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Disclaimer: (Disclaimer: I do not own anything Marvel, Avengers, Captain America, or the characters therein. I am not making any money on this writing. I only own Dani and her storyline.)

Spoiler Alert: This fan fiction takes place after Avengers: Age of Ultron. I'm trying to keep AoU spoilers to a minimum, but I have to add a few very minor AoU details.

Side Note: I realize that there are no mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am combining comic books and the Captain America movie storyline to suit my own artistic purposes. Also, if you decide to leave a review, please do not be rude, and keep all criticism constructive. Thank you for reading!


Chapter 1


     Something told me today was going to suck. Call it female intuition or a gut feeling, but the second Nick Fury called me in to his office at the new Avenger’s headquarters, I knew it was going to be a bad day. Just how bad remained to be seen.

     I opened the shiny metal door to Fury’s office without knocking. He had windows, and even I wasn’t short enough to miss when there was floor to ceiling glass. Granted, I’m not incredibly short. I’m about five-foot-three, which is close to average height for females, but sometimes I just couldn’t see through windows without a boost. I had a feeling that Fury had taken short people in to account when he’d had the offices decorated. After Hydra had almost killed him, I didn’t blame the guy for being a little paranoid.

     Without being told, I closed the door and faced my director with my hands clasped behind my back like the good soldier I was.

     “You called for me, sir?” I asked, looking him in his one good eye.

     He leveled his usual gaze at me, the one that said he didn’t have time for games, and said, “Yes, Agent Ryan. I did. I have a mission for you. You’re going to accompany Captain America while he searches for a missing person, and you’re going to give him access to our technological databases.”

     “Sir?” I asked.

     I put every ounce of confusion in to that one word that I could. Fury didn’t seem to care that I thought he was pulling my chain, or that I thought he’d gone just a little bit bonkers. He stood and made his way around his desk, moving past me to go to the door. Was he being serious? He couldn’t be serious. Me, accompany Captain Steve Rogers? I mean, I’d been loaned out to “accompany” other people. Accompany, to Fury, meant bodyguard, by the way. He wanted me to be Captain America’s bodyguard. I could understand Fury wanting me to help the Captain with technological equipment. From what I’d heard, two year olds were better with computers than he was. But being his bodyguard? That was ludicrous.

     “You can’t be serious,” I said, following him out in to the hallway. “Rogers is perfectly capable of handling himself.”

     “Against all of Hydra?” Fury asked incredulously.

     “Rogers can definitely handle Hydra agents,” I argued. “He’s Captain America for godssake.”

     “Even Captain America needs help. During the war, he rarely worked alone. Even today he rarely works alone,” Fury explained.

     “He single handedly broke in to a Nazi Hydra base, freed over four hundred soldiers, and destroyed the base, but you think he can’t handle a search for a single man?” I asked.

     “No,” was the succinct response.

     I closed my mouth and walked next to Fury in silence, practically biting my tongue to keep from telling him that he’d sustained a serious head injury when the hit had been put out on his life. The times when Rogers had needed military help, he’d been on a time crunch. World War II, the alien invasion, the Hydra infestation of S.H.I.E.L.D., taking out the Hydra bases with the Avengers. He could have done all of that single handedly if he hadn’t been on a time limit. He wasn’t on a time limit now. Rogers didn’t deal in missing persons cases because he wasn’t a cop. It also seemed pretty obvious that the person he was searching for wasn’t in any danger of being murdered or cops would have actually been called in. This had to be personal, and personal doesn’t usually have time limits. Usually.

     “Who’s the missing person, Director?” I asked, using long strides to keep up with the significantly taller Fury.

     “James ‘Bucky’ Barnes,” Fury replied.

     “Hold on a second,” I scoffed. “We’re searching for the guy who was engineered by Hydra to be a killing machine? The one who was hired to put you six feet under?”

     “The one and the same,” Fury replied. “Turns out Hydra wiped out Barnes’ memory. Took him damn near killing Rogers for him to remember who he was.”

