Nobody Knew

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Title: Nobody Knew (1/1)

Author: Tiffany

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Pairing: Bobby/Rogue/John

Rating: NC-17

Content: F Mast, Anal, Threesome (M/F/M,) Slash

Summary: "Nobody knew. Nobody except for Bobby, John, and the Professor."

Timeline: Well…this is confusing. This story takes place a few months before X2 but the basketball game takes place about a month after the end of the first movie. You'll understand when you read. I hope. Any questions, just ask.

Notes: This came into my head and refused to leave so here it is. I would appreciate any feedback, as this is my first story that isn't Rogue/Wolvie, so this is new territory. Of course, this is only my second finished X-Movie fiction. Others have been thought out but not really created. I hope this story isn't too confusing. It's a perfect example of how my brain works. This is, really, a partial stream of consciousness thing. If you have any questions, any whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask. I will answer as best I can. Also, I know this is not the best fic ever written. All I know is that this story would not end when I wanted it to and so it goes on…and on…and on. I just hope that it isn't too horrendous. Oh, the *** indicate time jumps (whether to the past, present, or future, I don't know. It will hopefully be self-evident.)

FINAL WARNING: This is rated NC-17 and contains sex, some slash, threesome, and anal sex. If you don't like any of these things then don't go any further. You have been warned.


Nobody knew. Nobody except for Bobby, John, and the Professor.

Well, Rogue mused as she tried to drift off, the Professor didn't really know for certain. But, at the very least, he had an inkling, even if he didn't really know for sure. He was a telepath after all, though he was too polite to enter a person's mind without permission. And, even without his powers he was a very observant man. He could see that she was happier lately, as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

But other than Bobby and John and, possibly, the Professor, nobody knew.

Rogue could control her power.

She couldn't do it all the time, but she could control it for up to an hour every once in a while. She didn't know how she did it, but she did. And she could make the control last longer each time she tried it. She had discovered that the control lasted longer when she took a deep breath and set a span of time in her mind. "I will control it, longer than last time." She'd then proceed, in her mind, to set a limit in her mind, generally five minutes or so longer than the last limit. That usually helped her control it. Sometimes she didn't make it her set time, but generally she did. And that made her feel hope that someday she could go without the gloves and excessive amounts of clothing. Especially on hot summer days. The only thing that got her through the summer wearing the long sleeves and pants was that one of her best friends controlled ice.

She didn't want to tell anyone about the periods of control. Not until she had mastered it, that is. And she had gotten used to wearing the gloves and covering her skin so continuing with it for a while longer wasn't a big deal.

And, through it all, she believed, with all her heart, that her control was possible, in part, because of her two best friends. The only two people she knew for sure knew about her control. Bobby and St. John.


They were the first two students to reach out to her. John had used his ever-present lighter to create a fireball, which Bobby promptly froze. That, Rogue had quickly learned, was what they did, what they were.

Fire and ice. Yin and yang, opposite and balanced. Harmonious.

Bobby was the good ol' boy next door and John was the rebel (sometimes she wondered if that was why they never really called him by his given name St. John. He was hardly a saint.)by wby was serious and laid back. John was anything but serious and was a lot more aggressive when it came to many confrontations. They were opposites in nearly every way and in that they complimented each other.

Then, after the whole Magneto debacle and Logan's leaving, the two boys had welcomed her into their little group and helped her settle in. They helped her more than Kitty and Jubilee, her roommates, who, to be fair, did a good job as well. She just felt closer to the two boys. They, Bobby, John, and herself, had discovered that the other students had dubbed the three of them the Three Musketeers. Rogue wasn't quite sure she enjoyed being nicknamed after three fictional fancy-pants Frenchmen, but she thought it fit, seeing as how she and the two boys were rarely apart.


Looking back on it, she'd always gotten along better with guys than with girls. She never knew why that was, only that as far back as she could remember she'd had more guy friends than girl friends. From her first memories up to the time her power manifested, Cody had been her best friend…everyone had always assumed that the two of them would end up getting married in future years. That was until that kiss in her bedroom and the three-week-long coma. Even since that ugly event all her closest friends-while few in numbers-were guys. Logan, Bobby, John. All three were guys. But she was glad to have them. All of them, Cody included.


