The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Ass Smashers

BY : Tenudakin
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Heya all! Here is my second smut entry for the MCU, something quite smutty and kinky as well lol. Hope you enjoy! Also if you don’t like watersports, you can turn back now, no hate please!

            A certain Australian was walking down the streets of Prague, in his hands were two bags full of things. He made his way towards an alley before turning down a quiet back alley, looking around cautiously as he walked towards an old door, looking around cautiously before knocking on the door, whistling. It wasn’t just any door, it was the door to where this newly formed group, the Flag Smashers were hiding out as they planned to make their first move. All of the eight super soldiers that escaped from Madripoor were hiding here temporarily. It wasn’t long before the door opened and the man was surprised.

            “Lennox? What are you doing just in your boxers?” asked the Australian in surprise as he quickly hurried in, with the bald man just smirking and locking the door behind him, securing the bar with a strong metal bar and blocking it with a heavy barrier.

            Before Lennox could answer, he was interrupted by a faint sound of someone moaning, and sounds of flesh slapping coming from the back of the place. “Let me guess, you guys got started… again huh?” asked the man chuckling as he placed the stuff on the table, which was the dining table of the group.

            “You know how Karli is Dovich,” Lennox chuckled. “She gets horny and wants to fuck, Gigi and DeeDee join in and it always turns into an all-out orgy,” the bald man said. “Plus, these girls are letting us fuck them for free! You wanna miss out on that?” asked the man sarcastically.

            “Well, at least she could’ve waited for me,” Dovich scoffed as he walked towards the door in front of him.

            “Come on, you think you are the only one that missed out? I was waiting for you, by that door,” Lennox groaned as he followed Dovich through the door, closing the door and locking it before going down the stairs into the basement as the sounds of moaning and cries grew louder,

            “Fair enough,” Dovich shrugged as he walked into the room where there were eight mattresses, one for each of them to sleep in. The scene before him was so arousing that a tent immediately formed in his pants. The rest of the Flag Smashers were completely naked, and paired together, making out and having sex, with their clothes scattered all over the ground.

            The Super Soldier Serum they took in Madripoor didn’t just give them enhanced strength, it also enhanced pretty much everything else, including their libido, their durability, and their refractory period. It was no surprise that the Flag Smashers went down on each other when they had the chance.

            DeeDee, the black woman was pressing both her hands against the walls as Diego pounded her pussy roughly as he grabbed her hips, thrusting his length quickly as he fucked her. Both of them were standing as they fucked, their flesh slapping together rather loudly. Diego then pressed the woman against the wall as he continued to rock her, to fuck her hard, and she enjoyed it, moaning aloud as she felt the dick stimulating her insides.

            Meanwhile, the other woman of the group, Gigi, was sucking on Matias’s rather huge length, sucking it down to the base hungry, twirling her tongue around his dick talentedly, making the man groan in pleasure as she deepthroated him. Soon, Matias held onto the brunette’s head and began facefucking her, thrusting his length deep into her mouth, fucking her mouth roughly. The woman was gurgling was drool dripped from her mouth, but she didn’t struggle much.

            As for the leader of this young aspiring group, none other than Karli Morgenthau, the young woman was riding Nico, whose face was buried by Karli’s ass as he laid on the mattress, moving her hips and grinding them against Nico’s face as Nico licked her tight little asshole, feeling as the moist warm tongue penetrated her anus, mewling in pleasure as she rubbed her cunt pleasurably. “Mmm~ yes Nic~ Lick that ass~ make me cumm~ Oohh~” the British moaned in pleasure as she rocked her hips, making the man groan under her.

            Out of all the super soldiers, Karli’s libido was the biggest, she was the leader of this new group and all yes, but behind the scenes, whenever she can, she would be rubbing herself, earning for someone to fuck her senseless, like the slut she was, always eager for sex, for dick, for her sexual urges to be satisfied. She wasn’t going to pass up the chance of fucking when there were like 5 men living with her. Of course, she didn’t make fucking her an easy thing to happen.

            “Hmph, of course, Karli has Nico licking her ass,” Dovich scoffed smilingly as he began stripping, taking off his coat, walking towards the young woman. “Karli! I see you are having fun hmm?” asked the Australian chuckling.

            “Dovich~ Ahh~ Mm~ I see that you are back,” Karli said smilingly as her face screwed a bit from feeling Nico’s tongue deep into her ass. “Mmm~ fuck yes, Nic~ Mmm~ lick that ass.”

