Tangled Webs

BY : megamatt09
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Chapter One:

A beautiful day, the perfect day if one can say, hit New York City. It's a summer day with a temperature not too cool, but not too hot. Just the right temperature to be comfortable. The children frolic and play and road rage is at a minimum. Not a cloud of a side or a hint of a hitch of an arrangement. It's a perfect day to be alive.

Spider-Man swings over the streets of New York City. By now, everyone knows his story. He came out on the scene around a decade ago, and started fighting crime. He matures from an awkward teenager fighting some of the most colorful rogues in the world to a decorated hero and a member of the Avengers. Some may call him a threat or a menace, but many more grow to respect him over the years.

"And today's such a beautiful day. What kind of person can ruin such a fantastic..."

A loud explosion causes Spider-Man to jerk out of his thoughts. The buzz in the back of his head signifies the spider sense going off.

"That...that kind of person can ruin a perfect day!"

The web slinger zips over to the sound of the explosions. He realizes it comes from one of the man branch banks in the city.

"Bank? Of course it has to be a bank. Criminals always have to go for the obvious. Why can't they switch it up? Or maybe take up a different hobby?"

Spider-Man jumps down and sees a large man wielding a crowbar. He wears a purple ski mask over his head and Spider-Man grumbles the second he spots the man. The hostages on the ground show that these guys play for keeps, which he unfortunately knows.

'Wrecker, one fourth of the Wrecking Crew. Great, when he's around, the other three can't be that far beyond. Okay, Spider-Man, let's do this.'

The large man paces back and forth. Wrecker turns to the whimpering hostages on the ground.

"Alright, listen up! We're going to do this the easy way. No one causes any trouble, no one gets hurt. If you cause trouble, you're going to be in big trouble. Got that?"

"Yeah, how about you let the hostages go and cut out the middle man?"

Wrecker's eyes turn around to eye Spider-Man who drops down from the ceiling.


The rallying battle cry of the bad guy goes off. Wrecker charges Spider-Man with intent to maim. Spider-Man avoids the swing of the crowbar and jumps up high into the air. He sends a line of webbing at the back of the crowbar and gives a nice pull. Wrecker almost falls down with a thud on the ground.

"Yeah, it's me! And for the record, the only people who will be in trouble is you!"

"Yeah, well you're going to be breathing out of the other side of your face, web head!"

"Yeah, real matur..."

Wrecker swings once again towards Spider-Man. Spider-Man ducks it and grabs his arm before throwing him out of the front entrance of the bank. He jumps into the air and shoots webbing at his arm before ascending to a lamp post and dangling him above it.

"Don't bother getting down on my account? I'll find my way in!"

Spider-Man takes a couple of steps forward to the bank. He wonders where the rest of the Wrecking Crew is. He gets his answer when a large wrecking ball swings at him. Spider-Man climbs up on top of the wrecking ball and begins to run down the chain. He slams a fist into the face of Wrecker to drive him down to the ground.

"You won't stop us, web slinger!"

Piledriver jumps into the fray with his large hands. Spider-Man avoids the fists of furry and comes back with one of his own. A stinging punch catches Piledriver down before Spider-Man leaps up and hooks the man's head with his legs before doing a backflip and spiking Piledriver onto his head.

"Hey, I just hit Piledriver with a piledriver. Imagine that if you..."

Spider-Man stops short of reaching maximum quippage when Bulldozer comes out of the bank, holding the hostage under his hand. Thunderball joins him after cutting Wrecker down.

"Not so fast, web slinger! You want the lady to get hurt? I don't have a problem with that? But you, as a do-gooder, you have a big problem with that."

"He's not the only one who has a problem with that."

An attractive blonde woman wearing a tight red suit with a hole cut out at the stomach turns up. Her long hair ties in a ponytail, a black domino mask covers her face, and thigh high red boots. The members of the Wrecking Crew look up in anger when they come face to face with Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel.

"Hey, my mother said not to hit a lady."

Wrecker just flashes a grin.

"Good thing my mother's not here."