During those first few months Bobby and John had helped to coax her through that silly crush she had on Logan. She still loved him, but she had figured out that it was more in the way you'd love a brother. She was sure that Logan would be happy to hear that he was no longer considered the groom standing at the end of the wedding aisle. When he got back she'd have to tell him that he was no longer in danger from that scenario…at least from her. Or maybe she could have some fun with him first, see how nervous she could make him. That was definitely a prospect to consider.

And she no longer ran to the front door every time she heard a motorcycle come near the mansion in the hopes that it would be her animalistic friend. She still did it, of course, but not as often as she had. Most of the time when she still ran to the door it was to see if Scott's precious bike was in one piece. The Fearless Leader was convinced that Logan had killed his baby. But she never got the answer she wanted as none of the motorcycles ever stopped. They passed right by the large structure on the road in front of it. Many cycles, many vehicles, but never the one she wanted to see.


She wished that he'd call her or somehow let her know where he was. She wanted to tell him of her control. She thought that he'd like to know. She'd like him to know.


Rogue first discovered that she had control during a three-person basketball game with John and Bobby. Ororo had let the three leave after they had finished their final history exam. She was one of the only teachers to let her students out of the classroom early after the tests were completed. Of course the students usually paid for that with harder projects and exams. Bobby, John, and Rogue were the first ones done with the exam and, gladly, left the classroom in favor of the bright spring day.

They had been playing for, roughly, twenty minutes when Bobby tripped and fell on Rogue, both falling to the ground. The only thing that had stopped Bobby from moving from atop her and apologizing was the realization that his bare forearm was touching the skin of the Southern Belle's face. He was touching her and nothing was happening. Her mutation wasn't kicking in.

The only thing that got the two teenage mutants out of their shocked stupor was the equally shocked John pulling his longtime friend off the dark-haired girl.

"Nothin' happened?" she half-stated half-asked as she grasped John's offered hand up. "Ya aren't hurt?"

Bobby just shook his head in negative answer to her question. He then glanced at John and they both placed a hand on Rogue's face. Again nothing happened.

A grin spread across her face and she placed her still-gloved hands over those of her best friends. The three stood there looking at each other in happiness for a few moments before the girl's smile began to fade and she felt her mutation beginning to kick in. She quickly pulled her friends' hands off her face and they only felt a few seconds of her mutation's pull.

"Ah didn't hurt ya too badly, did Ah?" she asked knowing that she hadn't been fast enough to prevent the slight pull on them from her mutation. She now had small pieces of her best friends in her mind.

"No," they assured her. And she had believed them, still believed them, for they were in her head; some of their thoughts, some of their feelings, some of their memories.

That day had been the start of what the boys had termed "Control Lessons." They decided not to inform the Professor or Jean or anyone else in case it was a fluke and, after they discovered that it wasn't, because Rogue didn't want to become a guinea pig for any tests that Jean might want to run. She also wanted to surprise the elder mutants at the school, all of whom had been nice to her during one of the most confusing and scary times in her life. They had become her family. She wasn't sure if they'd ever full understand how grateful she was to them for that, for accepting her when her own family wouldn't. And so the three friends had decided to work on her control together until she had mastered it.

Once or twice a week when alone together-which was often now that school was done for the summer and some of the other students had gone home to spend time with their families-they would touch without the barrier of fabric, testing her mutation's limits. They would document the time it took Rogue to keep her mutation at bay. The first lessons had yielded mixed results. Sometimes she could hold it off for minutes or just seconds and sometimes she couldn't control it at all. That was until Rogue sat down and thought about each lesson; comparing and contrasting the results, her emotions, what she knew of Bobby and John's emotions, and she noticed common themes.

She had to fully accept her mutation, accept it as a fact of her life, something that could never change, mo matter how often she had wished it. Unfortunately that was easier said than done. She'd been wishing and hoping for a cure or something that could stop her mutation for so long that accepting it was something completely foreign and difficult for her. Sometimes-like when she was with the guys-she could accept it before her brain went and did a full 180 without her consent. But she had slowly begun to accept it. She could practically feel the day of total acceptance nearing. During the early-successful-lessons she had felt normal, like she had before her power had manifested, which had meant acceptance, however temporarily, of who and what she was. That was a big step for one who spent years denying who and what she was.

She had also figured that she had to keep her mind off her power and just let her subconscious deal with it. This rule went hand-in-hand, more or less, with acceptance. Both worked better when she didn't think about it. Where she knew she was a mutant and could kill someone if she wasn't careful, but didn't dwell on it as she normally did. That was yet another task that was easier said than done. She discovered that when her mind was on something else it was easier to prescribe to rule number two.

