What Cyclops Wants(And What He Needs)

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Chapter 1: Mistakes and Realizations

Present Day

“AH… Ah… I love it! Muah! Almost there! Kiss me! Please! Keep kissing me when I cum! Ah! Ah!” Emma was saying.

Scott happily obliged. Emma threw her arms around his neck and held him like her life depended on it. They passionately started making out.

It was Scott Summer’s bedroom. Known to many as Cyclops. He and Emma Frost were having sex. Now, almost at the end. Scott was on top, his cock moving in and out of Emma’s pussy, hard and fast. Emma held Scott tight, really tight.

Scott quickened his pace. Clear indication that he was almost there. Emma pulled his head even more tightly to her, if that was even possible. She was cumming. Scott pushed last of his strokes, and shot his load deep in her pussy.

Emma loved that feeling. Scott’s semen deep in her pussy. While climaxing herself. Their climax were always only seconds apart from each other. Using her legs around his waist, she pulled him to her and let his cock as deep in her as possible. Scott didn’t pulled out when he was done. He stayed there. He knew Emma liked when his cock was in her pussy after the climax.

When the last of their feeling went, they kissed much more sweetly, Emma caressing his cheeks instead of pulling head. Scott kissed her lips, her cheeks, her ears, her neck, her shoulders, her breasts. Emma’s hands resting on back of Scott’s head, caressing and guiding him. Scott’s cock still deep inside her.

After a little while, Scott rolled over with Emma. Now he was on bottom and Emma on top. She embraced him and put her head on his shoulder. He sweetly kissed her forehead.

“I love you. I love you so much.” Emma said, breathing heavily. “I know. I love you, too.” Scott said caressing her head.

“Let’s go another round.” said Emma.

She would do it. He knew she would. Even though she was tired after who knows how many rounds of hot passionate sex, that involved normal missionary, anal, blowjob(deepthroat and facefuck no less), pussy licking and a few other things. Oh, the look in her eyes as she said that. That smile, that wicked but still somehow sweet smile. This woman loves me. She really loves me. And I love her.

“No darling. You’re tired and you know it. I think we’ve cum enough for one evening. It’s time for sleep.”

“But I know you want it.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’re exhausted. Go to sleep.”

“Ok love.” She kissed him. Then put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Scott put his right hand on her head, pulled the sheets and he too closed his eyes. Softly patting Emma’s head.

All this stuff happened mere feet, no, inches from her. Her. Not Emma. The other woman. In the same room, on the same bed. She was sitting. Naked.  Watching all this in complete silence. Trying hard not to cry, and miserably failing at that. Emma and Scott had ignored her completely in this whole ordeal. Like they didn’t even knew that a naked woman was sitting on their bed this whole time. But the woman knew that they knew she was there. After all, they were the ones who had told her to be here. Be naked and just watch. That woman was Jean Grey.


Three Months Ago

Scott had recently come back from the dead. Well, he technically didn’t die. He was just merged with Apocalypse for six months. Yes, Apocalypse. That genocidal mutant. Jean and Cable were able to split them apart. While Scott was back, he was changed. Of course, being merged with Apocalypse for six months got to have some side effects.

Scott grew distant from Jean, and everybody else in the mansion. But it was clear to even a five year old that he needed help. Jean had tried. A little.

“Talk to me.” She said.

“Just read my mind.” Scott said.

“That’s not how it works.”

“Why not?”

“Why are you not having sex with me?”

“Where did that come from?”

“You’re not willing to talk about the "thing". At least tell me why don’t you even want to touch me?”


“Fine.” She turned and went away.

Just talk. Hunh! How do you just talk about a thing like this? Why did she ask something like that? He was never good at talking. She expects him to open up now? She knows it. The one time Scott wouldn’t have minded Jean’s intrusion in his head, she refuses to do it. She and professor both. He had mostly shrugged off Scott’s situation. Saying “It’ll be all right. Just give it some time.” Yeah, right.

Jean went off in the woods. Aimlessly walking. She found Logan sitting beneath a tree, smoking a cigar.


“Hey. What’s up, Jeanie?”

“Nothing. Just taking a walk.”

“Problem in paradise?”

She thought for a moment. Then decided to tell the truth.

“Yes. Scott isn’t touching me. He’s doing some weird celibacy thing.”

“Huh. Y’know I’m always there for ya, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Logan blew off his cigar, stood up and got close to Jean.

“If ya need anything, ya hefta just ask me.” He was very close to her face now.

They remained like that for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes. Then Jean closed the distance and kissed him. They threw their arms around each other. Tongues dancing in each other’s mouth, making slurping sounds. After a little while, they drew apart. Logan gave a little hint with his eyes. Jean knew what it meant.

Just as they walked away, Logan turned his head a little, gave a little smirk and winked at something. They headed toward the mansion, to Logan’s bedroom.