"Yeah, she would not be happy of you being out in public with that hair cut," quips Spider-Man.

A swing and a miss as Captain Marvel dodges the attack. This distraction allows Spider-Man to pluck the hostage out of the hands of Bulldozer. Bulldozer growls when losing his leverage and takes a swing at Spider-Man.

"That didn't work the first time!"

The web slinger zips down and crashes down onto the back of Bulldozer's head. One stinging punch drops the member of the Wrecking Crew down to the ground.

Piledriver and Thunderball both get up, until another figure from up top joins the party. A tight red costume with hints of white and yellow and a distinct Spider theme brings Jessica Drew, better known as Spider Woman into the picture. She jumps down and nails Piledriver in the face with a venom blast.

Spider-Man webs Thunderball's wrecking ball up and causes him to fall over. Wrecker flies through the air and clanks head first into Thunderball on the ground.

"You know, I had this handled."

A smile passes over Jessica's face.

"Oh, we know you had it handled. But, we're sure we can help you handle these goons a little bit faster."

A rising Piledriver comes out for round two only for Captain Marvel to wind up and nail him with a huge punch to drop him down to the ground. The force of the impact sends him flying back to the ground. Captain Marvel follows this up by turning to face Spider-Man.

"So, are we still on for this weekend?"

"Yeah, I wanted to know that as well."

The trio of heroes do their best to tie the Wrecking Crew up. They refuse to go down that easily, but they are no match for the collective efforts of Spider-Man, Spider Woman, and Captain Marvel.

Spider-Man turns to Captain Marvel with a big smile on his face. He nails Wrecker in the face to make sure he stays down.

"Yeah, just have your people call my people to verify."

"Because one of your people is my adopted little sister."

The beating on the Wrecking Crew continues. Overall, they did not have a chance to take down this trio of heroes, not even in the slightest.


The aftermath causes SHIELD to come over to pick up the Wrecking Crew. The minute Carol, Jessica, and Peter feel necessary to put the matters in SHIELD hands, they switch out of their costumes. Both women look as lovely out of costume as they do in costume. They enter the cafe and sit down for the drink.

"And yes, we know you could have handled it. But, we never would have been able to have this drink if we hadn't been in the neighborhood."

Jessica kicks off her shoes underneath the table and now subtly drags her foot up Peter's leg. Peter just gives her one of those looks and she gives a smile of faux innocence.

Another smile crosses over Carol's face when she takes a long sip of the coffee she's drinking. She leans over the table and puts a hand on Peter's shoulder.

"You've done pretty good for yourself. Both inside and outside of the costume. It just took a little time, patience, and eventually, hard work pays off for everyone."

Peter smiles in response.

"Plus, some of your other attributes are paying off. Namely, the ability to attract women to you like a moth to a flame. I don't know what it is, but there's something magnetic about you."

Jessica's foot shifts a bit further up Peter and toy with him underneath the table. Carol just smiles as well and her shoe comes off for her foot to join Jessica on the right side.

It is a testament to Peter's ability to multitask he's able to keep on track as well as he can. It's very, very difficult to concentrate in this particular position with these two lovely ladies toying with him in this potential position. A groan follows with Carol and Jessica just flashing grins at him.

"Yeah, I've done pretty...well for myself. I don't want to say that too loudly because I just might end up jinxing myself or something."

"Give yourself some credit."

Peter thinks both of these women give him a whole lot of credit or rather a whole lot of something with their brazen actions with him underneath the table.

"And having an adventurous wife does help on the...women front. It's amazing how...everything just falls into place."

Those damn toes will be his public undoing, and both women double-teaming him causes his steely resolve to be broken.

The door opens and a SHIELD agent walks into the room. Carol and Jessica ceases their actions and a small groan follows from Peter before he turns to the government agent.


"The Director wants to see you, Mr. Parker. And she wants you to wear the suit...you know the one."

Peter nods, he knows indeed. He tries to get his little predicament to fade away. Carol and Jessica give him an evil grin across the table. Jessica reaches underneath and gives his thigh another squeeze.

