Guardians of the Galaxy: Sisterly Bond(age)

BY : Redfields
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“So, you’re back. And alive. How unexpected.” Gamora commented sardonically.


“Sorry to disappoint you.” Nebula returned sarcastically. “I’m not a mindless beast, charging straight at an enemy. I had to do some research first. If I’m going to stab it, I need to know my sword won’t break.”


“Mm-hmm. And what have you found?”


“A few things. Here.” Nebula tossed a data cube to her sister


“Thanks … I think.”


“Oh, you’ll definitely want to thank me. And I know the perfect way you can.” Nebula’s voice went sultry, and Gamora was instantly on alert.


“And how’s that?” She asked warily.


“I think you know.” Nebula replied, hips swaying as she sashayed over to her sister.


Gamora’s eyes narrowed. “Not really.”


“Oh, you don’t remember the games we used to play when we were kids?”


“Oh. Ooooooh.” Gamora’s realization brought a smirk to her face as Nebula drew nearer, but it was cut off when their lips met.


What started out as passionate quickly turned fierce, their tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths. They vied for control, even as they struggled to tear the clothes of each other’s bodies.


It was only when they were naked, pieces of cloth strewn about them, that Nebula pulled back. “Now, hurt me!” She ordered.


“I thought you’d never ask.” Gamora’s smirk was back as she pulled out a devious trick – the security system in her room. A push of a button, and energy tendrils lashed out from the walls, snatching Nebula’s ankles and wrists and pulling her spread eagle.


The blue girl smiled. “An upgrade. I like it.”


Gamora walked to one end of the room, put her foot on the desk there, and shoved. It slid it to a stop against her sister’s thighs. Another push of the button and the two upper energy tendrils rushed forwards and down, pulling Nebula’s upper body down until she was bent over the desk, ass exposed and vulnerable as Gamora walked around behind her. She raised her hand, brought it swiftly down on her sister’s rump. A loud smack echoed around the room, followed closely by Nebula’s grunt. Another slap, this time on the other cheek, another grunt.


Gamora battered her sister’s rear again and again, putting more strength into it. Nebula cried out “More, harder. Yes!” as her blue bottom gradually bruised into purple under her sister’s assault.


Gamora wouldn’t let up, putting more fury into her spanks. Nebula was continuously screaming in pain and exquisite pleasure. Gamora’s hand was stinging, her fingers losing their feeling even as she swatted her sister’s ass to crimson.


It was only when Nebula’s screaming reached a fever pitch, whether from agony or ecstacy, Gamora didn’t know, that she finally relented.


“Is that … all you got, bitch?” Nebula asked weakly, panting.


“Oh, that’s just part one.” Gamora answered, offhand, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a strapon and a small weight with wires attached.


“Part one?” Nebula asked. She’d nearly cum just from the abuse, and her pussy was on fire. Her ass, even more so.


“Part one.” Gamora confirmed. After she slid on the strapon, she pushed more buttons, returning Nebula upright. The blue girl was spun around, then pushed onto her back on the desk. Once in position, her arms were pulled out and her legs pulled up into a V.


Gamora admired the view, the wires hanging from her hand. Then she walked forward to attach them.


“What’re those for?” Nebula asked, nodding at the thing in Gamora’s hand.


“These are for part two.” The green girl answered, explaining nothing. Her actions afterwards, though, betrayed its purpose. She rested the weight on Nebula’s sternum, then pulled a wire to Nebula’s left breast. A clamp on the end of the wire grasped her nipple, pinching it tight between metal claws, eliciting a gasp from the blue girl. Gamora repeated the process with Nebula’s right nipple, before the last clamp went onto her engorged clit.


“Ooh, I like it.” Nebula said, her eyes wide.


“You’ll like this even more.” Gamora pressed the weight, and a bolt of electricity surged through the wires. It wasn’t long, barely half a second, but Nebula’s entire body heaved, her muscles seizing, as electricity pulsed through the most sensitive parts of her body. She shrieked, unable to contain the pure agony and ecstasy.


“And that was only part two.” Gamora stated, her smirk back.


“Gimme … gimme part three.” Nebula panted weakly. Her eyes had nearly rolled back in her head, and they fluttered as they regained focus.


“You ain’t gonna last long, bitch.” Gamora sneered.


“Bring it!” Nebula responded, sheer willpower bringing her strength.


Gamora brought her strapon to bear. It was long, thick and covered in a multitude of bumps and ridges. She aimed it at Nebula’s well-used ass and plunged inside. It was wide enough that Nebula could feel every pump and ridge as they stretched her hole to the limit. She groaned as her sister pushed deeper into her, screaming when another electrical surge jolted through her nipples and clit. Her back arched as agony coursed through her, the pleasure heightened by the monster invading her ass.


Gamora pushed on, relentless, until the bowel-buster was buried entirely inside Nebula’s straining butt. The blue girl’s eyes were wide, frantic, her lips parted as she panted and gasped for air. Gamora pulled her monster dong out of Nebula’s tender ass, then slammed back in as another jolt of electricity pulsed through her.


Nebula howled, agony and ecstasy becoming one in her body. She craved more, and was rewarded when Gamora slammed into her bruised behind again. Electricity coursed through her once more, another scream tore her throat.


Dammit, Gamora was right. She wouldn’t last long. Already she could feel the orgasm of a lifetime build in her, her muscles spasming as the electricity came more and more frequently. If not for the energy tendrils, she would have been flailing around. As it was, her back was arched to the breaking point, her abused ass spread wide by Gamora’s monstrous cock slamming deep into her, the bumps and ridges scraping over the nerves in her ass, in her colon, deep into her intestines.


The pleasure and pain built, the electricity constant now. She’d run out of screams, only ragged gasped came from her mouth as her head thrashed around. Her butthole was loose, the muscles simply broken by Gamora’s brutal pounding.


Suddenly her mouth locked in a round O, a silent scream as her whole body seized up and quivered, her orgasm exploding in her. Gamora continued to viciously rail her rear end, destroying everything in her bowels. The green girl leaned forwards, hands wrapping around her sister’s throat, cutting off oxygen even as it heightened her climax to titanic levels.


Her eyes opened wide, gradually rolling up in her head until with one last grunt, Nebula well limp. Even with all her enhancements, it was not enough to cope with the terrible pleasure and beautiful pain wrought by her sister.


The electricity stopped. Gamora unclamped the device from Nebula carefully, putting it to the side before bending over and sliding her arms underneath her unconscious sister. Gently, she straightened up, pulling her sister with her, the energy tendrils uncoiling from her limbs and disappearing. Gamora lay her on the cold metal floor, green arms still wrapped around her blue form, delicately kissed her forehead, and joined her in slumber.

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