She Walks In Beauty

BY : LibbyEdwards
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She Walks in Beauty (Part 1): Homecoming

Rating: NC-17 (for all parts together).
Teaser: Two months after the movie. Logan comes home.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Never have. Never will...*sigh*

Ororo busied herself writing out the dates of Napoleon's life on the chalkboard, the soft scritching of the students' pens on paper barely heard behind her. Through the tall windows at the back of the classroom, she could see the blue of the sky and a few fat, fluffy clouds, and she sighed inwardly. It was days like this that she hated teaching, even these kids she loved so much. It didn't make it any easier to know that the kids would rather be outside, too, but it was her duty to teach them, and their obligation to sit quietly and take notes.

"Now, can anyone tell me about Napoleon Bonaparte?" She turned and looked at the class, smiling inwardly at their reactions. Rogue was looking everywhere but at Ororo, probably hoping she wouldn't be called on if she didn't make eye contact. Bobby's face was completely help there. St. John and Kitty were staring at their textbooks, and Jubilee was chewing on an arm of her ever-present sunglasses, looking at Ororo with a look of intense concentration.

"Anybody?" she asked again, and then she happened to look up at the small window set into the classroom door. Someone was standing on the other side, peering through the glass at her. She could see dark eyes, dark hair...lots of dark couldn't be.

"Please excuse me for a moment, class," she said suddenly, heading for the door. "And please read page 153 for the background on Monsieur Bonaparte until I come back." She hurried to the door, the students casting her a few glances as she opened it with a pleased gasp.


The man known as Wolverine quirked his lips slightly in what passed for a grin (from him anyway) and backed up to let her out into the hall. There was a small shriek and a rattle from the classroom behind her, and then Ororo was nearly bowled over by Rogue rushing through the door to wrap her gloved arms around Logan's waist.

"Logan!" Rogue cried. "You're back! Ah knew you'd be back!"

Logan looked a little embarassed, but he grinned a little wider and hugged Rogue quickly. "I told you I would be," he said.

Ororo took in his appearance quickly. Same Logan...he hadn't changed at all in the last few months. Even his clothes were the same...worn brown leather jacket over a denim one, tight blue jeans, black boots. She smiled as Rogue released Logan, then extended a hand to him.

"It's wonderful to see you again, Logan. I'm glad you're back."

He took her hand in a easy grip, gentle although Ororo could still feel the coiled strength in his big, rough hands. "I'm glad to be back, Storm." He looked around Ororo into her class and cocked an eyebrow. "Didn't mean to disturb your class, though."

She smiled warmly and shook her head. "Today's class was a lost cause anyway...its simply too lovely outside." Rogue looked at Ororo hopefully, and she couldn't help but laugh. "Excuse me a moment, Logan. I think I will dismiss class early."

Rogue let out a gleeful shout, as did the rest of the class when Ororo let them know that class was over for the day. All five of them were soon rushing out the door into the warm sunshine, Rogue stopping only long enough to give Logan another hug. "Ah'm really glad you're back, Logan. Can Ah see ya later, y'know, ta catch up?"

"Sure, kid," he said with gruff humor. Rogue flashed him a brilliant smile and headed out the door with the others, chattering gaily.

Logan watched her go, and then turned to Ororo with a lopsided smile and a shrug. "You geeks must be doing something right. I've never seen that kid so happy."

"The school has been good for her, Logan. She's made friends, friends that don't shun her because of her gifts. She has truly blossomed here."

"I can see it," he said, rumbling low in his chest with what Ororo supposed was laughter.

"Would you like to see the Professor...and the others?"

"I'm sure old Chuck knows I'm here already," he replied with a snort. "But I'd like to see him, and One-Eye." He paused for a moment. "And Jean."

Ororo smiled inwardly, knowing full well about Logan's attraction to the pretty redhead. It was harmless, though...Logan respected both Jean and Scott enough to keep his distance, other than some harmless flirting, just to get Scott's dander up. And Jean certainly didn't mind the attention...what woman would? Logan, for all of his animal-like tendencies, was very handsome in a rough sort of way, and he could be quite charming when the mood struck him. She cast a sideways look at him as they fell into step beside each other on the way to Professor Xavier's study, and felt a strange pang of jealousy. Sometimes it just wasn't one ever looked at her that way.

She sighed, resigned to the fact that no one ever would.

"So, what have you geeks been up to since I left?" Logan asked.

"Actually, its been rather quiet these past few months," she said. "Magneto is still safely imprisoned, and although we have heard rumors of more anti-mutant demonstrations, so far no mutants have been attacked directly."

He snorted again. "Well, good to hear it." They had reached Xavier's door, and Ororo lifted her hand to knock, but Xavier's rich voice called to her before she could do so.

"Please, come in, Ororo, Logan."

She smiled at Logan and opened the door, not surprised that the Professor had known they were coming. When she opened it, she saw Xavier seated beside his desk, smiling warmly, and Jean and Scott already there. Jean rose quickly and embraced Logan.

"Oh, Logan! Its so good to have you back!" She released him and stood lightly touching his arms, a stunning smile on her pretty face.

Logan grinned devilishly. "Whoa, Jeannie...keep hugging me like that and I'll never leave again." Jean blushed and smiled again, stepping aside so Scott could approach.

"Good to see you again, Logan," Scott said, extending a hand. Ororo was pleased to hear real warmth in his voice, and both she and Jean were relieved to see Logan smile slightly and return Scott's firm handshake.

"Thanks, Cyclops. Good to see you too." Logan nodded to the Professor. "Xavier."

"Logan," said the Professor. "I trust your trip was informative?"

"Not as much as I would have liked. I did come to some decisions, though, if your offer still stands."

Scott looked puzzled. "What offer?"

Logan didn't answer, but only kept his steady gaze on the Professor. Xavier paused, and Ororo knew he was having a private conversation with Logan, in his mind. Silence reigned for a moment, with only the ticking of Xavier's clock, and then the Professor laughed aloud.

"Glad to hear it, Logan...and welcome home!" Xavier said.

"What offer?" Scott asked again.

Xavier rolled his chair forward and shook Logan's hand. "I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the X-men...Wolverine."

After a moment of stunned silence, the room erupted into laughter and glad voices as Jean and Ororo, and even Scott, clapped and welcomed their new teammate. Logan scowled from under his expressive eyebrows, but everyone could tell he was just as pleased as they. "Piss off," he muttered, and that just made them laugh that much harder.

Logan was home.

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