Reviews for Good Boy

BY : Eiluned

  • From ruth on April 20, 2004

    This was great. Wolverine has so much sex appeal it's crazy. Also, i enjoyed this very much and the descriptions were excellent. Great writing. I gasped at certain parts, feeling as if i were there! Wonderful

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  • From Loganlover4ever on December 08, 2003

    You shouldn't read somethin' like this when your man is at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Jean but Dammit she worked him nothing beats chains and leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • From Valondra on August 17, 2003

    Very, very well written. I like this s a w a whooooooole lot.

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  • From ANON - Skayda on August 04, 2003

    Very very very good!! *heavy breathing and flushed face* This gal sure did enjoy it! *wink*


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