            “And I see you started without me,” Dovich chuckled dryly, eyeing Karli’s bare form. Her breasts weren’t as large as the other two, but there was a certain beauty to Karli’s perky breasts that made Dovich’s cock harden even more.

            “Oh~ I forgot about you, to be honest. You were taking way too long out there,” Karli smirked.

“Wow… I am hurt Karli,” Dovich chuckled dryly as he shook his head.

The redhead just smiled. “Come on, don’t get mad, get your dick out, I will make it up for you~”

            “Now you are talking,” Dovich smirked as he stripped, and soon he was naked as well, showing his fully erected dick, pointed towards Karli as Dovich stood over Nico. “Suck that dick nice and good Kar~”

            “Mmm~” Karli hummed before taking it in her mouth, sucking on it eagerly as Nico continued to lick her asshole.

            “Mmm~ gosh... Karli~” the Australian groaned as he placed a hand on the petite girl’s head, guiding her down his huge length. “Mmm~ having a good view down there Nic?” Dovich mocked chuckling.

            “Shut up,” Nico scoffed, his voice muffled by Karli’s ass before continuing to lick the young woman’s asshole.

            Meanwhile, Lennox stripped off his boxers and walked towards Gigi who was just savoring Matias’s huge load. The serum also increased the men’s cumload by a huge amount, cum was dripping down the girl’s front as she tasted it, gulping it down as Matias shot a few more ropes of thick spunk, landing on her breasts and across her face, painting her.

            “Mmm~ delicious,” Gigi chuckled as she wiped cum off her breast, licking them from her fingers as she sat down on the mattress, eyeing Matias’s still hard cock. “Mmm~ ready to go again?”

            “You know it,” Matias said as he walked forward grinning.

            “Got room for one more?” asked Lennox carefreely, not realizing that he was interrupting them, as he looked at Matias...

            “Well, her ass is free, I like to fuck her mouth a bit more,” Matias chuckled as he placed a hand on Gigi’s head, stroking her hair softly.

            “Come on guys, don’t fight over me, both of you can have me,” Gigi said smiling as she got on all fours on the mattress next to where Karli was, her face facing Matias cock, which was still hard even after he just cummed and with Lennox behind her, lubing his cock.

            “You and your weird kink,” Lennox scoffed, rolling his eyes

            “You call liking a blowjob weird?” asked Matias as Gigi took his cock again, making him grunt.

            “I can’t imagine someone liking a blowjob more than fucking an actual pussy,” Lennox scoffed as he thrust into Gigi, making her moan as his length entered her, moaning against Matias’s length.

            Meanwhile, DeeDee was about to cum from being roughly fucked by Diego, who was spanking her ass, adding more momentum for her as she was about to orgasm. “Fuckkk~ Diego~ Yesss!” DeeDee screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed, releasing a huge spurt of pussy juices, watering down the man’s dick.

            Despite DeeDee’s insides clasping tight on Diego’s length, Diego showed no sign of slowing down, instead, the man sped up, fucking the brunette even quicker now, making her moan. “Fuckk, ahhh, yess, faster! Harder! Ahhh~”

            “Mm~ Moan like that bitch! Come on! Moan!” Diego said loudly as he thrust his hips.

            “Fuckkk~ Diego~ Mmmm~ Yessss~” DeeDee moaned senselessly as the man thrust harshly.

            “Mmm~ I can’t wait to fuck that ass of yours raw Dee~” grunted the man as he thrust quicker, bringing the woman to yet another climax.

            DeeDee could only tremble with ecstasy as she cummed, squirting again, her pussy juices forming a puddle below where they stood. Diego quickly pulled up, clutching the woman’s neck, smirking.” I know you love this rough, I am going to give you rough,” the man chuckled before thrusting his length into her asshole, fucking her tight hole.

            The entire room was just a hot steamy mess as the guys fucked the women, all fucking like rabbits, switching partners and trying different positions. This was every orgy session for the 8 super-soldiers, nothing new.

            DeeDee was now laying on the mattress panting as Karli rode her face, making her lick her ass as cum spewed out of DeeDee’s asshole, fresh from Diego’s cock while Diego was now joining in, fucking Gigi’s pussy with Nico, fucking her while they all stand, double penetrating to woman, who was moaning like crazy as the two dicks rubbed against her walls, going deep into her while the other three super soldiers just jerked off to the scene before them, watching as DeeDee ate Karli out. None of them ever really fought over the girls of the team, cause they knew that in the end, everyone would have their chance.