"Well, I guess you better go meet the Director, Mr. Parker."

"Don't worry, I'll see both you ladies on Saturday night."

Carol claps her hand on Spider-Man's shoulder and smiles.

"We'll hold you to that."


Spider-Man turns up at SHIELD headquarters. He notices a figure standing with their back at a view screen and looking over at several maps of the world. The maps line with several dots and also a few green question marks.

"You wanted to see me?"

An attractive biracial brunette woman steps back into the light so Peter can get a good look at the tight black suit which clings to the curves of her body. The suit clings to every single curve of the body of woman as she turns around. The lovely Daisy Johnson turns around, and the Director of SHIELD eyes Peter with a grin passing over her face. She crosses over the room to close the distance between the two of them.

"I just want to say that your input on the New Supervillain prison is much appreciated."

"You know me, I'm happy to lend a hand whenever I can. And besides, it was my arch-nemesis who ended up busting up the prison in the first place."

A small smile flickers over her face.

"Well, yes, you don't have to worry about Osborn as he's been locked away for a very long time. And this time, we might actually be true to our word."

"If I have anything to say about it, I will."

Daisy moves a bit closer to the web slinger.

"It opens the door for both more deals and a stronger relationship between Horizon and SHIELD."

She crosses the room and cups the side of his face. Daisy slips up his mask to kiss him. Peter grabs the back of her head and returns the kiss.

"Good work, Mr. Parker, and I'll be seeing you at home all too soon."

"Well, given your my wife, I should hope it's very soon."

Daisy just gives him a rather prominent smile.

"What I want to do to you doesn't need to wait until I get home? And that twitch in your pants isn't your Spider-Sense tingling, I can tell you that much?"

She moves ever so closer to the man and looks like a predator hunting down her prey. A smile crosses her face ever so closely.

"And you should also bring that cute little intern from the office home sometime. Carol's sister, right?"

Daisy closes in on Peter and she pushes against him. Her hips grind against him and after Carol and Jessica works him up earlier, this does a wonder of pushing Peter's buttons in so many different ways.

"And we need to talk about the Wrecking Crew. So how about you step into my office so I can pump you for information."

The door opens up for a second and Daisy just groans. She turns to the woman entering the room and pulls away from Spider-Man to leave him hanging and more importantly leave her hanging.

"Director...oh my...Spider-Man, it's good to see you again sir...and...it's so...um...I hope I wasn't interrupting anything, important or anything."

The scientist goes all gushy at his presence until Daisy clears her throat.


"Sorry, Director, it's just, I didn't expect Spider-Man in here and..."

"It's still Daisy, Jemma, we were on the same team for five years, I think you've earned that right. Call me Daisy, unless it's under certain circumstances. Then Director is mandatory."

Jemma goes about as red as a traffic light as she knows what circumstances Daisy wants Jemma to call her "Director Johnson."

"Right, sorry Director...Daisy...and Spider-Man...it's good to see you..."

"It's good to see you, Doctor Simmons. How are you holding up?"

"All things considered...I mean it's been nine months since...well what's important is that the bastard who did it is rotting in a hole."

The massacre of several SHIELD agents and scientists still remain fresh on the mind of everyone. Jemma takes a deep breath and Osborn's decimates SHIELD. Thankfully, Daisy's able to take charge as the Director, with several top agents either severely injured or deceased, it's a very long slog to get to this particular point.

"Is there a reason why you came into my office without knocking?"

Daisy steps into the role of SHIELD director, mostly to direct Jemma from the grief of the event which lead to her husband's death. Jemma nods.

"I have some reports you might find interesting. It's from the power cell we found at the abandoned HYDRA headquarters."

"I thought it was out of juice."

"Well, there's still some interesting readings coming off of them...and Black Widow's sent in her latest report."

"Right...I'll be with you in about two minutes."


Daisy takes a deep breath and sighs. She really wants to fuck her husband in the costume in the middle of SHIELD headquarters. That particular pleasure has to wait right now.

"This weekend, if you don't take Carol and Jessica, I'll be very disappointed in you."

