Laura's Guardian

BY : TheBootyZone
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'It was some time in the night, Logan had fallen asleep drunk in his limo. Another mutant, who appeared to be a teenager, sat next to him taking a nap. The mutant was suddenly woken up when he heard noises coming from outside. The young mutant stared down at the older mutant and shook him awake. "Logan...Logan." the boy said. The older mutant fluttered his eyes open and groaned, "What...What is it?" Logan said.

"I hear something outside." the boy said. Both males kept silent as they listened to the noises outside, Logan groaned in annoyance. Both of them then stepped out of the limo and turned to see a bunch of men trying to steal the rims.

"Ah guys. Those are chrome-plated mugs. You can't strip them." Logan said to the men, who stared at the two.

The men began speaking Spanish to each other, while Logan continued speaking with the. "The plate is flaked out. This has a lease, no one's gonna pay a ride..." Logan said until one of the men pointed his shotgun at him and shot him in the chest while another shot the boy, both mutants fell to the ground seemingly dead.

"Pendejo...Cabron. Haganlo pues." the men insulted at the two of them then went back to finish what they were doing.

The young mutant groaned and sat up while Logan laid down on the ground. Logan took a few breaths and groaned at the humans. "Shit." he said in annoyance.

The young mutant stood up and offered a hand to Logan, the older mutant declined, choosing to let himself up.

Logan stared at the humans, "Guys, guys." the group stared at the two and widened their eyes in shock at seeing that they got back up after getting shot.

"Guys, seriously you don't wanna do this." Logan told them then began unsheathing his claws much to the surprise of the humans. Logan stared down at his left hand seeing that one of the claws hadn't gone all the way out.

The young mutant gave the older one a pat on the back, "Let's fix that later." he said then unsheathed a metallic blade from both of his arms.

"Take them out!" one of the men ordered. One of the men ran up to Logan and hit him in the head with a crowbar, another hit him with a wrench.

The younger mutant tackled one of the humans to the ground and used his blade to slash him across the chest. One of the men hit across the boy's head with his weapon, sending him to the ground. Another human hit Logan with his wrench, the older mutant fell to his knees but growled and got back up and began slashing at the two men with his claws. Logan then stabbed one of them through his arm, having the human to drop his weapon as he shouted in pain.

Logan flung him at another human, sending the both of them to the ground. He then slashed the leader across the stomach, having the human to groan in pain. The human tried to aim his gun at Logan but the gun was aiming at the car. Logan widened his eyes and moved himself in between the car, trying to prevent any damage from coming to it.

"No, not the car!" Logan shouted, the bullets then hit him instead as he shielded the car with his body. The young mutant stared at the scene with wide eyes and groaned in annoyance at Logan's actions.

He suddenly heard a cocking sound and turned to see one of them humans pointing the barrel of a shotgun at him. He was then hit in the chest, sending him to the ground, the human then shot him in the head, sending blood across the ground.

Logan stared in worry at the boy until he was hit in the head, sending him to the ground as well. The humans began ganging-up on him, kicking him to the ground. "Kick that fool." he heard one of the humans say.

Logan head the shotgun cocking again, an angered expression appeared on his face as he thought about the boy on the ground. Logan let out a roar as he pushed the men back and sliced off the arm that held the shotgun, but doing so had the the shotgun fall to the ground while pointing at the limo sending the buck-shot at the car. Logan stared at the car, "Motherfuck...!" he shouted in anger then began slashing his claws at the men.

He pierced his claws under a man's head, the claws going through his head. He then stabbed another one through his stomach repeatedly before piercing his claws through the leader's head.

He turned to see the remaining human, the one that had used the shotgun, run towards the van while the driver start up the car. Logan picked up a crowbar from the ground and threw it at the van, breaking one of the headlights. The older mutant stared back down at the boy while the van drove away. He knelt down to check how the boy was doing, he noticed that the boy's skull had healed having him to let out a sigh in relief.

Suddenly the boy let out a gasp and then opened his eyes. He sat up and looked around, noticing the bodies on the ground, he stared up ay Logan and saw the injuries on his body.

"Dad...are you okay?" the boy asked. Logan however chose to ignore him and limped back in the car. The boy stared at his adopted father in sadness but got up and walked into the passenger seat before Logan drove off.'

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