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Reviews for Blue and Gold

By : DrunkenScotsman
  • From Daye on June 19, 2023

    Very nice story. I enjoyed it, very much.

    I am a little amused that this is the closest you get to PWP. ;)

    The characters and prelude are very fun though, a nice glimpse at the post show manor and mucking about using their powers is a stable of X-men stories and the bit in the pool, nicely shows Tabby as welcome but still a bit of an outside. 

    Ray's a dick though.

    Your sex scenes are always lovely and this one was very nice as well, escalating slowly but surely while still remaining very characterful. The interruptions between rounds means you can fit a few acts in without it feeling porny but instead very real. 

    And i do enjoy that Kurt enjoys eating her out!

    The ending with them realising they forgot protection and her heading to Amanda's room is a little bittersweet but much more on the sweet side of things. 

    All in all, very well done. :)

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