"Well, I don't want to disappoint you. Although, I can't help, but think you're abusing your authority as director of SHIELD to pimp me out."

An impish smile crosses over Daisy's face.

"If I didn't think that you were enjoying the attention, then I would be more mindful of your concerns."

She leans in, kisses Spider-Man, and gives him a parting squeeze before departing.

"And I'll be sure to give Simmons a reminder about why you should knock...although she might have been involved in something interesting if she had waited two minutes."

A wink follows and Daisy leaves with a sway of her hips announcing her departure. Peter watches his wife leave and decides that her leaving his a good enough cue as any to follow.


Back to Horizon goes Peter Parker. Having the run of the place and being the CEO is not a position Peter expects to be in after all of these years. He walks out and meets the two lovely young ladies who bodyguard him. The Board wants him to be have bodyguards on him at all times and while Peter humors their concern.

Laura Kinney steps over and peers over the top of her sunglasses.

"So, are finally back?"

"Yeah. I'm back."


The other bodyguard is Cassandra Cain and she does not spend much time speaking, rather she's more of a woman of very decisive and clear action. She purses her lips with a smile crossing over her face. The entire party makes their way up the steps to the headquarters. Security check verifies Peter as Peter.

People intimidating him both as Peter Parker and Spider-Man is a problem in the past.

"Hey, Mr. Parker!"

A bubbly blonde almost runs down the top of the steps. Laura looks at her with the side eye and a small smile appears over Cassandra's face.

"Okay, I've got everything right here, because I know how busy your mornings can get, and sometimes your afternoons and your evenings as well too, but that's not important. What's really important, is that everything we need for your meeting with Doctor Richards, well technically she's been Doctor Storm for about a year now, maybe even more, but seriously, it's all here, and if there's anything, anything at all, I can get in order for you, I'll be able to do it in a flash."

Peter smiles at his assistant.

"Okay, Kara, I know you do a good job. Take a deep breath, slow down, and relax...no need to burn yourself out. You've only been working here for a week, just ease into things."

The eighteen-year-old assistant just looks like she trembles with excitement.

"Sorry, but I can't slow down. I mean it, it's really exciting to work for you...someone as amazing as you, the world's foremost scientific genius. And I can't believe I'm working for the most brilliant man in the world!"

Peter raises an eyebrow and cannot help tease her.

"So, turning in your resignation to go work for Reed Richards already? Because, if that's the case, I'm afraid I've got some bad news..."

Kara snorts at his words. She flips through the pages to make sure they are all there. Good speed reader, she's able to check about a hundred times while morning coffee warms up. And speaking of which, she puts the coffee in his hands.

"I know it's about noon...but your coffee...because it's a habit and I've got to stay into the habit...it just the way you like it."

Peter smiles when taking a drink to the coffee.

"And for the record, Richards is okay, even though it's likely he's MIA, him and Doom ended up following into that Black Hole, never to return about a year ago. Funny how something like that works...but anyway, he's nothing on you. I mean, he's smart, but he makes a lot of inventions which have an overly complicated use which no normal person has a use for."

Finally, she slows down to take a deep breath.

"You actually make things that can help the average person. Things that they actually understand and can use. I mean that. I really mean that. You can do things which can change the world and change it well. You're amazing...I want you to know that, you are simply amazing!"

Kara trails off her words a couple of minutes later.

"And sensational and spectacular...and likely a bunch of other trendy things...besides, is there anything else can I get for you, anything at all?"

The way Kara purses her lips puts Peter's focus on them. Perhaps it's the fact forces already blue-balled him twice this day, or it's the fact he's been spending a bit too much time with Daisy. Granted, spending time with your wife is not a bad thing, but when she constantly reminds Peter how much other women want him, it alters his thought process.

"Maybe later. But, I've got to prepare...Sue's going to be here soon."

"Right, she is...and you want to be ready for that. And everything you need...well it's just a matter of finalizing a few things. Shouldn't be too hard, right?"

