Scratching The Itch

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Chapter 1: The Itch

The pale-skinned mutant known to the world as 'Rogue' woke with a start suddenly, and after noticing the sticky wetness between her legs, she recalled the dream she had just had.
They had been getting worse lately. A wet-dream was normal for a teenager, especially those about people they knew, but lately they had been getting ridiculous. Scott, Logan, Piotr, Remy, sometimes Kurt, even Magneto a few times, and occasionally all of them at once.
With a frustrated sigh Rogue rolled over and glanced at her clock. 2:41 in the morning. Perfect. It would be hours before she could get to sleep again, at least it was a weekend, no need to get up early. But it didn't help that she wasn't even able to relax properly. The dreams had been getting more frequent, to the point of having one nearly every night, and usually with someone different each time. The more she tried to ignore them, the harder it was to stop thinking about them. And the more she ignored them, the more they appeared.
Masturbating wasn't good enough anymore. It just didn't work like it used to. There was only so many times she could use her fingers before she started wishing for the real thing. And toys were out of the question too.
If they were too soft, her super-strength would crush them if she happened to lose control which, during an orgasm, she often did. But if they were too hard, then it wasn't comfortable in the slightest. She needed something firm, but flexible, something warm and alive with blood running through it, something that reacted to her touch the way she reacted to it's.
And she needed it badly.
With a final grunt of frustration Rogue threw the sheets off her sweating body and quietly left her room, making her way down to the nearest bathroom. A cold shower would have to work. One benefit of being up so late was that the mansion was nearly devoid of life, nobody was around except the occasional light-sleeper or nocturnal student, which meant Rogue had no worries about being seen wearing only a shirt and panties, both of which were soaked with sweat (and in the case of her panties, some other fluids).
She stepped into the bathroom, and closed the door, locking it behind herself. It was a spacious room, comfortable enough, with all the features a bathroom should have, from the clean white enamal sink to the shining silver metal of the shower fittings.
Then, something came to her mind. Something she had never even considered before.
Metal. The shiny metal of the shower. It was so clean and shiny she could see her own face in it... and she recalled how, some months or even a year ago, she had been talking with Piotr, Petey, Colossus, the Tinman, the Rough Ruskie, the gentle giant... and she'd seen her own face reflected in his bulging, muscular forearm.
And in his metallic state, Colossus could withstand her life-sapping abilities.
Rogue leaned against the wall, stunned that the idea had never come to her before. It was too late to suggest it to him now. She had no qualms with waking him up, but she wanted him to be awake when she actually proposed it to him.
Even then, he wasn't the type to treat someone like that, even if it was what they wanted. The steel-skinned Soviet was old-fashioned, too sweet and gentle to consider it. He'd need some sort of convincing...
And by 3:30AM, Rogue had it all planned out.

*    *    *

9AM. Most of the mansion was awake already. Either they were wide-awake and were getting on with their day, or they were milling about before starting any serious thinking, getting breakfast and catching up on the news.
Rogue observed that Piotr Rasputin was one of the latter, as she found him eating cereal at the kitchen counter and looking at a photography supplement from one of the mansion's newspapers.
"Hey sugah." She said as casually as she could manage, the excitement almost too much to bear. It was like being a kid on Christmas morning all over again.
"Good morning, Rogue." He replied in a booming growl. "Have you seen Scott yet? He was wishing to speak with you today. Something about leaving his car out of gas?" He said, raising an eyebrow.
"Ah, yeah, that." Rogue said as she fetched a carton of milk from the fridge. "Yeah, Ah'll see him later. And talking of later, Petey..."
She slipped herself onto the stool opposite his, grabbing an empty bowl and filing it with cereal for herself.
"I've got something Ah could use some help with, something a little personal. Ah mean, Ah don't want to go asking just anyone, you're a guy Ah know Ah can trust."
Piotr looked at her, concern showing on his face.
"Is everything okay?"
"Yeah, sorta, Ah just need a favour, in a way. But listen, we'll talk about it later, away from the mansion, okay? You know that tree out near the front gates, the one that's still all singed from when Storm found some students trying to grow weed in her greenhouse?"
Piotr nodded gravely, he remembered the incident all too well.
"We'll meet there, say, six? Everyone else will be at dinner, it'll be a good time for us to talk alone."
"That is agreeable." Piotr said, but placed a large palm gently on Rogue's gloved hand. "But are you sure all is well, Rogue? You seem distracted. You are alright, yes?"
"Yeah, Ah'm fine, Petey." She assured him, her tone soft and gentle. It was times like this where he could melt hearts with how sweet he was. "Just don't forget, six by the tree!"

