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Chapter 5: The Devil You Know

“Cause wherever you go, wherever you go, with the devil you know you’re never alone. But it’s better to know the devil you know, the devil you don’t.” The Devil You Know by X Ambassadors 

She left New York with him before it was even dark out. Forge wasn’t even really surprised when, once she signed on the virtual dotted line, Stark hustled her back to the car. Happy had already picked up all of the luggage she’d set aside for the trip. The few things she had left out to pack the next morning were rounded up by Hay and tossed into the top case without him even calling her. She called him though, and she had to deal with seeing Stark’s amusement out of the corner of her eye for the entire conversation slash ‘fear me I am you’re boss’ talk. 

Days like these she could understand how married people occasionally thought about killing their spouses. Hay was her work hubby, but that didn’t mean she wanted him touching her toothbrush. 

She’d turned to Stark and commented, “Minions these days.” Then she’d turned to Happy and said, “He was probably so compliant because he thought you were cute, Happy. Are you single?” Stark had laughed while his chauffeur body guard sputtered.

The flight to Malibu was six hours long. They’d left LaGuardia a little after six in the evening so by the time that they’d touch down it would be after midnight by Forge’s clock. Of course time zones meant it would really only be just after nine. 

Once they took off she’d been presented with a tablet full of hiring forms, including a non disclosure agreement. She made sure to read them all too, just in case. It took her an hour before she surfaced. While she was binding herself in employment chains Stark was tapping away on his own tablet. He took notice when she cracked her neck and stretched.

Dark eyes looked up from his own work. “Done?”

Forge rubbed her eyes. “Mmhmm,” she mumbled.

The billionaire tapped a few more commands into his pad and then made a flicking motion with his fingers. A little beep came from the tablet in front of her. The employment forms whisked away for information on a newly activated security clearance. 

Forge took one look at the password, IronManizSEXy, and snapped her eyes back to Stark. “Tell me I can change this,” she demanded.

“The username is set but you can change the password,” he gave a despairing sigh. “Though why you would want to mess with something so patently true…”

Her eyes went back down to the tablet to read the username so she interrupted him with a groan. “BlondeDMech69. Really? You spelled ‘blondie’ wrong.”

He gave that eyebrow raise smirk combination she was starting to really dislike. “It says what I meant.” His eyes drifted toward her chest.

She rolled her eyes and started changing the part she could change. She wondered for all of a second if he could see the password she’d chosen when he spoke up again.

“That’s hurtful.” Yup. He could see it.

“I doubt it.”

“Hey, I have feelings,” he complained.

Forge nodded. “Oh, I know you do.” He opened his mouth to say more so she kept going, “Drunk, hung over, horny, maybe hungry.”

“Those aren’t feelings. Those are biological imperatives.”

“Drunk is not a biological imperative, Captain C.”

He actually looked at her through his lashes like a coy little girl. “You could help with some of those.”

Forge set the pad down on the table between them and leaned forward. She adopted a sincere and innocent expression. “Oh, do you want me to get you a packet of peanuts? Something to drink?” She asked in a breathy voice.

He licked his lips. “Actually,” he started.

She sat back abruptly and picked up the pad again. “No,” she replied airily.

Stark was quiet for a second and when she glanced up Forge could see him genuinely smiling at her. And wow, okay. She was woman enough to admit the man was very pretty. 

When he saw he had her attention again his eyes twinkled. “That’s okay.” He shifted to hit a button on his arm rest. “I have stewardesses for that. They don’t strip anymore either. So don’t worry about being uncomfortable.” 

And she was reminded pretty things could be poisonous. 

An extremely leggy, busty brunette stewardess walked into her line of vision right about then. Seriously? Didn’t flight attendants have to be able to tackle people since 9/11? 

“What can I get for you Mr. Stark?” The woman was a tone off from a purr. 

Forge knew her face was saying ‘Really?’ but she couldn’t stop it. 

Stark could read it well apparently, as he was chuckling a bit as he asked for a scotch. Jessica-flight-attendant turned to her and Forge made a desperate bid to school her features. Judging by the up tick in snickers she hadn’t done a good job. 

“Mojito please.” She wanted a fast buzz to deal with the crazy.

“Of course. I’ll be right back with those.” Jessica-flight-attendant’s hand drug across Stark’s jacketed forearm as she walked away.

If ever a grin was shit eating, it was the one that was on Stark’s face.

There was complete silence except for the sounds of the attendant at the bar. Once she dropped the drinks off and went back through the door in the front, hips twitching all the way, Forge broke. “You are a caricature.” 

He tilted his head and tipped his drink at her.

“If you have more than two of those you are not driving.” Forge was completely serious. She would football tackle him for the keys. Although Happy was up front of the plane so he was probably driving. 

“You are not driving my car. It’s an R8 Spyder.”

Damn her face. He’d been honed in on it waiting. She knew he mentioned what his car was on purpose. Forge gave a sniff and tried to regain some dignity. “I don’t really care for the grill on those. It looks like the car is wearing braces.”

Stark gave a happy little smile. “Well then, I’ll have to show you my ’32 Flathead.” Those coy little girl eyes were back.

Forge gave him her most annoyed expression for a moment. Then she took a big gulp of her mojito and leaned her elbows on the table between them. “Tell me you didn’t do something obnoxious to him like paint flames down the side.”

That pretty, pretty smile was back.


This was the most fun he’d had with a woman in quite awhile. She-who-must-not-be-named and he had a few moments, but those were drowned out by the overwhelming amount of crap that had piled on top of them. Tony wondered if it would be the same with Four. Not that he was looking to date anyone. She was with him so he could spike SHIELD, get Rhodey a kick ass birthday gift, play with her powers, and maybe do a tiny bit of good. 