     I was being sent on a bodyguard mission with Captain America to find a super-human killing machine who had almost killed Fury and his own best friend before remembering that he shouldn’t do that. Great. Yep. Today sucked.

     “Wonderful,” I sighed, sarcasm dripping from every letter.

     We came upon the mirrored hallway that was big enough to fit the Hulk and found Steve Rogers standing smack dab in the middle of the room. This was my first time meeting him face to face, and I had to say that I was a little star struck. Well, I was more than star struck. I was a female who hadn’t gotten laid in forever and he was hot. Fury and I walked toward him, and he walked toward us, giving me a much better vantage point to see if he was really as hot as the pictures told me he was. As he got closer, I realized, he was. Oh, mama, he was.

     He was in civilian clothes today, though I was certain that was going to change soon. He wore a blue and green plaid button down that brought out the icy-coolness of his blue eyes. The fabric strained at his muscled shoulders while the buttons held the front of the shirt together as if their little plastic lives depended on it. A pair of form-fitting jeans and white sneakers completed the outfit. His blonde hair was parted and perfectly shaped. I realized I was staring as he opened full pink lips to speak.

     “Did Sam give you any more information on Bucky?” Rogers asked.

     He stepped forward, close enough that I had to lift my chin a little to look up at him. He was six feet tall, after all. My eyes were level with his collarbone and the pale flesh that disappeared in to the top button of his collared shirt. Hey, at least he wasn’t any taller. I’d have gotten a crick in my neck like I usually got with Fury. It was only a two inch difference, but those two inches still hurt a little. Ha! That’s what she said. Ugh, I’d have to mentally slap myself for that one later.

     “No. Barnes seems to have fallen off the map again,” Fury replied.

     Steve looked down, a sigh catching in his chest, making it puff out a bit further than usual. I watched the buttons strain, but was careful to catch his eyes when he looked up again. Mustn’t gawk at the Captain. Shit like that had gotten me in trouble before. Turns out, some people didn’t like to be gawked at and some people see it as a flat out invitation for “a good time” later on.

     “If Wilson does come up with anything new, it’ll be directed to your new bodyguard, Agent Dani Ryan,” Fury said.

     He didn’t have to motion to me for me to catch the hint that I needed to step forward and introduce myself. Steve looked as perplexed as I felt when Fury mentioned that he’d be getting a bodyguard, and he turned his confused gaze to me as I stepped forward. The confusion only got worse. He’d seen me when we’d walked up, right? I was short, but god damn, I wasn’t that short. So why was his confusion getting worse as he looked at me? Had he just dismissed me until the time was needed, or had his own personal problems about Barnes narrowed down his vision to include only Fury? Rogers didn’t seem like the dismissive type, so I was hanging my hat on him having tunnel-vision.

     I admit, I certainly don’t look like I should be named Dani, and I sure as hell don’t look like a bodyguard. I’m a short woman with thick, straight black hair down to the bottoms of my shoulder blades. My almond eyes are candy apple green with a ring of gold around the pupil, and are framed by thick black lashes. My lips are full and smooth and bright pink against milky white skin, my nose is small and straight, and my cheekbones are high and sharp. I’m thin and covered in lean muscle. My breasts are average size C’s that lead down to a thin waist and narrow hips. By all accounts, I should have been a very short model or an actress rather than a government agent, but there I was, all decked out in weapons and well trained in hand-to-hand combat.

     I held my hand out to Rogers as he gave me a quick once over. The look had nothing to do with sex, like it might with most men who were sizing up a female. No, it was all professional, and it ended with him having one big question behind his eyes: how was I going to be his bodyguard when I was significantly smaller than the body I was supposed to be guarding. He took my hand like a gentleman and I gave him a firm handshake. He had to good grace give my hand a firm shake and not hold my hand like it would break, like most men did to me, but I knew that his firm grip was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to his strength. They didn’t call him super-human for nothing. Hell, one time I heard Tony Stark say that Rogers had pulled apart a log with his bare hands. Mr. Stark then proceeded to call Rogers a showoff and said that anyone could pull that stunt with the right leverage. Yeah, right.