*    *    *

It was a cool summer evening and the leaves were rustling pleasantly with the gentle breeze drifting between them. Piotr was leaning against the tree, it was six precisely and Rogue wasn't here yet. He had been distracted all day wondering what she wanted to ask him about. 
It was something important, clearly, something personal too, hence the secrecy, but there was no need to worry, apparently. But worry he did, and worry a lot too.
Suddenly he heard a rustle from above him, and as a reflex, Piotr's skin turned to solid metal as he readied himself for a fight... only to see the lithe, supple form of Rogue drop down in front of him.
"Rogue!" He said, turning back to his organic form.
"Sorry to surprise you, big guy, but it was the easiest way to get here on time." Rogue said with a shrug.
"I thought you were danger." He said sheepishly.
"Yeah, well, heard that plenty o'times." She said with a flirtatious smile.
"You wanted to see me." Piotr stated, determined to bring the conversation back on track.
"Yeah, look, Ah need your help with something. And what Ah said earlier, it wasn't exactly true..." She confessed, looking at the ground. "It's got to be you that helps me, Pete. I can't ask anyone else, nobody else can do anything."
"You are not making much sense."
"Alright look." Rogue said, becoming suddenly confrontational. "Ah'm not gonna mess around no more. Petey, you know my power. I can't touch no-one without it killing 'em. Except you."
She slipped off a glove. "I can touch you, when you're steel."
Her hand drifted closer to his face, almost like a threat. Taking the hint, Piotr turned to steel again, and Rogue's gentle, soft-skinned touch caressed his face.
"What are you doing, Rogue?"
"You're the only one Ah can touch..." She purred, pressing her generous breasts against his muscular chest. "In any way you want me to."
And with that, she began to snake her hand down, tracing her fingertips across his abs through his thin shirt, until she reached his belt buckle.
"Rogue, I..."
"This is the deal, Petey. You do for me what no other man can do, you fuck me, any day I want, any time I want. In return, for you, I'll do anything you want."
A single finger slipped under the waistband of Piotr's jeans, and he shuddered from the touch.
"You want to go on a date? Sure. You want me to kiss you all gentle-like? Fine. You want to fuck me in the ass? Whatever you like. Anything you want, Petey, it's yours, so long as you give me what I want."
With that, she withdrew her hand and licked the tip of her finger.
"Do we have a deal?"
"I..." Piotr began, but seemed unable to continue. "I will hurt you if we do this."
"Petey, Ah'm strong as a bull. Ah can handle it."
"Remy will-"
"The swamp-rat ain't here enough to complain, besides, he's hardly a faithful sort."
"But, it... it is not correct!" He said, growing flustered.
"Maybe not home in Russia, but in the USA we call it being 'friends with benefits', or 'fuck buddies', or anything else you like. Pete, this is what Ah meant when Ah said Ah couldn't ask anyone else. You're the only guy that Ah can touch without it hurtin' him."
She looked up at him, and he could see genuine desperation in her eyes. He could not imagine a life like hers, afraid to touch anyone, unable to be intimate, it could be seen as vulgar but a life without such contact was truly no life at all. Such a small thing, to kiss another person, or even to hold their hand... but for Rogue, it was impossible, unless...
"I wish only for some time to think." He said firmly, gently pushing her away. "I do not wish to say no, but I do not know if I can say yes. I will tell you tonight what I have decided."
And without another word, Piotr walked away, his skin shimmering as it shifted back to it's organic form.
Rogue leaned against the tree, and felt anxiety weighing on her heart. She hadn't thought much about what he might say. She hoped he'd say yes, but everything pointed to him saying no. If anything his indecision was a positive outcome compared to the alternative, a simple denial.
With that thought in her mind, Rogue lifted from the ground, slipping her glove back on, and flew back to the mansion.

*    *    *

At 9:45 Rogue was back in her room, wearing nothing but her usual sleepwear (panties and a shirt, this time both equally black), and waiting impatiently for Piotr's answer. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, she heard a knock at the door, and rushed to open it.
She came face to face with Piotr, in his steel form, his left hand in the pocket of his jeans, the only thing he seemed to be wearing.
"I have conditions." He stated. Rogue, feeling slightly nervous, nodded and backed into her room, allowing him to enter and close the door behind himself.
"Firstly, I am allowed to say no. I want that to be clear. If I am unhappy or uncomfortable I am not obligated to satisfy you. Is that clear?" He asked.
"Fine with me, Ah don't plan on forcing you into anything." She said. He barely seemed to notice.
"Secondly, this is between us. We will continue to act as we do, and nobody may be informed of this."
"Goes without sayin'."
"Thirdly, if I desire to end this, it ends. If I meet a girl I wish to be with, then I will end our relationship immediately and there shall be no discussion."
Rogue grimaced. Pete was a nice boy, he'd inevitably meet someone he actually wanted to be with. If that happened...
"Alright." She said. "I'll just grin and bear it I suppose."
"And finally," He said, withdrawing his hand from his pocket. "If we do this, then we will do it right."
He was holding a foil-wrapped condom between his silvery fingers. Rogue wanted to respond, but she noticed that the packet was marked 'XL', and her heart leapt into her throat.
"Whatever you say." She murmured, settling back onto her bed.
And without another word, Piotr tore open the foil wrapper.

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