’s back, for taking advantage of his friendship with the young girl in front of him, for not being strong enough to resist what he was feeling. He had begun to apologize to his friend when he noticed that the expression on her face expressed his own internal turmoil.

They had stood in awkward silence for a few moments before she turned to leave the classroom with a soft-spoken, slightly embarrassed apology. Before she’d been able to leave Scott had walked up behind her and turned her around to face him, his hands moving up to caress the sides of her face, drawing her to him for a gentle kiss, his lips softly pressing against her own. He had felt almost as if his heart was breaking when the seventeen-year-old girl turned to leave and couldn’t allow her to go. He could no longer resist what was in his heart and he no longer wanted to resist, damn the consequences.

The door had closed behind them with soft click, the lock snapping into place, sounding painfully loud in the silent room. Scott had drawn Rogue with him over to his desk and gently placed her upon it, his lips rarely leaving her skin.

Afterward, the guilt and awkwardness was back, mingling with the satiated pleasure that enveloped their bodies. They had agreed that, while the experience was great-better than great, they both secretly reflected-it couldn’t happen again. They were friends, teacher and student…and he was already involved with Jean…and neither of them wanted to hurt her. A different time…a different place…maybe things would have worked out.

And they had done so well for a couple of weeks, then their passions, their desires caught them up in whirlwind of emotions that they couldn’t resist or maybe didn’t want to. Again they made the same promises of it not happening again, but again that promise was broken. After their third time together, they had decided that they couldn’t be friends any longer; it could be that that was testing their limits, their control over their emotions and bodies. Neither one wanted to lose the other’s friendships, but drastic measures needed to be taken. Any and all jumpiness and spurts of anger that they exhibited were attributed to the fight everyone believed that the two had had, the story they were telling people.

And they’d been able to repress their emotions for more than handfuls of days and had even tentatively begun to rebuild a friendship, albeit a distanced one. And they were able to resist all emotions that pertained to the other while they were together, though the visions and emotions remained, plaguing the two when they were alone in their thoughts. And things were enduring at a standstill until the two found themselves at the mercy of Jubilee and the rest of Rogue’s friends.

They had asked Scott-the only available adult-to take them to the mall and he had agreed, seeing as how a recent rash of bad driving had emanated from the teenagers at the Institute. Jubilee and Kitty had badgered Rogue until she’d agreed to go with them, against her better judgment. She still figured that the less time spent in her lover’s company was best. And that all led to the two separating from the others and escaping to a free storage closet in the vast shopping center.

“This is only hurting us more…and, though she doesn’t know it, its hurting Jean, too,” Rogue said quietly, her eyes closed. Jean was like a sister to her…the mere thought of hurting the good Doctor made the younger girl feel as though she’d been punched in the gut. The words were said as prevention against this very thing happening again.

“I know, we need to stop this…we really do,” the older mutant sighed. Despite their convictions, neither one of them were able to move, not able to try and leave the confined space. He felt a wave of frustration rise in him and couldn’t help but wish that things were different, wish that he could physically split himself into two people. But unfortunately for him that wasn’t his mutation. He couldn’t have both the women he wanted, that he was in love with. That wasn’t fair to anyone.

Why can’t you? a smooth voice intoned in his mind. You haven’t been found out yet. And Rogue here definitely wants you. If she didn’t want you, you wouldn’t keep finding yourselves in this position.

But it’s just not right, he argued, defying the voice. It’s wrong…I just need to get over Rogue. I’m committed to Jean, I love Jean.

But you love Rogue, too. You want her. You need her. Everyone has their addictions, she’s yours. And you are hers. You know it’s true. You want her, you can take her. And you can enjoy being with her while you can, for as long as you can.

I can’t do that to Jean. And I can’t do it to Rogue. It just isn’t fair to either of them.

What Jean doesn’t know won’t hurt her, the voice said melodically. And Rogue wants you, too. You could easily have relationships with them both, the way you have been…only better. You want her, so take her.

You’re free to do what you want, the voice coaxed. You can get out at any time you wish to.

If that were true, why is this so hard? he challenged.

Because you won’t let it be. You gave yourself the freedom to watch her that night. You gave yourself the freedom to sleep with her. You just never gave yourself the freedom to enjoy it, to live the way you wish to. Just go for it. You want her so take her. Give into your feelings. Give yourself the freedom to get what you want.

The internal argument lasted less than a few minutes.

“But we still want each other,” Scott said, stating the facts of the situation. “No matter how hard we try,bwe keep finding ourselves like this. Why fight it any longer? It’s not working.”

“Ah know,” Rogue agreed, looking up at him. “But what about Jean? If she ever found out she’d be heartbroken.”

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” he replied, repeating the voice’s words.

“Ya know that’s not true.”

“But it’s what we have to believe,” he insisted. “At least until we’re strong enough to resist all this. This isn’t going to go away. It’s something we need to play out. We want each other…why can’t we have each other? Why can’t we just enjoy being together while we can? We both want to, we can figure the details out later.”

Rogue closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Ya’re right,” she whispered. “We’re not strong enough. Not now…maybe in time…we can be. But not now. We can’t keep fighting ourselves…it’s a losing battle.” She placed her hand on his cheek, her thumb running over his lips. She rose up onto her tiptoes and pressed her soft lips to his.