     “I’m Dani Ryan,” I stated as I pulled my hand from the warm circle of his fingers. “And I’m not your bodyguard. I’m more of a technologically savvy companion more than anything.”

     “She’s your bodyguard,” Fury corrected.

     I flashed him a glare over my shoulder that I knew Rogers would catch, because there was no way he couldn’t, and stepped back beside my boss. Not many people got to glare at Fury, but I was a particularly special person and I got certain benefits that others didn’t.

     “I don’t need a bodyguard,” Rogers said, his brow furrowing in mild frustration and confusion.

     “We agree on something already, Captain,” I said with a smile. I turned that smile on Fury and made it a baring of teeth. “I’m a tech savvy companion.”

     “Don’t argue with me, Agent, or you’ll be pulling desk duty for a year,” Fury said. Gods help me, he meant business. I hated desk work. After my first screw up, I’d been relegated to desk work. Me, and everyone around me, was happy that I’d made it out with my sanity intact. I was not a pencil pusher by any means, and I’d sooner shove a pen in my eye than spend another year in a chair.

     “I’m arguing with you,” Rogers stated suddenly. “I don’t need a bodyguard. I-“

     Fury cut him off by holding up one hand. Slowly, he turned his head to level one perfect brown eye on me. I could almost hear his neck creaking. I was tempted to tell him he was old and needed to be oiled like the Tin Man, but I was betting that would get me sent to machine maintenance, regardless of how much he liked me.

     “Agent Ryan, please demonstrate why Captain Rogers would be at an advantage if he had you for a bodyguard,” Fury said.

     I looked at him, utterly confused. He couldn’t possibly mean that he wanted me to- no, he wasn’t that crazy. Was he? I searched his face, looking for anything that might tell me he wasn’t telling me to do what I thought he was telling me to do. Everything I came back with told me that he’d gone mental. Maybe he’d spent too much time working behind a desk. Or maybe that hit really had given him brain damage.

     “You can’t possibly mean-,“ his gaze stayed the same. “Sir, I was hired under the premise that I would rarely be us-“ he didn’t so much as flinch.

     I cut myself off with an angry sigh. He wasn’t kidding, and his patient waiting would only last so long. The sigh thinned my lips, pulling them to my teeth in frustration. I spared a glance at Steve, who looked even more befuddled now than he had previously, before glaring at Fury. That glare would have made lesser men piss their pants. Fury was not lesser men, fortunately for him.

     “Fine. But for the record,” I jabbed a finger in Fury’s direction, “I don’t like you.”

     I turned back to Steve and took a step to the side so I could have both him and Fury in my sights. My eyes settled on Steve and he looked back at me, wordlessly asking me what the hell was going on. Poor guy. He’d just been thrown in to one hell of a situation without even being asked if it was okay first. I guessed he was used to it, though.

     “How do you feel about heights, Captain?” I asked, lifting my chin slightly. It was a slight show of dominance, because in this field, I had everyone beat and I damn well knew it. It was also a show of dominance toward Fury, my way of letting him know I wasn’t happy about his decision and could totally kick his ass if I felt like it. Yes, I could kick his ass if I felt like going to prison and getting fired, but I could level him in to the ground if I really wanted to.

     “I have no problem with them. Why?” he asked. His brows knit together again, and I couldn’t help but think that it was a rather adorable action. I also instantly wondered how many other women had thought the exact same thing. Probably too many to count.

     I didn’t answer Rogers’ question. Instead, I gave a single nod and said, “Good. Hold on to your butts.”