That wink was meant for someone. Who was not so far from those two, but because of the woods, couldn’t be seen if someone didn’t pay attention to that area. That someone was Scott. He had followed Jean. Thinking maybe he should apologize and try to talk about… the thing. No matter how hard it would be. He had found her in the woods talking to Logan. He had seen the whole thing. And Logan knew he was there, because of his heightened senses.

That fucker! Thought Scott. He purposefully did that, knowing Scott was watching. But the real frustrating thing was that it was Jean who kissed first. It was clear from that distant.

Why, Jean why? He knew Jean was attracted to Logan. And Logan was attracted to anything that resembled a human female. And it’s not like this was the first time they had kissed. It hurt Scott every time Jean had fantasies of Logan(she wasn’t good at hiding those). But he rarely if ever said anything to her. He warned and even fought Logan on that. But he never fought with Jean over that. He trusted her. He knew that even if she stumbles and make some mistakes, she would never truly betray him. After all, she had always stopped at kiss, and realized her mistake. While those kiss hurt him deeply, he still trusted Jean and forgave her. Not that Jean had ever apologized for that or anything, or even told Scott about those kisses. But he knew and forgave her none the less. She always realized that what she was doing was wrong, and stopped at that.

Not this time though. This time they were going all the way.


Jean and Logan entered his bedroom. She had barely closed the door when Logan took her from behind and started kissing her hungrily. ‘Easy there.’ Jean wanted to say, but she went with it anyway.

He took Jean’s blouse in his hands and ripped it.

“Woah woah woah! What are you doing?! Don’t rip my clothes!”

Logan stopped. Seeing Jean’s expression that she didn’t like it.

“Ah, sorry.”

“Don’t ever do that again.” She said firmly.

“Ok.” Logan got close, a little confused expression on his face. Jean put her hand up.

“Wait.” She took the torn blouse off herself.

“Now let’s go again.”

Logan played with her boobs a little and then started taking her bra off. Still hurried and rough.

“Would you be a little bit gentle?” Jean said with a hint of frustration.

Logan obliged like a child would after his mom had scolded him. They took each other’s clothes off. ‘Damm, he’s hairy.’ Jean thought after she had pulled his shirt. Logan was squeezing her boobs at that time. Again, a bit too roughly. But she didn’t say anything.

“Take it off.” Logan said after he had had took all of Jean clothes off except panty, and he himself had only his underwear on.

Jean put her hands on his waist and pulled down the underwear. His cock sprung into action.

And Jean was surprised to see that it was… smaller? Smaller than Scott’s? She looked at it for a few seconds. ‘It is smaller than Scott’s. Thinner, too.’ She had expected it to be bigger.


“Wut? Y’re surprised to see it, ain’t ya? Pro’ly neva seen a cock this big, have ya?”

Oh shit, she had said that out loud. And she had seen a cock bigger than this. She had it in her pussy on regular basis. But she wasn’t going to tell him that.

“Dick measuring contests are childish. Especially the literal ones. You know that right?”

Logan grinned.

“I’m being serious.”

The grin vanished from his face.

Size didn’t matter. She knew that. It really doesn’t have anything to do with satisfactory sexual intercourse. And Logan’s was more than enough. Most women really didn’t care about their partner’s size. There are multiple studies done for that. Why do men brag about it, or be insecure about it. Scott wasn’t though. She had once jockingly said that his penis was small(she was a bit mad at him for something). Scott had literally shrugged. Like he knew she wasn’t serious. Damm him for seeing right through her.

But cocks to her were like boobs to men. While it doesn’t matter how big or small boobs are, some men like it big. Just like that, Jean liked cocks big. Even though she had only been with one man in her whole life until this day. Even when watching porn, she mostly searched for big cocks. And Scott knew that. He also knew that his cock was bigger than average.

‘Stop it Jean. So what if it’s not as big as Scott’s? It’s still big enough.’

“Blow me.”


“Come on! Blow me. What are ya waitin’ for?”

I dawned on Jean then. He wants me to suck his cock.



“I’m not sucking your cock.”

Jean had never even sucked Scott’s cock. Once, Scott had asked her to. It had turned into big fight. She just didn’t like it, even though she had never really done it. She found it to be disgusting. She also didn’t like men who asked for it.

It took a few moments for Logan to realize that Jean wasn’t going to do it.

“Ok then. Let’s do the main course.”

Logan pushed Jean on the bed and hurriedly got on top of her. This hurried and rough pacing was really getting on Jean’s nerves now. ‘Scott would never do it like this. He would be so gentle and caring.’

Logan pulled aside Jean’s panties from her pussy and put her cock at the entrance, ready to push in.

“Wait a fucking minute! What are you doing?” said Jean with quite irritation.

“Puttin’ my cock inta yer pussy?” He was irritated, too.

“At least take off my panties first!?”

Logan cursed under his breath. He pulled off her panties like it was some kind of chore.

‘God, what is wrong with him? Scott would never be in so much hurry. And he would never skip foreplay. The only reason I’m not complaining about that is because I’m sex starved for months.’

