Wandavison: The Scarlet Bitch

BY : Tenudakin
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Disclaimer: I do not own the MCU, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


This is my first time writing smut for MCU. I may or may not write more based on the feedbacks this gets. Hope you like this!


            Wanda looked around her, everything was gone, the life she wanted, the family she loved and still does, all gone. The young woman just sighed, and she hated the fact that she could never forget what she had, what she shared, she also knew that she had something to look forward to, seeing them again. She has the power to do so, she just needs to figure out how. Wanda looked at where Vision stood one last time, before she turned around, walking away from what used to be a house.

             Monica looked around, she was relieved and amazed that Wanda actually did what she did. She let go of everything she loved, and cared about, and did the right thing in the end. She couldn’t feel any happier when she saw Wanda walk onto the streets, and towards her. The woman looked at the poor redhead. She could tell that despite holding herself together in public, Wanda was really dying inside. Monica could tell that Wanda wanted comfort, and even looking like this, Wanda still looked as attractive as ever.

             Ever since Monica got sucked into Wanda’s fantasy world, she was starstruck by Wanda’s looks even when she was under her full control, she could still think, and the thing keeping her straight was thinking about what she would do to the redhead when she got out.

             Monica could remember how Wanda looked, especially how gorgeous she looked when she was wearing her dress as she descended from the sky like an angel. It was a sight to behold, and definitely a sight that got her thinking. After all, the fucked up things she saw, it definitely bound her to think about how she can have fun with her if she actually ever has a chance, how she could dom her in like how her mother did to other women. Perhaps, even punish her for putting her through mental hell for days.

             “Wanda,” Monica spoke first as the woman approached her, attempting to ease her up a bit. “Thank you.”

             “No… You have nothing to thank me for,” Wanda sighed as she looked at the black woman in the eye. Monica could tell that Wanda was really regretting everything she did.

             “So… what now?” asked Monica. “What are you going to do?”

             “I’m not sure,” the other woman sighed as she looked around. “Perhaps, figure this... out?”

             “Wanda, you need a break, maybe take a rest before doing something else?” asked Monica, concerned for the redhead.”You know, stay low, and relax?”

             “Where can I go? After all that happened, people will surely see me as a monster,” Wanda sighed. “I can’t be seen in public anymore.

             “Well… I have a place,” Monica offered, smiling. “Where you can lay low for a while.”

             “Really? I mean… I don’t want to trouble you, Monica,” Wanda said nervously.

             “Oh, no trouble, not at all,” Monica said smiling. “You are welcome to stay with me, plus, I do get a bit lonely at home.”

             “Alright then,” Wanda agreed nodding, which Monica just smirked in response. Everything was slowly working out in her favor, soon she will dom the redhead, after spending so long in the world of hers, and ogling and admiring the redhead with hungry lust.


             Teenager Monica was walking down the stairs of the house, it has been a while since her Auntie Carol left to help the Skrulls. She could hear sounds of slapping and moaning coming from downstairs. She chuckled, she very well knew what was happening downstairs, despite just being a teen, she knew well enough.

             “Fuck~” A loud voice rang through the living room as Monica walked into it, not surprised to see her mom, Maria, fucking a blonde woman with a large black strap-on, who was also their neighbor. “Oh yes~ Oh yes fuckkk~”

             Monica just leaned against the wall, carefreely, looking at the scene before her, watching their every movement, how her mom grabbed the neighbor’s hair and pulled her head back a little forcefully while slamming into her asshole. The sounds of fucking and moaning were so loud that it was turning Monica on. As usual, Monica slipped her hand inside her panties and began to rub her clit as she watched the display, leaning against the wall as she watched.

             “Ohh, you are such a fucking useless slut~ Moaning like that?! Huh!?” Maria said loudly before spanking the blonde woman’s ass roughly as she fucked her.

             “Yes… I’m a useless slut! I’m a slut!” the other woman answered mindlessly in response as if driven mad by being fucked by the strap-on Maria was wearing. “Fuck me! Fuck your dirty little slut~ Ahhhh~”

             “You wanna know what I will do to you after this!? I will spank you raw! A slut like you~ you fucking deserve to be punished!” Maria said loudly as she continued fucking the blonde roughly, shaking the woman’s head by yanking her hair back.

