Reviews for Learning the Language

BY : Blu

  • From Kitty-Nin on August 27, 2009

    I love the image of everyone sitting at the table more or less properly.... but Logan's there, dirty and half naked, with that expression that clearly says, "Humf."

    And I loooooooved that double entrede at the very end. Very nice, very nice.

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  • From OriginalCeenote on September 24, 2007

    Very playful story. It was interesting seeing Logan from Piotr's POV. It felt like it was based on Uncannyverse, too, which I love. The old stories with Logan, Piotr and Kurt's friendships were great, and this was too.

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  • From ANON - PX on October 24, 2002

    Very well-done story!! Not only was the quality of writing top-notch, but so was the story itself... I very much enjoyed the more realistic set-up for the characters, the way everyone interacted was very believable and realistic, and the focus on Colossus learning English is a nice little something that's proving to be interesting to read. Not to mention his interaction with Logan :) I'm going to read the next parts right away!

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