            “Mmmm~ yessss yesss~” Karli moaned as she rocked her hips, pushing herself down hard on DeeDee’s face while slapping the woman’s breasts, edging her to lick faster. “Come on Dee~ I know you can do fucking better than that~”

            “Ohhh yesss~” Gigi moaned aloud, mewling and trembling in pleasure as she was being double penetrated, a feeling that quickly overwhelmed her with unspeakable blissful pleasure. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck… I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m... AH YESSS!” She cummed, squirting her juices, spraying all over, and as the three were standing just next to Karli, she got sprayed with a bit of Gigi’s pussy juices then along with the overflowing cum that spurted into the woman and filled her full.

            “Ahhh~ Fuckkkk~ Sooo good!” Gigi moaned, panting as Nico and Diego placed her down on the mattress next to DeeDee, laying her down as the woman was trying to recover from the intense orgasm she had while loads of cum leaked out from her asshole and pussy, so much that she would probably be pregnant if the girls of the team didn’t take birth control.   

            It wasn’t long before both DeeDee and Gigi were laying side by side, panting tiredly with cum flowing out of both their holes. Even though the serum amplified their sexual drives, the two women have their limits too. And when they reached their limit, it would tire them out so much that most of the super-soldiers will spend the rest of the night recharging, sleeping like a log.

            The 5 guys watched, with their dicks still hard in their hand, as DeeDee and Gigi were practically hugging each other as they made out slowly, mostly from their horniness that was still there despite feeling exhausted from the intense fucking they received.

            “Come on boys, what are you bunch looking at?” asked Karli as she walked in front of the guys. If one were to look at the 8 super-soldiers, no one could ever tell that the most petite one of the 8 was the leader, yet that was the fact. “Don’t you wanna bang me? You know I love actually love rough~” Karli chuckled as her right hand was on her hips, looking at DeeDee smirking. “Not like DeeDee here who couldn’t even handle cumming 5 times after being ‘fucked raw’,” Karli scoffed jokingly.

            “Fuck you, Karli,” DeeDee answered raising her middle finger in return to Karli’s mockery at her as Gigi giggled.

            “Oh well, they are going to,” Karli chuckled gleamingly as the 5 super soldiers surrounded her as they stroked their cock, with Dovich grabbing her arms, putting her on her knees. “Ah! Dovich!” Karli chuckled as if she was playing like an innocent girl.

            “Rough right?” asked Dovich smirking as he slapped his cock on the side of the redhead’s cheek.

            “Of course, but before that, the usual, stroke boys, stroke, fast, but don’t cum~” Karli chuckled as she watches the guys around her stroking at a fast pace now. “Edge for me~”

            It was no secret to any of them how long the guys can last on a session, it can take 10 ejaculations at least for their erection to softened, and they could edge as long as possible with their sexual drive and stamina amplified by the serum. It was an easy feat for most of the guys to edge. Karli just turned around, looking with anticipation, licking her lips hungrily as she knew what she was going to do next. After quite a while of Karli teasing and edging the guys, the redhead finally allowed them to get started with the real fun.

            “Mm~ hmm~” Karli hummed as she let the guys take over.

             Nico was laying on a couple of stacked up mattresses while Karli was on all floors over the man with his dick inserted inside her now, very wet sex. Meanwhile, Dovich knelt behind Karli, with his dick able to fuck the redhead’s ass with ease. Matias was kneeling in front of Karli with his dick standing tall in front of the British woman, dripping with pre-cum. As for the remaining two, there were kneeling beside Karli, stroking their length, getting off to the sexy scene in front of them as they were prepared to give Karli something she always loves during these sessions, a nice cum shower.

             “Come on, you guys move your asses already, fuck this slut~” the redhead urged on excitedly. “Don’t go soft on me!”

            “You asked for it Kar~” Dovich warned smirking as he thrust his huge length, with it completely disappearing into her tight hole, making Karli moan with ecstasy as her pussy walls clenched down on Nico’s shaft as well, making the man groan a bit. “You better not regret this,” Dovich chuckled teasingly.

            “Still want hard Karli?” asked Dovich smirkingly as he began to move his hips, with Nico beginning to thrust his hips upwards as well, fucking Karli’s pussy.

            Karli moaned. She could feel both dicks pressing against each other in some way as they both fucked her holes, stretching them wide. “Fuckkk~ yesss~ harder~ faster~” Karli coaxed, prompting the two men to speed up their thrusts.