             “Fuckk,” Monica moaned. She was too turned on by the scene. By seeing the blonde being dominated, then hearing her mother’s dirty talk turned her on even more so. It brought her closer to the edge with every lusty word. She wanted to experience this, to dom a girl and make her beg for her, to have her fun with one.

             The living room was filled with lewd noises, with moans from the blonde being dominated by Maria, who was full-on dominating her, and young Monica, who was moaning from pleasuring herself as she watched. And very soon, Monica brought herself over the edge, orgasming, mewling from the horniness she was feeling as her knees buckled and she sat down on the floor, panting as she felt waves of pleasure traveling through her body as she continued to hear voices of her mother fucking their neighbor.

             All of this was nothing new for the young brunette, just another usual day of her mother dominating another woman however she liked. And Monica herself for one loved watching very much.


             Wanda and Monica were at Monica’s house, the very same house where Maria Rambeau lived. “Sorry for the mess, haven’t cleaned it up much,” Monica said as she pushed the pile of things aside as Wanda walked in behind her. “You know, the Blip, and working at S.W.O.R.D. and all.”

             “It is… a nice place,” Wanda said as she looked around. The house was truly quite a mess, but what would one expect to see returning to a house that has been abandoned for years?

             “So… uh… you look a bit… messed up, bathroom over there,” Monica said as she pointed towards the door. “Why don’t you go and take a nice soak in the bathtub? Relax a bit?” asked the woman kindly.

             “You… sure? I mean I don’t want to trouble you-” Wanda stuttered unsurely. She didn’t want to overstay her welcome, after all, she did put this woman in her mental hell for the past week.

             “It’s fine, just, make yourself feel at home,” Monica said warmly, opening the bathroom door for her. “Go on, I will clean up a bit.”

             “Alright then,” Wanda said smiling as she entered the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She looked around her, noting how nice the place looked, she looked at the bathtub for a bit, imagining how good it would feel to have a nice soak. She turned the tap on and began filling the tub with warm water. She hummed as she began to strip, taking her clothes off before folding and putting them aside. She was now in her panties, simple white undergarments, nothing too showing as she sat by the tub, waiting for it to be filled.

             Meanwhile, Monica walked towards the room, it was relatively cleaner and tidier compared to the rest of the house, after all, she does sleep in there, and it needed to be clean for her to have her personal and fun time. She then got under the bed, pulling out a large wooden box. She opened it, smirking as she looked at the contents inside it.

             Wanda was now sitting in the bathtub, completely naked, laying in there with her eyes closed and her head resting against the side of the tub, enjoying the sensation of the warm waters on her bare skin, which made her feel relaxed indeed. Wanda was so deeply enjoying the warmness of the water that she didn’t notice the bathroom door being opened and closed as Monica walked in.

             Monica was already naked, showing her trimmed pussy and rather huge breasts bouncing a bit as she walked forward briskly, her hands behind her back. She approached Wanda, whose eyes were still closed, looking at Wanda, staring at her body through the waters, at her somewhat hairy crotch and her firm breasts. Monica hummed with a smile.

             “Wanda, enjoying yourself I see?” asked Monica chuckling as Wanda opened her eyes in shock moving towards the side of the tub in shock as both her hands moved to cover herself.

             “Gosh, M- Monica! How-” Wanda was panting from the shock and embarrassment as she covered herself, blushing a bit after managing to get a glimpse of Monica’s nude form.

             “Come on, Wanda. No need to be shy~ We are all women after all, plus, you look hot AF,” Monica teased playfully as she walked forward.

             “W- Why are y- you-” Wanda stuttered, still embarrassed.

             “Naked, can’t a girl join in on the fun?” asked Monica frowning a bit.

             “Oh, of course, sure, by all means,” Wanda said as she shifted to the side, her hands still covering her boobs as her legs were crossed.

             “Thanks, babe,” Monica said smiling as she sunk down into the bathtub, her front-facing Wanda as she settled down right in front of the redhead, giving the Sokovian a full view of her exposed breasts, which made Wanda blush even more. “Ahh~ This feels good~”

             “Y- Yeah,” Wanda stuttered. She was feeling embarrassed right now, but she didn’t want to walk out on Monica, she didn’t want to be rude and make a bad impression. Wanda ended up pushing herself into the corner and tried to look away from Monica.