However once she had started down the path of these rules, as she had termed them, her control had slowly begun to last longer. The more lessons she had, the more rules she added to her mental list, as well as Bobby and John's written rules that they had insisted that they know as well. ("The better to help you with, M'Dear," John had explained, continuing on with the Little Red Riding Hood cracks he'd been making all day due to her red attire.)


A couple months after her control had begun she and Bobby had begun to date. She'd made a point of speaking with John before she had decided to go for it. She knew that the whole schematic of the group would, or could, change, whether they wanted it to or not.

He said that he was fine with it, but she still wasn't convinced. The fire mutant never liked to talk about emotions and usually said whatever he had to in order to make the conversation end as quickly as possible. She should know, she had him in her head. But she had decided to let it go, knowing that pursuing the conversation would only make him extremely uncomfortable and snappish. If John had a problem he'd say something and even if he didn't, she and Bobby would be able to tell and would call him on it.

Once she and Bobby actually began dating, their group chemistry had, in fact, changed. John didn't hang around with them as much as he usually did. He said that he just wanted to give them space, time to adjust to their new relationship before they had him hanging around constantly.

He stopped attending the Control Lessons, leaving Bobby and Rogue to practice together. They thought that he was just trying to be courteous, a trait he rarely showed anyone other than the two of them. He often ended up walking in on them laying together on Bobby's bed in the room the two boys shared. Those times were often while the new couple were making out. When this happened, he would just roll his eyes and make some comment, most of which weren't the wittiest lines he had come up with, but it showed that he was at least partially okay with the changes.

It was shortly after John had walked in on her and Bobby one of the times that Rogue had thanked John for walking in. She had felt her mutation starting to kick in and he had stopped it before it had.

She'd known that she probably wouldn't have been able to pull away before some more of Bobby had been sucked into her mind. The next few lessons after that were just spent holding hands as Rogue concentrated on pinpointing the first indication that her mutation was set to restart itself.

She soon knew what that feeling was like and worked on sensing it, even as she was preoccupied. There was yet another rule for the list; keep the 'reset switch' in the back of her mind at all times. Reset Switch…yet another term that came straight out of John's mouth without him even thinking about it. Rogue had agreed that was a good name for it and went with that. At this point she could hold her control for forty-five minutes, occasionally a bit longer.

The three friends knew that it wouldn't be long before she would have total control over the Reset Switch. Though, Rogue maintained, she would probably have to change the name of it if she could concentrate on that Switch and turn it into an On/Off Switch. She set John to work on coming up with a better name than that.


Summer was nearing an end and Rogue's control was steadily increasing, despite the setback of a month-long absence of Bobby and John, both of which had returned to their respective homes for a while to visit with their families. They returned a month before school was set to begin again. The lessons and group had taken up where they had last left off; working on finding a Trigger, as John had come up with, and said Fire Mutant seemingly giving them more than a little bit of space, which was starting to get on both Bobby and Rogue's nerves.

Bobby tried time and time again to get John to rejoin them in reality and stop avoiding them, but his numerous talks had not succeeded in knocking any sense into his friend. The couple talked it over and had decided that, perhaps, Rogue would have better luck with their friend.

The day Rogue had spoken with John was the day before school had started up again. The students who had spent the summer with their families had returned. The three friends would be entering their last year in the Institute. Their X-Men training was set to begin within the next month. The two boys were to be trained as the secondary team, the ones who were called upon in an emergency when the main team members were otherwise indisposed. They had been chosen for second string since they had plans to leave for college. Rogue, on the other hand, would be trained as a member of the main team and had already begun her training. Her future plans were to remain at the mansion and attend Westchester's community college.

Bobby and Rogue knew that John would be out on the grounds, more than likely annoying Jubilee and Kitty, so they had retreated into the boys' room to be alone. Rogue had jumpstarted her control and pinned her boyfriend down on his bed almost before the door was closed. John walked in on them a scant thirty tes tes later and stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes glided over the bare expanse of his female friend's back as she writhed on top of his equally naked best friend.

The Southern Belle heard a small gasp and froze. She whipped her head around to face the door, praying that it was anyone but one of the teachers. She watched as John stammered an apology and left the room, closing the door behind him. She slumped forward onto Bobby's chest.