            Nico grunted as he felt Karli’s insides from his cock that was rubbing and stimulating her insides. He joined in, grabbing Karli’s ass, and began thrusting roughly, banging her pussy to match Dovich roughness and hardness. As he was enjoying fucking Karli’s pussy, he noticed Karli’s breast bouncing around as she was being fucked by three guys. Nico moved to toy around with Karli’s nipples, pulling, flicking, and pinching them lightly as he fucked her.

            “Ah! Mmm~ Now we are~ Mmm~” Karli moaned as she felt Dovich’s huge shaft rubbing her tight insides, “Fuck~ Mmm~ Come here Matias~” Karli moaned intoxicatingly as she rode Nico cock, her breast bouncing as she moved while Dovich fucked her ass as she blows Matias’s dick, bobbing her head up and down a bit as Matias grabbed her bushy hair and began facefucking her.

            “Mmm~ Fmmm~ Ymmm~” Karli moans were muffled by the cock fucking her mouth, going back and fro inside her mouth roughly. She could even taste the pre-cum that was already leaking inside her mouth, which was also doing a job lubing up the shaft as well.

            Karli was overwhelmed by the cocks in and around her. She had one fucking her mouth, hitting the base of the throat over and over again, one fucking her wet, bare pussy, while another cock was slamming into her tight asshole.  The guys' hands were all over her, touching her, feeling her up.  “MMMM! Gmmm~” Karli moans as she shuddered from the sudden pressure on her stiffened nipples, which sent shockwaves throughout her. “Mmm~”

            “Mmm~ moan slut,” Nico chuckled as he toyed with Karli’s hardened nipples. “I bet you are going to cum like the dirty slut you are now~”

            With all the dicks in her holes, fucking her, Karli was already brought to the edge of orgasming, with Nico’s dirty talk pushing her over the edge. Karli moaned loudly as she orgasmed, squirting a lot more than her previous rounds. Her juices were trickling down her and Nico’s legs. She was letting out a lot of pussy grool as she rode Nico's dick.

            “Shit… shit,” Nico muttered as he tried to hold in his cum as he felt Karli’s insides clenched around her. With her pussy clamping down on Nico’s length, it didn’t take long for the man to cream Karli’s insides, dumping ropes of spunk into her pussy, filling her up. “Mmmm~” Nico grunted as he continued thrusting strongly despite just cumming inside of the redhead, with jizz dripping out of Karli’s well fucked hole. “Mmm~ bet you loved that hmm?”

            “Mmmmmmmm!” Karli groaned in ecstasy as Matias thrust his dick deep into her mouth before her spunk spewed. Matias pulled out as he cummed, with loads of jizz landing on her face, covering her freckles and some landing in her bushy hair, letting her feel the warmness of cum landing on her face, painting ropes of cum. The sight was a truly sexy scene to watch, which made Lennox and Diego who was standing next to Karli dump their load on Karli’s back, coating her with their musky spunk as well. And they were still hard as well, still jerking, edging out every last drop on cum, landing on Karli’s hair and back, and some on her ass. “Fuckkk~ you guys are too much~ Ahhhh~” Karli moaned.

            “Mmm~ you said rough right? *spank*” Dovich chuckled as his palm landed on the redhead’s ass hard as he thrust forward quicker, slamming into her butt intensely.

            “Ohhh yesss~ yesss~” Karli cried in pleasure as she cummed again, this time just from being fucked in the ass, spraying her juices all over again, drenching Dovich’s thighs wet with her juices.

            “Mmm~ you bitch~” Dovich chuckled as he continued spanking Karli’s ass as he fucked her tight hole. “Take that for starting without me just because you couldn’t control your urges slut!” Karli’s ass was slowly turning as red as her hair from the spanking she received, the two Flag Smashers beside him chipping in with their hands on Karli’s ass. “I bet you love having cum you can’t just help it, Karli~” Dovich scoffed as he thrust.

            “Ohh yess~ I love… cumm~ Ahhh~ Fuckk me!” Karli mewled with pleasure loudly.

            “Then take it!” Dovich finished as he unloaded a huge load in Karli’s ass, filling her tight hole with some already oozing out of the redhead’s butt. “Fuckk mmm~”

            Karli slumped forward, laying on Nico’s chest panting from the fresh load of cum inside her before rolling over, laying on the bed.

            “Aww, is Karli tired already? You know that we can last for another 6 to 7 rounds,” Dovich chuckled as the others stroked their dicks in anticipation.