             Monica did notice Wanda’s action and could tell that the redhead was feeling embarrassed. “Wanda? You know you can look at me right?” asked Monica suggestingly. “Don’t be so tense, just relax~”

             “Y- Yeah, I will try,” Wanda mumbled as she looked up at Monica briefly before looking down again after seeing Monica’s breasts, it made her cheeks flared up again, burning hot.

             “Hmm~ You still seem tense… Oh! I have an idea, why don’t I give you a massage?” Monica offered to smile, trying to ease the Sokovian up.

             “I- yeah, sure,” Wanda said awkwardly as she was about to get up from the bathtub, her hands still covering her breasts.

             “Hold up, where do you think you are going?” asked the brunette.

             “You said, you are giving me a massage?” asked Wanda, confused now.

             “Well, I meant like in here of course,” Monica chuckled as Wanda sank back into the waters, feeling even more embarrassed somehow. “Come,” Monica said as she got up and moved towards Wanda, sitting beside her. “Stand up, will you?”

             “W- What?” asked Wanda even more confused now.

             “Stand up, honey,” Monica repeated.

             “Okay…” Wanda said as she did what the woman told her to do, she moved forward and stood in front of the brunette, her ass facing Monica now as her hand still covered her breasts.

             Upon seeing Wanda’s bare ass, Monica instantly felt the urge to make the redhead bend over, eat her ass and fuck her senseless, but she knew that she had to play it cool, and slow. Monica then moved to the middle and opened her legs. “Ok, now sit between my legs, Wanda.”

             At this point, Wanda’s mind was blank from the awkwardness and embarrassment she was feeling, she looked down slightly, seeing Monica’s legs underwater on both sides. She wasn’t feeling too comfortable with this, yet she still didn’t want to be rude. She slowly sank back down into the water, moving herself to sit in between the brunette’s open legs. Wanda could now feel that she was touching Monica. She couldn’t bear to turn back and look at the brunette, who was now smiling, everything was going to plan for Monica so far.

             “Alright, Wanda, just relax, and don’t think too much, enjoy the feeling,” Monica said as she pressed her palms on the redhead’s exposed back, putting force on her back as she moved her palm, massaging the young woman in front of her.

             Wanda soon began to relax, from the massage. “Oh~ you are good at this,” Wanda said, groaning a bit as Monica moved her attention to her shoulders, massaging them with care. “How do you even… ah~ so good…”

             “Just relax~” Monica reminded as she pulled Wanda towards her, her hands slowly making their way to Wanda’s front, dragging her fingers across the redhead’s skin softly before making her way to her breast. Monica then grabbed Wanda’s hands and pulled her even closer towards her. “Lay down on me,” Monica said softly.

             Before Wanda could say something, she felt Monica push her down, her back now lying on Monica’s breasts, which kinda felt like a cushion of sorts. Wanda blushed furiously as she could feel Monica’s breasts and nipples pressing against her back as the brunette was now feeling up Wanda’s boobs, groping them. ‘M- Monica?” Wanda felt small in Monica’s embrace.

             “Just relax girl, all part of the massage,” Monica said, smirking as she continued. One of her hands now moved towards Wanda’s right nipple, pinching it softly, rubbing her finger over the sensitive spot, making the redhead let out a moan the sudden sensation. Monica could feel Wanda shudder a bit as she pinched her nipples playfully before she moved both hands, focusing on touching the redhead’s sensitive tips, with her fingers pressing and circling Wanda’s rapidly hardening nipples.

             When Monica began touching Wanda’s breasts, Wanda wanted to get up, but once Monica pinched her nipples, she immediately felt a pleasurable feeling through the pain, which she didn’t understand, and she ended up letting the brunette continue on touching her breasts, toying with her nipples. It wasn’t too long before Wanda felt her breaths growing ragged and a certain feeling building up in her, it was a bit like masturbating, which she has experienced before, except that the pleasure was building up around her breasts, her nipples, making her moan.

             Monica knew that Wanda was going to cum from her nipples being pleasurable as she felt the redhead beginning to tremble a bit, she knew it was time to stop and move on to the next phase of the plan.