He watched her legs as she curled them under herself in the seat while they talked cars. His eyes drifted to her slight pectoral muscles showing by her outrageous collar bones, then up to all that shiny dark blonde hair pulled back in a sloppy bun. She was still wearing that olive tank top stained with grease, and he noticed she talked with her hands. When she made the motion of going after a particularly stubborn engine mount bolt he had to swallow quickly because he actually went hard. 

Fuck. When she’d leaned forward earlier with that innocent little pout and breathy voice he’d had that problem too. She was sharp, smart, sexy, and funny. Taller, and bigger in the hips than he usually went for, and strong. He remembered how she’d been able to basically carry him around the first time they met. That didn’t intimidate him. He’d been with gymnasts and those women could be freakishly strong. 

He actually needed to be hands off with this one though. She’d be working in a section of his garage slash lab. The security clearance he’d given her was very high. She-of-no-mention had not been pleased when she found out about it and had made it known she thought he was being ‘typically reckless’ again. Maybe he was. Maybe part of the reason he did it was to get the red heads attention. 

It wouldn’t have been any stretch to set Four up in a shop with all the tools she’d need, and then just watch the video feed and prod her from time to time. He could have hired a security guard if he felt she needed further protection. Instead he was inviting her into his home, his lab. After Stane it was an almost ludicrous action. Especially since even with a very thorough rummage through her background she was still a stranger. A metal manipulating with her mind type of stranger. Tony kind of wondered if he had a death wish or if he’d just used up the last of his Fuck’s to give. 

He still didn’t think Four would hurt him. He believed her when she said she wouldn‘t unless he hurt her first. That list of demands she put out, when she confronted him about his interest in what she could do, gave him plenty of insight about things she probably went through in the past. He was surprised she went with him so easily. That she had such reason to mistrust made him a little angry. Even years after Afghanistan Tony was still coming to terms with how horrible people could be to each other.

Well, she might hurt him if he kept eyeing her. She definitely would hurt him if they fell into bed together and had very satisfying one night sex, if she wasn’t totally okay with one night sex. 

The pilot broke into his thoughts to announce they were landing and it was a good thing too. Tony was aching a little. Though, when they disembarked and she ran her hand along his car in what his mind could only call a ‘sensual caress,’ he thought he might be in real trouble.

Later that night, alone in the shower, after the fight over where she was staying, and getting her settled into her room, he laid his forehead against the tiles of his shower and shuddered in release. Tony uncurled his fist from around himself and tried to steady his breathing. He was definitely in trouble.


Tony actually slept that night. Between the two plane ride’s and the rest of his day, he’d figured he would check out for a few hours. Normally he would wake and go down to the lab sometime in the night. Sleep and Tony hadn’t gotten along very well in awhile. He was laying in the between of awake and asleep enjoying the feel of the sheets around his legs when JARVIS addressed him again.


“Yeah J?” Tony rolled over and coughed a bit.

“You asked to be alerted if Miss. Maddix entered the lab at any time you were not present in it.”

That was all it took to have Tony completely awake. “What is she doing? When did she get down there?” Tony sat up and went about pulling on a pair of sweatpants. 

“She arrived in the lab five minutes and twenty six seconds ago and is currently examining the interior of Col. Rhodes Mustang.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up immediately?” Tony had a moment of panic. Five minutes was a long time.

“You did not respond to the previous alarm.”

“Let me know if she does anything else.” 

“Of course, sir.”

Tony pulled on some socks and dug for a muscle shirt. “What time is it JARVIS?”

“It is six forty seven a.m. Saturday July thirty first, sir.” Jesus, she was up early.

He was rinsing his mouth a few minutes later when JARVIS broke in again.

“Miss. Maddix has relocated to the kitchen.”

Tony paused putting his tooth brush away. “All she did was look at the car, J? What about the suits?”

“Miss Maddix surveyed the lab, but Col. Rhodes vehicle is the only thing she touched. She did not linger by the suits.”

“Huh,” Tony wasn’t sure if he was feeling annoyed she wasn’t more interested in the suits or wary she might be putting on a good girl act. She didn‘t seem like a woman who knew a lot about subterfuge. “Guess I better go downstairs and find out,” he decided.

“A wise idea sir. Miss Maddix appears to be preparing breakfast.”

By the time Tony padded into the kitchen Four was shuffling around in front of the stove in work clothes. She must have heard him come down the stairs because she turned around. 

“Good morning,” her voice was soft and she tucked a strand of hair behind ear. She gestured to the pans behind her, and Tony‘s stomach growled a bit at the smell of bacon. He didn‘t even know he had bacon. “Sorry. I just got up early. Wasn’t sure what tools I could use downstairs so I thought breakfast, and you did say make myself at home last night so…”

“Is there any coffee?” Tony cut off her slight rambling, recognizing that she was actually embarrassed. 

“Uh, yeah,” she flapped a hand at the coffee pot, and he moved passed her to get a cup. She smelled like vanilla. A questioning hum from her direction drew his attention. She was holding up an egg. “Want one?”

Tony settled on a stool at the counter. Now she was going to make him breakfast? Interesting. He wouldn‘t have pegged her as the kitchen type. “Sure.”

“Over easy? Or scramble?” 

“Over easy.” Tony sipped his coffee and watched Four work. It was definitely odd. 

After she’d plated up two servings and sat down across from him, they ate and sipped their coffee in silence. It wasn’t tense, but it wasn’t quite easy either.

She’d moved to fill the sink with water when Tony spoke up. “I built a robot to do the dishes.”

Four blinked at him, “Seriously?”

Fully caffeinated now, Tony let his lip curl into a smirk. “Genius. Come on. I’ll show you the tools you can use in the garage.”

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