Reviews for Amazing Role Playing: The Tutoring Session

BY : marvelmaster616

  • From Comicfan6162814 on July 17, 2021

    Once again I'm impressed on how well you write characters and how they would act during a role play scenario. The little jokes about Peter having already been a nerd felt like how the character would genuinely think about the situation. Simply brilliant. Can't wait to see more. Perhaps there's a story to be written from "Amazing Spider-Man #1&#2 where Peter and MJ start officially dating again after being apart for so long? Just an idea lol I look forward to reading more

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  • From Snake_King on June 25, 2021

    Very good! Mind if I suggest that you start putting these role play stories together in one fic? Aside from that, keep up the good work.

    As for the next role play scenario, how about one where Peter plays an office worker, and Mary Jane plays his sexy but overbearing boss, who threatens to fire him unless he can satisfy her appetites. For the fetishes there, I suggest Anal and Peter literally kissing her ass.

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