Reviews for Parting Gift

BY : DrunkenScotsman

  • From Daye on August 24, 2021

    This is amazingly sweet and honest and a lovely take on the morning after for them. There's requisite awkwardness and discussions to have but it all handled sweetly and maturely. And of course in fairness to Scott even when you haven't just lost some most relationships don't start with you already loving each other I'd assume.

    The discussion of Gambit makes sense and I'm glad this Rogue isn't at all into the Gambit in Evo. (nothing against the ship but it's not the focus here) Especially since Evo Gambit was an Acolyte who only really changed sides in the end montage.

    The sex is great and I love that Scott both in person and in narration makes the switch from Rogue to Marie there to signify the real intimacy. Great job all round.

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  • From marvelmaster616 on August 02, 2021

    I know it's been a while since I reviewed one of your stories. For that, I apologize. But I have been keeping up and it's a good thing too. This was very sweet and sentimental. You set it up nicely. Jean's little parting gift to Rogue was just perfect. And the sexy stuff was all handled so beautifully. Thanks for writing this and keep up the great work!


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  • From Daye on July 26, 2021

    There is indeed nothing new under the sun but of course all that matters is how you write it an it was very distinct from Christmas Gift so no worries on that account.

    I liked it! Of course I am biased like both the pairing and the previous work it's a sequel to.

    The conversation was good and appropriately awkward but it makes clear these two really do care about each other. Scott having ignored her and feeling guilty about it was both in character and true to the show, I never did like how the triangle aspect just sort of disappeared and Logan was suddenly close to Rouge (influence of the movie maybe?)

    Anyway the sex was of course smoking and good on Scott to follow up and and  coaxe her into letting him repay the favour. I do enjoy a good  cunnilingus scene and it ends of an appropriately ambigious note, of course they are uncertain giving the circmstances and how they're last relationship went. (I'm braced for more angst about if this is really what Jean meant!)

    Interesting that his relationship with Rogue is very lusty and physical and his one with Jean was very much more based on feeling and friendship if they only boinked once.

    Anyway nice job and i look forward to the second chapter.

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  • From Sage of Discord on July 25, 2021

    You could easily say Jean "fixed" Scott's powers too, just that he never noticed because of how regimented his routine of changing visors is.  Or that perhaps he'd just have to learn how.

    My $0.02.  Great story, at any rate. ^_^

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