            “Tired? Hmph, as if I will get tired this early on,” chuckled Karli as she spread her legs. “Come on and fuck me~”

            And just like that, Karli fucked all 5 of the guys, with the 5 of them all getting the chance to use all 3 of her holes, creaming her insides as well as her body, covering her in cum. It was no secret that the leader of the Flag Smasher loves being smashed herself. And it seemed endless, with no end in sight, as the guys kept on coming non-stop, even after cumming a huge load for 4 times straight, they were still going strong, fucking Karli roughly, then dumping a load of spunk on her, let another person take his place and have his fun with the redhead.

            Karli enjoyed the sensation of each cock in her, making her orgasm and squirt over and over again, giving the pleasure she thought would never end. At this point in time, her hair was messy, her ass was filled with loads and loads of cum, her body was covered with strains of cum on her back, her stomach, her hair, while she has already orgasmed countless times that she lost count.


            A few hours later, it was late into the night, or more accurately, quite early in the morning. DeeDee and Gigi were fast asleep ages ago after making themselves cum countless times when watching the erotic display of their mighty leader being gangbanged like a mere cum slut, which she was. Most of the men were asleep as well, their cock limp, exhausted after cumming and fucking for 20 plus rounds straight. Dovich was still away, with Karli, who was literally drenched in thick loads of cum, whose ass and pussy were leaking with spunk, was sucking on his still erect cock, laying on his lap.

            “Mmm~ you can’t get enough, can’t you?” asked Dovich smirking as he stroked Karli’s hair as the redhead continued to suck and stroke his length.

            “Mmhmm~” Karli hummed; she was worn out from all the fucking that she endured in the past few hours.

            “Fucking slut,” Dovich chuckled as he cummed his last load into the petite girl’s mouth, creaming it once more before Karli rolled onto his lap, resting her head on his lap as she looked up.

            “Fuckk, that was so good~ If only we can do this more often,” Karli chuckled.

            “We could,” Dovich shrugged. “But well, we are running for our lives from the Power Broker.”

            “Urgh… that bitch,” Karli groaned as she laid on the mattress.

            “Don’t think too much, just… get some rest…” Dovich said as he got up.

            “Hey, wait, Dov-, are you forgetting something?” asked Karli smirking as she stood up, her legs a bit wobbly, her hands grabbing Dovich, even though she was exhausted, her grip was still strong, leading Dovich forward before kneeling on the ground before the Australian beside her mattress.

            At this point, Dovich knew what Karli wanted. Initially, Dovich was surprised that Karli asked for him to do this. It was something that he didn’t expect from Karli at all. “Mmm you really love it when I do this hmm?” asked Dovich as he stroked his cock. “You are lucky I do want to piss right now,” chuckled the Australian as he pointed his length at the redhead, who waited in anticipation.

            “Well, you are lucky that you are into this like me, consider it a special privilege Dov~” Karli chuckled.

            “Mmm~ it is coming~,” Dovich said as a golden stream came flowing out of the slit, raining down on the redhead.

            “Ohh~ Mmm~” Karli moaned a bit as warm piss rained down on her, drenching her, washing a bit of cum away from her wherever the golden stream hit, leaving her covered with the smell of piss. “Ahh~” Karli opened her mouth, taking some of Dovich’s piss into her mouth, drinking it.

            “Mmmm look at the infamous leader of the Flag Smasher, covered in cum and piss, what a slut~” Dovich mocked teasingly as he finished, with Karli looking up at him with that cute face of hers. Dovich could swear that if his cock was still hard, he would totally smash her ass again.

            “Hmmm maybe I am a slut, you can take the Power Broker for that,” Karli chuckled. “And I don’t care, I love doing this mm~” Karli hummed as she scooped a bit of cum from her face, licking them off her fingers as she rolled back onto her mattress, sitting with her legs spread, scooping up what is left of the cum in both her holes as Dovich sat down beside her. She looked at him smiling, giving him a small peck on his lips, kissing him. “Thanks~”

            “Anytime Karli,” Dovich said smiling as Karli laid down on the mattress her hand touching Dovich’s.

            “Sleep with me,” Karli said softly looking at Dovich, who nodded back smiling.

            Karli continued to lick cum off her fingers, slowly drifting off to sleep as Dovich laid down beside, quickly falling into a deep sleep. It was no surprise either that the Flag Smasher herself too fell asleep, from having her own ass smashed and used.


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