Scott took the opportunity and slid his tongue between her lips, deepening the kiss. Relief had flooded his body when she had agreed to keep their relationship going. Maybe the voice was right and he was addicted to her. Even as he thought it he knew it was true, knew that he’d never get enough. He pressed her back against the wall, his hands running down her body, his mouth playing over her skin as her arms wrapped around his neck, her fis tws twining into his hair.

He ran his hand up under her flimsy top, his fingers smoothing over her soft skin in a gentle caress. His callused fingers moved up at a crawling pace to knead her full breast through the silky lace of her bra.

She felt little bolts of electricity everywhere she felt his fingers. She still couldn’t believe that he wanted her the way she did him. Even just the sight of him had her aching for his touch. She knew that she may never be strong enough to resist him, but she vowed that she’d deal with that later.

She moaned as she felt his lips on her neck and arched her hips into him, achingly wet for him. She moved her small hands down his body to run over his jeans-encased hardness, mimicking the motions his own hands were giving to her breasts.

Scott pulled away just enough to pull her shirt over her head, revealing the tight black bra beneath. He bent down to take one hard, cloth-covered le ile in his mouth, teasing her with his teeth and tongue. He unfastened the clasp of the confining fabric, slowly removing it from her alabaster skin, smiling when he heard her moan of desire. He loved being the only one to have ever evoked that response from her.

He slowly knelt, moving his nipping kisses down the bare expanse of her abdomen, his hands leisurely sliding her skirt down her firm legs, leaving her clad in only her black lace panties and high heeled sandals.

He ran his tongue over the dip of her bellybutton, tasting the light sheen of sweat that had broken out over her body. She slightly shook from the force of the emotions tumbling within her. Her breath came in short pants, intermittent moans and mewls escaping her throat as he peeled her panties off her body and down her slender legs.

His head moved lower, his tongue taking long swipes over her wet folds, collecting her taste in his mouth. He teased her sensitive clit, his tongue circling around it, his teeth nipping, his lips kissing. He kept one hand on her smooth hip, restricting the bucking movements of her pelvis, as his other hand slipped between her legs, his fingers slightly delving into her heat. He continued tonguing the hard bundle of nerves as he slowly thrust first one, then two fingers into her, stretching her tight body, curling the long digits to massage her inner walls.

Rogue felt as though her entire body was about to burst into flames of passion. She played with her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples and her hips bucked forward, meeting his pleasuring movements. Strangled cries of desire left her mouth as the waves of excitement rose in her. She came with a silent scream, her body shuddering against her teacher, her muscles clenching around his fingers.

Scott slowly brought her down from her orgasm, his lips trailing soft kisses over her slick, pink skin. He stood, claiming her lips with his in a heated kiss, allowing her to taste the lingering flavor of her juices.

Her hands rapidly unfastened the buttons of his shirt, pushing it down his arms to pool on the floor. She ran kisses over his chest, playfully biting the flat discs of his nipples, looking up at him through her dark lashes. Her dark brown eyes shone with innocence as she played his body like a fine instrument. Her delicate hands raked over his firm chest and abdomen, her nails leaving faint red trails. His breath hitched in his throat as she fondled him through his dark jeans.

She nimbly unbuckled his belt and unzipped the heavy clothing, pushing it and his boxers down, freeing his straining cock. She dropped to her knees and once again pinned him with her innocent gaze and took him into her mouth. He groaned and placed his hands against the wall, leaning upon them in an attempt to remain upright.

He involuntarily thrust his hips forcing himself further into his mouth when he felt her hand fondling his balls, rolling them in her hand. She pulled back and he let out a slight moan of protest as he slipped from between her lips. She proceeded to run her tongue over his thick lengths as her free hand stroked the remaining expanse of flesh.

He felt his orgasm fast approaching and pulled her up to him, his mouth claiming hers as he lifted her and entered her tight body, pressing her back against the wall. His eyes nearly crossed at the amazing sensation of her hot muscles clenching around him. She always felt so tight to him, almost painfully so.

Their panting breaths mingled as he thrust into her. Her forehead rested against his, soft mewls of pleasure escaping her. He pressed their twined hands against the wall

“So close…” she murmured between pants, each thrust sending blissful shockwaves through her body as his pelvis jostled against her clit, his chest pressed against her sensitive nipples. “So damn close…”

His thrusts sped up, deepened, and became harder, increasing the jolts of pleasure. She gave a hoarse cry as she came, her muscles claming down on his cock harder, sending him crashing into his own shattering orgasm, her given name-Marie-leaving his lips. He was the only person, other than Logan, that she allowed to call her by her real name, the knowledge making him feel honored.

They remained intertwined for a while lon exc exchanging soft kisses and loving touches.

“I love you,” Scott said, looking into her eyes through the red quartz of his glasses. It was the first time either of them had admitted how they felt to each other out loud.

Rogue smiled, tears of joy pooling in her eyes. “Ah love ya, too, Scott,” she whispered. “More than words can say.” Her lips captured his for a loving kiss, conveying the depths of her emotions through the gentle touch.

They stayed like that for a few more minutes before getting dressed, hoping that the others hadn’t missed them too much. They vowed to each other that they’d find a way to make things work. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, that it would be painful, but they had to try.

They’d enjoy it all while they could, be together while they could, until they were strong enough to do what they had to do.

The End

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