             Wanda suddenly felt the lack of attention around her breasts and groaned. “Why did you stop?” asked Wanda a bit frustrated, turning around a bit to look at Monica frowning.

             “All in due time my dear, just relax,” Monica chuckled as she pushed Wanda up on her, before one of her hands landed on Wanda’s crotch, and began to rub her clit slowly.

             “M- Monica-a,” Wanda stuttered as she felt Monica touching her pussy now, which was making her feel good, yet she felt that this was a bit odd. She wasn’t even close with this woman.

             “What? You want me to stop?” asked Monica pretending to be concerned as her hand left Wanda’s pussy for a bit.

             “No, no! Don’t stop,” Wanda said. “Continue please.”

             “Alright then,” Monica smirked as she continued rubbing Wanda’s pussy, pleasuring her.

             It didn’t take long for Wanda Maximoff to become a moaning mess in the hands of Monica Rambeau, who learned some techniques from her own mother. Wanda was shuddering a bit as she was close to orgasming, but right as she was about to have her release, Monica stopped suddenly.

             “Monica! Why did you stop? It felt so good~” Wanda groaned as she was really frustrated now. Wanda moved her hands forward, intent on pleasuring herself, quenching that thirst for release that the brunette denied her. But Monica was quicker, with a swift movement, she grabbed Wanda’s hand and held them behind the redhead’s back firmly, ignoring Wanda’s cries of frustration. “Monica! Please… let me touch myself!” Wanda pleaded as she struggled a bit.

             “No,” Monica said with a smirk on her face as she felt Wanda’s hands.

             “What do you mean no?” Wanda was even more confused now. “Let… me… go!” Wanda struggled. Then she heard a click and Monica’s arm pressing against her neck hard. Wanda tried to move her hands, but they were locked in place.

             “Let me tell you this Wanda, these cuffs, they dampen your powers. Whatever magic you have, you can’t use them,” Monica whispered into Wanda’s ears. “So, you better listen to everything I say, or else, well, you know what I can do,” Monica chuckled smirkingly as Wanda struggled against her grasp, but weakly.

             “Monica… please…” Wanda pleaded.

             “I know what you want babe, but I am not going to give it to you that easily,” Monica answered, chuckling. “I know, you wanna cum~ You want to cum so bad~”

             Wanda just struggled, trying to escape from the woman’s grasp. “Please, let me go! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

             “Stop!” Monica said firmly, gripping the redhead’s neck and hand, her hands began to glow a bit, making Wanda jump from the sudden heat. “You know what I can do, so, just stay calm, and enjoy the massage~,” Monica said as her tone softened, and she could feel Wanda’s body slump a bit. “Now that is more like it. Wasn’t so hard, was it?”

             Wanda didn’t answer. She stayed quiet; she didn’t know what to say, she wasn’t even sure what was going on anymore.

             “Hmm… I asked you a question,” Monica reminded Wanda, yanking on her hair softly, making the redhead yelp a little as her scalp pained.

             “No,” Wanda answered briefly, grudgingly.

             “Now, let’s clean you up, shall we?” asked Monica smirking as she rested her palm on Wanda’s cheeks, looking at Wanda, who looked away from feeling humiliated and embarrassed as Monica brushed her hair aside. “Don’t worry, this is all part of the massage.”


             After Monica was done cleaning Wanda, a long while scrubbing her body, even her most forbidden place, washing her like she was a child, Monica carried Wanda to her room and laid her down on her bed, bounding her legs together. It was probably a smart move as well as the redhead would probably run.

             Wanda was now laying a bed in a room, presumably Monica’s own room. Her hands were cuffed together by the cuffs that were making her unable to use her powers while her legs were chained together. “M- Monica? Is this still part of the massage?” asked Wanda nervously as she watches Monica sitting on the floor, seemingly going through a wooden box.

             “Well, kind of,” Monica chuckled as she stood up. The brunette was still naked, her hair a bit of a mess. She just stood in front of Wanda, once again showing her bare body to the redhead, without an inch of shame on her face.

             “So… all of this… weird,” Wanda mumbled as Monica sat down beside her, pulling her into her grasp. Wanda was once again, leaning on Monica, her back and cuffed hands, pressing against the brunette’s breasts and nipples, which were hardening due to the arousal.

