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BY : LithiumHobo

  • From DrunkenScotsman on August 05, 2015

    If was a real site, I would watch it _just_ for the "Corey/Red" scenes. That was seriously one of the hottest things I've ever read; and, honestly, I think the porn world could use more sites that utilized or catered to that sort of dynamic. That said, I'm honestly surprised that those two would want to be filmed, but it sounds like an explanation is forthcoming. This chapter was a hell of a pleasant surprise!

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  • From DrunkenScotsman on August 02, 2015

    Fun stuff! I mentioned before that I love the basic premise of the story, as well as the format of it. It's really quite brilliant, not to mention unique.

    Ch2 - I really liked both the Rogue and the Kitty scenes. Kitty being quite naughty in the shower was quite a lot of fun to read, and I look forward to more from her.

    Ch3 - Also enjoyable. I didn't expect the story to involve more of the X-girls, though I won't complain. I'm not a huge fan of piercings or tattoos, so the focus on Rogue and Jubilee's "modifications" didn't do it as much for me. Tabby's alt hairstyle sounded interesting, though. Dare I hope that your use of Jubilee was at all, even a little bit, inspired by my "March Madness" story? :D

    Who else will we see? I'm eager to find out!

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  • From BlueArrow on August 01, 2015

    Never thought I'd see the day when this fic was updated. Honestly as much as I love Evo Rogue it's cool to see some of the other girls get some attention. Really looking forward to any future updates.

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  • From marvelmaster616 on August 25, 2011

    This is a nice start to a story with a great deal of potential. I'm glad you wrote it! It has a very unique style, being written as a blog post and described in vivid detail using a plot from X-men Evolution. It makes sense that someone like Rogue would need some form of release. Not being able to touch probably does crazy things to a girl. Spyke being the renegade he is finds a way to make it an internet sensation. lol But is this all the video footage we have? Will she always do her shows solo? There's so much you can do with a story like this and I really want to see more! Great job! This is off to a wonderful start and I encourage you to develop it. Keep up the great work! Until next time, take care and best wishes.


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  • From Royboy on August 23, 2011

    Very hot, incredibly well done and looking forward to more

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  • From Daye on August 23, 2011

    Yay! I remember talking to you about this one on the forums! Nice to see it up at last.

    Not usually one of the blog style fics but holy hell those descriptions of Rogue were so hot it totally made up for it. Looking forward to more.

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  • From DrunkenScotsman on August 23, 2011

    This IS "meta as shit." It's also whimsical and hilarious! I really like the format, the way you describe the camera angles, and how "viewers" get only partial information from it. I think it's interesting how the "voice" of Rogue, as conveyed by her blog posts, is self-confident, even proud, of her status, a far cry from where she started as a teenager.

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