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Reviews for A Diamond in the Rough

By : DrunkenScotsman
  • From Daye on June 11, 2024

    Ooh, you always do such good work with Emma's point of view. Like she knows the story about the natives and thinks it's just good business and she lets the old guard off but only because she thinks she can take advantage later. Just so evil.

    And yet we see where it's coming from when we meet her mother. Oof, she's got serious mixed feelings here.

    I'm not well versed on comics Emma but now I remember she's busty but canonically because of surgical enhancement. I hadn't realised until here your Emma was so flat chested. 

    A couple of things I noticed, I think they work for the story but technically, is this is set in Evolution's time "Anaconda" wouldn't be out yet? And I am really not expert at all but wouldn't Emma have seen a gynecologist by 18?

    Still it's definitely a "fun"/interesting scenario to put her in and really highlists how controlling and warped her mother's priorities are. 

    Loving that shiptease moment with Emma fantasing about Jean, however briefly as well. 

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  • From Daye on April 28, 2024

    Very cool chapter. I continue to admire your characterisation of Emma. Her sartorial obsession and the assumptions she makes like tbe 'humilation sitting in the back row' when pretty sure no-one in the class notices or cares where she sits.

    The tension with Jean is good and I do love the distinction for that for her, her parent's is not 'home'. 

    Oh and Diamond form Emma! That's new. :)

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  • From Daye on February 03, 2024

    Oh very interesting chapter. Emmma's improving very quickly, nice for her to have a win and she altered technique to her other interest.

    The final scene there paints a very vivid image of Emma's family life and what her mother's like in just a short scene. Very well done. 

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  • From Daye on November 22, 2023

    Nice chapter. I liked the way you imagine the psychic powers working. Using the imagery of Phoenix for Jean and Chessmen for Emma. 

    Silly me, I only got why Emma is into chess in this when she was protecting herself with White Queens and I finally noticed the allusion to the Hellfire club.

    And there's some subtle workings of physical/romantic attraction between them in there as well, very good writing. :)

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  • From Daye on September 05, 2023

    This is a nice pair of scenes! The first one is nice and is starting to hint at Emma being attracted to Jean aside from the mutant connection.

    And the second it interesting that it would imply that anti-mutant racism is quickly going to be something that they can't ignore, and if Emma keeps like that she'll be implicated as mutant or sympathiser. I was thinking it'd be "funny" if they managed to hide their mutant nature but still caught a ton of flak for homophobes.

    Nice writing as always, looking forward to me.

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  • From Daye on May 02, 2023

    Oh, that's a very interesting chapter. The constant reminders of Emma's unhappy childhood that she doesn't quite grasp how bad it is and how abusive it was are good writing. I found it telling how she's thinking one thing at the start of the ballet scene, about how it would be nice to do something modern, and when the ballet instructor says something very similar at the end of scene she bristles and is offended at it.

    And I'm rubbish at chess, so I can't pick you up on it if any of it was wrong but it was a good scene nevertheless. The mention of the specific laptop model did make me check and see it was early 2000s and that's cool. Of course there's the intriquing nature of her opponents, based on screen names presumably T'Challa or Shuri and Cyclops himself (though you could be planning a twisty twist). All noted geniuses/tacticians/strategists in the comics, so makes a lot of sense.

    Nice chapter! :)

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  • From Daye on April 02, 2023

    Good chapter, things are starting to move now, It's interesting seeing Emma as the much less experienced telepath in need of Jean's help.

    Which of course, she's willing to give. I like you're Jean; she's kind compassionate and understanding but  clearly has thoughts, standards and agency of her own, she's not judging but she'll clearly stand up to Emma on what's right, a good mix.

    Noce job DS.

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  • From Daye on February 28, 2023

    Nice chapter, or rather well written I should say. The harassment scene seemed very real and it’s good character building scene for Emma to find out exactly what she can do with a careless use of her power.

    Her continued lack of understand that Jean is just a nice person is pretty funny as well.

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  • From Daye on June 17, 2022

    Nice chapter. Emma continues to be not very nice. Doing the right thing but for very pragmatic reaaons.

    Jean is much nicer and more trusting it seems, sharing info with Emma because they're both mutants, though she's no stranger to "evil" mutants, I wonder if it's going to backfire on her with Emma. 

    Good work :)

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  • From marvelmaster616 on May 02, 2022

    Nice start to the story! I'm liking how you're setting this up, making Emma Frost around the same age as Jean and Scott. Then, putting her in the same college. She's not yet the ruthless White Queen. But the influences are definitely there, given the references to her family. I can tell you've done your research. And I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Keep up the good work!


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  • From Daye on April 30, 2022

    Oh this is a nice start. I've not read a lot of Emma Frost comics, so I'm all at sea here but I think you establish a character for her well, she's kind of an unpleasant person but it's also obvious why with the expectations heaped upon her.

    And Jean's there as well. Given we know Evo Jean did end up being a phoenix that imagery there when Emma touches her mind is particularly intriquing.

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