"Ah forgot to lock the door," she sighed, the mood broken.

This wasn't the first time she and the ice mutant had made love. That had been the night before Bobby had left for his month-long visit to his family. John had left the previous day so the couple had the room all to themselves. And, Rogue maintained, that had been one of the best nights of her life. This time had not been their first time since then, either. Though it had been the first time anyone ever walked in on them during. It was also the first hint (or, as the case was, outright proof) that John had of a more intimate relationship between his two friends.

"Ah should go speak with him," she said softly as they both got dressed. She glanced at her boyfriend and saw the guilt she was feeling reflected upon his face. Neither had wanted to hurt him.

"We-I should have told him sooner," the Ice Mutant had replied.

"We should have resolved this sooner."

willwill now," she promised. "Let me speak with him. We can work this out." With that she left the room in order to find her other best friend.

She knew that John was hurt by their lack of informing him of the changes in their relationship. She had seen that hurt pass briefly over his face before he had left the room.

And that, in turn, had hurt her, and she knew it had hurt Bobby. They both loved their fire-manipulating friend. She couldn't say for certain why they hadn't told him, why they had let the rift between them grow so great.

She soon found John leaning against a tree that made up the beginning of the forest along the grounds border. She approached him and sat against the close by neighboring tree.

"We're sorry, Bobby and Ah," she apologized. "We shoulda told ya sooner."

"What you do in your own time is no business of mine," he replied, his voice sounding tired.

"Since when?" She saw the faint trace of a smile cross his face and smiled herself. "Are ya really all right?"

"I'm fine," he asserted. "I didn't mean to walk in on you two."

"Ya don't sound fine," she stated with a sigh. Why did guys have to be so damn stubborn when it came to emotions?

"So what? I am fine! Why won't you just drop it?" He stood up and began to stalk off into the forest, his frustration evident in his stature and the way he walked.

Rogue simply stared after him in awe for a few moments. He had never before used that tone of voice with her, never before snapped at her. She stood up herself and followed him, removing one of her long opera gloves as she walked. She pulled her friend back to her and touched his face with her now-bare hand and willed her mutation to begin working. She pulled his emotions into her, trying to understand just what was going on in his mind.

They both gasped as she willed her control to kick in, even as she pulled her hand away. She staggered and fell to her knees as her brain assimilated the onslaught of her friend's memories and emotions.

Her brain registered the happiness he had that his friends had found love. His jealousy over what they had. His love for the two of them, both friendly and not entirely platonic. The lust he had for them both, the guilt he felt over that lust. The surge of desire he had experienced, was experiencing, from walking in on his friends mid-coitus. All emotions that were mirrored in herself, before she even touched him.

"A-are ya all right?" she asked her friend, not noticing the tears trailing down her face from the mass amount and force of his borrowed-stolen-emotions.

"Fine," was his gruff reply. He slowly slid down the tree he was leaning against to sit on the ground. "Are you?"

Her eyes fluttered close in response and she took a deep breath, trying to gain control over tmotimotions running rampant in her mind. She opened her eyes to see the expression of concern on John's face. She quickly went through her mental procedures to make sure her control started then pinned the fire mutant against the tree and voraciously attacked his mouth as she moved closer to him in order to straddle his lap.

He was surprised at her advance, not expecting one of his dreams-his fantasies-to come true. He had expected his friend to yell at him for lying, for lusting after his friends, for being a pervert because of it. But no, she kissed him as he'd never been kissed been kissed before, her lower body slightly undulating against his aroused hardness.

She broke the kiss and leaned her forehead against his, their panting breaths mingling together. She quickly launched herself off of him and backed away. "Ah'm sorry," she whispered just loud enough for him to hear before she ran off back to the school.

She didn't stop her hurried pace until she found her boyfriend and dragged him into the privacy of her vacant dorm room. "Ah need ta talk ta ya," she said before rapidly plunging into the telling of what had happened with John, not giving her boyfriend a chance to speak. "Ah'm sorry if Ah hurt ya," she concluded, "Ah wanted ta give in ta the feelings Ah have for him. The same ones Ah have for ya."

In reply Bobby lightly placed his hands on either side of her face, gently caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. "I don't mind," he consoled her. "I probably would have done the same thing had I been in your shoes."

