Because, Captain America

BY : Prentice
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Title: Because, Captain America
Author: Prentice
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe 
Rating: ADULT+
Warning: Peter is a teenager (16) in this fic.
Pairing: Scott/Peter
Author's Note: Written for a Scott/Peter prompt on the avengerkink_meme. 

Summary: Okay, so. In his defense, Scott totally hadn’t meant to kiss the kid.

Okay, so.

 In his defense, Scott totally hadn’t meant to kiss the kid.

Well, okay, no. He totally had. It was just, he hadn’t meant for it to be quite so – intense – or, you know, so long. And, okay, so he maybe hadn’t planned for tongues to be involved as much. Or, you know, at all.

It was just – okay, you know what. This was all totally Stark’s fault. Totally, completely.


It was like Hank said, you couldn’t trust a Stark – or maybe it was ‘when in doubt, blame a Stark’ –? Or – okay, so he was maybe a little wishy-washy on the details, but he knew – unquestionably – that this was Stark’s fault.

And, okay, maybe it was a little bit Steve’s fault too, but he was Captain America and who could blame Captain freakin’ America? For anything? Ever? Anywhere?

He was Captain America, for god’s sake. Scott was pretty sure him and his perfect hair and his smile and his handshake could get away with anything – anything. And, yeah, okay, Scott would probably – totally – help him do it because, yeah.

He might’ve never totally left his eight-year-old self behind because – Captain America!  Holy shit, he’d met Captain America!  Wait until he told Cassie!

But anyway, back to the whole ‘whose fault it was’ thing, which was to say, it wasn’t Scott’s. Not at all. He had just been an innocent bystander, who had totally accidentally-on-purpose made out with a kid.

But again, in his defense, he hadn’t known he was a kid at the time.

Which probably said a lot about how long it’s been since Scott has made out with anyone – (Hope didn’t count, mostly because he was pretty sure Hope didn’t want it to count, ever; which was kind of insulting if you asked him, not that anyone ever did) – because it had actually been pretty damn nice.

Like, on a scale of one to ten, it was probably a high eight. Maybe even a nine, if you discounted the fact that he’d been doing it for the greater good and that, you know, the kid was a kid. Which, awkward.

It wasn’t like he’d known, though! He really hadn’t! Really!

Which, actually, brought him back around to his ‘this was all Stark’s fault’ point. Who brought a kid – a teenager, no less! – to a superhero (plus Scott) fight? A Stark, that’s who!

It was ridiculous. Totally freaking ridiculous. Seriously, who did that.

Anyway, though, yeah.

Scott hadn’t known when he’d grabbed the kid – who was apparently called Spider-Man (again, in his defense) – during the middle of the whole epic superhero (plus Scott) fight at the airport that he’d been grabbing a kid.

He’d just been following orders.

Or, okay, not orders exactly – Scott couldn’t actually imagine Captain America ordering anyone to randomly grab the enemy and make out with them (Scott totally would’ve if he’d asked, though) – but, well.

Steve had asked for a distraction. Which, yeah, Scott had totally given one of those later – turning Giant was so freaking weird and doing it outside a lab was even weirder because, seriously, everything was so tiny! – but he hadn’t lead with it. What he’d lead with was, you know, make-outs.

With Spider-Man. Who was a kid. Apparently.

Not that he’d known that!

But, yeah. Make-outs with Spider-man. That’s totally what he’d lead with.

Which, hindsight, bad idea.

Especially since it had been so damn good – the kid was sixteen, how the hell was he that good of a kisser at sixteen? Scott probably – definitely – hadn’t been at that age – but, yeah, it had seemed like a good idea at the time…

…okay, so maybe it hadn’t seemed like a good idea. It had just seemed like an idea. One that had – kind of? – worked because as far as distractions go, it had worked pretty well for a while.


 It had up until the moment that Stark had ruined it and tried to blast Scott, like, halfway across the damn universe (or, okay, the airport) because apparently he was not okay with Scott making out with his teenage protégé.

Which, yeah, fair point.

Scott probably wouldn’t have been okay with it either.

If he’d known, which he hadn’t.

But, yeah.

It had actually been pretty nice before that, because, seriously, not to belabor the point, but the kid could kiss and Scott was maybe a little – or, you know, a lot – hard up what with that whole almost whatever-it-was thing with Hope falling through – Hank was seriously a helicopter parent – and after having spent so much time in prison and, yeah.

Not to mention that the kid was built –  that suit, man; did Stark really have any right to call him a dirty old man after making the kid something so skin tight? – and he’d felt really nice in Scott’s arms and in his hands – again, the suit, how could he not cope a feel? – and, well, if he knew then what he knew now…

He actually wasn’t really sure the whole teenage-jailbait Spider-man thing would’ve really made a difference, honestly. Which, yeah, that said a lot about him and his decision-making skills but whatever, man.

It was worth it.

Totally and completely worth it.

Even if he did end up in jail.


(Hope was totally going to kill him when he got out. Which he would. Because, Captain America.)

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