             “Just enjoy,” Monica chuckled as her hands moved towards Wanda’s womanhood, rubbing it gently while her other hand was thrusting into the redhead’s pussy.

             “Ah~ M- Mon~” Wanda moaned as she felt warmness growing in her pussy as Monica fingered her and rubbed her clit. The brunette’s speed quickened, making Wanda mewl even more. “F- Fuck~”

             “Ahah, language honey~,” Monica said teasingly as she continued to pleasure Wanda, ignoring her cries and moans. The brunette was beginning to remember why she loves doing all this once more. A woman, at her complete mercy, in her complete control, with all her sexual needs and urges satisfied only through her. The mere thought of Wanda becoming that woman kept Monica going.

             Wanda thrashed around a bit uncontrollably as she felt it once more, that lingering feeling of pleasure being held back from her, that blissful release, and she was just hanging from the edge from falling into it. She couldn’t stop herself from moaning Monica’s name. She kept trying to tell Monica to stop, but in reality, Wanda would be lying if she said that she hated this feeling.

             “Oh one more thing dear,” Monica interrupted as she suddenly stopped, making Wanda groan in frustration as the taste of release was denied from her once more. “Don’t you dare cum without my permission," Monica whispered into Wanda’s ear before continuing to fingerfuck the Sokovian, pleasuring her hole that was increasingly becoming wet as she thrust while her other hand was now focusing on the redhead’s breasts, kneading them, slapping them playfully, then pinching and twisting Wanda’s hard nipples.

             Wanda was really feeling lightheaded now as she felt the pleasure building up, she wanted to cum so bad but then was reminded of Monica’s warning. If Monica didn’t have powers, she would have already defied her orders, but the fact that the brunette actually had powers and was able to make her stand before Wanda a few days ago made the redhead worried, hence slowly bending to her will.

             Monica knew that Wanda was about cum as she felt her body tensing, her insides clamping down tighter around her fingers. And right as Wanda was about to lose control and orgasm, Monica stopped, pulling her fingers out of Wanda’s wet sex once more. “Mmm~ look at your tits, your nipples are hard for me~ you are loving this aren’t you?”

             Wanda was now horny, frustrated, eager, yearning for the release that she was denied times and times again. She wanted to cum, she wanted to cum so badly at this point, yet the brunette wasn’t letting her.

             Monica just laughed as she watched Wanda cry in frustration at her denied orgasm. “You wanna cum, right? You wanna cum baby? Let me tell you this, submit to me, and I will let you cum you sub,” Monica said smirking as Wanda was struggling faintly.

             Wanda couldn’t believe what she was hearing at this point, submit? Monica must have gone crazy right? Maybe keeping her inside her fantasy world has driven the brunette insane. “Submit? What do you- Ah!” Wanda yelped in pain as Monica grabbed her bush harshly before spanking her glistening pussy that was now dripping.

             “Why of course,” Monica chuckled. “Look at yourself, dripping, wet, horny while I am doing all this to you. You are oh so turned on by this, don’t deny it slut~” Monica teased as her hand squeezed Wanda’s cheeks a bit.

             “I am not a slut,” Wanda protested. “I am not… turned on by this.”

             “Really? Let me tell you this, you are dripping wet, staining the sheets, and you still insist on saying that fucking lie, and you know what happens to liars?” asked Monica, her voice growing harsh and cold, making Wanda shiver in fear a bit. “They get punished, and you want to know what naughty girls like you get?” whispered Monica.

             “P- punished?” asked Wanda. The words came out from her mouth like a little child, answering her parents meekly.

             “Spot on honey,” Monica chuckled before grabbing Wanda’s hair, pulling her back, moving her as Wanda struggled a bit. Now, Wanda was laying across Monica’s lap, with her ass, facing up as she laid on her stomach. “Now, I am going to spank you until you understand… what you did wrong,” Monica said firmly before landing a spank on Wanda’s butt.

             It wasn’t too hard, but the force of it was enough to make Wanda yelp in pain, shuddering. ‘Ah- Mon- Ah!”

             “Ah, ah, it is Mistress to you!” Monica corrected as she landed another spank on Wanda’s ass, leaving a red mark on it, a loud slap could be heard, along with the redhead crying out in pain.

