Reviews for Four Strands of Hair

BY : Nefi

  • From on January 06, 2009

    Dude do something else but writing will you, first off no one does a story when more than one OC at a time as it gets lame, putting up a full bio with stats (which makes no sense to anyone as no one knows what scale you're using for those levels) isn't good either. The story seems more like you just jumped right into the middle of it instead of a decent start. Also the characters were very badly written, the dialog such as it was, is pretty awful.

    Kitty's talking parts are very annoying to read as well, don't put 'like' in there so much you went over kill with that. Honestly I'm trying to think of something nice to say about this...but I can't really. There is nothing I can find that is any good in this. You either need a lot more practice and help with writing or you just got no talent at all for it.

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