Reviews for Her Family

BY : Daye

  • From DrunkenScotsman on May 24, 2021

    For whatever it's worth, I don't think this necessarily would lead her away from WandaVision. Obviously, not feeling completely alone in the world would go a long way, but I think WandaVision showed that she has a metric ton of trauma to work through. If you're wanting to go for an alternate version of the show, maybe she triggers the anomaly at the farmhouse? It would probably lead to a very different sort of sitcom subgenre (the ones she recreated in Westview were all "dom-coms," domestic comedies involving the nuclear family), since in this case it'd be many adults under one roof (as well as Clint's kids).

    Actually, "a bunch of adults under one roof, as well as the kids of one of those adults" sounds fairly similar to the premise of Full House...

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