             “M- Mis- Ah! Tress!” Wanda yelped as Monica repeatedly spanked her ass non-stop, not giving her time to recover from one hit before landing her palm on her ass once more. Monica was slowly turning her ass red. “Please… I’m sorry! I’m Ah! Sorryyyy!” Wanda cried as the brunette spanked her ass rapidly.

             “Submit bitch! Submit and be my slave! You are nothing but a worthless slut! Look at yourself, you are even dripping when I’m! Fucking! Spanking! You!” Monica shouted menacingly as she spanked the poor redhead’s ass. “You fucking love this don’t you!?”

             It wasn’t a lie either, Wanda felt her ass burning from heat and pain, and a certain sense of pleasure was building up as she winced and trembled in pain. “I- AH!” Wanda screamed in pain as another hit landed her now red ass, tears leaked from her eyes. Wanda couldn’t take the suspense anymore, she loved this, she loved being treated like this.

             “You what?” asked Monica loudly.

             “I- *spank* I submit! I submit! I am a slut! I am being turned on by this! Ah! Mistress pleasee~” Wanda shouted as Monica was spanking her ass raw before she slowed down and eventually stopped spanking the young woman.

             “What did you say?” asked Monica again, her tone sweet yet dangerous.

             “I submit… I… I submit…” Wanda repeated as she panted, exhausted, still feeling the aftershocks of the spanking and that sore feeling on her ass.

             “What are you?” asked Monica smirking. She did it.

             “I am a slut, I am your slave… M- Mistress…” Wanda panted, half-dazed.

             Monica smirked as she got up, letting Wanda lay on her stomach. She stood up, looking down at the redhead lying on her bed, admiring the work she had done on Wanda’s ass, which was now burning red. Now, all Monica needed to do was to train her a bit. The brunette sat down on her bed, spreading her legs open, revealing her pussy that was grooling, obviously turned on by this scenario. “Wanda~ come here and eat me out~” Monica called.

             Wanda, who was evidently broken in now, turned towards Monica, before shifting towards the brunette, using her bounded legs to push herself forward till she was directly in front of Monica’s pussy and in between her legs.

             “Come on, enjoy~” Monica chuckled as she pressed Wanda’s head down on her wet sex, making her eat her out. And to her surprise, Wanda did know how to pleasure a woman, presumably not her first time doing it with a girl. A surprising and welcome surprise for Monica. “Ooh~ Wanda~ Fuck you are good~” Monica moaned a bit as she grinded against Wanda’s face while watching her eat her out, lapping at her dripping cunt hungrily. “Mmm~ make your mistress cum Wanda~”

             Wanda hummed as she tried to say something but was muffled by Monica’s wet cunt, continuing to tonguefuck her new mistress, intent on pleasing her. Her experience with a certain Russian before all the madness happened certainly helped quite a bit as Monica was now a moaning mess.

             “Oh gosh… I’m… Aaahhhhh~” Monica shook, her legs clasping together, pressing against Wanda as she orgasmed, squirting onto Wanda’s face, drenching her with her pussy juices. It took Monica a bit of time to recover from her orgasm. The brunette just laid there with Wanda obediently licking off Monica’s squirt, cleaning her crotch.

             “Mmm~ such a good girl,” Monica teased. “I wonder… hmm… if I should let you cum~” Monica trailed off smirking. She wanted to hear Wanda beg for her, like how Auntie Carol begged for her mother. She wanted to see how her former captor was now begging on her knees in front of her. She wanted to see Wanda being a complete submissive, not that she wasn’t one before.

             “Please~ I want to cum… Please Mistress~ Let me cummm~” Wanda pleaded as she looked at Monica as she begged. “I promise to be a good girl, just pleasee~”

             Monica chuckled as she heard Wanda’s begging. She then stood up and walked over to the wooden box, and from inside it, she took out a thick black strap-on, with the length of a good 8 inches. A size that made Wanda gulp, both yearning and dreading it. “Mmm~ get on your knees, ass facing me,” Monica said as she poured lube on the length, stroking and covering the dildo with lube.