     Without any further warning, I lifted my right hand and effortlessly lifted the two men in to the air. Fury was still and calm. He’d known what was coming. Rogers hadn’t. Whatever sadism lurked inside of Fury had seen to that. Fury liked his secrets sometimes, and this was one of the times we had to let him have them, even if it came at the Captain’s expense. Rogers’ eyes widened as his feet left the ground. He looked down, as if establishing that what he felt was real before looking back at me. To his credit, he adjusted rather quickly and his eyes narrowed back to their normal shape.

     If I wanted to be honest with him, I’d have told him that I’d lifted my hand purely for his benefit. Also, it looked really cool. In actuality, I could lift a yard full of semi-trucks without so much as twitching an eyelid. All I had to do was throw out the hot tendrils of my power and lift those suckers in to the air.

     Next came the really fun part. Well, it was fun for me. For others, it was a little too hot to handle. I lifted my left hand, my palm facing the ceiling, and willed those hot tendrils of power to become tangible. A ball of fire formed in my hand as Rogers watched. He did a good job of not widening his eyes again. He’d already had heaping dose of weird by this point, so nothing that I did was going to shock him for very long. But he sure as hell wasn’t expecting a fire vortex to rise between him and Fury, which is exactly the weirdness that I threw at him next. I flung the fireball between them and spun it around until it had flattened itself in to a circle on the floor. With a flick of my wrist, the fire spun upwards, reaching toward the ceiling as if its only mission was to consume the shiny material above our heads. Rogers’ eyes followed the vortex, the flickering flames reflecting in drowning pools of blue. With a clench of my fist, the fire vanished, leaving the floor and ceiling intact. I lowered the pair to the ground and stepped next to Fury again.

     I expected quite a few things to come out of Rogers’ mouth, but for some reason, I wasn’t prepared for what he asked.

     “Are you like Wanda?”

     Just like I suspected, he was back to business after being lifted off the ground and having a flame swirl mere feet from his face. Hooray for dealing with freaky shit on a daily basis.

     “Nope,” I replied. “I’m what’s called a mutant. Whereas Wanda and Pietro were engineered to have their powers, I was born with mine.”

     Rogers seemed to think about that for a moment, his eyes steady on me. I fought the urge to not squirm under his heavy gaze. Thankfully, I managed to stay still and not look away. I was a fucking secret agent. I wasn’t one to squirm because a hot guy looked at me. Even if that hot guy was the sexiest man I’d ever lain eyes on. If anything, he should squirm under my gaze. Ha. Bullshit. He probably got leered at enough for him to have his anti-squirm switch permanently turned on.

     “Do you have a bag packed?” he asked suddenly. At least he was to the point. I liked that in people. Be blunt and leave no room for miscommunication. It was one of my many mottos.

     “No, sir. I was informed of my mission not ten minutes ago,” I replied, pulling my hands behind my back in my professional stance.

     “Pack what you can,” Rogers told me, his eyes softening slightly. “I’m not sure how long we’ll be gone. We’ll leave in two hours.”

     “If I may, Rogers-“

     “Steve,” he corrected me.

     I looked up at him, visibly startled. He was my superior and he wanted me to call him Steve? Yeah, I was gonna go with not calling him by his first name. It felt too personal and unprofessional for my liking. Sure, I was unprofessional as hell most of the time, but it still felt way too weird to call him by his first name.

     “Rogers,” I insisted, then continued, “I don’t reside on base. I’ll have to stop by my house in order to pack anything. I’ll swing by and pick you up at nineteen hundred hours.”

     “Captain, you’ll be going with her to her home,” Fury said. “According to intel, Barnes is closer to Agent Ryan’s residence than he is to us. You’d be getting a head start if you went with her.”

     The director sounded so reasonable, so why did I want to punch him in the leg? Oh, right. He’d just told me to take someone I didn’t know to my house. And because I was that someone’s bodyguard, he’d have to actually come inside of my home. I wasn’t exactly thrilled, and I made sure my glare let Fury know that. He dutifully ignored me.

     “Alright,” Rogers said, shifting his massive shoulders backwards as he looked at me. “Let’s get going.”

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