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Reviews for A Full Life

By : DrunkenScotsman
  • From Daye on March 08, 2022

    This is a very lovely and sweet chapter. It's nice all the things Steve holds on to from his past/ the future. Still wondering about the choice to come back, remembering things like Clint needing ice after missions and so on.

    Thinking about kids really does make sense for the happy ever after. Of course it opens up a whole set of questions that Steve might contemplate. Are any kids of his going to inherit his special attributes for example? Is he creating  mini-supersoldier kids  that might drastically alter the time line. Though he's not been shy about doing that in regards to Bucky or at least attempting it.

    Also cowgirl riding position is awesome and I applaud it now being Peggy's favourite! Doing it all bundled up against the cold as well was a pretty fun and original scene as well. Nice job.

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  • From Daye on August 09, 2021

    You seemed to have posted the chapter into the window twice?

    It's very lovely and sweet and definitely feels very real. I'm impressed with the details that really convey that Peggy is from the 40s. Like the diagaphram for contraception, rather than the pill. Some of the things Steve was a little defensive about was because yes, he had saved himself for Peggy but also one can imagine after spending what as it... 15 years in the more sexually liberated future he would have adapted to 21st century morality on the subject which is why he shocks Peggy a little with some of his suggestions.

    And Steve invited Isaiah Bradley to his wedding which is super sweet and was Steve's questioning all Peggy's scars. Which is a thought, does Steve have enough superhealing not to have many himself?

    Great chapter anyway. :)

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  • From Daye on June 28, 2021

    Definitely a cool idea to play around with doing it as an epistolary fic. The letter writing allows you to cover a lot of ground while also being in character.

    Nice job, and the naughty photo of Peggy. Unf! a surprise but a pleasant one, nicely described.

    Poor Steve. Missing Bucky by that much. And an interesting hint at a pre-betrayal Bradley who obviously doesn't have a grudge against America or Steve yet. I wonder how much you can delve into that side of things without it distracting from the Steve/Peggy story.

    Very good work and I do like Steve reflecting on the differences between the Avengers (where he's at best first among equals) and going back to the Howling Commandos (where he's undeniably the boss)

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  • From Daye on May 31, 2021

    heh heh, America's arse, indeed.

    I think your attempt to address the Bucky issue works as well as it can but I don't know Bucky saying the damage is done and he's unfixable and Steve accepting that quite fixes the issues. The only thing I can think of in a way that fits with FatWS is Steve trusting Sam to but not explictly asking him to look out for Bucky. Obviously Bucky telling him to go does give him an out there but eh. I think it's an irresolvable issue, Steve either has to go with Bucky or Peggy and he picked Peggy.

    In other news, I liked the nod to Clint and Wanda's talk. :) And Steve diving into the Korean War seems likely to end up in a confrontation with more than Bucky, which will be very interesting to see if it happens.

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  • From Daye on May 24, 2021

    That's a very sweet scene! Definitely does justice to what we saw at the end of Endgame. 

    It makes sense to tie up the triangle plot pretty quickly, her going with Steve is sort of a forgone conclusion. Hope it goes well with Sousa. 

    Of the mystery men have a high probabillity of being some flavour of HYDRA, I'd wager. Still plenty of plot is possible on that side to go with the romance. Nice work.

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  • From Daye on April 29, 2021

    That's an interesting study in Steve's post-Endgame character. He's will to use his info to help save his friends and since he's told Peggy everything stop Hydra's return at least in the same 'parasite inside shield' way. But not willing to help create more super-soldiers are return to active duty. How well that will hold up in an emergency is another.

    Your author's note about Falcon and the Winter Soldier is interesting. Will Cap find out about isaiah in this timeline and get him the recognition he deserves much earlier.

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  • From Daye on March 24, 2021

    This is a nice start. I like the premise you've got going that there's a love triangle going on here. Albiet a very nice restrained one. 

    Done a good job with Steve, though I think the toughest part of the scenario, but maybe out of the scope of a Steve/Peggy fic is why isn't Steve going to be kicking Hydra ass and stopping them from ever infecting SHIELD.

    I was a little confuse how Steve knew the specifics of Peggy's top-secret actions if he wasn't officially back. Then obviously I remember the whole time travel and looked it up in the future, lol.

    Looking forward to more.   

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