"Ya would?" she asked uncertainly, not knowing if they were on the same wavelength. She knew he loved their friend, but the exact nature of that love had always eluded her.

"Yes, I would. I feel the same way," he explained. "Since moving here John and I had always been friends, but not as close as we were…are now. That came after you arrived here. I think I fell in love with him even as I was falling in love with you. I think we all fell in love with each other."

"That can happen?" she questioned, stunned.


"Well, that's a fairy tale you'll never read about as a kid," she commented after a brief pause.

"As if life wasn't confusing enough," he sighed.

Rogue nodded her head in agreement, choosing to stay silent for a few moments. "I'd like to ask John to join our relationship," she said after running through different phrasings of the statement in her mind. She rushed on with her thoughts, not stopping to wait for her boyfriend's response. "Ah know that's selfish of me, wantin' ya both at the same time. It probably makes me a bad person for wantin' it. It's probably ridiculous. Ah mean, whoever heard of a relationship between three people? How would that even work? Why would anyone even-" she was cut off by the feel of Bobby's naturally cool fingers being placed over her lips.

He smiled reassuringly at her when he saw her eyes shining with frustrated tears that seemed to magnify the emotions conveyed by the deep brown orbs. The frustration, the curiosity, the trepidation about his reaction.

"It's not selfish," he said softly, sincerely.

"It's not?"

"I don't think that it is. You know that I love him, too. In fact, I was trying to figure out a way to tell you that I'd like the same thing."

"Ya were?"

"I was. I love you both and you feel the same way towards both of us," he explained.

"And John feels the same way. That's what it felt like when Ah touched him," she continued.

"We should probably talk to him, shouldn't we?"

"That would be a good thing. Knowing John, he's probably beating himself up as he waits for you to kill him."


That night Rogue lay awake. She and Bobby hadn't gotten a chance to speak with John. With classes starting the next day it seemed as if anyone who had ever heard of the school was there, making any gained privacy short-lived.

She sighed as she turned over for what seemed like the thousandth time since lights out. She opened her eyes and looked at the clock. It was well after midnight. She definitely wouldn't be falling asleep any time soon.

She looked at her roommates and made sure that they were fast asleep before silently getting out of her bed and leaving the room. She carefully made her way down the corridors of the mansion to Bobby and John's room. She stopped outside their closed door. She could hear the muffled clicking of John's lighter from inside the room.

The lighter was, Rogue mused, John's security blanket. As long as he could click the cover open and ignite the tool with a metallic scratch, he could cope with anything. It gave him a sense of control, even if it was just over a small, hand-held contraption.

She quietly knocked on the door and quickly slipped inside the room. She would often slip into the boys' room after a nightmare or a few hours of insomnia so her entrance didn't surprise the two boys, who both turned their heads to look at her as she entered.

"Ah guess Ah'm not the only one who can't sleep tonight," she said softly, her eyes traveling over her two friends.

There were a few moments of awkward silence before the three friends finally discussed what had transpired the previous day.


Rogue smiled as she thought back on that night. That had been the night that the three of them had decided to try and maintain a relationship amongst themselves. She couldn't really call it a couple and a threesome made it sound more than just a little dirty and meaningless, which is something that it truly wasn't. There wasn't really anything dirty about their relationship. Well, not anything that wasn't supposed to be slightly dirty anyway, she thought with a wry smile.

She sighed as she realized that, while she should be trying to sleep, her brain wouldn't stop working long enough to let her. It had a life of it's own and that life was, in all absolute honesty, making her horny as all hell-something that usually happened whenever she thought of her two boyfriends.

She rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling, attempting to resist the urge to abate her desires. Nothing good would come of staying up all night. It never had before, so she definitely knew from experience.

She tried for another ten minutes to shut off her brain and attempt to sleep, but then she let out a huffy sigh when it didn't work. She looked across the room to the beds where her two roommates laid, dead to the world. She lightly bit her bottom lip as she decided to take a risk and take matters into her own hands-no pun intended.

She lightly ran her hands down her body, gingerly stroking her breasts through the thin silk of her nightgown, sending electric bolts of desire from her already hard nipples straight down to between her legs. She continued moving her hands down, slowly drawing the soft fabric up her body, delighting in the feel of it against her skin. She slid her left hand up under the fabric to caress her breast as she lightly trailed her right hand lower to cup her sex with her fingers. She felt the moist heat emanating through the thin lace of her panties. She slowly slid her hand under the fabric and teasingly stroked her wet, slick folds as she rolled one of her nipples between the fingers of her other hand, sending another wave of pleasure down to her lower body. She played with her body as she envisioned her two favorite guys and the nights they spent together.