The high energy Kara bounces around with makes Peter's thought process divert. He closes his eyes and focuses on business.

'Damn it, Daisy!'


The meeting room allows Peter plenty of room to meet with Susan Storm. She dresses in a professional business ensemble, with a couple of buttons on the blouse tastefully unbuttoned to give her bosom enough room to be comfortable, a jacket, a skirt of modest length, and a set of stockings, and high heels. The glasses she wears hits all of the important buttons on him.

"Mr. Parker."

"Doctor Storm...and I think we should skip the formality, we've known each other for about as long as I've been a super hero."

"Yes, I know...you wanted to ask me out on a date. It was so adorable back then, but you're not an awkward teenager anymore, you've grown into a nice young man. And...well it's been a bouncy couple of years for me...but I think I'm about read to get back on the saddle."

Peter leans in and touches a hand lightly to Sue's Sue just responds with a very evident smile.

"You're a survivor. Period. There's no question in my mind what you're capable of doing when you put your mind to it. And this project the two of us are ready to present to the world, it's going to change the way people look at energy."

"And I met with Director Johnson the other day. I can't believe the two of you got married...how did that even happen?"

A small grin appears on his face. Kara swoops in just long enough to drop off coffee for both of them and disappears to go about her work at the desk.

"Nice assistant you have there. I wonder how long your relationship is going to remain professional."

"I wouldn't dare abuse my power with her. The last thing I want to do is trend on some hashtag as Peter Parker. You know how scandals like that catch fire in the current year."

Sue nods in response and takes a long drink from her coffee. She leans out and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Relax, I wasn't worried about you...she looks like she might try something if she works up the nerve. And if Daisy gets her hooks in, I'm pretty sure she'll be in your bed all too soon."

The matter of fact way Sue says this statement causes Peter to smile. She puts a hand on the blueprints on the table to rifle through them.

"How did you two of all people get married?"

"Well, that's an interesting story. And maybe I'll share it with you sometime...after we make sure everything is good to go."

Sue nods. Both think it's fair enough.

"Our first test went rather well, and we made some pretty good adjustments. You found a way to plug the power leak and Stark thinks that it should be good to go. For all is faults, he knows a think or two about making sure these cells work."

"Well, despite him being very busy these days, I'm glad for another set of eyes. Do you have any concerns?"

"No, although I do wish we could have made it a bit more compact without expelling power."

"Hey, this is just model one. Give it some time and we'll work things out. Trust me on that one."

Sue flashes a tiny smile on her face. She does trust a lot of things will happen soon enough. This partnership between Horizon and the Future Foundation holds all of the potential to change the world. And she wants to be on the ground floor for that.


"So, how did your meeting with Sue go?"

"It went pretty well. We're on point for the demonstration next week. Ready to rock and roll and everything like that."

"That's great!"

Daisy smiles when she manages to get a few minutes away. Unfortunately, SHIELD business comes up at the worst possible time and makes sure to drag Daisy away from some of the things she wants to do.

"How did your meeting with Jemma go?"

"Just some standard stuff. I didn't have time to remind her about why she should knock, but the next time I get her alone...well...I'm sure you can use your imagination right there."

"Mmm, yeah."

A knock on the door causes Peter to look away from the screen.

"At least your people have better etiquette them mine."

"The door's open!"

The door opens and Kara steps into the room. She looks at Peter and opens her mouth when seeing Daisy on the screen.

"Daisy, this is Kara...my assistant...Kara, this is Daisy Johnson, my wife."

"Oooh, your wife...it's a pleasure to meet you, Director Johnson. It's an honor to meet you, about as much as it is an honor to work for your amazing husband."

"He is pretty amazing, and he's pretty spectacular."

Peter cannot help, and smile.

"You two better quit it, or my head's not going to be able to fit through the front door."

Daisy just gives him a grin and turns an attention to Kara.

"So, are you enjoying working underneath my husband?"

Whether or not Kara catches onto the double meaning of Daisy's words, Peter cannot really tell. It appears to fly over her head.

"Yeah, I really am happy with the position he's put me in."