             Wanda was quick to comply, getting on her knees. Monica just smirked, looking at that juicy ass, she gave her a light spank before bending her forward, holding her by her arm as she pressed the tip of the strap-on at the entrance of the redhead’s womanhood. “Remember, no cumming until I tell you to,” Monica reminded, and with a quick thrust forward, she pushed the strap-on halfway into the redhead’s tight pussy.

             “Ahh… Fuckk~ Mistress~ Ahhh~ yesss~” Wanda began moaning as she felt the strap-on going deep into her as Monica pushed, and soon, the entire length was buried inside her pussy. Wanda felt so full as the strap-on stretched her insides, the feeling was so pleasurable to her, plus the fact that she was being dominated by Monica was turning her on even more at this point.

             Monica began to thrust faster, fucking Wanda mercilessly and rough. Monica was holding Wanda’s hip with one hand and pulling her head back with her other hand gripping Wanda’s ponytail. “Fuck! You are so tight!” Monica groaned as she could feel the resistance as she pushed.

             “Ah yes! Mistress! Fuck meee~ Yes! Yes!” Wanda moaned loudly, feeling the world around her, her troubles slipping away slowly as she indulged herself in pleasure as Monica dominated her pussy.

             Monica’s bedroom was now filled with sounds of flesh slapping together as Monica slammed the length in and out of Wanda’s cunt, making Wanda moan not just from her pussy being fucked raw, but also from the impact on her ass that was spanked sore not too long ago. Sounds of Wanda moaning like the slut she was revealed to be along with the other sexy noises.

             “Look at you, Wanda! Urgh! Moaning like a slut! I bet you loveee me fucking your fucking pussy huh? You like your slutty cunt being pounded as I fuck you raw!? I bet your husband didn’t know that you were such a pleasure craving bitch huh? You are nothing but a slutty bitch!” Monica was enjoying this. Wanda has submitted to her, tied up, moaning her name like a mindless slut as she fuck her pussy. While Wanda was overwhelmed by the intense pleasure she was feeling, loving the experience herself, with the dirty talk just feeding to her arousal. “Oh yes! I love this! I love this! Yesss~” And very soon, she was about to cum.

             “Mistress! Ah! I’m… about to cum! Pleasee~ Let me cum! Please! Please!” Wanda moaned out loud. She wasn’t sure if she could hold it in any longer as she was really about to burst.

             “Cum! Bitch! Cum for your mistress!” Monica said firmly as she pushed the strap-on deep into Wanda, filling her pussy as Wanda squirted a fountain, bursting with her pussy juices while Monica pulled her back by holding onto her hair, keeping her up as Wanda moaned, mewling loudly as she orgasmed, enjoying the release that was denied from her so many times. The pleasure was so overwhelming that Wanda’s mind went blank, all she could focus on was the intense pleasure and release of finally being able to cum.

             After a while, Monica let Wanda’s hair go, letting her plop onto her bed, a sweaty, wet mess. Wanda laid on her stomach as she panted while Monica pulled out, satisfied with what she just did. The brunette then moved towards the side of the bed again to grab something from the wooden box. She then walked in front of Wanda, lifting her head up a bit.

             Wanda just looked at Monica dazed, seeing the collar in the brunette’s hand. “Get on your knees, slave,” Monica said firmly.

             Wanda did as she was told, a bit shakily as she was still recovering from orgasming so hard. Wanda knelt on the bed before Monica, who placed the collar around Wanda’s neck, securing it. There was a leash connected to the collar as well as a little bell.

             “From now on, Wanda, you, are my slave, you are only to get your sexual needs, from me, no one else, do you understand?” asked Monica.

             “Yes, mistress! Thank you, mistress,” Wanda said panting but excited.

             Wanda was enjoying this new role bestowed upon her. She realized that she was really what she was labeled as a slut, a slave, a submissive for Monica

             Monica just smirked as she looked at Wanda. Everything went as planned. She was initially worried that she wouldn’t be able to trick Wanda into believing that the cuffs actually dampens her powers. And the fact that Wanda didn’t even try to use her powers to resist proves that she was indeed a submissive slut.

             Monica has so much more planned for the redhead, her newest slave perhaps dominating her tight little hole next, getting someone to join them, maybe Darcy and Wanda would get along. Perhaps if her Auntie Carol ever came back from space to see her again, she would continue where her mother left off and let Wanda join.

             The possibilities were endless.



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