She silently groaned in frustration. She was so close but she couldn't send herself over the edge. And now she knew that there wasn't a chance of her being able to fall asleep until the pleasurable tension was released from her body. She quietly got out of her bed and left the room. The worst-case scenario was that Bobby and John were asleep and she'd be up all night.

She carefully made her way to the boys' room and opened the door a little to look in. They were both lying on Bobby's bed, seemingly asleep. She couldn't help but smile at them, looking so innocent when they were asleep-something they didn't always live up to when awake. She was about turn and leave when she saw the faint light in the room glistening off Bobby's slightly open eyes. She smiled and fully entered the room, making sure to close and lock the door behind her. She made her way over to the bed and crawled in beside him. The three teens made a comfortable, if snug, fit in the double bed.

"Are you okay?" his whispered voice asked as she snuggled up against him. "You didn't have a nightmare, did you?"

"No, Ah just couldn't sleep," she replied softly. "My mind refused to stay quiet." She ran her hand down his stomach to stroke his hardening member. This action and her mischievous smile quickly let him know just what it was she had been thinking about. She raised herself up and claimed the ice mutant's mouth with her own in a passion filled kiss.

Bobby moved his left hand up to entangle his fingers in Rogue's long, dark hair, holding her to him as he explored her mouth with his tongue. She slowly pulled away from him and flashed him a seductive smile before trailing her lips and tongue down his bare torso. She lethargically pulled his boxers off his body, with some help from him. She settled herself between his legs and teasingly raked her fingers over the hard lengths of his cock, delighting in the hiss of pleasure that passed through his teeth. She flashed him a sultry grin. "Ah've been wantin' ta do this all night," she breathed before running her tongue along the underside of his member before engulfing him in her mouth.

Bobby moaned and arched his hips up, thrusting himself into her mouth. He opened his eyes and noticed John's wakening gaze on him. "C'mere," he said softly, pulling the fire manipulator to him for a searing kiss. He ran his cool hand down the other boys' chest and stomach to reach into his boxers to stroke the hard length.

Rogue watched her two boyfriends as she continued running her mouth over Bobby's cock. She kept watching them as she ran a free hand down and slid it into her panties to play over her aroused flesh for the second time that night. She loved watching the two together.

Bobby felt himself slip out of the Southern Belle's mouth and moaned as he felt her roll a condom over his cock then guide him into her tight passage. As he felt her begin to move upon him he felt her hand join his on John's cock, stroking and pleasuring.

Rogue bent over and kissed the fire mutant then gasped as she felt two different hands on her body. John's hand was upon her breast, his fingers leisurely playing with her nipples and Bobby's cool, nimble fingers were between her legs, caressing her undulating flesh, circling around hlit.lit. She felt the waves of pleasure rise in her body.

John raised his hand to cup the back of the brunette's head and directed her down toward Bobby's, silently guiding them into a kiss. He pulled away from them, ignoring their sounds of protest. He moved behind the moaning girl, moving his fingers around her hips to join his best friend's delving in her wetness before bringing them back around to circle her anus. After coating her in her juices he positioned himself at her entrance and slowly thrust into her, the action coaxing a mewl of pleasure from her throat.

As the two boys thrust into her, John placed nipping kisses along Rogue's neck and ear while Bobby's mouth caressed her breasts. The sensation of the two cocks pounding into her soon brought the mutant girl into a long pent-up orgasm, her muscles clamping around the two boys. Their fingers worked together, rubbing and pinching her clit, sending her into another earth-shattering orgasm. John pulling her head back for a deep kiss muffled her pleasure-filled shouts that easily could have beenloud enough to awaken the dead.

As their fingers manipulated her into yet another orgasm, they, too, joined her in the pit of white-hot pleasure. The two boys slowly stilled as they caught their breaths. They grinned at each other when they realized that their girlfriend had passed out from pleasure overload. They pulled out of her then lay back on the bed with her lying between them.

"We really need to do this more often," Bobby murmured happily.

"Yeah," John agreed, his trademark smirk passing over his face. "I'm just happy that we've been blessed with oblivious neighbors because you two sure aren't quiet."

The End

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