Peter practices his poker face. The little smirk on Daisy's face shows how much she enjoys playing this game.

"Peter's good at finding positions where women excel in. It's one of his better qualities."

A clearing of his throat causes the attention to turn back around to a more serious frame of conversation.

"Is there a reason why you came to my office, Kara?"

Kara bobs her head up and down.

"It's the President...sir. He wants to speak to you about a couple of urgent matters."

A sound which indicates a scoff comes from Daisy.

"I can't believe he of all people became President. To think we live in a world where a narcissistic billionaire with an over inflated opinion of his own self worth became the President. Not that his opponent was much better. We were kind of boned in that election either way."

Peter just gives his wife a grin.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos."

And with that quip out of the way, Peter leaves to take the call for the President.


"You of all people becoming the President, not one of the things I saw coming in a million years."

"Between you and me, I started it as a joke. To troll a bunch of snotty elites and social justice warriors who like the smell of their own feces. Nice things they say about me. I'm alt-right despite being as liberal as you can get without going full blown Marx. Not that it matters because the Alt-Right call me a communist and a Jewish sympathizer...so yeah, it seems like you can't win. To be honest, I'm surprised to win as anyone else. But you can't deny, I have great hair."

"That's a matter of opinion."

A gentleman with a blonde comb over sits with his back to Peter and the camera. He puts a hand to the top and turns to reveal the face of Tony Stark in all of his goatee glory at the camera.

"Right, the wig's a bit too much. You're right, ditching it now."

He takes off the wig with a vibrant smile flashing over his face.

"So, you actually won despite trolling the entire world just by running?"

"To be fair, I did an acceptable job. The economy's better than it's been. Jobs are improving Security's improving, and hopefully without diminishing too many civil liberties. Still got some work to do on the health care...but never mind, I don't want to talk to you about politics right now. Because, if I know something, there are three topics you never discuss with people."

Tony holds up a hand and ticks them off.

"Politics, religion, and shipping. That being pairing two characters in a fandom, not actual boats."

Peter just smiles.

"Thanks for the clarification."

"Three things...but...I told you I was going to get some extra security for the little demonstration Monday and I've got your back, my Amazing Spider-Friend. Not that you need the help given how far you are in bed with the Director of SHIELD, if you know what I mean."

A stern look appears on Peter's face.

"Right, you know what I mean. And just a bit of advice, never run for President. Not even as a joke. The Press watching to make sure you piss in a way which doesn't offend anyone."

"Surely, you're joking?"

"Hey, I'm not. I kind of really wish that I was able to have Wade Wilson be my running mate just to liven up the mood in the office. And that would tick off a lot of elites too. But, you know, Constitution, got to respect that. So, Wade's going to have to settle with being the King of Canada or whatever."

"Right...so you'll be at the demonstration?"

"Buddy, I wouldn't miss it for the world. This power source is really going to cut down on Global Warming...which is another topic that I've been getting it on. I've been both been called a climate change denier and an idiot for believing Global Warming is a thing. So, don't take a stance on anything, if you're ever unfortunate enough to become President. Especially if it's a moderate stance."


"Right, talk to you later, and see you at the demonstration. And I'm happy to know that between you, Jan, Jess, and Carol, the Avengers are in good hands even after all of the roster changes."

Spider-Man's call with the President of the United States disconnects.


"Tony Stark is nothing other than a criminal fascist director. We will not be silenced and anyone who stands in our way, they will burn. We are the face of America, and we will not be silenced! We will not allow a dictator to overrun us!"

Several men wearing military fatigues stands around a room. Some of them hold weapons. The screens around them flicker and flash.

"Stark will fall! Death to Stark!"

The man giving the speech disappears and turns around to face several figures in the shadows from off of the stage.

"Baron, our puppet may not have become President, and Stark may have temporarily undermined our plans to cripple the American Country. But, Stark's a fool who will do something to undermine the confidence of America, and then we will be able to recruit more for our uprising."

"Make sure the same mistakes are not made after our failed attempt to discredit Captain America as a secret Agent of HYDRA."

