My new X-Perience

BY : JokersGirl3
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Dr.Cox scowled, brows knitted and arms folded over his chest as he stared down at the slender form on the bed in room 19. She was young, in her early twenties, a nd would have been pretty. At the moment, however, it looked as though someone had put her through a meat grinder. His mood, which had already been foul, darkened. Things like this shouldn't happen. Young girls shouldn't be run over and left to die in some ghetto. She should be off at school or something, not laying like the dead in post-op after god knows how long of invasive surgery. He still didn't know if she'd sustained any permanant brain damage. She hand't woken up yet. And, to make matters worse, there was a photographer outside and a reporter disrupting his I.C.U to see wether or not this had anything to do with the recent spate of attacks on muatants. Like it mattered! She was his patient, and that was all he cared about.

Still scowling he snatched up her chart, grimly reading over the pages when the door opened with a creak behind him. He didn't spare much of a glance over his shoulder at the small latina nurse who enetered, her expression unusually somber.

"Any luck finding family?" He asked over his shoulder, replacing the chart and folding his arms once more. The nurse, Carla Espinoza, shook her head, dark hair bouncing about her shoulders.

"None." She sighed. "The only I.D she had on her was this." She added, handing him a small laminated card. In the upper left hand corner was a picture of a girl barely recognizable as his patient. Next to the photo was the name 'Ethine' and the basic information; age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and the word 'Psych'. On the back was printed the words; Xavier Institute.

"Psych?"He asked, his frown turning from troubled to puzzled as he cast the nurse a sideways glance. She shrugged her narrow shoulders.

"Psych major maybe? It looks like a school I.D." She offered. "I can have Ted call around for it. Maybe someone's looking for her."

He nodded his approval and ran a hand through his cap of curly brown hair.

"I'd like to wean her off the ventilator tonight." He said, suddenly businesslike. Carla nodded, listening patiently to his instructions and holding back her knowing smile when he had finished, taking a seat by the girl's bedside. That was what she admired most about him, how much he actually cared for his patients. Of course, there had been times when it hadn't been such a good thing. It had nearly destroyed him. And yet, she sensed, and waas sure he did too, that this girl needed someone just now. She was glad to see him lock in. She suspected it was as much for his benifit as hers. He'd been in need of a purpose ever since Jordan had left him again, taking their son with her. Silently she thanked 'Ethine' for giving it to him.

She closed the door quietly behind her and strode swiftly down the hall to relay Dr.Cox's instructions, passing a clipbaord to skinny, gawky Dr.Dorian, though she never called him that.

"Here you go, Bambi." She said with a smile. "Dr.Cox wants a demerol drip for our Jane Doe in 19."

J.D nodded, glancing thoughtfully down at the clipboard everyone was suddenly interested in. None of them had missed Dr.Cox's interest in the girl. Behind him Elliot Reid, a slender, blond girl, stood on her tiptoes to try and read the chart over his shoulder. Lounging beside him was Carla's husband and the girl's surgeon, Chris Turk.

"You think she's gonna be okay?" J.D asked, finally looking up, eyebrows raised in genuine concern.

"You wait, Bambi. She'll be fine."

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