Logan was on top of her again now. He put his cock at the entrance and pushed in, hard and fast. Not a hint of gentleness. Jean was now too irritated to even complain about that.

He was pushing in and out rhythmically now. Kissing her simultaneously. Now Jean was enjoying this a little. But not his kisses. His breath smelt of cigar and beer. She didn’t notice that before because she was too much into the moment, but now it was clear. She really didn’t like how his mouth smelt. And he was kissing her too aggressively, only going for lips and boobs. ‘I have other body parts to kiss, goddamm it.’ Scott would kiss her everywhere. Lips, nose, cheeks, ears, forehead, eyebrows, throat, shoulders, boobs, in the area between boobs, hands, belly, bellybutton, pussy…’Stop thinking about Scott. Enjoy this.’

She tried and she did enjoy. Just not nearly as much as she had thought she would.

Logan quickened his pace, clearly indicating that he was close to climax. Jean wasn’t too far either.

“I’m cummin’! I’m cummin’!... uh… aaahhh…” He pushed deep and shot his load in her pussy, and went still. Jean hadn’t climaxed though. But she was almost there. But Logan wasn’t moving at all. Jean moved her hips up and down few times and was finally able to cum. ‘God, he didn’t even care if I cum or not. Scott would’ve made sure that I cum to my heart’s content. Stop thinking about him!’

They remained like that for a while. She though Logan was asleep for a second, and maybe he really was. His weight was crushing her.

Then he pulled out of her and moved over, and said, “HA! That was really good. Best sex I had in a while. I’m so sleepy.”

He closed his eyes, his breath steadying. He fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

Jean lay awake. Thinking. ‘Wow. Not even cuddling after sex. Forget that, not even a kiss. He came and that was that. Scott would’ve done so much after that. He would’ve kissed me, caressed me, massaged me. He would’ve hugged for the whole night. Forget that. We would’ve had another round of sex. When was the last time that it was only one round of sex with Scott? I can’t remember. If I wasn’t sex starved for months, I wouldn’t have been able to cum. Not even close.’

Logan was snoring now.

‘Oh god! I’ve made a huge mistake! I fell for the old ‘grass is greener on the other side’. Will Scott forgive me? No, he must never know about this. What if Logan tells him? He sure would. He would never let go of the chance to brag about how he banged Jean Grey. Especially to Scott. Erase his memory? No. If it was someone else, I could do that. Logan’s memories have been messed with enough. If I did something like that again, who knows what effect it’s will have. Can’t risk that. And erasing memory is a complex matter anyway. I will threaten him. Yes, I’m an omega level telepath and telekinetic. I can threaten him with unimaginable things.’

‘Can’t believe I did this only because I was sex starved. Should’ve just masturbated. Imagining Scott fucking me is much better than whatever I had just now, even if it’s not as good as Scott actually fucking me. Ok, time to put the plan in motion.’

She stirred Logan awake.

“Wassup? Oh hey, Jeanie. Want anoth’ round?” Logan said half-asleep.

Jean went into his mind, just to check. Yep, as she had thought. He wasn’t going up for at least a few hours. Another round, yeah sure.

“I’ll make this quick. No one must know this ever happened. You are never going to mention this ever again. Not even to me. We’re done. I had some unresolved sexual tension with you, but it’s over now. You are never to hit on me ever again. We’re over. Actually, we never were. But still, we’re over. Got it?”

Logan was of course confused. It took a few more exchange to understand what was happening. When he did understand,

“No. I ain’t doin’ it. Everyone’s gonna know that I banged ya.”

‘Showing true colors, are we now?’ Jean thought.

“Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“Ain’t no way this is happenin’.”

“Your call.”

Five seconds later.

“Thi…This… neva… happened. This neva happened.” Logan said, clearly scared shitless. He even peed a little.


“I… I will neva hit on ya again. We’re over. We never were.”

“Good.” After a moment she said, “And one more thing. Never call me Jeanie again. I never said you could call me that.” ‘I can’t believe I let him call me that for so long.’

Logan just nodded. He was so scared even talking was hard.

Jean got up and started putting her clothes on. She picked up the torn blouse from the floor and thought, ‘Was I really attracted to this savage? He is not even physically attractive. He’s hairy, short and grotesquely buff. Must’ve been because I’ve never been with another man besides Scott. Anyway, it’s over now.”

She repaired the blouse with her TK, went to the door and looked out. Good thing no one was there. She got out and went directly to Scott’s, no, her and Scott’ room. He was on the desk, writing something on his laptop, probably a mission report. She went to him and kissed him. He didn’t respond but didn’t resisted either.

“Hey, I love you.” Jean said.

“Hmm” was all the response she got. No worries, she will get to him eventually.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

She went to the bathroom, stripped naked, got under the shower and started masturbating. Imagining Scott fucking her. As she had thought, not as good as Scott actually fucking her, but close enough. ‘Now this is what I need. Starting from tomorrow, I’m doing anything I can to make Scott fuck me again. Yes! Ah! Ah!”


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