"The sheep will follow any media viewpoint which is fed to them. Alternate stream of information will be shut down. The demonetization of YouTube content creators who do not follow our philosophy already has begun."

"Yes, and any who oppose our view points will be branded as a Nazi."

The supporters come off.

"And our friends in the so called Alt-Right will continue to help us spread hate through the channels and cause a division which only we can solve by bringing this country under the banner of HYDRA."

"And soon the entire world."

"Heil Hydra!"


The members of HYDRA prepare for their next demonstration. The character assassination of Tony Stark and all who favor him, branding them as Nazis. Then the seeds of doubt on the other side about their weakness and selling out the American people to foreign entities will occur, as the security crumbles and the nation bloats unable to sustain the number of refugees it supports. Civil War will break out and further weaken an already divided nation.

Standing in the middle is HYDRA, who will rise again as it always should be.


Saturday night reaches with the demonstration approaching on the following Monday. Peter notices both Cass and Laura blending into the background. There's been whispers of a potential attack on Peter leading up to the demonstration.

He resolves to enjoy the evening and hopefully his luck will leave him along for the meantime. Spider-Man slips inside and comes across both Jessica and Carol. Jessica wears a nice little black dress which shows of her curves in all of the right places. Carol dresses in a tight red dress and shows more of the same.

"Well, you got here in one piece."


Carol just grins and takes an arm and Jessica takes the other arm. The three make their to the table in the corner. Peter's bodyguards remain inconspicuous in the room.

They get their dinner and are able to relax. Carol leans in and smiles to get in the entire atmosphere in the room.

"There's a part of me who thought something could happen tonight. You know..."

A sharp look from Jessica follows when she looks Carol in the eye.

"Don't jinx it, Danvers."

Carol puts a finger to her lips and makes a zipping motion over her mouth. Jessica just smiles and slides back on the chair. She thinks about picking up where they left off at lunch the other day.

The minute her foot slides up, Peter puts his hand on the ankle and works his way up her leg. His fingers dance over every inch of flesh and make Jessica jolt to life.

"Yeah, I don't think we should jinx it either. It's been a pretty good night and a good meal...although I'm pretty sure dessert is going to be just as well."

Peter's fingers stop just short of a certain piece of fabric hanging between Jessica's legs. He can feel Carol's leg as well and shifts his other arm.

A knowing smile crosses over Carol's face as she does not distract easily as Jessica. A small hint of a rising nipple from her top catches Peter's attention.

"Yes. We should end things tonight on a high note."

A shift allows Peter to feel up the muscular legs of both girls. He stops short of hitting the promise zone. They slowly reach over to Peter's meal and start feeding him bits from the plate. They then go to their own food and slowly pop the food into their mouth.

Carol's fingers accidentally slips and a piece of chicken slides down her dress. She puts a finger in and fishes it out before offering it to Peter.


"I'm sure you'd like the flavor."

The two continue to feed them. Peter's hands become rather busy and he daringly slips a bit further between her firm thighs. He pulls out almost all the way up.

Finally, his fingers emerge from the table. Carol takes one set in the mouth and licks them clean with a slow and seductive smile crossing over her face.

Jessica peers over her shoulder and then turns back to him.

"We should take this upstairs to the suite Daisy rented for us."

Another smile passes over her face. Jessica adjusts her dress just enough to allow Peter a glimpse of her breast and the fact she's not wearing a bra underneath that top.

"Because, what happens in public often finds its way to the tabloids."

Peter rises from the table and Carol and Jessica walk on either side of him. They try and be subtle with the fact they feel them up and their hands struggle not to remove the clothes from them.

"Tonight's going to be your lucky night, Mr. Parker."

"I'm sure it is, Ms. Danvers."

Their dresses ride up when they move in front of Peter to show their lacy panties. They match the color of dress they wear. It takes every bit of self control Peter holds not to take them on the stairs.

He breaths and it comes very close. By sheer will power, Peter holds himself back.

To Be Continued on June 26th, 2018.

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