Squirrel Girl Hypno Bitch

BY : Systemfailure99
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Squirrel Girl Hypno Bitch


She walked down the alleyway with her partner Tippy-Toe, looking for any crime her crime-eyes could see. She turned left and sighed in relief “I don’t think we’ve got any crime for now Tippy-Toe!” She grinned.


She started to run back home, knowing her Squirrel companions would tell her of any crimes. Suddenly, she realised Tippy-Toe wasn’t running alongside her, she looked around trying to find her, but to no luck. “Tippy-Toe!!! Where did you go!?” She shouted. Suddenly something jumps at her face, making her fall down on her ass. “Oh my gosh get off!!” she shouted as she wrestled the attacker. She threw it off to find it was Tippy-Toe. “Tippy-Toe what are you doing!?”


“I think I may be able to tell you” a voice from the darkness chuckled. Squirrel Girl looked towards where the voice came from “Who’s there!?” she shouted in anger, confused, surprised and full of anger due to Tippy-Toe’s attack. “My name isn’t important.. but yours certainly is” the figure said slowly as they walked into the light.


He was a young man, just taller then Squirrel Girl and just as thin. He wore a trench coat with a hat on, his face still hidden in darkness. He looked as villainous as he did mysterious.


“My name? Like I’m gonna’ tell you!” She said passionately. “Oh, is that so? Well.. I’ve heard I can be quite convincing..” The man smirked, even with his face hidden it was obvious. “Hmph, I’d of thought you heard you could be quite a loser!” She said defiantly. “Oh, no one has said that.. not after I start using my power” he took off his hat, revealing his face to the light.


His skin was a strange, dark purple. He captivated her, she couldn’t look away. Her jaw lowered, she couldn’t focus on anything, only on him. Her eyes slowly turned purple, and she looked down slightly.


“Now.. Squirrel Girl; what’s your name?” He asked with a smirk. “M-my name is Doreen.. Doreen Green” she said slowly. “Doreen.. how charming, I like that name Doreen – you should be happy.” She smiled and nodded “I am..” “Now Doreen.. do you have somewhere private where we can stay at?” She nodded once more “Yes, I have a rented room at a nearby motel” He smirked once more “Excellent, bring me to it.” She started walking at a steady pace, she knew the fastest way there.


He couldn’t help but stare at her tail, it was so large and bushy – he could probably make her do so many things with it alone. Another thing he couldn’t help stare at were her thighs, they were magnificent, truly beautiful. He smiled, these next few months were going to be fun.

They finally arrived, twenty minutes after setting off they had gotten to the motel. She was staying in a very decent room, with a bathroom, main bedroom and a small little bedroom to the side. He was somewhat surprised she could pay for this, considering as far as he knew she didn’t really have a job that gave money.


“Doreen, how did you exactly get the money for this?” He asked, genuinely interested. She blushed slightly, even under his control her emotions showed “My boyfriend payed for it, he didn’t want me to worry about not being able to find a place to stay after our dorm got flooded” she explained. “How kind of him, you must really love him.” “I do, he’s so kind and caring” she smiled lovingly. “Well.. That’s not what I want. I want you to hate him, you’ll hate him so much you’ll breakup with him right now” he instructed her.


She looked conflicted for a few moments, not sure why she felt this seemingly out of nowhere hatred towards him, but soon she picked up her phone and called him immediately. “Hey, yeah.. oh cut the crap! I’m not interested in you anymore you piece of shit! I hope you go fucking die, we’re over!” she hanged up on him, the second she did she looked calm and collected again.


“Good girl.. that’s what your Master likes to see” he rubbed her neck slowly. “Ma-master..?” She asked. “Mhm.. I’m your Master, and you shall address me by it!” He commanded. “Of course Master” she nodded in respect. “Hm.. you look so stupid in that outfit, strip out of it for me” he said slyly. She didn’t move or say anything for a moment, it was clear on her face she was trying to resist. He stepped closer to her, rubbing her neck and whispered into her ear “No one can resist me while I’m this close.. no one...”


She then started to strip, taking her costume off with ease. She sat down and took off her boots, then pulled down her leggings, revealing brown lace panties. She then stood back up and pulled off her top, revealing a bra with a similar design to the panties. She stood still, almost showing off her body.


“You’ve got an amazing body..” he said slowly as he gazed upon her. She smiled with a slight blush and responded “Thank you Master.” He walked up and started rubbing his hands across her body, making her moan. “You sound very horny Doreen..” he smirked. “Oh yes Master.. I’m so hot..” she moaned back, her panties slowly grew a wet spot. He rubbed her ass slowly, enjoying how firm it was. “Hm.. take off your panties and lay on the bed.”


She slipped the panties off and laid down, her bushy tail stopping her from actually laying on the bed. He gazed down at her pussy, although not messy, she had a fair bit of hair around her clit, she obviously didn’t care much for the daily routine of cutting it. She was still moaning softly, he knew what she was thinking because he was making her, and he loved every second of it.


“Doreen.. I want you to start rubbing your clit, I want you to rub yourself off to me, I want you to repeat ‘I am your humble, willing slave. I will cum for you Master’. Understand?” She moaned and started rubbing her clit “Y-yes Master, I am your humble, willing slave. I w-will cum for you Master” she said as she moaned continuously.


“Tonight will be fun..” He grinned.

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